Best Portable Vaporizer For Dry Herb

Below are my current top picks for best portable vaporizer for dry herb of 2018. If you’re looking for a wax pen check out my list of top picks for best vape pen.

» Ghost MV1  *Next-Level Performance & Vapor Quality

Ghost MV1 The Ghost MV1 is the newest vape to my list, and it really is the best example of the most advanced unit on the market.

The body is a solid metal alloy and it has a ceramic herb chamber & vapor path with a retractable glass mouthpiece. The purity, smoothness and potency of the vapor is incredible by anyone’s standards. Don’t even get me started on the flavor.

It has a removable battery pack and I can’t stress enough how awesome this vape feels in your hand.

The efficiency is also way above-average, it only holds about ~0.1g of material at a time but you get a handful of really nice draws from that, and you don’t need to take them all at once.

Check out my Ghost MV1 review page for my full video series, and follow the MV1 forum category for the latest news and updates.

Note: You’ll find many varying reviews of this vape from others, most people love it but some people have trouble with it. I highly recommend reading some of the forum threads about it to help you decide if it’s the best one for you.

Price: $295 from official Ghost Vapes store

VapeRating: 95/100 (Top Pick)


» Arizer Solo 2 *Great build quality & battery life, easy to use

Arizer Solo 2 The Arizer Solo II is their latest release and this design has been their staple vape for many years now.

It’s basically one of the best all-around vapes you’ll find for $200 in terms of build quality, ease of use and performance.

This is usually the vape I recommend to beginners or to people who want the easiest unit to use.

It also happens to have a very long-lasting battery, so while I don’t fully consider this a truly portable vaporizer I do feel that it’s great for cordless use around your home.

Check out the forum for my full Solo 2 review.

Price: $200 from Planet of the Vapes (after using my promo code VCSOLO$40 for $40 off your order)

VapeRating: 90/100 (Top Pick)


» X Max Starry *Very well-rounded package for a very low price

X Max Starry This little vape is called the X Max Starry and the specific model I have is the POTV edition.

It’s currently $120, way on the low end of the price range for good portable vapes, but it’s actually a very nice package with cool features and respectible performance.

You have a removable 18650 battery, digital lcd display with 1° temperature adjustments, a medium-size ceramic herb chamber and a nice ceramic zirconia mouthpiece (it’s magnetic too).

I usually don’t like very inexpensive vapes because the materials they’re made of and their performance is usually sub-par, however, this Starry is an exception.

If you’re new to vaping and you want the best you can get for around $100, this is it. This one will be the easiest to use and will have the best features to keep you satisfied for a while.

Price: $120 from Planet of the Vapes (includes free shipping and bonus accessories)

VapeRating: 84/100 (Top Pick)


» Mighty  *Super strong vapor, easy to use, great battery life

Mighty The Mighty is a very, very good vaporizer. If performance is one of your top priorities then this vape should be at the top of your list.

It shares a lot of similarities with its sibling the Crafty, which I list below as my next Top Pick, but one of the main differences is its size.

This model is larger than the other portables on this list and I consider it more of a “cordless” home vape than a true pocket portable vape, but it is still portable nonetheless and the larger size gives it some advantages over the others.

The strength and overall quality of the vapor is top shelf, it’s the most potent portable you can get. The reason this one is bigger is that is has two built-in batteries instead of one like the Crafty, so you can get 90 minutes of usage before it dies which is very impressive.

The Mighty does have an above-average defect rate just like the Crafty, but it’s not as bad with this one and this model has proven to be the more reliable of the two. Despite the defect issues I still highly recommend this vape because of its amazing performance.

Price:  $297 from VapeWorld (Authorized Dealer)  (after using my promo code VAPENOW15 for 15% off this vape)

VapeRating: 94/100 (Top Pick)

» Crafty  *Very strong performance & high vapor quality


The Crafty is in my hall-of-fame as the best vaporizer I’ve reviewed that fits in my pocket. Vapor production is amazing for a portable unit and the quality of the vapor is top-shelf all the way (flavor and smoothness). My favorite thing about it is the strength and potency, which is on par with some of the best vaporizers in existence.

However, nothing in life is perfect, and neither is this Crafty. The only issue worth mentioning with this vape is the above-average defect rate, which sucks. Everything about this unit is amazing except for the fact that it can randomly break down at any time and stop working. I’m on my fourth unit right now and all of the previous ones that broke were replaced for free under warranty, which is the only silver lining here. If your unit breaks all you do is mail it back and wait about 10 days for a replacement.

The performance of this one is so good that I still highly recommend it, and even though defects are a known problem I feel confident in the manufacturer’s ability to swiftly send out replacements.

Price:  $237 from VapeWorld (Authorized Dealer) (after using my promo code VAPENOW15 for 15% off this vape)

VapeRating: 93/100 (Top Pick)


» DaVinci IQ  *Very good vape overall, great performance w/ lots of cool features

DaVinci IQ

This DaVinci IQ is a newer vape to the list, but I’m pretty impressed.

You really have to watch my video review to see everything there is to know, but it’s basically a very well-rounded vape, it’s very good at a lot of things.

It’s small, super portable, feels well-made and performs like a champ. It also happens to have a removable battery, Ceramic Zirconia vapor path, and custom programmable heating styles.

Check out my review page for a bullet point list of the most notable features.

Price:  $275 from official DaVinci store

VapeRating: 86/100 (Top Pick)

» AirVape XS  *Cool features, super easy to use, looks & feels great

AirVape XS This AirVape XS has a ton of cool features in a tiny package.

The shape is unique and surprisingly comfortable, and it has a sleek, durable finish. The oven inside is ceramic with about a 0.2g capacity, which is the perfect amount for a full solo sesh.

Performance is above-average for a portable, and considering its size I’m very satisfied with the taste and vapor production. It’s also one of the few vapes that vibrates when it’s ready and also when it shuts off, which is more convenient than it sounds, trust me.

It also has a glass mouthpiece, micro-USB charging, and temperature control in 1° increments. Overall, a very nice package, especially for the price.

Price:  $180 from VaporNation  (recommended authorized dealer)

VapeRating: 83/100 (Top Pick)

» Boundless CFX  *Easy to use, big clouds, fast vapor production

Boundless Vapes The CFX by Boundless Vapes produces an above-average amount of vapor in a below-average amount of time, ya see what I’m sayin? Even short 4-second puffs will get you nice satisfying clouds with these, and even though the draw is not quite as free-flowing as some others I still find it very enjoyable to use.

The main difference between the two models is the CFX has that big lcd display on the front, and I’m not gonna lie it’s kinda cool and useful. Performance is basically identical and believe it or not battery life is pretty much the same too. The CF is the smaller one that I’d consider much more of a pocket vape for use on-the-go.

Price:  $170 from Planet of the Vapes  (recommended authorized dealer)

VapeRating: 82/100 (Top Pick)


» Flowermate  *Popular entry-level dry herb vaporizer

Flowermate The Flowermate is pretty much the cheapest vape I recommend, but the performance is still respectable and it provides a good overall vaping experience.

It’s easy to use and built fairly well, and while the taste isn’t anything to write home about it still manages to produce satisfying clouds of vapor. Battery life is actually above average with this one because of its two internal batteries (pretty cool for the price).

Price:  $80 from Planet of the Vapes  (includes free shipping)

Check out my VapeRatings table for a detailed breakdown of each vape (for a larger image click here):


This page is updated regularly so check back soon for any changes and new models!

Stay up!

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Previous top picks:

The latest version of the most popular vape ever

The PAX 3 just came out at the end of 2016 and it’s pretty much an incremental upgrade from the previous version (not necessarily a bad thing).

It’s the same size and shape as the PAX 2 but the shell material and the oven electronics are different now.

The main thing I love PAX for is fast vapor production, and this new model can give you a full draw of vapor after heating up for just 20 seconds which is super quick.

Vapor quality is excellent and it’s way above average for a conduction style vaporizer. The taste and smoothness are both very good and this is one of my favorite portable vapes to carry around with me.

Flowermate Swift Pro
True portable convection vape for dry herb

The Swift Pro from Flowermate is a sweet little vape, and it actually shares almost identical internals with the Boundless CFV that I have listed below this one. This one is a top contender as far as best vaporizer for dry herb around $200.

It utilizes pure convection-heating which as of now is not a very common feature among portable vaporizers. 100% convection heating means your herb gets heated solely by hot air, so there is very little to zero conduction effect happening.

This type of heating has both advantages and disadvantages, but most people would agree that the pros outweigh the cons.

The Swift Pro has a nice look, shape and feel also, and I’m finding myself reaching for it pretty often. Build quality and the materials used in construction are probably it’s biggest weakness, it can feel kinda light and hollow, but I still like the performance of it a lot.

Boundless CFV
Convection vaporizer that is NOT complex

This is the CFV which is a really cool portable vaporizer from Boundless.

Their other vapes, the CF and the CFX, are both a hybrid of conduction and convection heating, so this CFV is actually pretty different in how it’s designed and how it performs.

The oven is on the smaller side with a capacity of about 0.15g, but this vape is super efficient and you’ll get 5-8 really nice draws from that amount.

Flavor is very good with the convection heating and the draw resistance is surprisingly not that bad, it’s slightly easier to pull from compared to their other models.

Firefly 2
On-demand convection portable for herb & concentrates

The Firefly 2 is one of the few convection-based portable vaporizers that has good performance, really good.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of this unit is the superb flavor of the vapor it produces.

It’s also incredibly efficient and does an equally great job of vaporizing both dry herb and concentrates.

Some people have struggled a bit to fully enjoy this one because of the slight technique involved to get the best results, but I feel that once it is mastered it offers a type of experience you can’t get from other portables.

Make sure you watch the video reviews I made that include the Firefly 2, they’ll really help you learn how this vape works so you can make sure it’s the right one for you.

Very well-rounded and extremely popular

The PAX 2 is arguably one of the sleekest and sexiest vapes made, and the performance matches its good looks. In terms of sales the PAX is the best portable vaporizer for dry herb of all time, and the fantastic reliability of the new model makes it a no-brainer if you like the style.

Flavor and smoothness is actually really good considering this a conduction-style vaporizer, and it’s a noticeable improvement over the original model. One of the cool advantages this one has is the ability to create nice satisfying clouds of vapor from short ~4 second draws, which is not an easy feat.

I feel it provides a great overall vaping experience and it’s very easy and intuitive to use, so I highly recommend it.

For 2017 they now have the PAX 3, so you might wanna check one that out too.

Arizer Air
Good build quality & performance

The Arizer Air is an easy to use, strong performing unit made in Canada. Build quality is great and it even has a removable, user-replaceable battery (standard 18650), which is not an extremely common feature.

I don’t consider this one “truly portable” because realistically it’s a little cumbersome to try and use on-the-go, however, I feel it is a very good cordless vape best used around your home. Arizer makes a few other vaporizers also like the Solo and the Extreme-Q, and they’re a fairly popular brand in the industry that a lot of people like.

Flytlab Lift
Small, compact portable with a big oven

This one is the Flytlab Lift vaporizer and it’s got a few unique qualities that set it apart.

The Lift is definitely a pocket-portable in that it’s compact shape and design makes it easy to carry around in small places.

But what’s cool is that the performance is above-average for a unit of this size, it can really produce some big draws if that’s what you like in a vape.

Its oven or herb chamber is also bigger than most other portables with damn near a 0.5g capacity, and that’s important because I recommend packing it to the top and keeping your herb tamped down for best results.

Another cool feature is the retractable mouthpiece which is held in place magnetically. During your session this piece is also used to tamp down your herb, and keeping it tight the whole time keeps vapor production at the max.

