The Vapium Summit Portable Vaporizer

Summit The Vapium Summit is a nice little vape, and at $150 it’s definitely one of the best values you’ll find.

It’s a portable herbal vaporizer and it’s small, lightweight, and feels fairly well-made. It’s not very elegant or luxurious, but it doesn’t feel cheap or cheesy either. All materials used in its construction (as with all good vapes) are food-safe and medical grade. Technically, the outer shell is a high-strength/high-temperature polycarbonate, and the grip is a thermoplastic urethane. Whatever, it feels decent is the takeaway here.

They’re going for a “rugged” feel with this one which explains the thick rubber grip on the back, and it was designed to work even in extreme cold conditions.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the average skier spends 30% of their time on a chairlift? I literally just looked that up. I don’t think I could invent a better time to vape, so for all you snow bunnies out there, strap up.

Performance & Vapor Quality

Vapium Temperature In terms of how good it works I’d say it’s one of the best performing portable vapes I currently own that’s priced under $200.

I like how vapor production is good even if you take just a short pull, and draw resistance isn’t really too bad with this one. It’s a conduction vape which typically are harder to pull from but I’d say it’s a little more free-flowing than most of the other conduction models I’ve reviewed.

So you get a good amount of visible vapor, but it also tastes good and feels pretty smooth. It has 8 temperature settings, and what I’ve personally found is that the 5 and 6 heat levels seem to provide the best experience overall. The only time the vapor gets a little harsh is the last few draws of a session on level 6, and I really wouldn’t recommend going to level 7 or 8 under normal circumstances.

The chamber holds about 0.2-0.3g of finely ground up herbs, and from a full packing you should be able to get anywhere from 10-20 good draws. That’s pretty efficient, and in terms of potency I’d say it’s just about average, which is all I really expected.

Pro Tip: Grind up your herbs very fine and pack the chamber tight if you want the best results. Fill the oven up over the rim, then tamp it down with your pinky finger. Experiment with how tight to make it, you want it pretty firm but if you compact it too much you might restrict the airflow and make the draw a little harder.

Herb Chamber Battery & Charging

It’s powered by an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and it uses the standard micro-USB adapter for charging which is convenient. These chargers are cheap and come in a variety of styles, so you can keep one everywhere you go (home, car, work, etc). You can also use a usb power bank to bring extra juice with you when you’re on extended trips with no electricity.

It takes just about an hour to fully charge the battery, and you should be able to get roughly an hour (60 mins) of usage before it completely dies. This is very similar to the Pax, and I like it.

When you first turn it on it heats up fairly quickly, I’ve clocked 45 seconds to the 5th heat level and about a minute to level 6.

This vape also has pass-through charging, which means you can turn it on and use it while it’s plugged in.

Things You Should Know

Mouthpiece The vape has a 90 second auto shut-off feature, which turns off the heat after 90 secs of vaping and if you want to continue you press the main power button once and it resumes where you left off. These shut-off timers are becoming more common and usually just help conserve battery power.

It vibrates when you turn it on and it vibrates again when it reaches your set temperature. I like this feature, this is something that’s also becoming more common, but there’s one time it doesn’t vibrate when I wish it did.

When the auto shut-off timer kicks in after 90 seconds of vaping the unit goes into standby mode and the light turns blue. For some reason though there is no vibration when the heat turns off, and to me that’s the most important time to know what’s going on. It’s a tiny bit of a drag to have to continuously check the light on the front to make sure it’s still on, but I definitely wouldn’t let that sway your decision of whether to get this vape or not.

The herb chamber area can be a little messy when loading it with material. When you’re trying to get your stuff into the oven in the middle it’s inevitable that some small particles will get stuck in the creases around the edges. After you get the chamber packed you’re most likely going to want to brush around the edges quickly before reattaching the lid.

Screen Cleaning Maintenance & Cleanliness

The only areas of concern as far as cleanliness are the herb chamber and the rubber grip.

The grip tends to attract a little dirt and dust, and the chamber will need to be cleaned out quickly with a little rubbing alcohol every dozen sessions or so.

It doesn’t seem like the mouthpiece area and inner vapor path need to be cleaned as often, but if you’re doing the oven you might as well do those too.

They include a cleaning kit in the box with a brush, some pipe cleaners, an extra chamber screen, and a few alcohol wipes. That should be all you need for probably the first 2-4 cleanings.

The oven lid and the mouthpiece are both held in place magnetically, which is really convenient and helps keep maintenance low.

Overall Thoughts

The Summit is a nice, affordable, good performing portable vape. It’s nothing too fancy but it does what it’s designed to do and it provides a pretty satisfying experience.

Click here to buy one from the authorized Vapium dealer I personally recommend. They do compensate me for referring you but I only link to the best vape stores that will treat you right!

VapeRating: 85/100 (Tier 3)

Stay up!

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  1. mark vera says:

    Hey im looking for a nice cheap vaporizer and the summit plus seems to fit my buget im just concern on the taste ive had and tried other vaporizer along time ago and i alway got a weird hay taste just want to know if the taste would be genuine and if thats my best bang for my buck

    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey what’s up the Summit is a good overall vape but flavor is not its strong point, I’ve found the vapor from this one to be pretty bland compared to most others, but it’s on the smoother side which is nice.

  2. Robert Mendell says:

    I have had mine for about a year and I absolutely love it. I had several $50 Vapes that lasted a few weeks and this one blows them away. Definitely worth the price

  3. Doc says:

    Bought the summit +. I’m a 1st time vapor, having problems getting any vape, only very little once or twice. Filling oven to level, packed in but not too packed. Using heat level 8 and 6. Any help is appreciated

  4. Mouh says:

    Really helpfull always good reviews, decided to get this one and you know what I really like it better than the pax!

  5. Tricia says:

    Hi Bud, have you tested the Summit Plus yet?

  6. Tertius Heyns says:

    I want one – in Cape Town South Africa – please help me!!!

  7. NickyRicky says:

    Tough Draw issue fixed !!

