The V2 Pro Series 7 Portable Vaporizer

V2 Pro Series 7 This vape is the V2 Pro Series 7, which works the same way as the Series 3 pen but it’s larger and holds more material.

It’s a 3-in-1 unit and has different cartridges for loose leaf, wax/oil, and e-liquid. As of the time I’m writing this review the wax cartridge is not yet available, so I’ll just talk about using this with dry herbs.

Performance is decent but I’d only consider it about average for a few reasons…

The vape has 3 temperature settings, but I only found the experience to be pleasant on the lowest heat. The level 2 and level 3 heat settings just make the vapor too hot and harsh in my opinion, so level 1 is really what I recommend in most scenarios.

Vapor output is also pretty average, to get big clouds you’re gonna have to take a fairly long draw. With shorter draws around 5-6 seconds you get a lighter vapor but the taste and smoothness is best. When you take long pulls to get more vapor you do sacrifice the overall quality a bit – flavor will trail off and a little harshness may creep in. The oven can hold approx. 0.3g and you’ll get about 10-15 draws from a full packing, which not surprisingly is pretty much average as well.

Dry Herb Cartridge It does heat up to low heat in just about 30 seconds which is nice and quick, and on average I’ve been getting roughly 50 minutes of actual usage from each full charge. The vape turns off every 2.5 minutes to conserve power so I’m usually able to restart it somewhere around 20 times before it completely dies.

V2 Pro vaporizers use proprietary USB chargers that attach magnetically to the bottom of the unit, and the Series 7 also comes with a wall adapter in the box. It does have pass-through charging so you can use it while it’s plugged in, but it may require a little bit of a base charge before it’ll let you turn it on and start vaping.

If you’re into e-liquids it does come with the cartridge for that also, and it seems to work ok with it but this is not my area of expertise, I’m an herbivore ;)

Buy the Series 7 vape from the official V2 website. If you follow my link and place an order they do compensate me for referring you, and if you decide to do so I’m super appreciative of your support! :)

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VapeRating: 80/100 (Tier 4)

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Video transcription:

So this right here is the V2 Pro Series 7 portable vaporizer. This is sort of the newer version of the Series 3 pen that I recently reviewed. So it pretty much works the same way. It’s a cartridge based system. So, you’re gonna have different cartridges for different materials. E-liquid, loose-leaf, and concentrates or waxes. So with the 7, this one here is what the loose-leaf or the dry herb cartridge is going to look like and the way these cartridges fit into the body is they just slide right in and then they’re held in magnetically. So the mouthpiece screws off and this is how you access the herb chamber inside. It’s sort of medium size. It’s okay, there’s actually a small screen at the bottom which is not uncommon but it’s fairly uncommon for the screen to just fall out like that. But that’s the way this one is actually designed.

So you basically just grind up your herbs extra fine, and pack the chamber full, fairly tight. You want to tape it down a little bit. Then you could screw the mouthpiece back on and then the first thing you’re gonna do is select your heat setting. Hit the power button here twice, and then the vape is gonna start cycling through the different heat settings. There’s basically three settings- low, medium and high and I kind of only really like to use it on the low setting. So once it cycles to the setting that you want you just tap the button again to sort of like lock it, into memory.

So now to start the heating, you hold the button down for a few seconds and then when that lights up and you see the red ring light up at the bottom that means it’s heating up now. And when it reaches the temperature that you set, the light’s gonna turn green and now you can start taking draws from it.

So I think it performs fairly well. I don’t know, it’s kinda like average, I guess. The vapor is medium smoothness, it’s not really too harsh, but it’s not the smoothest either. It does taste okay, I only really found the vapor comfortable for the most part on the lowest heat setting. Once I went up to medium, it just got too hot and harsh, so I didn’t really like vaping there at all.

The amount of vapor you get is okay. Again, pretty average. You do need to take a fairly long draw to get a lot of vapor. Efficiency is okay. From a full packing you should expect to get 10-15 decent draws, before you’re material’s completely spent.

This vape is gonna automatically shut off every few minutes, so what you’re gonna have to do is keep an eye out for the light and if it goes out in the middle of you vaping, gotta hold the button down again to restart the heater, and then it’ll take a few seconds and it will get back up to the vaping temp.

So in addition to the loose-leaf or dry herb cartridge, this one, they also have, an e-liquid cartridge. But with the Series 3 pen, which I still really like for, small, lighter sessions cuz it’s very small, these cartridges. I like it still, the herb cartridge, it’s very efficient, it’s cool for like a day time thing or like a light thing. The wax cartridge, which I didn’t have in my original review, came out a little while after, this I actually like also, it’s pretty cool. It’s a little different than most other ones but it does work well. And then, each one is also gonna come with the e-liquid cartridge.