Back in 2015 I posted a video about the best portable vaporizers at the time, and here is the original transcription:

What’s goin on? Let’s briefly talk about the portable vaporizers that I have reviewed so far and hopefully this will help you quickly choose the best models for you.So the Crafty and the Mighty here are what I would currently consider the top portable models, these are designed for dry herbs. Build quality is very high, vapor quality is very high, efficiency is very high, the strength of the vapor is very high, and you get a lot of vapor from it. These things basically perform as well as really good desktop units, which is very rare for a portable. These are awesome, the battery life on the Mighty ($400) is a little better, like an hour and a half versus 45 minutes, but the Crafty is the smaller one ($340), so whatever you value more is the one I would recommend.

So those are the two top shelf units currently. The Tier two units which are still very good,
the ones I like generally range from $150 to $300 bucks.

I’ll start with the Firefly ($280) here. This one has really high build quality, it’s really sleek. It feels really solid. It’s nice, it’s a little harder to use than some of the others because it is manual heating. The technique is slightly more intermediate/advanced. Sometimes beginners can’t get great results with it. But the one thing that’s really cool about this one is as far as portables go, the taste is superb.

Next, we have the Alfa. This is a more recent one I reviewed but it’s very good, it’s small, it’s light. One of the cool benefits of this one is that it works really well when you take short draws so you only have to pull on it for 4 seconds. I think you get a pretty satisfying amount of vapor. I like this one. $200.

PAX 2, this one is also fairly new, released in April 2015. This one is really good, I like it, it’s sleek, small, sexy, performs well. There is also the original PAX from 2-3 years ago. This one is also really good. The new one is improved in pretty much all areas. These are great vapes for on the go, to take with you, stick in your pocket or purse. These are awesome! They are very, very popular, so you have probably heard of these already.

The Vapium summit, this is also a fairly new one. What I like about this one is it is inexpensive. It is only $150, but I like the performance. It performs closer to the $200 vapes. I’m happy with it, I like it, it’s a nice little unit.

Then up here, we have 2 other models that are very popular. A lot of people like them. The newer Arizer Air, and the Arizer Solo. Most people and most stores will consider these portable vaporizers but one of the reasons I don’t consider these truly portable is they aren’t pocket vapes, you do have to carry these around if you are going to bring them out of your home. They are multiple pieces, the glass stems come out. You have to carry them separately. Then you have to carry your material separately so that you can pack it when you are ready to vape. They are a little large, they have the glass parts, you have to bring your materials separately. They are good vapes. I like these as cordless units for use around the house. The performance is good with those. A little bit of draw resistance. It is okay though. Good build quality. I like them.

Then we have the Haze, this is a pretty good one. This is the one that has the two bowls, or dual chambers which is pretty unique. It also has the mouthpiece that goes in and out. This one is pretty cool. The vapor quality is average, a little above average. The battery life is really good, the two chambers is cool also.

So then we have the Lotus, which I actually haven’t put out my full review of yet. This is a really cool little piece. It is actually powered by a torch lighter. This is why you see these marks on the top here. It’s really solid feeling. This is a really nicely made piece, it really is. So basically you would hold the torch above here, while letting it hit here. The flames never actually touch your material, just the hot air radiates through it, and that’s how it vaporizes. This also is a little more advanced like the Firefly in that it is that manual heating. You can overheat and combust you material if you’re not careful. I even still do it sometimes by accident occasionally. So there is some technique involved with this one.

Then there is the DaVinci Accent. This is a fairly popular one. It’s not really one of my favorites because I find the vapor a little on the hot and harsh side. I also don’t really find it to be that efficient. But the battery life is good, build quality is okay. This one is pretty good, fairly popular like I said.

Then we have the simple ones over here. The Magic Flight Launch Box. This one is a classic. It has been out for a while, many years. It is extremely simple. Some people knock on it for being so simple. I think it is cool, very unique. It is powered just by a rechargeable AA battery. It doesn’t produce humongous clouds, it’s not great for multiple people but for small sessions, a couple of draws here and there, this thing is just over $100 and I think it’s pretty cool. (A dry herb one.)

Then made by the same company, by Magic flight, you have the Muad-Dib, which is the concentrate version. You have a little screen in there, instead of the big screen. This is the one for concentrates, oils, waxes, stuff like that. Very cool.

Then we have the Inhalater, another vape I haven’t put out my full review of yet. It’s pretty cool. One of the only negatives is the kind of vapor that is on the hot side a little bit. What is unique about this one is that it works really, really, really well with a water piece. If you hook it up with one of your pieces you have already and you bump the heat it up all the way up, and hook it up to your piece, you get humongous clouds, the taste is good. It is better than using it regularly and is smooth. That is kinda what I like that one for.

Then we have the Cloud V Phantoms. This is the original one. I have a video for this. One of the few things that I didn’t like about it was the vapor was little hot and harsh because it only had one temperature setting. The default set temperature is over 400 degrees which is a little high. So then they came out with a slightly newer version which is not really that different, but one of the main differences is this now has 3 different temperature settings now and one of them is under 400 degrees. I think it’s 374, so that’s actually where I prefer vaping with this one. I think the vapor is the smoothest. You might get a little more vapor output on the higher temperature that’s above 400, but I think the overall experience is better on the lower temp. It is pretty efficient and it is not expensive, a little over $100. I think these are pretty cool. Entry level.

Then we have the Flowermate which is also pretty cheap. This one’s okay, build quality, average. It’s a little unique and neat because it has this mouthpiece that unscrews which is glass. It has storage compartments on the bottom for it. It is pretty clever and cool. But the vapor, once again, which is very common with inexpensive portables is a little hot and harsh. It is pretty decent on the vapor output and if you keep it on the lowest temperature-it has a few temperature settings-it will be pretty smooth most of the session and tastes fairly good. But then once you bump up the temp, it is just downhill from there. It is a nice unit and inexpensive.

Then we have the NO2V2 which is the new version of the original NO2 which looks exactly the same. I believe the improvements are faster heat up time and longer battery life. Performance is the same and everything else about it is the same. It is a pretty good middle of the road vape. It is considered portable but just like the Solo, it’s large so it’s not really a vape for on the go. But for around the house, it is pretty cool.

The V2 Pro Series 7- this one’s also fairly new. I consider everything about this one average. I don’t think it’s really fantastic but it produces okay vapor, tastes pretty good, has a cool cartridge system. This one is a 3-in-1. You can use it with dry herbs, e-liquid or wax. I don’t think they came out with the wax cartridge yet though.

We have the Titan / G Pro / K-Vape. This one is pretty cool and also cheap. What I like about this one is you can get a lot of vapor from it and get big clouds. It is fairly strong. Once again, the vapor is not that high of quality. It will be a little hot and harsh. There is a trade off when you want to go cheap, you’ll have to deal with the harsh vape.

Then we have the K-Vape, KandyPens is the company that makes the K-Vape, they just came out with the K-Vape Micro DX. It’s smaller, long battery life, pretty efficient. It has a smaller chamber. This one is cool if you like vaping at low temps. You’ll get a lot of use out of it, it’s small and light.

Next we have what I would consider one level lower. The Indica, which is a tier 3. I’m not really down with the whole Zippo thing, and I don’t use it a lot at all. This one is okay, the performance is okay. Nothing about it is bad. If you like this whole Zippo idea, there is no reason I don’t think you should get it. It is just not one of my favorites. The Pinnacle Pro, CloudV Terra, Atmos Orbit and Atmos Transporter, these are at the cutoff point of ones I recommend. This is base level. This is the worst and cheapest I think you should get if you are going to go that way. All of these are going to be okay performance. Everything about them is just going to be okay.

Over here we have some of my favorite pens for waxes and oils and a couple of them do herbs. This is the Dr. Dabber. The battery life has been fantastic. I really like the mouthpiece, it is in there good. The coil has been good to me. I have a bunch of them and none of them have gone bad and I have had this for many months now. There is nothing I don’t like about it. They have some cool glass attachments too. What is really cool is they just came out with this light and this thing is cool. I haven’t seen one of these mini ones that work like this, but you can actually get a regular pen experience. It is basically a mini version of the normal Dr. Dabber coil. It is cool because performance is almost the same or very close. This one is extremely discreet and portable. Very light, basically only a little bigger than a cigarette. Mouth piece comes off also, so it’s actually a few different pieces. One of the only things I don’t like about it is the button sticks out. It sticks out about 2mm, and it would be cool if it was a little more flush. But otherwise I have been using it a lot and it is really cool. My wife likes it too because it is a little more girl-friendly.

While I am talking about girl-friendly, I’ll show you the pink one. I actually did get this for my wife. This is a KandyPens SkyCloud. This one I got a while ago, and some things have been updated. There is a black edition that is new and I’ll be reviewing that one soon. This company is cool, they do a lifetime warranty. They have a pretty unique atomizer or coil. Another cool thing is that the atomizer or coil stays in really good and locks into place nice which is cool because some of the sucky pens come apart easily in your pocket. That is really nice.

Speaking of that feature, that is also why I like the Cloud V pens. This is the Classic and this is the Classic Mini, which is a little newer. These also have the nice tight coils or atomizers so they don’t fall apart. I like it, it has a cool coil, it’s good quality, vapor is good, battery life is good. I like everything about this one.

The V2 Pro Series 3- this was the first pen vape that I reviewed that worked kind of well with dry herbs, because pretty much up until very recently, any pen that claimed to work with dry herbs just burned and combusted it. This one actually vapes it. It is a 3-in-1 pen, so it comes with different cartridges. This is the dry herb cartridge in it now. They also have cartridges for wax and e-liquid which I think also work well. I like the wax one. What is cool about this is that it is small, discrete, light. This one is better for smaller sessions because the vapor is light, and can only fit .1. It is efficient and you’ll get a handful from that amount.

This is the same exact unit, but this is a different brand, QuickDraw. This one is good too. This one is cool because they come in different colors and designs and the way they package it is a little different.

The last one here is the Omicron. I’ve had the body of this one for a while. The V2.5 I bought a couple of years ago. Back then, it had a different cartridge for the oil. They now have a new kiss cartridge. It has a ceramic rod.

So back to the herbal vapes, there’s also Tier 5, but we’re not going to talk about Tier 5.

So there you have it! This video is as of May 2015, who knows what’s in store for the future ;) Thank you very much for taking the time to watch this video, and stay up!


  • I would like to get a more reliable vape.
    I currently have the CFX, and would like to upgrade to the mighty.

    What’s the lifespan of your Mighty?
    Did it break, and if so how long did you have it before conked out?

    Thank you for your honest opinions!

  • What’s up bud, nice reviews. What are your thoughts on the V2 Pro Series 7 vs Flowermate series? Also, you mention your thoughts about the V2 Pro changed, in what regard?

  • Hey Bud, I’ve followed you for a few years now and have followed your advice on portable vapes. I have a MFLB, an Arizer solo, firefly 2, and a PAX 2. Love the PAX, none of the rest. I’m ready for a more powerful desk model but I want to bounce it off you before I part with the big bucks.
    I tend to take 3 or 4 pulls on my PAX and set it down for a bit before I come back, stir, and finish it. Generally I will use the extended oven lid because I tend not to fill it unless I’m heading out. That extended oven lid was a great extra to pick up.
    I’m stuck between a Mighty and the Plenty. Mighty looks real good but is it as good as the Plenty at producing quality vape?What d’ya think?

  • I’m looking for a good replacement for my Grasshopper. I’m disgusted with the constant returning of the unit for repair. And, apparently, they have a new process for testing and repair. This is causing them to hold my unit from November 10th. They are now saying it won’t ship until after Christmas! Give me a break! It doesn’t take 6 weeks to fix. Obviously, the five day repair turnaround they previously had, was not sufficient to keep the unit working reliably.
    I like the size of the Grasshopper and don’t have the same heat issues that you mentioned. So, I would like something similar. What do you recommend?

  • After watching your reviews, I purchased the MV1. I do not care for it at all, but that’s no fault of yours. Everyone has their own opinion. The Ghost company was in constant contact with me prior to the sale, but now will not return my emails to issue the return. Do you have contact info for them other than email? Address or phone number? I just wish I had bought the mighty but may be stuck with this thing now.

