My Review of the Sublimator

**2018 UPDATE**: Check out my new 2018 review of the best desktop vaporizers above, and yes the Sublimator is included! I start talking about it right around the 15:13 mark in the video. They’re making newer parts now than the setup I currently have and I’ll be upgrading to a new heater as soon as they’re available.

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My original review video for the Sublimator is below, and my mind has changed about a few things since then, I don’t want my money back anymore. I do show quite a few aspects of how it performs in there:

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  • Hey guys I just updated this page and added my new review video to the top. It’s actually a review of all of my favorite dekstop vapes but I talk about the Sublimator starting at the 15:13 mark. Short story is I use it more often now because of how strong it is, I got over the other stuff.

  • Hi Bud, I was very skeptical after your review. Yesterday the Sublimator was delivered and I’ m totally in love. Great build quality, taste and ultra strong effects. I have Evo, Plenty, Volcano… they are nothing compared to the Sub. Only the flowerpot is in the same league. Cheers mate

  • This thing is great except for a super short lifespan, including possibly yours. It’s disfigured half my family and caught fire. Best avoid and just get a Volcano they’re the best.

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