    I used a safety pin to poke each of the tiny holes in the metal screen making it much easier to breathe & now it rocks the house – piggy back with a couple blasts off the old pipe & you’re lost for a couple hours :)

  8. Alex says:

    Would love to see a review update of the Summit+!

  9. Dacuoz says:

    The summit + has some new features. Have you gotten your hands on it yet? If yes, whats your thoughts?

  10. Tevin H. says:

    What happened to the Vapium link?

  11. T-Dog says:

    Love your reviews Bud! I think this is the one for me. I’m hoping so anyway. Thanks!

  12. James says:

    I got one of these summits and loved it but i found after regular use the unit would stop functioning after a few months. I got a warranty replacement and the same thing happened. Now i will admit to using it 5 or 6 times a day for a few months but the quality of these certainly is questionable for a long life expectancy.

    • T-Dog says:

      Are you able to get clouds like Bud does with his Summit? I’m not getting anywhere near those clouds… A bit disappointed with the unit… Hoping I just need to tweet my method I bit… Thanks.

      • Steven Y says:

        I found when you break up the bud good (gotta be dry) then when you pack the chamber you have to push it down, not super tight but pretty tight. Place on the power 3rd light, higher setting or aka setting # 6.

        The most important thing I have found is after taking about 5 draws you have to open the chamber, stir the herb, and then PACK it DOWN AGAIN. Then it will hit.

        I have a few vapes and including the Crafty and I sold them all and kept this one. I like more then Crafty. Crazy but I do..

  13. BB says:

    I do not get a decent cloud unless it’s on 7 or 8 and I’m only getting about 30 total minutes of usage on a charge. If I use it a total of 30 minutes in a night the battery indicator shows half a charge left but it’s totally dead the next day. Did you ever experience any thing like that ? Does it sound like my unit is defective ?

    • T-Dog says:

      I’m seeing the same thing. Barely any clouds even on the highest settings as well though. Hoping I just need to change what I’m doing with it.

  14. Todd says:

    First of all…thank you for your extremely detailed reviews! I purchased the Summit through your link and am extremely excited to get it! With that said, one question I have is with the top cover on the oven being plastic should I be concerned? I assume breathing in warm plastic isn’t ideal. I didn’t catch this until after I purchased and compared that to other devices.

  15. bradsmith says:

    Summit Portable Vaporizer is Best of Quality provide

  16. Harry says:

    Hey bud,
    I’ve got the Vapium Summit now and I like it a lot. How much better is the Pax 2? Vapor quality and all. Is it really worth almost double the vapium? Would you recommend the upgrade?

  17. Paul says:

    You need to try the Atmos Boss dry herb vape. Its ~$100 for a very slim and conscience design. It’s a great deal for the product and I think you would like one.

  18. Don says:

    Warranty service is outstanding. Very easy process. Battery stopped charging, sent an email with a scan of my receipt, they sent an address. I mailed it, 3 days later they emailed that they were sending me a replacement. A++++ For warranty service.

  19. jebidiah says:

    Mine broke… Red light flashes a bunch and then it turns off.

  20. Steven Y says:

    I have the Summit because I thought I lost my Crafty, which I found like 3 months later (long story). But what I want to convey is that I may like my Summit more. Or maybe I’m doing something wrong but I get better clouds out of it and its faster and less of an attention grabber. Just thought this may help someone. I use them both regularly.

  21. Joseph says:

    Please get back to me. Which vapeorizer out of the alfa and the summit provides the most vapor production and which one provides a higher vapor quality? Please help me ive been so confused on witch one to buy and im just going to get what ever vape provides the best vapor quality/production

  22. SYM says:

    Does this one need screen?? I am getting one and I need to know cuz if it needs screens I am not sure about getting it. And can you recommend me any herb vaporizer that doesn’t need screen

  23. Joe says:

    Hi Bud – I love your vape reviews. Always informative and offering useful, practical advice. I recently bought a Vapium Summit and have tried it on various heat settings (starting at 5 and up to 7) and I can’t get anywhere near the amount of vapour on the exhale that you appear to get when you hit it. I ground the herb pretty fine and packed the bowl full, but not too tight. I set it to 5 and hit it there a few times before moving up to 7. I even exhaled towards a sunny window to make sure I was seeing it all. Nowhere near what you got. That’s what I’m looking for. Suggestions?

    • Steven Y says:

      I found when you break up the bud good (gotta be dry) then when you pack the chamber you have to push it down, not super tight but pretty tight. Place on the power 3rd light, higher setting or aka setting # 6.

      The most important thing I have found is after taking about 5 draws you have to open the chamber, stir the herb, and then PACK it DOWN AGAIN. Then it will hit.

      I have a few vapes and including the Crafty and I sold them all and kept this one. I like more then Crafty. Crazy but I do..

  24. pete says:

    Save your money, does’nt do anything, going back to having a sore throat!

  25. pete says:

    I bought mine from a reputable dealer and it didn’t work at all!

  26. Joey says:

    Great reviews but i am still stuck between the pax 2, alfa, or the summit. Money is not an issue i just dont want to spend more money on a unit that performs the same as another one because of its look. Stealth isnt a factor for me whoever sees me using it will know what im doing no matter what. What do you recommended i already own a volcano for at the home and dont want a crafty

  27. Jessica Cantrell says:

    Could you plz review the IV-1 ?

  28. AC says:

    Just bought the Summit through your link for myself. Did the same for my wife on a Haze 3 for Christmas. The Haze rocks!

    You take the confusion out of the Vape market, Bud.


  29. Elroy says:

    Well done sir. In at least one of your videos you mentioned a plasticky taste from conduction vapes with unprotected ovens. Can you go into this in slightly more detail, including your thoughts as they relate to the Summit? Burning plastic concerns me and, in addition to the non-replaceable battery, makes me wary of the Summit despite its generally high rating. I contacted them to see if they were intending to produce a new iteration with replaceable battery and a metal oven cover, but they said something along the lines of “we can neither confirm nor deny that possibility”. Appreciate the feedback ;)

  30. Tom says:

    Hi Bud, for vapour quality and ease of cleaning and maintenance would you recommend a Vapium Summit or Goboof Alpha?