  • I’m leery about the PAX 3 because there have been a lot of problems with the power switch on this model and I can’t but think they didn’t redesign this part.

      • I have a PAX 2 as well and I am not thrilled with it, especially for the price tag.
        My Kandy wax pen worked great, and it still heats. The problem with that one is, th part you unscrew to charge it, is now stripped. It does not click into place. Loose and wobbly even though the battery is strong.
        Paying these high prices for mediocre products, that have to be mailed back with all kinds of contingencies.
        My medical mj pharmacy no longer carries any wax pens because they are sick of them having to back them up when they break.

  • Bud,
    Great postings and information! I do not vape at the moment, but I have been a regular dry herb user for years now and think it might be time to invest in a healthier way to consume. As of right now I am leaning towards the Ghost MV1 for performance and durability reviews, however can I use it for my primary source of consuming? I know I have to keep it clean and probably have to replace the cartridge time to time, but other than that, will using it daily put lots of wear and tear on it to where it looses some function over time?

    Also, how does this portable vape compare to the desktop vape? Will a desktop vape last longer, or are there any other major advantages to a desktop?

  • I really think you need to put Dynavap on this list somewhere. In my 7 years of vaping I’ve never used a device that performs this well (vapor quality, taste, potency, efficiency,) and has a strong build quality too. I would consider myself someone who knows more than the next guy about quality of materials and safe/healthy vapor paths and it passed that category as well. Am I out of line for thinking it deserves to be a Tier 1 pick?

  • I just read back,nice edit to your reply mate.. that’s low dude.. you called me a loser for the question I asked, now different reply.. could have had none of this if you just said that at the beginning. But you do,as the question and purpose of the other article was to name your favorite portable, which you answered davinci iq. To a not so hostile person who’s response is to call people losers for their questions,is say sorry for the confusion but your response was pathetic and fraudulent with your edit..

    • Wtf are you talking about I didn’t edit anything.

      To address your original question, I don’t recall saying the IQ is my favorite and that it’s better than the Crafty, that’s not something I’d say, which review from April are you referring to?

      This page will always have my most up-to-date thoughts and ratings, if there’s a discrepancy with an older review go with what’s on this page.

      My rating system used to be different and the IQ was rated higher, I still think it’s a good vape it just doesn’t score as high in my newer way of doing it.

      I deal with a lot of bullshit comments so forgive me for categorizing yours there.

      If an older review has conflicting info, go with what I say on this page.

  • total douche tone bud.. I asked a simple question.. does it offend you that your reviews add to the confusion? Well, too much info on anything, especially when it doesn’t match up, does get confusing bud.. I’m a loser for asking a question.. mate im not the loser that puts ratings on things then advise against my own rating system..

  • What’s up yours bud? i said I haven’t read it all,why I asked the bloody stupid question idiot. Thought that was point of comment. You want some &@$” sucking or something? Is that the point.. Not from me pal.. I saw another article where you said iq, was just wondering why so much lower than crafty but you say iq is best portable in April.. but I don’t care no more, little internet hero getting all angry, am I scared, of a little shrill tuff guy lmfao at you bud.. stop gettting angry mate, I actually wasn’t having a go but you showed what a douche you actually are..

    • Get off my site loser, this was my first response to you: “Everything you need to know about my favorite vapes is on this page, I never have just one favorite, there’s always a bunch of good ones.”

      There was no douche tone, you have a problem with that?


  • I’ve been following your reviews for a while now, and I must say, they are disappointing. EVERYTIME you rate the highest priced vapes as the best. Of course! Because you get a kickback….

    The Boundless CFX is made from the identical materials as the Mighty. And other than the difference in draw resistance, The CFX is every bit its equal. The vapor is every bit as good! And it doesn’t have the failure rate of the Mighty ( or the very disappointing DaVinci IQ.. And I was a DaVinci fan until this turkey came out, I know of people sending their IQ back as defective 6 TIMES), and has better battery life. I know, I’ve owned most of these vapes
    Maybe you should take a look at the background of some of these vapes. The AirVape XS, that sells for $180… started out as the Hebe titan III Or VS2 if I remember correctly, and sold for $48… its still a cheap piece of crap. It would be a great vape at $50, at $180?? I’d recommend staying far away from it!

    So if you want to put a little honesty into your reviews, look into who and how they were built originally, there’s a lot of this re-branding and jacking up of price on cheap, Chinese vapes, many so called “good” brands repackaged the Titan I, a $29 vape, as their own and sold it for up to $109!!

    And funny, I never see you mention the problems associated with so called premium vapes, like the Mighty and the IQ. Maybe you should do more homework, or do some long term testing, might be an eye opener for all.

    • Then don’t watch my reviews pal, I don’t need comments like yours they’re stupid, I’ve addressed every single thing you said at one time or another in my videos, so you clearly haven’t watched enough of my stuff or you just want to bust my balls, take a hike.

    • hi les,

      i’m a long-term smoker but really want to quit and just vape. my last foray into vapes was the magic flybox and both versions of the whisper. None of these did it for me. I’m not so bothered about taste but want decent clouds with little heat or harshness. Which would you recommend, please?

    • I’m looking into the herbalizer and the evo with adding honeycomb hydratube or possibility the volcano … i’m looking for a reputable company that stands behind their products … as well as something it doesn’t break down a lot like I’ve heard a lot of incidences with the company that has the mighty the volcano in the crafty …just wondering if you could give me your input

      • You really can’t go wrong with Flowermate. I be used a v50s for well over a year. I mean $70 And dependable with very good battery life.

    • How about you do an honest review for all of us. if you have used as many as you say your input would be useful and possibly save many less experienced users a lot of money.I want to buy one for my partner to save his lungs. Im a non smoker but would be inclined to partake if I knew I wasnt going to choke to death lol…. cheers Myzz

  • Just curious what’s your favourite portable? I’ve just read another review from april and you say davinci iq. So you like it more than the crafty? I haven’t read this anywhere here (not that I’ve read everything).. I like your reviews, they add to the confusion of buying but what’s the point of rating them? I say this, if your favourite is rated so much lower than others? I don’t get how something can be better but isn’t, lol. Maybe you need more categories for your personal lists…

  • oct.29 2017
    I have purchase a pax 2 last year not even a year old and the pax is no longer working and I spent over 350.00 for it in Canada when I parchsed the pax I was sure I have bought the best of the best what a surprise nothing but garbage over price piece of junk that happen more than a month ago the store would not even offer to send it back to the company that it was my problem my baby.
    Maurice white

    • Im biased toward Flowermate. My first portable since using Vapolution for like 5 years.Vapolution hardly ever talked about vacation their too low prices and to dependable. Plus made in USA.

  • new to vaping-looking at unit for home volcano or plenty but don’t want to use bags & hate the looks &temp flux of plenty. Like the Mighty but then looked at the Ghost MV1- Wondering if u would wait till Ghost is avail or just get the Mighty- Anything new on horizon from Storz &Bickel.

  • I have seen you review DynaVap this year but dont see it on this list. I know with the tourch it is differnt from these digital vapes but where would it stack up in this list?

  • Hello, I have used volcano and original pax. I then tried the Vapir No2 which I liked but wanted something that was a little simpler to use with traveling. ( I did appreciate I think you mentioned that even with arthritis the the No2 was ok to take care of). after watching reviews, I got the Mighty. I ordered from online company. the problem I am having is that it heats up 4 degrees past the set point then goes about 3 degrees lower. I found that it to be very hot on my throat. when I asked the vendor they tell me that all vapes vary that much. but I don’t see it on any of my other vaporizers. is this the case that if varies the set point up and down, before you even take a draw.
    can you advise please. I am very frustrated by this.

  • Thanks for the reviews, you are my 1st’ go to’ reviewer, and I trust how you evaluate the devices. From reading comments around the vaping community, it does seem that a new to the market vapourizer that appears to function well is highly praised, and recommended despite the understanding in the community that serious problems emerge over time, and are not immediately known, such as battery issues, gas leaks, units overheating, warranty claims ignored etc etc.
    I understand that a new product is reviewed and rated, and it is only by reading comments months down the line that an individual has a truer understanding of the cons.
    Some vapers have limited funds, and may splash out on a high end device but with a longing hope that there will be little or no further expenditure for the duration of the warranty at the very least. This means that reliability, durability is more important than gimmicks, whistles and bells ,A progress review after a few months may help some decide. When thoughts and feelings change about a device, an explanation around these changes would benefit, not just because newer and better products are available.
    I see the Ghost MV 1 is top pick. I do not doubt VCs review, but as it is still not on the market, the over time problems (if any) are yet to emerge.
    It is retailers clearance sales that create the biggest search for negative comments , as once expensive devices are sold for less than half price, and bargain hunters who just want an affordable well functioning vape need to know they are getting a bargain and not a lemon.
    Perhaps there should be a tier of lemons. Anyway what you do is appreciated thanks once again John

  • I bought my Mighty a couple years back. All of a sudden it seems to have stopped vaping cotrmmrrectly. Not vaping the bud to the same brown color. It’s almost still a little green. I get like two draws off a bowl. Much less than what I am used to. I love my Mighty and prefer it to any other method of using my buds. But it isn’t performing the way I want it to and IDK why. Could you please shed some light on this.

  • I found the Vivant Alternate for 65 dollars, would this be a good price to buy it at? I read the review page but it says that you don’t have the same feelings about the vape. At this price and with the new mouthpiece is it worth it?

  • Hi Bud,

    Please add a column for user replaceable batteries in your excellent chart as that is for me one of the most
    important issues regarding any vape I would consider purchasing.
    Warranty and reliability and customer service at a glance in a chart.


  • Firefly 2 functions brilliantly. Hard core stoners can enjoy 2 25+ second draws per bowl that are full flavoured dense clouds. Heat setting high, power tuning 106%. As the bowl requires stirring after each draw, the top lid can be wiped with a dry tissue while still warm, eliminating the need for iso or any liquids / solvents. However slack people who allow residue to build into a brown stain, will need iso to remove this gunk.
    There is a design fault in Firefly 2. The gasket adhesive on the top lid is affected by heat, and the use of iso will cause the gasket to be unstuck, rendering device unusable. This also can occur by NOT TAKING EXTREME CARE when positioning the top lid when device is warm/ hot. The adhesive loses much of it’s quality when hot, and if forward or lateral movement happens when positioning the top lid, the gasket becomes loose, meaning no seal.
    Great care is needed, the lid should be directly above the unit without needing to push, slide or ease the lid into the correct position, this takes practice and will save the user money, as Firefly are now saying the warranty on Top lids are just 60 days, and not 2 years, even as the top lid has the Firefly Logo.
    These things happen, and the best way (in my opinion) is for Firefly to explain in a video the vital importance of fitting the top lid in the manner I just described. I am sure Firefly 3 will not have this problem.

  • New to vaping I started with the Arizer Air which I love. I’m ready to move on to a new vape cause I want to begin to vape concentrates. Love all you review and have settled for the Mighty or the Firefly 2. I wonder what you think of these 2 vaping concentrates. It appears the Firefly is really easy … is the Mighty just as good? Ty so much

  • Wow, pretty comprehensive. What I appreciate about the Vape Critic is that I look at the reviews he did in the past and amazing how accurate. Thanx, Bud and maintain elevation. Toodles, ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^

  • Hello, I am looking for a vaporizer that will create minimum aroma and cloud- I have to smoke indoors with kids in another room… also I will smoke outside a window, so I don’t want to bug the neighbors. I also vape and leave the vaporizer for a second or even third round an hour or two later. What is the best choice?

  • Cheers for the website I have now purchased a few vapes on your say so.