So they use special chargers with the V2 Pros. They do work while they’re plugged in though. You can use them while they’re charging, which is cool. Cleanliness, maintenance, it’s alright, ya know. Brush out the herb chamber after each session as usual. Every once in a while you’re gonna have to take some isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs and get in there, scrub it up a little bit.

Overall, I think this vape is alright. most things about it I consider pretty much average. It’s not very expensive though, so it’s not really terrible. in the class that it’s in or where it’s trying to be, I do think there are some other really good options that you should definitely consider also.

To check out my reviews of those other vapes as well as the Series 3 pen, you can go to my website at Thanks very much for watching and stay up!

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  1. Kris says:

    I honestly love this vape, but it has given me a few problems here and there. I mainly use the herb chamber but i also use the liquid chamber once and a while, never had leak issues like most are saying, pretty good just the ammount of vapor was pretty disappointing.
    My herb chamber just started giving me problems, the adhesive that holds the oven to the outer plastic case has given but it stil stays in, a hard pull will yank it out. And everytime i plug the herb attachment in and try to use it my device starts blinking rapidly. I cant find anything online about this happening to anyone, im thinking because the adhesive wore off it moved the connection plate at the bottom and now i cant figire out its original position. I may order a spare because the vape is really good if you want something discreet. Barley makes any smell and people wouldnt think that you are smoking out of this thing.
    All around i really like the vape, i havent had as many problems as some comments ive read but ive definitely had a few. I would definitely recommend this to a friend who needs something discreet to smoke with. Its pretty reliable and its a great alternative to a pax or something more expensive. I would urge people who are just getting into vaping herbs to get one of these to see if you like vaping. This thing got me sold on vaping and made me end up buying a volcano. Its a great first herb vape but i definitely wouldnt buy it for the e-liquid, not much flavor and very little vapor. I give it a 8/10 with the herb chamber and probably a 5/10 with the e-juice cartridge

  2. LJT says:

    I have been using my V2 Series 7 on and off for over a year now, well been trying too. I use both the dry leaf cartridge and the e-liquid cartridge. Initially I was impressed with the Series 7 because of its versatility being able to use dry leaf and e-liquid with one device, but the longer our relationship goes on the more and more dislike I have for this device! The e-liquid cartridges in my opinion ARE NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE, they are supposedly refillable several times before needing replacing, V2 Quote on their website – ‘can be refilled around 15 to 20 times depending on how frequently it is used and refilled’. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY CARTRIDGES HAS LEAKED WITHIN 3 REFILLS, I have tried around 10 new cartridges now (at £20 a go) and they all leak on the first or second fill of e-liquid, I’m not a particularly heavy e-liquid user, and generally use it in the car to and from work – around 30 minute drive each way and I’m just puffing it occasionally during the drive, not constantly. The last one leaked a full refilled tank (only 2nd refill) through the machine – it was seeping out the base of the device into my coat top pocket and I now have a nice stain on my £300 winter coat, GREAT! It now seems to leak out the bottom of the device every time I use it going all over my hands. That was quite literally the last draw with the V2, I have now decided the best thing is to do is scrap the V2 and use 2 separate vape’s, 1 for dried herb and 1 for e-liquid. I shall be returning to my old faithful Magic Flight launch box and buy a mod box for e-liquid.

    Would I recommend it to a friend ?…… No defiantly not, I wish I’d saved all the money I’ve wasted on cartridges over the last year and bought myself a PAX2 or Firefly for the ‘loose leaf’ and a regular mod box/e-cig for the nicotine hit in the car!!!!

    Has it help me stop smoking? Hell No! I’ve just got e-liquid all over me and my clothing now – that’s pretty much all its done!!!

  3. Alice says:

    Don’t do it’s!! In only 4 months time, I am forced to buy my 4th cartridge for the e-liquid, or just give up and buy another vaporizer brand. That’s 1 cartridge per month on the average.

    One time I just happened to be looking at it while it was lying on my coffee table. With no one touching it, the cartridge popped off.

    The cartridge design is faulty. The spring is too tight and causes the cheap plastic to weaken then finally crack. Once cracked, it can no longer be fitted onto the vaporizer itself.