  31. Thomas says:

    So I picked this up about 2 weeks ago and loved it. Produces quality clouds and I found it works most efficiently on the 4th setting. Unfortunately I’m having problems with it holding a charge. I don’t know if it’s overheating or what but I can only get about 10 minutes of use before it flashes red and shuts off. Then if I plug it in it will show it’s fully charged or all 4 lights just blink. Started warranty process but am a little disappointed because it is a great little vape, when it works.

  32. Peter says:

    Hey Bud,

    I have watched and love all your reviews but I have a few questions. I recently purchased a Pax 2 and loved the performance however I lost the unit already. I am in the market for a new vape but due to my tendency to lose things I am looking at slightly less expensive options. In this review you mention how great this vape is for under $200. I am wondering if this vape is great, or simply great for the price. Is this vape significantly worse than the Pax 2 and if so in what ways?

    My second question is about the odor from this vape as well as others. I would love if you could start mentioning a little about how smelly each cape is compared to others in your reviews and specifically for me the difference in smell from the Summit versus the Pax 2.

    Thanks so much Bud, keep up the great work!

  33. Leen says:

    Does it leave a strong herbal smell?

  34. Taire says:

    Thank you so much for your reviews!!

    I’m choosing a vaporizer as a Christmas gift (for my bf and myself). It will be our first experience, as we recently quit smoking tobacco and are looking for a way to still “smoke” weed with no side-effects. I’m not looking for something fancy, big, or too expensive, but I’d really love to get my money’s worth.

    I’ve seen good opinions about the Vapir NO2, but this one also looks good. Which one would you choose if you were me?

  35. David says:

    Ordered a summit today through Vapium. Keep up the good reviews.

  36. John says:

    Just bought and returned the Flowermate Mini–too much heated electronics/plastic smell! Totally un-vapable! How does this unit fare, in terms of keeping what you inhale herb vapor only and not some off-gassing from the other components of the device?

  37. Will says:

    Hi there I have one of these and am finding it almost impossible to draw it. Is it faulty or this normal?



    • NickyRicky says:

      Tough Draw issue fixed !!

      I used a safety pin to poke each of the tiny holes in the metal screen making it much easier to breathe & now it rocks the house – piggy back with a couple blasts off the old pipe & you’re lost for a couple hours :)

  38. Tom says:

    Hi really like what ur doing keep it up. Just a question but I have the Pax 1 not a fan as I find its hard to pull from. Looking at either the Arizer Air? Or Summit? Which of the 2 would u recommend? Or should I pay the extra if the Prima is that much better? Thx in adv.

  39. Robert says:

    I own a Kong II vape and I like the taste and the way it works how ever the mouth piece after 2 months has worn so much it wont even stay on with out holding it with a finger. The mouth piece on this Summit looks similar can you see a problem with that?

  40. JC says:

    Why did you raise the rating on the Summit?

    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey I bumped it a couple of points because I’ve received very few complaints about it since I first posted my review and the performance of it is actually still very respectable for a portable (especially one under $200)

  41. Vaporcapor says:

    Optimal vape temp is 330 degrees F through 390 F. Which is starting at setting 2 and working up to 5. You get different medical effects at different temp ranges. Any more than 410F or setting 6 and you’re just damaging your teeth.

  42. Clyde says:

    Just ordered this as my first vape. I hope it lives up to my expectations. Your reviews are awesome bro.

  43. Le Stache says:

    Hey Bud. Great review, I bought the summit right after reading this review and have had it for about a week now. I like it a lot so far, however I can’t seem to get any visible vapor except for the first draw each time it heats up. Usually no visible vapor at all except occasionally on level 7 and 8. Do you have any tips or tricks to get more visible vapor (like in your video review)? Thanks a lot, keep up the great reviews!

    • Vaporcapor says:

      Start on setting 2 or 3 and exhale your draw over your phone flash light or any bright led and you’re guaranteed to see the vapor.

  44. Raray says:

    Bought the summit, ok vape but the battery only lasts like 3 bowls. That’s my only gripe.

    • Bud Bud says:

      Really?? How long are your sessions?

      • New2Vape says:

        Im getting 30 minute sesh one full pack, and visible vapor starting level 3, then working up to the last couple clouds at 6 bumping up a notch whenever I’m not noticing taste or clouds.

        Green means go. Make a couple passes, press go again same temp repeat, bump up when you aren’t getting the taste. I take short smooth draws my wife rips it for like 20 seconds and its visible clouds no matter what. Again I start of at 3 and work my way to 6 at the very end. No mods no extras just as it came out of the box.

        After a 30 min session power off, I let it cool down and get about another 15 before its dead. Charges after 42 minutes at red light. I have gotten 55 minutes of use on full charge and again a pack lasts about 30 straight minutes.

      • Ced says:

        Your videos are the best! I’ve been watching them for the past week see hung the best dry herb potable vape. I’ve narrowed it down to the summit and phantom premium…which would you prefer? Also have you gotten a chance to check out the grasshopper yet?

  45. Hobo Greg says:

    Dope site man, and if I can’t find the summit locally I’m definitely using your link. Question is, and this is s general vape question, can you pack a full bowl, but vape only half let’s say, and save half for later? Or do you want to clear the contents each time?

    • Bud Bud says:

      Thanks bro, yes you can do that with most vapes but you almost always get the best results and best quality vapor by vaping it all in one session

  46. Marisa says:

    Hey! So my Vapium Summit that I ordered from Vapor World came yesterday, which was SO fast! I’m shocked honestly because I do know how much the mail service industry can totally Suck! So the Summit is a pretty cool little device. It charges pretty quickly and feels great in my small hands…..But I am having a little problem and I don’t think it’s the Summit’s fault. I’m not getting decent visible vapor clouds. Although the bowl is getting cashed. Am I not packing it tight enough? What am I doing wrong?