    I started out on the Solo 1 which I still love to this day, what I did’t love is the amount of glass tubes I have dropped but the Vape is good. Then my wife treated me to the Crafty once I finally converted to 100% vaping, but even though it performed wonderfully the thing kept breaking down. So after 3 crafty’s in 7 months I paid the 50 euro upgrade and swapped it out the Mighty. The Mighty is the best thing I have tried (as you say in your review pretty similar to the Crafty), it runs for ages, produces clouds of dense vapor its perfect for me. So rightly at the top or the portable Vape table. Recently I have got my wife vaping so I used it as a perfect excuse to purchase a second vape, so I went for the Pax3. After trying to choose between that and firefly2, thanks again for the reviews i decided to go for the Pax3. Had it a day now and still finding my way with it, its good but as you say in your video its a shorter toke (bit like smoking) so remembering not to take the long draws like i do with the Mighty. Ill get there, but thinking about getting a bong/waterpipe for it but concerned the short toke will ruin it. anyway…….

    Thanks for the info, the level of detail is what i’m looking for and the video makes getting the info in even easier.
    Last thing, I sort of wish I would have waited and got myself the ghost but maybe early next year ill give it a go. Looks awesome.

  • Hey Bud,
    Dig the chart. Please keep it up. I’d love to see how other vapes score on your vape rating scale…especially the Enano, Grasshopper (with PFE), and the Omnivap.

  • OK maybe you just didn’t do a full review, I guess the short review sums it up nicely.
    What I like best about your work is the extensive but easy read chart.
    Great work Bud, quality site.

  • I’ve gone for the Arizer 2.
    Looks like the best mid price option. Can’t wait to see it. Thanks for the great advice and the $40 discount code!
    However, the link does not take you to a dedicated review and video for this particular unit. Decided to get it anyway as I have a really old vapouriser that is a real pain so I rarely use it, I’m hoping this one will help me fall back in love with it.

  • Hello lads, I’ve been looking at either getting the pax2 or the grasshopper but i can’t make my mind up.
    I used to have a pinnacle pro but it got way to hot and would make me cough and I mean cough alot end up having a couching fit wasn’t comfortable couldn’t get stoned it was so harsh, which out the these two do you think is the least harsh vape Or am I expecting something to smooth im a joint smoker usualy and occasional pipes and never cough is caping just harsher than smoking?

    • Hey bud,

      All i can say is i love my pax, tried a friends out first, went and got one the next day, only thing ive had to compare it against is the original devinci, and it kicks the old devincis butt,

  • So what do you think Bud, for a pure convection portable vape, the boundless cfv or flowermate “swift pro”?

  • Hi Mr. Vape Critic

    When can we expect the review for Arizer Solo II from you. I`m waiting for your review before purchasing it. Currently I own Boundless CF and I am waping only with water tool adapter and glass bubbler.
    I found only your reviews honest and trustfull, so please hurry ;).

    Best regards from Slovenia

  • I totally agree stay away from Vapornation. I purchased an Herbalizer from them and the next day before it was shippped I tried to cancel the order. They refused and said the only way the order would be cancelled was if I paid 20% restocking fee. $120!

  • Why so few convection vapes? And, no wood? Hate the plastic crap for looks and feel.

    Stickybrick just got good review from you. Why doesn’t it make this list?

    What about other wooden convection vapes? Milaana? MistVape Touch? Great vapes at a fair price. Full convection, Easy to use and reload on the go.

  • Which convection vape would you consider to be the best performing that you have had the chance to utilize? How do you feel about kandypens MIVA? How do you think they compare?

  • In response to Adrian’s June 2, 2017 comment:

    Adrian Pryce wanted one of our newer wholesale sales rep to split his order into two to avoid paying customs duties and taxes. Young sales rep in an effort to accommodate the customer instructed the warehouse to “split the order.”

    Warehouse did so by packing 45% of the items in one box and 55% in the other. The value of the goods was $364.88 + $712.99, respectively. However the CIF (cost, insurance and freight) values were approximately $461.86 and $812.99, respectively (US dollars total = $1,274.85).

    Note: customer’s credit card was charged twice to cover the total amount stated above; once for $1,200.00 and another time for $74.85. Therefore, the total payments received from Mr. Pryce in connection with this order totaled $1,274.85 – and no more. His credit card was NOT charged again without his consent as alleged.

    Moving forward, unbeknownst to our Sales Rep, the items in the larger box converted to slightly over $1,000 AUSTRALIAN dollars. The threshold for having to pay the customs duties and taxes is CIF greater than $1,000 AU.

    The customer claimed and received the smaller valued box which was below the threshold but rejected the higher valued box which was greater then the threshold. As a consequence, the larger valued box was return to us.

    Upon its return, we offered to again split the larger valued box but requested that the customer pay for the additional shipping – at our cost. He got upset and wrote the post above.

    I researched this issue on Friday and wrote to Mr. Pryce Immediately following his post.

    From Adrian:

    Hi Adrian,

    I have spent the past hour researching the issues surrounding your last order with us and would like to jump on a WhatsApp call with you at a convenient time to discuss a resolution.

    Please advise me of a date and time that works best for you?

    Many thanks,

    Jeff Sherman, CEO

    He responded this morning

    I am easy going let me no what times u are available and I will call u

    Sent from my iPhone
    We hope to resolve this Monday.

    PS I do see that Mr. Pryce purchased some Kandy Pens vaporizers early in 2016 but we cannot locate any communication wherein he advised us that they were defective. Kandy Pens has a VERY low defect rate and on the rare occasion when there is a defective unit, they/we offer a life-time warranty. We would be happy to offer Adrian replacement units forthwith.

  • First off all your videos have been a big help to me as a first time vaper.I am only using this for herb just saying .but my question is what are your thoughts on the Zues Smite Plus? I don’t know if you have a review for it but I can’t seem to find one.Thanks

  • I highly recommend people to stay away from vapour nation as a supplier of vapourises they will out and out rip u off and have the worst business ethics I have seen I had a wholesale acc with them I’m in Australia I had planned to order $700 usd of vapes to keep it under the 1k Aud taxible limit the sales Derek hunt convinced me to buy over 1k usd to get some really shonky vapes for free and they would ship in 2 packages to keep me under the limit so I ended up agreeing after being heavily persuaded much to my regret. Their shipping team messed up and sent a $200 usd box and a 1k usd box so customs wanted to charge me 20% shipping tax and on top of that they charged my credit card for a extra 200 usd in shipping that I did not authorise and a extra 75usd just cause they could then I abandon the package and it was returned to them and they want me to pay shipping again even though they are clearly at fault and have clearly committed fraud on my card sorry bud I love and respect your site and choices but vapour nation are con artists they also do not honour warranty in previous parcels I had several kandypens that were doa and they kept promising to replace them on my next orders and never did it was always o sorry we forgot we will do it next order please I urge people do not deal with vapour nation

  • Hi Bud I’m switching from smoking to vaping and want a quality portable. Trying to pick one is hard! Are you going to review Atmos Vicod 5g 2nd generation? Seems a good unit for what I need. I like the idea of convection but firefly too expensive and boundless cfv seems ok but battery life seems crap and from what I’ve seen doesn’t produce masses of vapour. Also I’d prefer something that needs no stirring or minimal. Thanks in advance

    • Hey man thanks for your request I’ll put that one on my list.

      Good convection vapes are few and far between! And a lot of companies who say their vapes are convection are kinda lying, unfortunately.

      If you’re willing to spend $300-$350 there’s something new coming soon that you’ll be interested in, stay tuned.

      • How soon I want to get off smoking my green. I see you recommended the swift pro to someone further down. Would you recommend that over the boundless cfv? Or the hybrid airvape xs?

  • Bud, one thing that would be appreciated in your dry herb vape reviews would be more discussion about the overall efficiency of the Vapes, specifically how it relates to splitting up sessions. For many who vape solo it takes only one or two draws from a session. In many of the conduction Vapes you can get many more draws than that from an oven that holds .2 grams. Because you have to pack them full and conduction vapes continue heating the herb after you turn it off, a good amount is wasted. It seems only the Firefly 2 has a real ability to use small amounts, and that is prohibitively expensive for most. Maybe I am missing an option, and would welcome a recommendation. Thanks

    • Hey great feedback thanks!

      You’re right on the money about conduction vapes, what do you think about convection units?

      It’s usually the better option for vaping small amounts at a time with no waste, conduction vapes are really meant for vaping an entire session of 10-15 draws at once.

      Have you considered the Flowermate Swift Pro?

      It’s a mid-priced convection vape with a small chamber, you can use ~.1-.2g to get ~3-7 nice draws.

  • Hello I have a cloudv phamton,
    One day the vapo stop working good ,
    The light blink but the vapo never heat,
    Do you know what happened, you know how I can fix it.

    And also please recomend me an excellent vaporizer,
    I usually Vap 5-8 times per day.

  • hey ^^ i was looking to buy my first vaporizer and this web rly helped me to choose it i’m between 3: Flytlab lift, Boundless cf and maybe VapCap because a lot of people chose it as his fav, could you tell what you would recommend me and differences? flytlab and boundless really seem very similar in price too, thx guy and good work ;)

  • Bud,checkout the new Xmax Starry. This may be the surprise of the year. I am curious about your opinion.
    Greetings from Amsterdam

  • I want a new portable vap… this are my options.
    Which is the best?
    AirVape XS Vaporizer
    PAX 2
    Arizer Solo
    Arizer Air
    Davinci Ascent
    Vapir prima

  • Hi

    I own a davinci ascent and a Arizer Q .. i wanna buy a better vaporizer ….i want a mighty continues being one of the best vaporizer?

    • I actually just got a FocusVape Pro a few days ago and will post my review as soon as I’ve had a chance to test it a bit. Thanx for asking!

  • Please review the vapcap m from dynavap. Or any other vapcap. Im very curious.
    Hear lots of good things about them. Im using a pax 3 and firefly 2 but i want something small, efficient and powerfull as a back up.

  • I can’t believe you put the firefly in tier 3. Also the Arizer Air is a good portable vape, you mentioned that you don’t truly consider it a portable. Now that my Crafty broke for good, I use the Air on the go if I need to.

  • I would like a portable vape that doesn’t combust at all, which one is the cheapest ? Does the pax 3 have combust issues ?

  • Good read, nice to know who is on top of the market right now. Also, I do not know your stance so forgive me for asking, but have you ever considered trying out a DynoVap vaporizer? I ordered the M and it seems like a really solid piece of equipment for the price, while staying true to its on-demand use and extreme portability.

  • I’ve owned both a volcano and a crafty and have thoroughly enjoyed both. I’ve had both pax 1 and 2 and was never sold on those two. Is Pax 3 worth acquiring? I always loved the look and wished it performed as well as the crafty (it would be my favorite to travel with)

    Given my baseline of products, if pax 3 isn’t worth adding to the collection, which would be the portable vap to add?

    Vap quality/taste and versatility is important to me !!!

    • Pax 3 is basically Pax 2 with a concentrate attachment and some extra screens, etc. and a Bluetooth/App control ability.

  • Man im really looking for something with a removeable battery the arizer air looks sick but i wish the pax and davinci iq had a replaceable battery

  • Hey dude you should try to review the cloud f17. I just ordered mine, hopefully its good. Looks promising, not too many reviews on it so you getting it first before anyone else will be great! Just fyi ;)

  • I’m on my third mighty!
    Customer Service ?
    They are telling me they can’t REPLICATE THE PROBLEM

    Same as everyone else
    A rattling sound
    Power button and display
    It’s all over the internet
    If Storrs&Bickel won’t honor their product for obvious defect YOU need to STOP Endorsing The Defective Mighty

    Too many people reporting the same problems and customer service is useless and seems mechanic!
    I own a volcano and a second mighty which has never acted up and I have the pax and vapexhale
    After all these years is Storrs&Bickel now on The Dark Side?

  • This is good information. Thanks great ideax however I was hoping to find a review on the Vapor Tech Baker 2.0. Could you give me your perspective on that?