  4. paul says:

    Also agree do not buy lasted 1week 5days had 3problems first 2days in eliquid fell apart chamber separate d from frame then 2days after the charge cable stopped working then at 1week 5days the loose leaf chamber burnt out putting toxic smoke in my lungs causing me to throw up then it completely stopped working the whole time they have refused a full refund and it was reported before the 14day return this item is not fit for purpose in any way shape or form it some how went rusty in the post back to them and they claim its all my fault and have returned the item I will be making the trip to there shop and will refuse to leave until they cover petrol costs and give a full refund if not no customers will be getting served

  5. Emily says:

    Just received the v2 today… wishing I had read some of these comments first. Does it work? Yes, just not at the capacity that I was hoping. I bought it for dry herb – one good thing is that the taste is amazing. After it heats up, you have maybe 4 nice tasting hits before it turns brown and starts tasting weird. Also there’s almost no vapor. Might be good if I was out and about and wanted a quick, discreet way to puff. Thats probably only thing I’ll use it for.

  6. Johnny V says:

    Do not buy this!!! I’m very disappointed! Yes it works ok for a few days but the cartridges die quickly. I took extreme care of the second set, loose leaf and wax cleaning carefully but they still don’t last. My second wax cartridge fell apart after 4 uses! They do not warranty the $30 plus slow shipping cartridges. You’ll need at least a cartridge or two a month. Waste of money.

  7. JohnnyV says:

    Do not buy this!!! I’m very disappointed! Yes it works ok for a few days but the cartridges die quickly. I took extreme care of the second set, loose leaf and wax cleaning carefully but they still don’t last. My second wax cartridge fell apart after 4 uses! They do not warranty the $30 plus slow shipping cartridges. You’ll need at least a cartridge or two a month. Waste of money.

  8. JackCole says:

    Best portable vaporizer I’ve ever had appreciate your thoughts anyway I love your vaporizer feel free to send me new stuff I really enjoy it so thank you

  9. malak says:

    Worst products ever, bought a V3, had a faulty chord, got a new chord then the dry leaf insert was defect, bought another one it was fine but the v3pen is just too small and combusts ‘medical” leaf. so bought the v7 pro series, had another defect chord, wouldnt keep charging etc,got new one. now a week later my actual unit is cashed. i plug it in the light lights up green, but when i try and use it it the light turns red, never gets to yellow then blinks 3 times and dies, cant even se it pugged in. The V3 as $35 and the v7 was $168. and im just out. I wouldnt recomend any product from this company, at all.

  10. John Rowe says:

    It works great until the small plastic pieces that hold it together start melting and falling apart

  11. John Rowe says:

    Mine fell apart after a month of heavy use

  12. Ronald Gordon says:

    Great review and thanks for the easy instructions. We are now happy owners and users of this vape and your comments were invaluable. Thanks Bro

  13. PS says:

    If you’re looking for a good portable vape, go elsewhere. Here’s the basic timeline for us..

    March — realized we needed a vape because our apartment management put notes on the doors about the smell of pot smoke. We selected this one because it seemed easy to use and it permitted pass-thru vaping, so it could be used while it was plugged in and charging. We used it daily.

    May — the cartridge clips broke, (we used some rubber bands to hold it together) while they sent a free replacement cartridge — but, we were also informed at that point (never in the initial marketing) that the cartridges are designed for a limited time use.

    June/ July — it occasionally got too hot and burned the leaf — which is a very unpleasant surprise. It also was acting oddly — sometimes not turning on, other times stopping when it was fully charged etc…. since it doesn’t have a replaceable battery, we couldn’t just swap out the battery etc..

    August — when fully charged, it stopped turning on at all. The charging lights would work, but when we pressed and held the button, nothing. We contacted the company and they said it was out of warranty (only 90 days) — and our $200 vape was completely useless.

    So — we ordered a Haze 3 which has very good reviews and a 10 year warranty.

  14. JAKE says:

    Just got finished with a chat w/ V2 customer service regarding my cartridge no longer functioning.
    According to them the loose lead cartridge is estimated to last 1-2 months. This means @ a cost of approx $37/cartridge ( w/$5 shipping) they expect you to be paying btw $222-$444 addltl to the $170 purchase cost to use this product for 1 year. That means according to the manufacturer the product is expected to cost you $400-$600 per year. That’s insane!

  15. jorma says:

    Wish I’d read these reviews before I went ahead and bought the thing. First, the draw is terrible. There is next to no air flow through the thing and what little you can suck out takes a long time for a single drag. Who the hell designed that “feature”?