    • Jay says:

      Maybe you should try to grind your herb the finest possible, almost dust, there are some special grinders for that, the one for the firfly does it, I ge nice visible clouds in setting 4 but even more on 5

  47. Marisa says:

    I just bought a Summit through here based solely based on your review and feel pretty confident now about spending $200. I’m new to the vape world and have only used a Atmos Raw, which sucked and doesn’t actually vape. So I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do!

  48. Anonymous says:

    Hi. I am interested in four different vapes now; the Flowermate v5.0s, the Vapium Summit, the Flowermate v5 Pro, and the Apex. I am leaning towards buying the Flowermate v5.0s, but I want some insight from others. Can you help me decide?

  49. Fred M says:

    Hey Wayne, How is customer service treating you? I’m in the 4 hour battery reset mode right now. The unit stopped working in a month and gives 5 blinking blue lights before dying. Hope I don’t have to send it out for repairs!

    • wayne says:

      Hey Fred, I was just going to do a follow up on my post, but will do it here instead since you asked. Vapeworld had my Summit for a week, and I called customer service to see what was up with it. I was told it could take up to 15 BUSINESS days to get it fixed. When you add in weekends and shipping times, that equals almost a month with no vape. And then, you are getting your old vape back. Totally unacceptable to me. My vape was only 2 weeks old and should have been replaced with new immediately.
      I asked Aaron (one of many customer reps I dealt with) if I could swap it out for another vape and he said sure. I went with the Arizer Solo after the techies in Seattle (customer service is in Boca Raton) said my Summit was not abused and they gave me 90% of my purchase price toward another vape.
      I did have some hiccups with Vapeworld. They charged my credit card $259 instead of $40 for the upgrade (they did correct the error right after I called). Then they sent the wrong vape; an Arizer Air instead of Solo. They thought they were doing me a favor giving me the more expensive/newer unit, but upon a friends recommendation I wanted the Solo; so I paid to ship the Air back.
      I have been promised a credit of $40 to make up for the hassles, mistakes, and shipping; but it hasn’t shown up yet.
      Overall, customer service is very friendly. Not everybody is quick to call you back or email. I did have great success with Anna and Crystal. They were right on top of things.
      Just got the Arizer Solo yesterday, and couldn’t love it more. It’s nowhere near as portable as the Summit, but taste, clouds, and effect far exceed the Summit imho. Vapeworld cut me 15% off their price with free 2 day ship, and I couldn’t be happier (except if they actually do apply the $40 credit).
      I really wonder what Vapium is thinking making their customers deal with repairs instead of simply replacing the units. They lost a sale with me, cost themselves money, and have a customer who will likely not be back.
      If I owned the company, I would make sure I keep that sale instead of try and save a few pennies by repairing bad units. But, that’s their decision.
      Hope this helps, but you are experiencing the same problem as I did. The 4 hour charge “reset” worked until the Summit went into it’s first 90 second “off” mode, then it was red lights all over again. Even though after I plugged it in, it flashed 3 white lights (75% charge supposedly).
      If you are dead set on keeping the Summit, be prepared to wait 3-4 weeks to get your old unit back.
      Before you return it, clean it up best you can, inside and out. They are very anal about it’s appearance when deciding how much “credit” you will be allowed should you decide to trade it in.
      Good luck!

      • wayne says:

        Have to give credit where credit is due…Vapeworld did make good on $40 promised refund after all. Anna rocks, as does the Solo so far.

      • Tevin H. says:

        It seems easier just to purchase from the main site since vape world sells it for the same price with no extra incentives.

  50. Axum says:

    can I get a Gud effect if I smoke I on level 2 or 3 ?

    • Vaporcapor says:

      Yes I always start on setting 2 for about 15 minutes then bump up to 3 until it dies. Without dumping and refilling I charge and then then start on 3 and bump to 4.

  51. Wayne says:

    Bud, I love the videos, have pretty much watched them all. My first vapes were the Flight Box, then Iolite and Wispr, then Pax.
    A few weeks ago, I picked up the Summit Vapium and immediately liked it better than the old Pax it replaced. The previous advice about setting the heat to 6 or 7 is dead on, and a better screening option is advisable. I thought cleaning it was a snap. The magnetic bowl never cape apart by accident. Seemed durable and well made. Decent battery life. Loved it.

    However, the honeymoon ended all to soon as I have some battery/charging issues. Tried their “reset” trick, worked for 5 minutes (after a 4 hour charge), then back to red lights. Called Vapium and they do not actually do their own repairs. They job it out, and they hand you off to them. And you don’t contact that company, they “will e-mail you” (nothing in my In Box yet). Plus, rather than just send you a new one…they will “fix” yours in 12-14 days. Yikes. Better not sell that old vape on eBay just yet.

    Ironically, I passed on the Mighty (the vape I REALLY wanted) because of the poor reviews for customer service.
    I’ll send a follow up later regarding repair progress.

  52. Tevin H says:

    I don’t see why it needs to vibrate at all. But I can understand a little bit. They know who’s using this vape and if you live in the right area, your getting [nice] and not gonna notice when the light turns green. Just as well, not totally necessary as that affects power but whatever. Questions for you my friend, does it perform better or JUST AS WELL as the pax/pax 2? I have a pax right now and it’s cool, but I dropped it a few too many times and it still works….but the spring mechanism on the mouthpiece kind of stiff and it doesn’t keep a heat as the mouthpiece doesn’t stay close enough for the pax to recognize that it can start heating up (or say it’s ready to heat up)? Will I get lesser than, about even or slightly better, cleaner pulls from this summit? I like performance and clean vapor, but also don’t really want to spend $200 for another vape (and buying that $400 portable seems redundant when I can get a portable), so what say you VapeCritic. Keep up the good work man, love your videos.

  53. Gus says:

    With the plastic lid to the oven, is there any concern as to inhaling plastic particles and damaging my lungs?