  • About 2 months ago finally got a dry herb vaporizer The Tyhpoon dry herb baking vaporizer and I love it the one problem is mouth piece can get hot and crack ,the oven is small yet big enough for one ,been in use daily now since it’s first packing.wondering if you ever had a chance to try this vaporizer and your take on it ,thanks and keep on keeping on ✌️

  • Hey Bud love your reviews! I was wondering about the chart you posted, for lets say tier 2 vapes the AirVape XS is the first followed by the Flowermate Swift and so on… Are those in order by ranking 1,2,3,etc… even though they all have the same score? Meaning the AirVape is the best tier 2 vape followed by the Flowermate mate and so on?

  • Hey Bud, if you had to choose a 150.00 dry herb vape, only one, what would it be. I have an airvape xs, love the unit, hate the small screens in mouthpiece, especially if you open the flow chamber making it 3 pieces to have to shove back in and line up, a definite drawback for me! Thanks in advance!

  • Great comments. My only advice to folks to read up the vapes before you by them. A quality piece will go a long way. I’ve owned the MFLB, Pinnacle Pro, PAX 1, PAX 2, Crafty and Mighty. My current vaporizer is the Mighty. Battery life, cloud production, taste, smell and cleaning are the most things that matter to me. It didn’t start out that way but now that I know my way around vapes, I evaluate them based on whats important to me. Here’s a quick highlight reel of my experience with each. MFLB – low tech but very effective. Cloud production and taste are great. My only drawbacks were the batteries, strong smell and after 2 years I started to have issues with the heating of the material. It started to burn the material and the area to put the material in started to break down. If you don’t mind the smell, get the ac adapter so you don’t have to keep replacing the batteries. Pinnacle – Didn’t even last a year. It’s made out of cheap materials. Plastic parts started to melt and battery life sucks. PAX1/PAX2 – I purchased the PAX 2 because of the upgrades. This was my go to vape for while. Its a great vape. The only drawback I had was the cleaning and the size of the chamber. Crafty/Mighty – Both are great vapes. Cloud production is great, taste is great, battery life is great and it doesn’t stink up the place. You can’t go wrong with the Crafty or the Mighty. I prefer the Mighty because of the temp control on the unit and longer battery life.

  • Enjoy your feedback. With many people speaking the super convection performances​ of Milaana MistVape Touch and Firewood 4… and more then a few speaking Milaana perhaps even being the best out of all convection Vapes including the Mighty/Firefly 2 etc..Can U give us all your take on these solid wood hand crafted pieces of vape art? Peace and solid work well done bro*

    • Ah man it’s a tough call for me because I can’t personally use it as a portable vape! It burns my lips and the vapor feels very hot so I only use it at home through a glass water rig, I feel weird recommending it as a portable, but I acknowledge that people like it!

  • Hi! Im from Argentina. I only can get one of this.
    Da vinci (first version).
    G-Pen Elite.
    Flowermate V5.os
    Zeus Smite

    Which one should I buy?

  • I bought a flowermate v5.0s through you, I got it today and I have to say I am very disappointed. I need to return this vaporizer, it’s not even close to what I expected.

    • Hey I’m bummed to hear this, my bad for the delay. Was the vapor production not doing it for you? That one is a conduction vape so to get good results from it you need to grind your herb pretty fine and then you need to pack the oven pretty tight. Than take ~10 second draws and you should get clouds of vapor.

  • Hi Bud, I also am looking into buying my first vapor device not only for me, but for my dad who is going through some amputations at the moment due to cigarette smoking. What I currently use is my little proto pipe that I’ve had for years.
    I came across an ad for the Davinci IQ, and I’m a quality type of girl, but am wondering if I should start first with a Davinci Classic?
    I don’t need all the bells & whistles… but would like something that’s good looking, easy to use.
    The Pax 2 or 3 is also a condider. I’ve only ever smoked flower as this is all I know as I’m sort of “old school.” Many thanks.
    Happy new year.

  • I think the reason people are having trouble with ff2 is there is a method to use it I hated it now its my go to my favorite besides my crafty and I have nine different ones been using them since I first heard of a vaporizer whatever works best for you I also love the Goboof its built sturdy and can handle my clumsiness with ease happy holidays to ya all

  • This is what you do, first buy a Mighty, second,their is second your done. A++++ Vap don’t waste yer hard earned money on others.

    • Basically the feedback I get for the Firefly 2 from end users is too mixed, some people love it but some people hate it.

      I still think it’s a good unit but not for quite as many people as I originally thought, so I removed it from my list of top picks but it’s still a Tier 1 rated vape.

      • I have a FF2 and once you figure out the best draw “speed” it’s amazing. The flavor it gives is better than anything else I have tried. It’s a great personal vape and you don’t waste any flower. The concentrate setting is fantastic. When I first started using it I didn’t have the trick to the draw down. You need to do a nice, SLOW AND EASY, draw. I usually draw for a full 15-20 seconds or until the light goes out. When you do this you will definitely start to feel it in your lungs and the amount of vapor will look like the amount that Bud demonstrates in his review video. I also found that it really works well with a fine grind, even though it has been advertised as working well with hand torn. Two negatives, both being very small: 1) when cleaning with rubbing alcohol do not touch the rubber seal on the lid, it will start to peel off 2) When I fill the bowl I usually end up turning it upside down in my hand after every 1 or 2 draws to mix it up. I know you can also pack less and shake/tap it but I was too nervous about hitting it against my palm too often. I’ve never reviewed a vape before but this is truly a great vaporizer. I highly recommend, just make sure you are patient at first. Once you have it down, you’ll never want to change.

        • Clarification, when I mix the herb between draws I take the lid off, flip into my hand, stir a bit and then flip it from my palm back into the bowl and cover.

        • I agree with most of your comments on the FF2. It excels in what it does well but it has some pitfalls that have pushed me onto buying another vape.
          To mention a few: the battery life and charging methods leave a lot to be desired; the app doesnt work that well -for one the battery life indicator is a joke; cleaning is very easy but as you mentioned the rubber seal comes off because the glue used is not impervious to alcohol; it is not a truly portable vape -but in size, it is very difficult to load & stir in an open space; and most importantly, using it is not a relaxing experience but a chore. After having it for 6 months I find I am vaping less and less because of the sheer thought of the process involved.
          Two other issues that would make me not fully recommend the FF2:
          (1) it is not a vape you can share with a friend, even occasionally, due to its steep learning curve and bowl size and most importantly,
          (2) it can be operational but faulty out of the box, and this you wouldn’t know unless you had used one before, it happened to me and it was an uphill battle to get it replaced, the after sales service was appalling and I only got redressed when I wrote directly to Mr Firefly himself! I recommended the FF2 to a couple of friends and lo and behold, they had the same issue with a faulty FF2 and no response from Firefly for over 2 weeks until I passed onto them Mr Firefly details and only then their problems were redressed.
          Would I recommend the FF2? I am not so sure. If I do it would only be to a purist and with all the caveats mentioned above.

  • So am I to infer that the Kandypen Miva with lifetime warranty is not a good pick? …as I don’t see reviews or thoughts on this one. Thanks

    • I’m testing the Miva now and should have a review posted soon, it’s actually pretty good! The oven can hold about .3g and you need to grind fine and pack it tight for best performance, but it can produce nice vapor clouds that aren’t harsh and have a pleasant taste.

      If you use my KandyPens referral link and my promo code TVC30 you can get 30% OFF this vape which brings the price down to a way more competitive level.

  • The Arizer air portable is an awesome vape. Using one hard for almost 2 years…still working absolutely need to break out the other 2 in boxes yet.Paid 64 dollars Canadian for them.They are the best.(69 yr old)

  • The service end of the PAX people is slipping. I put in a service request last week because it is burning weed on the lowest heating setting, I mean black black burnt with a nasty taste and smell, and their response was the feeling heat in the device is normal, it is normal to heat your hand WTF?????? this doesn’t fix my problem, I still can’t use it and they won’t help, I’m extremely disappointed and pissed right now, I chose the PAX because of their “awesome warranty” BS

    • I was going to buy a 2nd PAX 2 to have as back up for when one needs servicing, I miss it and hate not having it but not I’m lost and don’t know what to do since they won’t fix it

  • Don’t forget the great warranty with PAX . Ten years … unbeatable . Service is top notch . I use my unit HARD , every day . I told them this and they Still honour the warranty , no probs . I get a new one every 2 yrs . I am on my third PAX so far . This time they also sent me a car charger and vape sleeve for FREE ! Just for being a loyal patron . PAX IS BEST !

    • wish I had that type of service, I just get the run around from them, horrible horrible service, they don’t even read my issues, just sent off a generic response that does nothing to help me

      • apparently burning the herb, I mean black black, on low setting and having a nasty burning taste and smell is normal, and the light stays purple, flashes green, then back to purple, now blue, all normal, I am unbelievably pissed at them right now as I’m sure you can tell

        • I just wanted to add that PAX finally returned my messages and are honoring the warranty, took awhile but it is happening :)

  • Davinci IQ or Crafty?

    I would like one that fit in jeans pocket. But mostly for use with try herb @ home. Which one is faster to heat / load? What about cleaning?

    Thanks alot for your help & Keep it up!

  • Have you tried the Puri5 Deja Vu? I am looking for a vaporizer in the $150-200 range that is very good with both bud and wax. All the reviews on that one look great, but I was wondering what you would recommend. Thanks.

    • I haven’t tried that one but I’m gonna keep an eye out, I’ve seen a few others recently that looked similar so there might be a few variations, thanks for asking! Unfortunately what you’re looking for doesn’t exist yet, so I do recommend getting separate vapes for bud and wax right now for the best performance and experience.

  • What about the ALPHA from Goboof. This irish little vape works pretty good. It has better clouds than the pax 1 and the only draw back feature is the long charging time which can usually be around 3-4 hours depending on how much you use the vape. What are your thoughts? Im sure you have tried one.

  • I have 3 Flowermate V5 OS. I love them. I did have 2 malfunction and they were promptly replaced by Puffitup. Both had switch failures. Battery life is good. 2 or 3 sessions are possible with each charge. Easy to clean. Fairly rugged and compact. Solid aluminum build. 3 temp settings.Dry,wax and oil are possible. Comes with replacement screens and cleaning tools. At $80 it does it all. Have used others and liked them but I don’t see the advantage of paying more. Big drawbacks are that there is no USB charge option, uses a proprietary charger and no use while charge option. I suppose that’s why you pay more for others. Note – I have never used one for wax or oil so I can’t vouch for their performance using those substances, but with dry…whoopie!.

  • Hey! Love your reviews! Last year I bought the Firefly 2, Pax 2, Vapexhale & Kandypen Gravity based on your recommendations. All have been exceptional “tools of the trade”, so thank you! I was surprised, watching your current reviews, that the Firefly 2 wasn’t even mentioned, but the Pax 2 was still in your top tier (especially since you previously rated the Firefly 2 higher than the Pax 2). Anything to share about that? Also, I am quite curious about the DaVinci, which I’d never heard of until watching your review. It looks really amazing! Be well & Enjoy!

  • Hi Bud, I am looking to buy my very first vape, but I am not to sure which is the better 1, I have been looking at both the”Snoop Dog Bush G Pro & the De Vinci” I was hoping to see a review from you on the Snoop Dog Bush, but havent found anything. So what if you had to pick between the 2 would you pick.

  • I work at a head shop and I’m ALWAYS using you as a reference man. You have great feedback and I appreciate how you break things down…and of course your honesty. Stay up!

  • I truly respect your reviews,that said I bought a firefly 2,and now I am not certain what to think sent it back they said it was fixed and it still sucks. what do you think is going on?

    • Hey you’re not alone with those feelings, I had to take the FF2 off of my top picks list because of the abnormally high number of people who aren’t enjoying it as much as they should.