  16. John Northcott says:

    I did tons of research and finally decided on purchasing a V2 Series 7.

    At first I was excited, since I like my e-liquid, loose leaf and oil. But after a few uses, I was quickly disappointed. This vaporizer requires quite a bit of work to clean and is quite expensive…. Then the problems started.

    The V2 series 7 constantly leaks and doesn’t work. I am often getting e-liquid out of the mouth piece and it gets sticky when it gets over your hands and makes a huge mess.

    I’ve tried buying new cartridges and reaching out to customer support, but they are nearly impossible to get a hold of. And, do not stand behind their product in the slightest.

    Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your money on this piece of crap! Biggest waste of money I have ever spent, and I seriously hope this company goes out of business.

  17. Cheryl says:

    I need to add my comments about how terrible this vape is. I’ve gone through 2 of them now (the 2nd one was a warranty replacement which I got after having to hear how GREAT this product is and how what happened to mine was an isolated and unusual incident). I have a Pax 2 now and LOVE IT!!!!

    Don’t buy this vape, it’s a big waste of money and the company does not stand behind it (the 2nd one also broke before 6 months was up, but no further warranties after 1).

  18. shawn says:

    my experience with the v2 company was so not good I have to share to reflect the true colors of this company
    paid 188 dollors for this overpriced piece I believe that was after the discount from a promotion and they advertised free shipping and one year warrantee
    so when I found out the shipping was not free for me
    I decided to go ahead and get next day air hoping it will be here by the 5 the of may well they never sent it out wich I was ok with
    v2 now saying they will waive half the shipping cost but they did it in store credit until I complained to get the full shipping credited to my account so I’m still waiting to see the credit but anyway
    I had to wait another day to sight for it ok
    now it gets here on the 4th but it has a broken cartrage and a missing plug piece so I can not use it and it was not black like the one was expecting ok so I called them again with another problem I eventually spoke with the manager who was the biggest argumentative unhelpful snide rude and egotistical to tell me his company is so big the biggest that he doesn’t need to listen to the customer
    so I could not charge my device because of missing piece I could not use the cartrages where both malfunctions and the dishonesty of the customer service management is uneceptable so then the team did not send out the replacement and is send me the cartrages reguardless of what Collar wanted .so I told them I might send it back so then they did not want to send me the pieces that were missing. or broken and the manager was clearly trying to make me have a worse day and experience possible .
    this company lies and is to cheep the equipment broke as soon as I touched it don’t get it here I got different vape for 60 bucks same features and no problems of groupon

  19. mark says:

    no where does this product talk about the fact that you need to buy new cartridge. They break down from the heat and plan on spending $$$ every month or so for a new one. It is a design flaw. When confronted with this the response is we are as bad as everyone else. Or as good. Depends on which side of the counter you are on.

  20. Fed Up says:


    I ordered two cartridges in January, to replace a third I ordered in August. One stopped working within about ten days, and the other just fell apart today.

    So to summarize: the original cartridge didn’t even last 4 months; the second broke after less than 1 month; and now the third is dead after about 2.5 months.

    ALL of these cartridges, even when they were briefly functional, were prone to various levels of leaking. And glycerin is a tough product to clean out of your pockets or off of furniture!

    I legitimately want to enjoy this product, and I love the potential for a 3-in-1 pen. But I absolutely refuse to pay V2 one more cent until it can show that it has rectified these issues.

  21. Angry customer says:

    The v2 vape pens are a scam. The website fails to mention that the life span of cartridges is only one to two months. So if you want to keep using it you need to spend 29.99 every 2 months for a new cartridge. Don’t waste your money.

    • Steve says:

      Same problem – flimsy plastic mouthpiece. 2 broke within a month of purchase. They say you have to replace the whole cartridge. Spread the word about these rip-off merchants.

      • Jessy says:

        Ok all you people complaining about the cartrages they listthat they have to be replaced after so many uses. This product is great for people who are trying to quit smoking cigarettes the e liquid cartridge are great flavor from it. You all say its flimsy and poorly made well I have dropped both the series 3 and 7 about a dozen or more times and they still work. Also look at the design of it it’s great for being able to change flavors in the click of a magnet. Mot of the others are threaded and the seals on the cartrages break just the same as everything else. Yes the mouthpiece could use a upgrade but they are designed with the coil and most of the components that usually wear out fast on all the others where you have to buy a new pen or box or whatever else is out there. I thank V2 for inventing this product because for the first time for as long as I remember I am smoke free and as long as I have this product I will be. The V2 pro series 7 is rated on numerous other sites number 1 cape of 2016. And I fully agree.