  54. Todd says:

    Hey bud,
    I currently have a plenty and a solo but am looking for a portable I could pack before I leave the house and vape on the go. I’m torn between this and a pax have you got any advice? Cheers

  55. Chris V says:

    Hi Brad,

    Has anyone ever complained about the Summit not shutting off and melting itself? Mine was rolled up in the case it came in, and must have somehow gotten re-activated, and never turned off. The plastic around the chamber totally melted, and the unit now flashes all red lights 4 times. Its only a month old too. I’m curious if this device has an auto shut off system, and if not, it really should prevent itself from overheating and possibly catching fire. Up until this happened, I loved this device! I’ll see if Vapium will replace it… hopefully they will.

  56. Daniel S. says:

    Hey man loved the video, it actually got me to purchase this as my first portable vape. Being a college student and not wanting to break the bank this thing is perfect. Vapium definitely is right when they say that it is a rugged vape. I go to college where the winters can get pretty harsh and cold and this baby has no issues heating up and performing outside while my friends magic launch not only is less discrete outside, but takes longer to heat up and perform at almost the same level as this does. Within the first week one of my other friends accidentally dropped it from about 3 feet onto concrete and not only did the oven top stay on but it didn’t skip a beat when performing, just a small knick on the side of the plastic which is surprisingly durable. About the only drawback I can find with it is that cleaning can take a little bit longer, and if using a pipe cleaner can be a bit of a hassle getting it to go all the way through and up the oven chamber. Other than that I notice the draws are stronger at the start of the cycle but that’s to be expected. Battery life could be a bit better but it’s nothing to complain about. All in all this is a splendid vape and I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to spend over $200 for a vape.

    One last thing, on an unusual note this has the benefit of the “discrete factor”. Many other portable vapes look like some type of space age technology that can’t pass as hookah pens or e-cigs. This looks similar enough and is small enough to pass for something as that type to the uneducated person in the world of herbal vaporizers.

    Thanks for the review man and stay up!

  57. Caleb C. says:

    -PLEASE REPLY- so i was wondering what is the BEST herbal vape you can buy under 200 I’ve been looking all day plz help

  58. Miguel Corzo says:

    Having a very very hard time trying to decide between the Summit and Pax 1. I have had the Pax 1 in the past and I really did enjoy it. Is there one you would recommend or say is better than the other? Very eager to buy a vape so I want to make the right choice.

  59. Dane says:

    Bud…I need help, I picked this up because I don’t like traveling with my silver surfer. This is my first portable device. I’m having issues. I did everything that I was supposed to do. It turns green I got to vap I can feel the heat but I’m not exhaling any visible vap. I feel the effects but I’m not happy. I want to see the vap. Too weird.

  60. Victor says:

    What are you thoughts on the Kandypens KVape Compared to the Summit? Also have you heard of the Vape Dynamics Hera? Seems to be same unit as the Kvape but much less in cost.

  61. psnizzy says:

    Was in the market for a new portable vape and scoured through all of the info you have provided.

    As an aside, I watched other video reviews and not one of them is as thorough and knowledgeable as you. I appreciate it. I actually watched a video by some clowns who reviewed the Summit with it in stand-by mode most of the time…egads.

    Since I’ve bought herb vapes in the past, I am all to familiar with blowing $100 on a vape that combusts and disappoints. The thought of blowing another $300-400 on a Pax, Firefly or Crafty was not what I was looking for.

    So I narrowed it down to the Alfa and the Summit based on your reviews.

    Had the Alfa been in stock locally so I could touch it, I may have ended up with that one. But the Summit was in stock!

    I’ve had it for a week now and it has not disappointed.

    As with all vapes, there is a learning curve.

    I added a screen to make the bowl smaller, since it is usually just me partaking. I set it to 5 and wait about 10 seconds after it has heated up and take strong draws with pretty nice clouds.

    Not one speck has combusted. Herb is cooked evenly and thoroughly.

    I couldn’t be happier.

    Thanks again.

  62. Dean Kelley says:

    Your site is a wealth of info! I tried a [dud] vape pen after getting my MM card, then tired tincture, oil, snacks, etc. I currently chew buds which works fairly well, but I want the quicker response time a vape offers, since muscle relaxation and pain management are my reasons for using herb. Your in-depth reviews really educated me, and helped me make a choice. Thank you so much, Bud!

  63. Tyler Shand says:

    Hey, I’m trying to get into vaping and was wondering if you think the Summit would be a good begging vaporizer. I don’t want to spend more than 200$ so this one looked appealing.

  64. Sam says:

    Which do you think is a better vape, the original Pax or the Vapium Summit? I’m leaning towards the summit, Not really interested in the Pax 2

  65. hiajos says:

    thank you man when i first got my solo couple years ago i was watching your review, and just broke it . buying summit now after watching all ur videos. thanks for all the reviews man, much support . keep it up. cant wait till i can afford the volcano

  66. Caroline says:

    Just wondering about how tight or loose you would want to pack this to get the most use?

  67. Davi says:

    Cant decide between this and the arizer air ??? help ? want good vape quality but also good portability ? wich one has better hits?

  68. Nick says:

    Does the Summit also work well for just a pinch to take a few draws? That’s what i love about my MFLB, that it’s so efficient. But I would like something that produces more visible vapor. Or does visible just mean you’re getting smoke??

  69. sandy says:

    searching around it seems like these guys are having problems and shipping a bit of defective product

  70. J-Dawg says:

    Ascent or Summit?

  71. MDS says:

    I purchased this vape based on the review here, and I am not disappointed. I also own an Arizer Solo. This unit is well made, cleverly designed, and a breeze to use and clean. It works so well that I’m going to sell my Solo. It’s portable, fairly stealth, great battery life, produces great vapor, and packs a descent punch. It heats up in about 1 minute and it remembers your last heat setting used. Highly recommended, and thanks for the useful info and great site!

  72. Gabe says:

    Hey wanted to know if you would ever do a giveaway?

  73. vapor friend says:

    Which vaporized do your girlfriend like.