  • Bud
    Two questions
    Do you get a more intense/longer high with a desktop version of a vaporizer versus a portable one

    Can you recommend what’s the easiest portable vaporizer to clean?

    • In general desktop vapes are stronger and perform better than portable models, but I personally feel that the Crafty & Mighty are the strongest portables and get very close to desktop performance.

      I’d say easiest to clean is Crafty, Mighty, AirVape XS and Boundless.

          • Hi Bud,
            could you let me know what is wrong with FF2? It was my No.1 after a lot of hours on your videos and reviews, but now it is out of your list and I found also lot of negative in forum. I choose FF2, because i love clear taste and take only few puffs and keep the rest for later. This is something, what PAX2 (my no.2) or Crafty (no.3) cannot afford.
            Should i buy FF2 anyway or are you suggesting to not do it now?


  • So I came across a vape pen that I have been dying to see your review on. Unfortunately due to how new the product is the delay in shipment has caused me to cancel my order. I’m going to stick with vaping concentrates for now. The vape pen is called the grasshopper. This is currently only used for marijuana. No concentrate accessory yet. Like I mentioned I cancelled my order as I have been waiting on delivery since March of this year. For now I’m sticking with my oil rig and dr dabber portable enail. Please let me know if you get your hands on the grasshopper. Everything about it looks great. Just extremely disappointed I waited this whole time receiving a once a month update just telling me about the new estimated ship date being pushed further out.

    • He reviewed it already, and hated it. he also posted the review twice because the first cut the hate was too thick..

      its not a concentrate pen, but i have placed oils in a bowl, decent vape. worth the 15 month wait for me

  • Unfortunately, Firefly isn’t great after a period of time. First, batteries need replacement almost yearly. Then my original Firefly quit after two years. It had a five year warranty, but they no longer make the motherboard or ceramic heating element to repair it. Rather than replace it, you have to either pay an upgrade fee – which makes the original cost now more than the FF2 alone – or take store credit minus a hefty 30% restocking fee. Hopefully other makers have either better quality materials or better warranties.

  • pax 1 > pax imo because of the battery. your pax 1 can last you forever if you are careful,and even if it breaks itll be cheap, buy an old one off someone for 70 bucks now, buy a panasonic 18650 battery with 3400 mah. for those that dont know, generally more mah= last longer. and for vaping herbals the voltage needn’t be very high. on ecig batteries you tend to see way higher voltage and less mah, basically for everything you add you must lose something else, equal exchange kinda shiet. (original pax had like 2600 mah or 2800. pax 2 only has 3000 mah) for 8 bucks, same one that tesla uses and diyer’s use in their electric bike battery packs, thoguh in those cases they usually break down old battery packs from laptops that contain a bunch of 18650s that might not be the best brand but when you’re making ur own u can find. if anyone has learned how to open a pax 2 i will buy one.. with the Storz and Bickel crafty you can actually change the 18650s in a very similar way ,may be even easier from what ive seen, due to pax being so goddamn small and tightly packed, actually quite impressive devices when you open them.. oven, computer,insulation around the oven and a completely sealed chamber where no vapor will touch the internal computer and a battery and that’s it. once a top tier company comes around with a better version of the arizer air (battery swappable) or a company starts up with that idea in mind and makes all their vapes like that, gets the other criteria on point (vape quality primarily,and ofc the ability to swap out high quality, high maH batteries no matter how old, and ofc an ergonomic sleek, small design), they will take portable market over. at the end of the day, as long as there are craftys and gen 1 pax, we will always have a high quality vape that you can buy used for cheaper every day and once the storz and bickel portables’ batteries start to get fucked, and they release their new product just in time for the batteries in the previous unit to start holding hardly any charge, and will just start gathering dust much like the pax 1 battery is fucked now, and you buy a 7 dollar panasonic 18650 with spot welded tabs, and swap batteries out of (if you learn how). the arizer air is the only portable with a swappable but it lacks a little bit in certain other areas, if fixed, would dominate the market, the same way people were going for their arizer air’s over pax 1s simply becuse of battery replacement reminiscent of changing a flashlight li-ion battery.easy. many dont realize , you treat your li-ion batteries right they will last a long time, treat them poorly they will die sooner but they all have a lifetime just like us.

  • Hey Bud,
    Thanks for all the time and care you put into your work. Your videos are a pleasure to watch.
    You’ve given Firefly 2 high marks for its efficiency and highlighted its applicability for individuals who like doing shorter sessions (1 or 2 puffs). Are there less expensive vaporizers that excel in this area?

  • Which vape has the cooler vape production? I am using the XMAX but its so harsh, although I did lower the temp but still I want to get the least harsh I can.

  • Hey Bud, have you tried the Curv by Tao Electronics?
    It retails for approx 245 and I have the opportunity to purchase it for $55

  • Hi!
    Gonzalo From Chile! i liked a lot your reviews!!!

    Can be possible for you to make a review for “fenix” vaporizer from weecke ? I saw some reviews but your reviews are the law! :D


    • I don’t suggest it that type of oil in the gravity. I’d go with the linx zero personally but anything similar would do.

  • Hey I have the volcano so I know that’s really all I have to compare anything to. But I was wondering I just bought the firefly 2 it was between that and the crafty and I went w firefly cause of the issues crafty is having I was disappointed w the firefly and I just sold it. Now it wasn’t the worst thing in the word but for $300 I had higher expectations. What would you say would be the best vapor quality, thick clouds portable dry herb vape out there for under $200. I’ve been eyeing up the magic flight lunch box but wanted to see what you thought about that or if you have heard or tried the atmos boss idk I’m looking for a really good one under $200

    • I think you’d actually really like the boundless CF or CFX vape. There both way under $200 and are basically very similar looking to the crafty/mighty. The vapor taste isn’t as good compared to a crafty but the boundless still taste real good. I’d def check them out at least. He has a video review of both here somewhere on the site lol.

  • Flowermate, G – Pen or Summit It will be my first vaporizer. I have read one review after the next but still unsure. I will need to medicate every day. I can get the Pax2 or firefly if it makes that big of a difference. I’m use to a bowl. Give me you recommendation based off how I’ll be using it please. I need someone to help me make my mind up. I like the purple haze too but I really do need something I can travel with discreetly and user friendly

  • Can you review the titanic 2 it is suposed to be 90 percent convection and there are not any good reviews out yet for it also called the fenix

  • Can you review the titanic 2 it is suposed to be 90 percent convection and there are not any good reviews out yet for it also called the fenix

  • Hey, I am on the cusp of my purchase decision to upgrade from my old Magic-Flight Launch Box, of which I was an early adopter quite a few years ago. Crafty or Firefly 2? What to do? Here’s my question: after all my research, and even though I fell in love early with the idea of the Crafty, I’m thinking FF 2. It seems to win on my most important criteria, however your reviews, as well as almost everyone else’s seem to put a little extra emphasis on just how freakin’ amazing the vape quality is from the Crafty. Is it better than the FF 2 and the FF 2 simply wins out on other factors, or would you consider them equal on that point? Be carfeul how you answer. I may buy both!! (One for me-time, one for sessions.)

    • I have the original Iolite vaporizer for nearly 3 years. I like the portability and performance, strong vapor (but it’s harsh and too hot sometimes, so my gf doesn’t like it so much). It gets me baked AF every time. The main problem is the hissing, man. It’s really annoying, the session isn’t as discreet as I wish it would be.
      So I was thinking about an upgrade.

      I don’t care about concentrates (don’t know where to get them and too complicated to make it myself).

      First I got my eyes on Pax2, it looks sexy. But the smelly part is a no for me.

      I guess the Crafty is simillar (but way better) experince as the Iolite. I’m not happy about the defect rate, but I live next to Germany so the shipping wouldn’t take so long when getting repaired.

      After a while I decided for Firefly 2. I was more inclined to bowls than j’s (a j is often too much for me). So the thing that I can take a few draws and then leave it for a while when I’m good is appealing to me. I like discreetness, so short sessions and lack of smell is a big plus.
      But man, it isn’t available in Europe. Yet. And it will be probabably more expensive than in US. Should I wait or get a Crafty?

      Or I just can keep the Iolite for portable use and get a Volcano :D (I will probablly get it next year anyway when I finish my degree and get a job).

      • Hold off on the Firefly. My original broke and they don’t have parts to repair it under their warranty. Now I have to pay an ‘upgrade’ fee or get store credit minus a 30% restocking fee and buy something else. Not worth the amount of money you have to pay to begin with.

  • Hi Bud!
    Thanks so much for your hard work! You are my goto source when shopping.

    I have a 1st gen Pax, and had to give it up after 6/8 months use, since the mouthpiece’s spring mechanism stopped working properly. I couldn’t return it, since it was a store demo (I got a good price). I’ve read that this was actually a fairly common issue with the 1st gen.

    Now that you’ve been using the Pax2 for a while, how is the spring holding up? Have you heard any comments as to whether this has been improved?

    Other than that, I did love my 1st gen & would consider upgrading.

    Thanks again for all you do!

  • Hey Bud,
    I’ve been rocking an xmax v2 pro, (storm in the uk) and i love it. I’ve noticed you have not given out a review yet. I feel it is superior to the flowermate at its price point solely for the removable 18650 battery, and i haven’t had complaints on the taste front either. Share your thoughts with the community?

  • Hi,
    I wanna buy a portable herb vape with precise temperature control (most important to me), which is decent to nice looking, made out of metal and glass or ceramic at around 150, what is my best option?
    Will mainly and rarely use it for weed. The oil and wax stuff would be a nice addition, but is no necessity.
    Davinci?, Flowermate v5 pro?
    What is your professionl tip for the best smoke quality.
    Oh yea I don#t want any leakage into the smoke from the inside of the vape of course, so pure smoke.

  • Hello. I use the pax2 for two months , Please inform me if it’s normal to getting yellow- brown the steel inside the place we put the staff , I often clean it with alcohol but is getting brown because off the heating , I thought that the material is stainless steel good for the health and never goes brown…I use others vaporizers with stainless steel material and is ok . Thank you so much

  • Great information about lower cost vapes, very well written and executed. Thanks so much, I look forward to your 2016 reviews

  • Hi Bud,

    I love your reviews and have a few questions. Here’s my situation: I am a medical marijuana patient, daily user & have a relatively high tolerance. I need to find a portable vaporizer for use at home. Must be Under $200. My first and last use of the day is heavier, but then I take a few hits several times throughout the day to maintain. I feel using 0.3g each time I load the chamber to be too much for just me and wasteful. I am on a budget and have to watch the $$$ spent on cannabis.

    Stealth does not matter. Previously I had a Flowermate until it nearly caught fire.

    What vaporizer would you recommend for someone like me who mostly vapes smaller quantities throughout the day, plus a couple of larger pull sessions? Does just turning it off once I’ve taken a few hits work or will it continue to use up the bud anyway?

    I’m so confused. Which one do you think will be the best vaporizer for my situation? I hate smoking. I really appreciate your help.

    Thank you!

  • also interested if you’re going to do a review on the g elite… it seems to be getting some rad reviews so would love to see how it stacks up against the FF2 and if the $200 difference is worth it!

  • Hi:

    I have the firefly vape and have tried different techniques to get a smooth draw. I’ve used your instructions where I pre heat for 30 seconds and found it too harsh hardly any flavor I’ve tried less and still harsh and hardly any flavor. The material is excellent and works well for me but I’m not really getting the results I want. Even though the material is top quality, is it possible that some materials are more harsh than others? Thanks. Dave

  • Hi there, I make the SSV, DBV and we are now releasing the SideKick portable. What can we do to get you one for testing, I believe we will have our next batch ready in about 2-3 weeks.



  • Hey Bud. Just discovered your site … congrats! I noticed you don’t seem to recommend or even mention any vape PENS for weed. Are there any worth considering? What do you think of the G-Slim (Ground Material)? I’d really like something stealth to carry around – ideally that looks like an eCig.