    • shawn says:

      this company is terrible

  22. Pat says:

    Really enjoying checking your various reviews. I bought the V2 Pro Series Seven from a local shop a few months ago and was so disappointed on first try. I likened it to needing a set of steel lungs to get a draw from it. There is almost no air flow at all and as I told the guys in the shop I am more likely to pass out from asphyxiation trying to burn a bowl. It’s the same for both the dry herb and e-juice containers. I had he g s at the shop try it out and could see they really had to try hard to get a draw but told me that that’s just the way it’s made and refused to refund me. Wondering your thoughts on the issue? Thanks

  23. Arthur says:

    HORRIBLE PRODUCT!! I bought this thing 9 days ago and its already fallen apart.. Just like Nugitz said above, my cartridge fell apart after only a week… the mouthpiece and the top medal clamp with emblem and chamber all came undone.. u can tell that it was just cheaply glued together and no surprise that it comes undone.. the whole thing seems like it costs about $3…. they try to make it look all nice with chrome and the led lights, but dont be fooled… This Product is horrible and I TOTALLY GOT RIPPED OFF! DO NOT SPEND ONE DOLLAR on THIS PIECE OF CRAP.. I had the PAX before this and it is a million times better.. (even tho the PAX isnt perfect either)…

  24. Alex says:

    TERRIBLE PRODUCT — item fell apart after 3 months of casual use. but even before then vape was SUB-PAR comparing to other similar products w/in same price range: the vapor wasn’t strong enough, 3 strength settings useless, charge does not last long enough, ability to use while charging is a LIE and, worst of all, now that I am trying to contact sales support to get this item fixed and/or replaced THEY DO NOT RESPOND. WASTE OF $150+.

  25. nuggitz says:

    The V2 Pro Series 7 is a big ripoff. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE BLATANT RIP OFFS.

    I purchased a series 7 a month ago. My main use for this vape is dry leaf. After about a week the leaf cartridge broke. There are two tiny plastic catches on the plastic cap that attach the mouthpiece to the cartridge. They are tiny and fragile. After minimal use, one side will invariably break off.

    The first time it broke (in a week’s time), they told me the carts weren’t under warranty, but they replaced it anyway. The customer service rep at V2 told me he had to replace two of his already. The red flags were up. V2 sent me a “free” replacement cart.

    Here it is a few weeks later and the second cart has malfunctioned in the same exact way. I called V2 and 2 things happened:

    They informed me that I would have to purchase a new cartridge and that mine was an isolated problem. That is an outright lie. The design and manufacture of the cap is flawed. The catches as well as the whole cap are not made of the right materials and are too flimsy to last. Under the constant heat and cooling they simply break.

    They did offer me a discount on a replacement cart, but that would be spending good money after bad. They unabashedly told me I was out of luck.

    They have hoodwinked this reviewer and others on the Internet.

    I will be posting, emailing and complaining about this for as long as V2 refuses to stand behind their product. It was a good idea that is fatally flawed.

    • PS says:

      I had a similar experience… and THEN the whole thing just stopped working.

      We had it 5 months, and now it’s a paperweight. Before it quit working completely it had a few times in which the temp got so high it burned the leaf in the bowl– which is a very unpleasant surprise.

      • Mnasty says:

        I bought mine from the site. They offer a lifetime warranty (as long as you have made a purchase for the unit in the last 90 days) and they offer replacements for the breakable cap for 3 bucks.

  26. blake says:

    is it convection or conduction?

  27. Andrew says:

    How much loose leaf can you pack on this thing?

    • Bud Bud says:

      Just about 0.3g or so – will vary a little depending on how fine you grind

      • Andrew says:

        Thanks Bud! Also, if you where to choose between a V2 Pro 7 and a G PRO pen, which one would you go for assuming both this pens can truly vaporize loose leaf?

        • Anonymous says:

          Definitely go for the V2 Pro 7. I bought the G Pro today and its mostly plastic. It didnt really create a visible vapor and I couldnt even tell I had done anything after using it.

          Thankfully the store I bought the G pro at allowed me to exchange the G pro for the V2 pro 7 and the difference is totally worth it. You can definitely tell this thing is vaporizing the leaves and it actually can be a little overwhelming if you take a long drag, which I prefer.

    • shawn says:

      I would say one or two grams but the cartrages break easily

    • shawn says:

      I would say it’s a weed hog.5 -2 gram

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