  74. jossif says:

    hey bud, i really enjoy your reviews! i bought my plenty after i saw your videos, you are a great source of info for vapers! :-) after the plenty now i need a portable one… i consider the solo a portable one, so i mean a broad spectrum of portability. ;-) i have tried the solo and, except maybe for the resistance, i found it great! if you were to spend less than 200 $ (and lived in europe) what would you buy beetween the arizer air, the solo, this one the summit, the alfa and (if you tried it) the flowermate V8? my goal is to get the best quality vapor in a portable unit, not the most portable vape, if you understand what i mean! ;-) thanks a lot sir and keep up the great reviews! J

  75. jeff says:

    I just picked one of these up from the shop you recommended. Thank you for your work on the review can’t wait to try it.

  76. mob says:

    Hey man . . . I love your reviews. I am a medical user with limitations in my lung function. What vape/s can U recoemnd that produce the smoothest , least irritating to the throat vapor? I have a solo and I would like something similar that is a bit smoother. I was looking at the pax/ pax2, da bhudda, silver surfer and others in the under $250 range

  77. Jimmy says:

    Hey Bud,
    Got my summit solely based on your reviews for a portable vape in that price range. I am having real difficulty determining dosage, vapor clouds, etc. I have finely ground my material. Sometimes I will take a draw and when I exhale, there is no vapor cloud. I will raise the temp until I get a cloud, it is minimal at best and by that time I am pretty baked. It seems like there is potency in those non vapor cloud draws but it is hard to determine. I have read your advice on how to get better vape performance. What am I doing wrong?

  78. Carvis says:

    When you’re exhaling why is there smoke? I thought the vapor is supposed to be invisible. Just looks like you’re combusting and stinking up the place.

  79. ms bearcat says:

    how does this compare to the Pax, sizewise?

    Thanks for helping us out, Bud!

  80. ms bearcat says:

    I am also concerned about the magnet holding the oven cover. how hard is it to remove? Am worried about it coming open in my pocket or bag.

    I really like this, and the Pax, but would like some reassurance.

    Thanks for all the great info on the site, and stay up

    • Jimmy says:

      I have not carried the Summit a bunch of places, but a few. The magnet is not super strong but I have not had any problems.

  81. Nativepeach says:

    Thanks for all your hard work, Bud! This review led me to order my first portable vape, via your link. :) Since seeing your review for the Pax a while back, I’ve been waiting for the right time to make a purchase. I ended up choosing the Summit because it’s more in my price range than the new Pax 2, and I really dig the fact that the Summit is micro-USB chargeable. I can’t wait to get my package!

  82. tomislav says:

    Hello, great reviews. I’ve been a long time smoker, and now I am considering transition to vaping. I don’t have opportunity to try, so I want to know how different from smoking really is? Is there a chance that I don’t like it and waste my money? And, do you think summit is a good first choice for vaporizer? Thank you in advance.

  83. Bob says:

    Just a question, concerning the fact that the Summit is a conduction style vaporizer, and I’ve already tried one conduction style vape that failed my standards for good vapor and taste. I have a Whispr that was given me by my daughter, after she found it in one of her teenage son’s bedroom. She sent it to me, and I found it to be poor in flavor and potency. I tried many times to epitomize my usage of it, but never felt as if it was worth the money my grandson paid for it.

    My question is, will I be similarly disappointed with the potency and efficiency of the Summit? It seems as if the conduction type of vape isn’t the ultimate, but convection is. So is this vape a trade-off? I don’t want to get it if all I’m doing is saving money, but sacrificing quality.

    How would you compare the Summit’s performance to the Whispr? (By the way, I’ve never had any of the failures associated with the Whispr that are mentioned in your reviews, but to me, it’s just not good vapor. You get one hit of flavor, and then it’s all burnt popcorn, and at that point, I don’t know if it’s worth it continuing.)

  84. Brandon says:

    Hey Bud!

    So I’ve been using the summit for about 2 week’s now and love it!! Just like the Pax, you can load half a chamber and put an extra screen provided with the summit on top. Vape’s much more evenly and you dont have to use as much.

  85. Johnny says:

    First of all, thanks for your reviews. This is, without a doubt, the best source I’ve found for in-depth, knowledgeable herbal vaporizer reviews. I’ve been using the MFLB for a long time now, and I love it, but I am ready for an upgrade with a little better portability (looking forward to not having to wrap the lid in a rubber band and carry around a baggie full of batteries), as well as more consistent vapor quality. Right now, based on your reviews, I’m primarily trying to decide between the Pax and the Summit, although I’d love to hear your take on the Flowermate 5.0S, V2 Pro Series 7 and the HEBE Titan 2. My biggest worry with the Summit is that I’ve seen other reviews that complain about the magnet strength (or lack thereof) on the oven cover. I worry about the same thing slightly with the Pax, but it seems a bit more sturdy. I know magnets are cool, but I just worry that they might come apart easier than something that really snaps or screws together, which is a huge issue for pre-packing because I don’t want to end up with a pocket full of material. What’s your opinion/advice? Thanks in advance.

  86. Anonymous says:

    First of all, thanks for your reviews. This is, without a doubt, the best source I’ve found for in-depth, knowledgeable herbal vaporizer reviews. I’ve been using the MFLB for a long time now, and I love it, but I am ready for an upgrade with a little better portability (looking forward to not having to wrap the lid in a rubber band and carry around a baggie full of batteries), as well as more consistent vapor quality. Right now, based on your reviews, I’m primarily trying to decide between the Pax and the Summit, although I’d love to hear your take on the Flowermate 5.0S, V2 Pro Series 7 and the HEBE Titan 2. My biggest worry with the Summit is that I’ve seen other reviews that complain about the magnet strength (or lack thereof) on the oven cover. I worry about the same thing slightly with the Pax, but it seems a bit more sturdy. I know magnets are cool, but I just worry that they might come apart easier than something that really snaps or screws together, which is a huge issue for pre-packing because I don’t want to end up with a pocket full of material. What’s your opinion/advice? Thanks in advance.