    I’m also curious to hear what you have to say once you’ve spent time with the Grasshopper. Looks/sounds great except for the comments from people about the hot tip – kind of lame to need that rubber cover, which quickly becomes yellow.

    Lastly, curious to hear if you have any thoughts on Absolute Xtracts concentrates. I had a chance to try them and didn’t love the taste, but super convenient and great looking with the G-Slim battery.

    Thanks man!

  • Hi vapecritic,
    I’m looking for a portable vape that can VAPE hash, not combust it. I don’t mean hash-oil but the ‘solid’ kind.
    Got any suggestions?

  • Hey do u know if the trippy stix vapor is good? Which would you recommend choosing between the trippy stix or k vape ?

  • Buyer Beware. I’ve had the KandyPens Micro DX for 2 months. I am on my 8th mouthpiece. First it cracks up one side then the other as the interior crumbles like eggshells. Body of unit is now orange peeling & bubbling (from heat). Customer Service is dissapointing and I’m trying to be nice. Every time I heat this up I’m reminded of my $200 POS… Really disappointed, constant emailing to KandyPens is totally unproductive and frustrating… No help there. Please people, read ‘user’ comments on Review sites. Looks like I’m not alone. Oh well, in search of a new Vape…. 2 months later… So sad.

  • I’m New to vaping dry herb and was wondering what do you suggest is the best portable vaporizer that for me to use that is smooth? I don’t want anything that is harsh in my throat. Thank you so much!

  • Hello: Thanks for your great reviews.
    I’ve bought and returned (but yet to ever open and use) several vape pens/vaporizers because I’m just not sure what I need.
    The main idea was to use ecigarettes to quits smoking, and now that I was just (in the last 3 weeks) diagnosed with PAD and have 3 totally blocked arteries in my legs, I HAVE to quit smoking (2+ pks per day). I also want to try the CBD Oil to help with Medullary Thyroid Cancer. I was diagnosed back in 1997 and have been through oral chemo twice but neither reduced my mets on liver, lungs and extensive bone tumors; nor did it help with bone pain (for which I have to take potent Opiod Rx), or pain from spinal mets; nor help with chronic digestive issues (for which I have to take another potent opiod Rx, anxiety (yet another Rx), depression, etc.
    First I bought the Volcano Inferno Pen to aid in stopping smoking. It came with Pure Tobacco eVape at 24mg and I bought also the 16mg vape Pure Tobacco Vape eLiquid for when I taper down. Then I bought a vaporizer pen set and CBD Citrus Vape oil from TastyHempoil.

    However, both these Pure Tobacco eLiquids and the CBD Vape Oil from TastyVapeOil all contain Propylene Glycol , which has been shown to be a harmful chemialc.
    Furthermore, I just received an email with yet another warning. It seems that “…a recent study that showed a potentially harmful chemical called Diacetyl was present in more than 75 percent of flavored e-cigarettes and refill liquids. OSHA has issued a warning about the dangers of diacetyl and how it can lead to severe respiratory diseases such as ‘Popcorn lung’”

    My questions for you are:
    1) Have you ever reviewed the Volcano Inferno with it’s 900 mAh Pass-through INFERNO Battery (allows you to continue vaping while charging)

    2) If so, how does it compare to the Dr. Dabber Ghost and Aura?

    3) One website stated… “These [CBD]oils should not be used in simple e cigarettes. You’ll need a vape pen, and it’s best to choose a specialized oil vape pen that takes mainly oils and creates as little combustion as possible.”
    I’m not sure whether this is entirely true or the seller is just trying to get consumers to purchase their Vape Pens.
    Do I really have to buy a special pen for vaping flavored or non-flavored CBD Oil as opposed to eliquids or can I use CBD Oil vape liquids in the DR. Dabber Ghost or Aura Vape Pens?

    4) If I must buy a special vape pen for CBD Oil Vape liquids, have you reviewed any of those type vape pens and which do you recommend?

    Supposedly, the CBD Oil derived from cannabis is better for medicinal therapeutic use due to its high THC concentration. Unfortunately, because of the its THC concentration, I cannot legally buy cannabis-derived CBD Oil here in the NC bible belt (cannot even buy for medical use here in NC). Otherwise, I’d invest in the volcano desktop vape that you so expertly reviewed.

    I’d like to start CBD Oil therapy as soon as possible.

    Since I’m limited to using only hemp-derived CBD Oil, (and may also want to use the regular tobacco flavored eliquids to help stop smoking – if I can find a brand that doesn’t contain PG or Diacetyl) I really would appreciate your help in deciding whether I need more than one type of vape pen and which is/are best suited for each use.

    Thanks A Million!

  • Have you tried the new Flosstradamus by source vapes? It has the triple Quartz coils but I can’t find a review for it anywhere.

  • Hey man,
    Your reviews are helpful. I started with a Firefly and found it has battery dependability issues, plus it draws hard. I really liked the Crafty, but the battery became squirrelly after just 11 months and they want $90 to tune it up. This is such a racket. The Storz guy in Oakland implied I might not need a new battery. I’m getting the alternating red-yellow green light when I try to turn the Crafty on. Can I do my own internal maintenance and how do I go about that?

    How do the PAX 2 and Summit compare on battery life and other reliability issues to my issues w/ Firefly and Crafty? If I don’t need portability, how about a Plenty?

    In your review, you mentioned “2 replacements under warranty” with the Crafty. How did you arrange that, and what were the warrantable issues? I just filled out their RMA form. Thanks.

  • Out of curiosity, why did the Alfa Goboof not make your short list? Do you consider it inferior to the Vapium Summit, and if so why?

    • I actually do prefer the Summit and I’m considering updating my Alfa rating again, it’s not that it’s bad I’ve just received more defect complaints than I’d like and the performance isn’t really better than the Vapium which is less expensive

  • I am very sensitive to the effects of smoking, so I need very little. Is there one that might fit my need for small quantity knowing I sacrifice vapour quality a little. I don’t want to have waste.

  • Hey love your site, I’m new to vapes so I was just wondering about this new TAO curv, have you heard of it? I haven’t found much on the web about it, can you review it give me your thoughts? thanks and stay up my friend

  • Hi I was wondering I’m new to smoking and thinking of buying the dr dabbler ghost but do you think the kandy pen is much better

  • Making the move to marijuana vaporizers. I was looking at2 different vapes and wanted some feedback on them, which one I should go with. Looking at the Vapium Summit and the V2 Pro series7. Any thoughts on both?

  • Hey, thanks for making this video! And thanks for writing out a transcription, I know it’s probably a real pain typing it out, but it really helped me quickly search whether you addressed certain vaporisers without having to impatiently sit through the whole video to find out.

    Thanks again!

  • I’m new to portable vaporizers and I have found your reviews very helpful. Which of these vaporizers Would be best for a mmj patient, haze v3, go buff, Zeus smite plus, arizer air, generally I don’t want one that won’t last long since I might be using this medicine for many years and don’t want to keep buying a new vaporizer. I’d really like to go for the crafty or the mighty right now but those are not in my budget. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Hello, I’ve. Been seeking information on new capes that are in the process of being released. Are you aware of these or know of a site that announces upcoming releases?

  • Hey how are you?

    Iam highly interested in the herbalizer as well as the aromed. Since i live in asia we use 220.voltage. herbalizer currently run 110 ( us/ canada). I.was thinking to.get an transformator for the herbalizer. Prob is the warranty will be voided if you use the transformer/ other current. Aromed really.much too.but never tried it same as berbalizer. Now i am a bit.under.pressure. what do you think would be a better option herbalizer plus transformator or aromed 4.0

    I hope you can making a decision of give me some tips

    Thanks a lott


  • hi Bud,
    about micro dx, after few days,just my feeling. never pack fully load, around 390,all long 5 minutes short and long draw. after 10 years whit desktop vap it’s another world
    ;) really!
    p.s. whit “original mouthpiece replacement” it’s possible to take a better breathe ;)

  • Fantastic reviews from! Bud truly knows his vaporizers. We would love to speak to you about advertising on your site. Please contact us at the email embedded within this comment.

    Strange Clouds

  • start Yesterday vape whit kandypens micro dx, work good but it’s little bit difficult to suck up, in some old desktop vaporizer i just drill a little hole, for enhance air in flow, someone find same problem? maybe know a best solution?

  • I appreciate your reviews. A couple of years ago, I bought the Arizer Solo and Extreme Q based on your recommendations. Now the Solo is starting to malfunction now and again, so I’m interested in another portable. I’d like one that does a good job with just a pinch or two of material. I store the material in a CVAULT with the 62% Boveda packs, and grind with the medium Space Case 4 piece grinder. What would you recommend as my ideal portable in this case? Also, does the Space Case grind finely enough? Should it be dryer than 62% for vaping?

  • The K-Vape is garbage. Do Not Buy or you’ll be a sorry sucker.
    Mine failed right out of the box. Sent it back. Got another POS that did the exact same thing. Sent it back again. Asked customer service to please check that it worked. That one failed too.
    Customer service is a shill, spouting BS about the number they’ve sold, but not working on fixing a well documented problem.
    Once again, boys and girls, you get what you pay for.

  • The E-liquid works grate but for as the loose leaf doesn’t work at all. Batter doesn’t hold a charge very long cople hits the batter need to be recharged. I am not happy wit this unit at all. The unit is a V2 PRO

    • I have the V2 series 7 and it works great for me. I use it for weed but it can also do liquid and wax. Battery lasts all day with multiple uses. Solidly built with handy cartridge system.

  • My experience with the crafty hasn’t been good. I’ve gone through 2 of them in 8 months the first one caked after 50 hrs of use and the second one is starting to cake after 30 hrs of use. The battery is terrible,after 20 hrs of use the battery starts to lose its strength. A good draw when new would drop the temp by no more than 10 degrees. After 20 hrs of use a good draw is dropping the temp by 30 degrees. Spend to much time waiting for the temp to rise. I’ve owned a N02 since they came out and it’s been bullet proof. I’m waiting for the PRIMA from Vapir to be released this month and then I’m sending my crafty back to be repaired again then I’m selling it. This product needs a major battery issue resolved. I suggest waiting on this product until they resolve the problem

    • I am also extremely interested in the Prima. Right now, it’s a tossup between the Grasshopper, Prima and the Crafty vs Ascent (in that order of interest). I’ve had success with Vapir in the past as well so I want to see what the Prima can do.

      The grasshopper jumping to the top of the list because its heat is on demand.

  • Have you tried the Micro Vaped Titan Vaporizer?

    I only vape flowers and have used a Solo for years – love the flavor – just looking for a newer, smaller, more portable vape but want best vapor quality.

    Thanks! :-)

  • Hi,

    I bought a Near Dark Saturn Vape and I found the instructions for dry herb were completely lacking. I’ve packed small amounts and large amounts into the dry chamber and it just doesn’t seem to burn. I am a newbie in vape pens so I’m sure I must be doing something wrong.

    Please could you or any of your contributors help.



  • Looking at the v2 pro series 3

    I need something very discreet, camping, hiking with the family, just small little hits. I would also like to use oil in this unit as well.

    I can get an oil from someone, but is comes in a cartridge already… it is dark and kinda tar looking. is that considered a liquid? and to be used in the liquid cartridge with the wicks on the v2 pro series 3?.

    I am an old school smoker and new to all of this technology…

    please advise

  • Hey Man, Thanks for all the great reviews. I always tell people who ask about vapes to check out your youtube channel for good reviews. Anyway, I was wondering if you were going to do a Source Orb review? I see it on your top vape pens but no link for a review. Unless it was in the 2015 full review and I just forgot? I was checking out the Dr. Dabber but I just feel like with all the options that the Source Orb has that it would make it a better option. I like the convenience of pre-filled carts, but i dont feel like i get the full affect from those as I would from a pen that I would fill the atomizer myself. What are you thoughts on the pre-filled carts?

