Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder Review

Santa Cruz Shredder

This is the Santa Cruz Shredder premium herb grinder, and it’s one of the best I own.

It’s made of medical-grade anodized aluminum, and I know a lot of grinders say they’re aluminum but I can tell you that Santa Cruz is the real deal.

The Shredder has a unique tooth design, they’re not diamond-shaped, and the performance as far as how it grinds is top notch. The resulting grind has a nice consistent texture to it with very little (if any) lumps or clumps.

One of the only areas I feel that it could a little better is in the elegance department, or how “buttery” it feels when you’re holding it and using it.

But other than that, this is one of the best grinders you can get. Tons of people have it and love it, and I receive virtually zero complaints.

In comes in a few different sizes and a whole bunch of colors & finishes. The models I show in my video review below are the Medium and Large sizes, Black and Silver colors.

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Another top-tier herb grinder that I highly recommend is the Brilliant Cut.

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  • Does the small, medium and large size produce the same size material? I have a small with a herbalizer that is a convection. I seems that it is ground too fine.

  • I have this grinder. It produces a very consistent, fluffy, medium grind. The grind is absolutely perfect for the two butane vapes I use most, the Lotus and a Sticky Brick Jr. I suspect it would be perfect for any convection vape. Heated air can pass through the loosely packed load nearly unimpeded, allowing for complete extraction of the good stuff. The grind is not suitable for conduction vapes that perform best with a fine grind.