  87. BeHereNow says:

    -Arizer Air Vs Vapium Summit-
    Im trying to decide between these two vapes but I have a couple of questions:

    1) Which one is more efficient? (Saves the most herb)

    2) Which one gives you stronger, more potent vapor? (Most dense/ biggest cloud)

  88. CoolBeans says:

    On the summit, when it goes into standby mode, does the heating element turn off, or is it just at a lower temp?

  89. Matt says:

    Great review. Thinking of picking the Summit up soon. Just a general question. Do you have to vape all the material you place in the oven in one session? Or can you pack it, take like 5 draws and then come back to it the next day? I say this because from most of your reviews, these vapes work better fully packed. Thanks!

  90. Kevin says:

    Bought the Summit through your link and after receiving it today, I have to say it is incredible. Thank you so much for your helpful reviews

  91. BEN says:

    I really like the summit nice review however about not fully packing it to conserve ive noticed that the screen trick works just like to pax. Have you tried this bud?

  92. Tom says:

    Hello I was wondering if this was a good vape for passing around, or if it could also be used for a short personal vape-sesh that didnt waste herb. I am also considering a launch-box, because it doesn’t waste herb in this regard?

  93. guzit says:

    Hi! thanks for all your reviews dude.
    im searching a portable vaporizer and my points(good batteries, good cointainer flavor)whats your opinion?
    Summit / Ascent / Pax / Crafty ???
    thanks so much.

    • Bud Bud says:

      Ok if long battery life and good flavor are your biggest concerns I would go with the Summit or the Pax (I would wait for my review of the PAX2 coming soon also).

      I really really love the Crafty and the flavor is amazing but battery life isn’t the best at about 45 mins, the other two are about an hour.

  94. Surfdawg says:

    Hi Bud,
    How goes it? Looks like a good party unit easy to load.Thank you again for your good work for us less knowledged folk.

  95. Jaymes says:

    Very new to the vape world, I wish I would have found your site before spending money on products that burn up material. Thank you so much for the detailed and informative reviews! There isn’t another site out there with the quality of information you provide on these products. I just purchased the Vapium Summit from your link, it will be my first real vaporizer. Couldn’t be more excited, I’ll let you know how I like it. Thanks again!

    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey thanks for posting Jaymes!

      Great choice I think you’re gonna love it, keep me posted!

      • Jaymes says:

        Hey bud,
        I definitely like the Summit, it performs very well. The only issue I am having is I am not getting the vapor clouds that are shown in your video. I watched your “tips” video and tried drying out my material, then grinding it with a cheap, no name grinder. Is it possible that I need to dry out my material further? I was also thinking of getting the Magic Flight finishing grinder to use after I put my material through my “cheapo” grinder. Would this fix the issue? Could it also be that I am taking draws too slow??
        Thank you so much for any advice you can offer me, I really appreciate the info!!

        • Ndasuunye says:

          grind with a diamond teeth grinder, not a pyramid teeth. It doesn’t really grind as well as the diamond teeth. Something like sharpstone (don’t use eBay as they’re phony bologna) should grind really well. let THAT dry for a couple of minutes (I know it’s a pain with all this waiting. But that’s what the internet is for lol) and then vape that. You can also get the finishing grinder for extra fine material though it depends on your vaporizer. I’d get it regardless because it’s awesome to super grind and get more cloud for your material using less. Good vape session to you my friend.

  96. Will says:

    Hey so I was hoping to get the summit in store rather than ordering it online but none of the shops around town have it yet.. Is it because it’s so new or what?

  97. Dave says:

    I’ve had the Summit about a week now and at first it was hard to draw on it. I adjusted the screen so it does not touch the bottom of the base unit and the air flow is much better; I think the holes in the screen (which are beyond tiny!) also hinders the draw as well; once I tweaked this is a very good portable for the price.

    • Bud Bud says:

      Awesome Dave thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    • Dane says:

      Dave I agree noticed the tab on the screen so I flipped it around to where it’s now not touching the bottom which increased air flow 10x but I’m still not seeing any visible vape

  98. KMANN says:

    Bud, thanks for the great reviews. after some research i had to get the summit. they got me with the ‘rugged look and build’ as i am 100% their target market. Also im pretty sure this would be darth vaders everyday driver, it looks cool. i love the pax but this thing is awesome and i can see myself using it more than the pax. my only worry is whether or not it holds up in the long run considering the warranty is only 1 year but for the $150 price tag with free shipping and no tax its worth the try. thanks again.

    always up,

  99. nadir says:

    Hi bud, great review as usual

    Unfortunately nearly one year a go i bought the pinnacle pro as my first vaporizer and since yesterday it stop work. As a portable vaporizer my next choice goes to the pax2 but i have to wait until middle of april, so in by that time i need to buy another one and based on your review the summit will be good for price and quality (as a home unit i will soon get the herbalaizer). Now I’m stock between this and the davinci ascent cause yesterday i saw a video that show that you can use the water toll off the pinnacle pro to the davinci. Can you please tell me which are the different in terms of vapor quality/quantity? Thx in advance and thx to for your always nice review.

    • nad909rec says:

      Hi bud

      in the main time i was waiting for your answer, i almost watch all of you review and read the comment, and finally based on your review i order the mighty from Australian vaporizer (cause i live in Au). Anyway in that website for some vaporizer (like the Mighty) they use your video review. I guess you must have a look and ask for some compensate ; ))…
      Hope i don’t have to deal with some of the problem that few people had with the crafty and mighty. For the rest I’m sure is the best portable vape on the market right now cause i trust your work.
      Now i will wait the review of pax 2

      By that time, thx again and stay up.

      Ciao legend

      • Bud Bud says:

        Awesome choice!

        Most people had no problems so I’m sure you’ll be good and you’re gonna love the vape :)

        Let me know how you like it!

    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey thanks I would personally go with the Summit because overall I find that it provides a more enjoyable experience.

      I find the vapor to be smoother and while some people prefer the taste of the Ascent I don’t find that to be a deciding factor for me. As for the volume of vapor you get it can be fairly similar but you can get more from the Summit with a shorter draw. The Ascent is decent but I like this one better.