    • A friend is Very disappointed in truva pen-leaves much material not vaporized and with minimal effect-Web site does not accept orders sb be warning of problems and ineffective pen

  • Have you reviewed the Vapium “All Weather” Vaporizer? Trying to compare to Airizer and Pax. You seem to like Pax better but would like to know where Vapium rates?

    Thank you,

  • Hey man I have been watch all your videos and really like your reviews. I have a Extreme Q and love it but am looking to get a portable vape. I am desiding between the Alfa and Crafty. Cost isnt that big of a deal. I love the look of the Alfa but am interested in the Crafty. How much better is the vapor quality. Since I already have a EQ I am solely interested in on the go vaping. I also usually partake with 2 or 3 people.

  • Hey, nice reviews, a lot to know, but still im not sure about which one is the best multi pen, for wax/oil and weed, very interested in a multi pen
    Thanks for your time

  • I was wondering which of these would be the best vaporizer for on the go, preferably under $200 and with low maintenance. Any ideas?

  • Hey Bud,
    I am vaporizing for Medical Benefits (Pain Relief) and find that I get best results using my new Volcano Classic (used your link) set at 4 (331 F). However, I am Very sensitive to heat and can’t even drink coffee. My throat gets torn up at a setting starting at 5 (352 F+)

    Other than the Crafty/Mighty, what other Portable vaporizer would you recommend that has a Low Temp Setting? After pulling the trigger on the Volcano, I was hoping to not spend another $300+

    • Hey Steve thanks for posting!

      That’s a little bit of a tricky problem you have there, the Volcano actually produces some of the coolest and smoothest vapor you can get :\

      Maybe you’re grinding your herbs too fine? or packing too much?

      Even at ~365°F the vapor should be comfortable, but you do have to draw all of it out of the bag within a few minutes for the best vapor quality.

      As for portables the Firefly is a good one and wouldn’t be a bad option for you because of the manual heating, if you get your technique down you can gently heat your stuff and get a light vapor that should be smoother.

  • Hey. First off. Thank you for your videos and reviews. They are incredibly helpful.
    I am deciding between the crafty and the mighty. The size of the vape is not an attribute I really care about. I would be fine with either size.
    The only thing is that i’m thinking the mighty may produce more / better quality vapor because of its size? Or is that false?
    Why did you give the crafty 97 and the mighty 96? Was it simply based on portability? Or did you find that the crafty produced by vapor (more dense, better tasting, and more potent)?

    Which vaporizer do you believe produces the best quality vapor (most dense, best tasting, and most potent)?

    • Hey to me the Crafty & Mighty are basically the same unit except for the size.

      Performance is the same, as is vapor quality, the main difference to consider besides how big it is would be the battery life (45 mins versus 90 mins).

      I rate the Crafty a tiny bit higher because I think the smaller size is a real advantage and I find myself taking it with me every time I leave home :P

  • Summit vs Alfa?!. I’m an experienced vaper. Currently have the g pro, the pax, the no2. Like them all a little. But I really like the reviews you did on both summit and alfa and they are both in my price range. What one would you ultimately suggest personally between the two. If you had to recommend a friend.

    • Damn tough call but I’d say go with the Alfa if you have a choice between the two, I rate it a little higher overall for a few different reasons but mainly that it’s an even smaller unit with above average performance and slightly higher build quality.

  • Hey Bud,
    What’s your thoughts now on the Haze? I bought one last December and love it! Especially the can use for the flower. Load up a few, pop one out, another in, and keep on keeping on! Amazing how little product you use with this and the results are amazing. I only use the lowest heat setting and it is more than enough to do it’s thing. Almost zilch to clean, about a minute. I don’t know about the oils and axes, honestly, I didn’t buy it for those. Can’t say enough about the Haze, perfect for my uses. Your thoughts?

    • Hey Mike I’m really glad you’re diggin it man!

      I like it too, I hope in the future versions they’re able to address the mouthpiece issue and have it produce more comfortable vapor because those are the only real downsides. Other the design is cool and definitely unique.

  • Just bought a G pro, kinda rushed my decision and regretting it a bit. Planning on using the vape for everyday use, would you recommend the G pro for that? or would i be better off returning it and going with the pax 1? im mostly concerned with the vapor quality and taste, discrete, and a fairly large oven for around $200

    Any other suggestions would be appreciated


    • Damn yea the G Pro is decent but not exactly in the area of the vapor quality, unfortunately.

      The performance of the Pax is definitely better but not exactly top tier, a little above average.

      The Alfa wouldn’t be bad option either, also the Summit.

      I’m gonna be posting some reviews of more inexpensive portables real soon too.

    • Definitely considering it, I’ve found that it’s best for smaller, lighter sessions where you’re looking to be discreet and don’t want a lot of visible vapor. It works better at lower temps and the vapor is tastier and more comfortable.

  • You are my goto source for vape reviews!! Haven’t seen one for the new version Hebe Titan 2. Any thoughts?

  • Hey bud, really appreciate all u do, I decided to get the dr dabber a couple of weeks after hearing your full review on it and it’s by far the best vaporizer pen I’ve used! Good looks! I just had one minor question for u, do u find that when taking a drag the mouthpiece whistles? No big shakes, just curious cause mine does lol. Again good looks on everything u do!

  • After doing weeks of research – including your great reviews, I’m ready to get a portable vape. But I still cannot decide if I should get the Crafty or the Pax 2…?
    I was initially going for the Pax 2, because of the long battery life, small size & more. Then I saw that the Crafty didn’t cost too much more, so it’s in my price range too.

    I mainly will be using it at home, but also ‘on the go’ when needed, so I think the Mighty is a bit too big, at least that’s what I’ve gotten the impression of (plus with the Crafty I can always buy an ext. battery for usage if needed).

    Long story shortened a bit:
    I mainly am worried that if I get the Pax 2, that there’ll be too much draw resistance, which I see online a lot for users, not sure if it is just that they didn’t clean it enough or that there is a flaw in the design (I have an old VaporBros home unit (no fan in it or anything) & it makes u suck fairly hard to get anything from it) – And I’d like this new vape to be much better.
    Is this a “real” major issue with the Pax 2? Because I like the form factor of it better I think (smaller, longer battery…) than the Crafty, BUT….

    I plan on using it, a LOT. Pretty much every day & throughout each day multiple times. My tolerance is on the higher side, If that matters (perhaps in regards to explain how *I* vape…not really sure if I’m a ‘sipper’ or um…’super-sipper’).

    I just don’t know how to decide. And I’m unable to try either unit, I don’t know anyone with either. If anyone has time to reply about anything I’ve mentioned, that’d be awesome :)

    Sorry for a long post, it’s just a lot of $ for me & I want to get it right. If anyone can help with the following questions as well – I beg for your help:
    – Since the Crafty uses (I think) convection, does it make any loud fan noise or anything like that?
    – I also would like the least-smelly one’ especially when it’s loaded with flower & is just sitting around turned off (my roommates hate that pot smell). Which is truly better in that dept. (now that the Pax 2 & Crafty are in widespread use)?
    – As for the Pax 2, I’ve read tons of reports that it gets too hot on your lips, and even almost too hot to hold I some cases…Is this accurate & happen every time basically?
    – However, I’ve seen SO many reports from Crafty users that have had their unit stop working, break, etc. It honestly looks like a real problem, OR, have they fixed it with the newer 2015 model I hear about (which I’d hopefully get, somehow, hopefully) – Is this a major problem?

    There’s just SO much conflicting info out there…Plus on here (vapecritic), you gave the Pax 2 a much lower score than the Crafty. AAAAWW! I’m lost & going insane lol
    …please, please help if anyone can. Thank u in advance.

    So, should I get the Pax 2 or Crafty? Any & ALL replies would be so much appreciated!
    And yes, I definitely will order (whichever I decide) using your link, to give u credit.

    Thanks for helping if u can & sorry this got so long,

    • Another major player, at least I think is the ‘Grasshopper’. The reviews I’ve seen on other sites say some pretty good things about it, and it’s much cheaper than either the Pax 2 or Crafty…I don’t see a review on here yet, or maybe I haven’t found it but I am curious how it stacks up. I know it was a crowd funded product & think they’re probably catching up on those preorders still — not really sure. But at its lower price, I am curious if it can stand along with the other 2 I mentioned? Thank u all for any info or comparisons or whatever.

  • Hey Bud,
    I am just wondering if you have any plans to review the ZeusArsenal Smite? My brother in law just purchased this vape seemed very cool. I would be interested in hearing what you think off it, being Canadian I would like to see how it stacks up. Thanks for the great reviews

      • Hello Bud,

        First thanks for all good advice, i now have a mflb, plenty and mighty.

        For Zeus smite, maybe its a canadian brand, its only a rebranded Flowermate 5 from China.

        In fact Smiss vaporizer produce Flowermate 1 to 8. Smite (ZeusArsenal), Orbit and Transporter (Atmos) and much mores use rebranded cheap vape


  • Which one is best vaporizer for wax and shatter but around $200 and not a pen. I want something for around the house to take the place of rig but without disposable carts if possible.

  • Hey Bud, make sure to get the glass capsule for the INH05 before posting your full review of the unit. (Which I’m looking forward to) It turns the INH05 into a completely different vape and would like to hear your spin on it! Thanks again for the time vested bro! : – )

  • Thanks for the new roundup! As always great stuff. Hey I bit on a deal for the Flowermate 5.0 Pro that I found via a reddit forum. I’ve heard decent things; figured for barely over $100 was worth a shot. Mind adding that in for later in the year?

  • My picks are firefly + concentrate pads for wax (replaced my rig), and summit for herb. Crafty is amazing but too expensive for me too recommend to my friends. Summit is so affordable and works like a champ – plus if it drops, I’m not worried about it scarring cuz I didn’t have to break the bank for it. Saving money on the vape means more cash for the stuff to put inside.

  • You seem to have lost a ton of respect for the Ascent,..Anything we should know about,or are the newer models just that much better..?

    • Ascent is the worst vape I’ve owned! It has broken on me once…. And it tasted like plastic, no matter what I did… The seals on it showed signs of wear after only short use, the stem breaks easily. My solo was 10x the vape and cost less. The crafty just makes the ascent look like a janky POS IMHO… (but is priced accordingly)

  • The Pax 2 without question is arguably the best portable vaporizer. only need small draws, packs better and cleaning is like 10 mins. Only need it on level 2 and battery life lasts a lot longer almost over an hour. and a portable usb charger. And you here the theme song to funky town when done right.

      • Hey man huge fan of ur reviews, best ones out there, I’m stuck on a few things tho, I’m looking at a personal vape, roommates have a desktop, so I’m after one strictly for me. I keep going back and forth from the pax 1 and 2, I tried the 1 once and liked it, but 2 is only $80 more. Not a fan of the flat mouth piece in 2, but like the thick casing. I also heard that when u aren’t drawing from 1 it’s still cooking your material, which I hope isn’t true, I’m after one that really conserves my stuff, I don’t mind cleaning the vape. guess long question short, instead of having one full session with a full oven, I like fill it, do half now and half later, is that okay to do on these pax, can u leave stuff in the vapes and come back to it later. I’ve been going back in forth for days on those 2. Anyways thanks a lot man for all the reviews, I figured u would be the best person to ask this.

    • I’m confused how to pack my epod vape I got from my licensed producer I can’t seem to work it I get nothing when I draw on it the bowl is a cylinder tube

      • hey i was wondering if you could
        compare both the pax 2 and k vape micro dx and do a honest review on which you prefer the most. i have being trying to. choose but i need a expert opinion so i can decide whether i buy the pax 2 or the k vape micro dx.

        • Most definitely the PAX 2 my friend!

          I haven’t done a full review of the micro dx but I’ve tried one and didn’t feel that it met my standards

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