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The Herbalizer
VapeRating: 97/100
"Heats up in seconds, combo balloon/whip,
ultra precise temperature control"
Volcano Vaporizer
VapeRating: 95/100
"Super high quality and easy to use,
still works like new after 5+ years"
Cloud EVO
VapeXhale Cloud
VapeRating: 94/100
"All-glass vapor path - one of the
best for big, strong draws"
Plenty Vaporizer
VapeRating: 93/100
"Closest experience to combusting,
produces smooth, strong vapor"
The Firefly
VapeRating: 89/100
"Highest build quality of all portables,
produces smooth, very tasty vapor"
Pax by Ploom
VapeRating: 88/100
"Best portable for use on-the-go,
easy to use and performs well"
Silver Surfer
VapeRating: 88/100
"Good performance and vapor quality,
slightly more maintenance than others"
Life Saber (LSV)
VapeRating: 87/100
"Nice build quality, lots of glass,
great vapor quality but a little fragile"
DaVinci Ascent
VapeRating: 86/100
"Glass and ceramic vapor path,
decent performance & long battery life"
Arizer Solo
VapeRating: 85/100
"Good cordless vape for home use,
strong draw resistance but good vapor"
Arizer Extreme-Q
VapeRating: 85/100
"Decent combo balloon/whip vape,
good middle-of-the-road option"
Magic-Flight Launch Box
VapeRating: 85/100
"Smallest and quickest portable vape,
inexpensive but well-made"
Da Buddha
Da Buddha
VapeRating: 85/100
"Inexpensive and performs fairly well,
not quite as good as Silver Surfer"
herbalAire H2.2
VapeRating: 83/100
"Good performance in whip mode,
balloon system is a bit cumbersome"
Orbit & Transporter
Transporter & Orbit
VapeRating: 81/100
"Actual herbal vapes from Atmos,
decent performance & vapor quality"
VapeRating: 80/100
"Very inexpensive portable vape,
decent performance, so-so vapor quality"
Hot Box
Hot Box
VapeRating: 80/100
"Least expensive desktop unit I
recommend with good performance"
Vapir NO2
VapeRating: 80/100
"Decent performance, vapor quality so-so,
easy to use & not much draw resistance"
VapeRating: 80/100
"Looks like a big Zippo lighter,
average performance for a portable"
viVape 2
VapeRating: 75/100
"Combo whip/balloon vape with
a few undesirable characteristics"
VapeRating: 75/100
"Portable vape with average
performance & so-so build quality"
Vapir Rise
VapeRating: 75/100
"Decent combo whip/balloon vape,
but too many parts & so-so vapor"
Pinnacle Pro
Pinnacle Pro
VapeRating: 72/100
"Convection-style portable with so-so
vapor quality & average build quality"
WISPR by iolite
VapeRating: 70/100
"Runs on butane instead of batteries,
average performance but reliability issues"
iolite original V2
VapeRating: 70/100
"Also runs on butane like Wispr,
with same reliability & performance"
VapeRating: 35/100
"Looks like an inhaler,
not impressed with performance"
Easy Vape
Easy Vape
VapeRating: 30/100
"Very cheap desktop vape, but
you get what you pay for"
VapeRating: 30/100
"Cheap portable vape, knock-off
design, below-average performance"
Atmos RAW
VapeRating: N/A (?)
"Pen vape that claims to work with herbs,
doesn't truly vaporize very well"
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