      Stay up!

  100. Ben says:

    Hey I recently bought the ez vape and it gets me [nice] but it honestly sucks and it combusts some how would the summits [effects] compare to the ez vape and how would [the results] compare to other popular portables? Thanks

    • Bud Bud says:

      Language Ben! ;)

      I’m personally not a fan of the Easy Vape so I would recommend the Summit over that one all day. The results aren’t the strongest you can get with this one (see the Crafty) but it performs very well for the price, I’m def satisfied with it.

    • blazeaglory says:

      Day one, bought an EZ vape

      Day two, returned EZ vape

      Day three, bought Vapir N02 V2

      Day 578, Gave Vapir to a friend

      Day 579, Bought a Summit

      Day 580, Waiting

  101. jerry says:

    hi love your site bought snoopdog wrong choice discovered your site bought pax RIGHT choice love it do exactly how you explain and its great thought this might interest you bought 2 vaporisers from china supplier vs1 and vs2 they want large orders but he let me buy just 2 to try.vs1 is just like sonic works great smoother than pax vs2 very unique very light no odor smaller chamber works fairly good seem to be good quality we will have to wait for final verdict paid 150.00 total for both shipped keep up the great site jerry

  102. Cortez says:

    Great reviews bud I’m looking at the summit or the k-vape which do you recommend.

  103. beatrixx says:

    just ordered one…cant wait

    thanks again

  104. Vito says:

    My wife and I bought an Atmos Raw on a whim about a year ago. Since then we had to replace the heating chamber. Now it is time for us to buy a true vape. We are very happy that we found you. All of your detailed reviews made our decision an easy one. We can proudly say we just placed an order for the Summit through your site! Down the road the Crafty will be next. In the mean time if we know anyone who is in the market for a vape we will for sure throw them your way. Thank you for all your help.

  105. Chingiz says:

    Arizer solo, Arizer air or Summit by Vapium what the best for big, strong draws?

    • Bud Bud says:

      The Solo and the Air are extremely similar (Air review coming soon), but perform a little differently than the Summit.

      I wouldn’t really classify any of these as very strong but I’d say they’re all above-average in potency, and the volume of vapor you can get is pretty similar as well.

      Go with whichever design/size/functionality you like best. If you need portability the Vapium is the only one of the 3 that I consider truly portable (it’s one piece and you can pre-pack it).

  106. Dan says:

    First of all, I’ve watched many of your videos and I find they are very informative and useful for making final decisions about any purchase, especially since you add a personal experienced touch to your explanation :)
    I’m looking for my first portable dry herb vaporizer and I’m mainly looking for efficiency, and taste (long road trips with friends, so car/USB charger, would be ideal). I’d like to spend under 200$ in total, but I’d stretch a little further if you think it’s really worth it. Two good choices seem to be the Vapium summit and the MFLB. What do you think? Any other suggestion would be deeply appreciated. Thanks a lot! :)

    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey Dan thanks for posting!

      I would definitely go with the Summit for better taste and a better vaping experience when used with friends, and it also uses micro-USB for charging so getting a charger for the car should be cheap

      Let me know what you end up going with!

  107. Chingiz says:

    hello, are there and where to order of 14mm adapters for this vape?

  108. ShayWhiteGrow says:

    Just picked one up through your link solely based on that 87 grade. I really enjoy your site! Keep that shite coming! Ain’t nothing stoppin you but you! Peace:)

    • Bud Bud says:

      Great choice! Thanx I’m really glad to hear it, lemme know how you like it!

    • ShayWhiteGrow says:

      Wow! The Summit definitly exceeded my expectations. It is a way easier, less smelly, and more tasty through the end of the load then the pax IMO. I find myself reaching for the Summit more and more lately as my go to choice for speed and portability. The heat up time is super quick plus the 8 temps, low-no draw restriction, and vapor quality/production are on point. Nice little BEAST : – )

  109. josh says:

    Hey man,

    First of all, love the reviews. Great and thorough job.

    I currently have a NO2, but I’m looking to get something more portable. I’ve been interested in the Summit, Goboof Alpha, and the Pax. Which one would you recommend? Any other suggestions in that price range? I’ve also heard that a Pax 2 might be released soon. Should I wait?


    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey thanks Josh, you really can’t go wrong with the Pax or the Summit, right now they’re the best portables I’ve reviewed for $200 or less.

      I don’t know about the Goboof yet but I should be receiving one very soon, and I haven’t heard anything about a new Pax but I don’t think it’s out of the question.

      It’s up to you how long you can hold out! ;)

  110. CoolBeans says:

    Which would you recommend between the Summit and the Pax?

    • Bud Bud says:

      Performance-wise they’re very similar, I would focus on the design/usability and the general look & feel to make a decision.

  111. Col says:

    Thanks for the excellent review, sounds like just what I’m looking for. Gonna order one today.

  112. lungo says:

    Top work fella nice review

  113. joe says:

    Is the auto shut off feature able to be turned off? Also if you are taking draws in the 90 second timeframe will it still turn off

    • Bud Bud says:

      I do not believe it can be disabled, and yes it will turn off the heat and go into standby mode but if you’re in the middle of a draw it shouldn’t affect it too much, the chamber still holds the heat and slowly cools down.

      If you turn it back on within a few seconds it’ll almost be like it never shut off.

  114. joe says:

    If you had to pick between this and the solo what would you pick

  115. Daniel says:

    Do you have to stir the chamber like you do with the pax? I personally don’t own a pax but I keep seeing posts about people carrying a paper clip with them to stir the chamber for more consistent material. Great review, always a good watch and read!

    • Bud Bud says:

      I don’t feel you need to, it does a pretty good job of thoroughly and evenly vaping your herb, but if you wanted to stir it up mid-sesh it definitely couldn’t hurt, as long as you remember to pack it back down again.

      Stay up!

  116. Connor Corcoran says:

    love your reviews. I would have liked it if you included the price in the review

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