The Puffco Plus Vape Pen

This is the Puffco Plus vape pen for wax, and this one is pretty different from their first Puffco Pro pen.

This pen features a ceramic “cup” atomizer and a different mouthpiece style from the Pro version, as well as some other cool stuff.

Check out the comments section below for some real user reviews, which seem to be pretty mixed. It’s definitely a nicely made, unique pen, but it also has a few drawbacks.

VapeRating: 95/100 (Tier 1)

The KandyPens Gravity is a good pen to go with if you’re not feelin this one.

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  • I own two retail shops and until today have sold Puffco. It’s a fact, Puffco’s customer service sucks big time. Trying to get something replaced is such pain in the ass. I sell 10’s of thousands of dollars worth of vapes a year and Puffco is the only company that requires video proof that a battery isn’t working. All the companies we deal with simply replace what we need so we can continue selling their product and take care of our customers. I’m moving on to equal, if not better pens like those mentioned in the other comments. You might like your Puffco while it works but trying to get a warranty issue addressed will make you crazy.

  • Started out great, however after <2g worth of oil vaped, both chambers that came with it have stopped working. So it was cool for a couple days. Not worth the price.

  • Puffco Vince says below that chambers will last a month plus – I am having chambers last about a week. I’ve tried every tip listed below and the results are consistent – new chambers work fine, but degrade in performance after a few days and then fall off a cliff and dieafter a few more days. I’ve has a Puffco Plus for about 6 weeks and I have 4 dead chambers, one that is on its way out and one new one waiting for its week-long run. I recommend that you look elsewhere – that’s what I am doing.

  • Three broken units within 3 weeks common ! Seems like leakage of oil into the battery area causes the battery to be yanked out of it’s solder and stops working. Time to try another brand.

  • This God forsaken POS has let me down multiple times now, especially when on freaking vacation. I’ve had crap Chinese coils that were infinitely more reliable than this. Please stop giving these scam artists your money and go buy a Source instead.

  • Greetings
    I’m new to this vape market. I need helpful advice to shop for a vape that I can use with oil liquid?

    • Our products are designed for essential oils of varying types — the more solid the better! We advise against using any liquids in the chamber as this will often result in leaky, gooey messes!

      Our batteries are 510 threaded and will work with most preloaded cartridges.

      Any material used in the device please beware that the thicker the viscosity, the more often you will have to maintain the pen.

  • I was told about this pen last night by my nephew and how great it was. So I started to do some research on it this morning. Glad I did. The problem with most all atomizers, aside from being cheap parts being made overseas, is design. More specifically the path of airflow into the coil. I see this coil has the airflow holes in the side of the cup, like almost every other pen on the market. Most of these coil’s, regardless of the brand name on the pen, are really really similar, and most likely made by the same manufacturer’s. No one is reinventing the wheel here, these are off-the-shelf parts from manufacturers most likely in China, that pen companies design a new housing around. The Puffco Plus is very similar to the Ooze GooRoo 2, the Puffco Pro has the same style burner as the Ooze Glacier. The burners are very similar. OK back to the design problem. Airflow comes in the sides of the pen at the parting line between the battery and the coil, and continues up into the atomizer chamber. Even the best shatter when heated is a sticky gooey mess. Who doesn’t expect those holes to get plugged? Of course they are going to get plugged. The wax inside the chamber heats up, rises and oozes into the holes, gravity/heat let it run down into the vent holes when you’re not hitting your pen, and then when it cools the airflow passage is blocked off. That burner is done. There is no saving it, throw it away. I have for my own personal use, an Ooze GooRoo ceramic cup vaporizer pen. The ventilation holes are about 3/4 of an inch ABOVE the burner, the vapors float up, mix with the air and come through the mouthpiece. I have had it for almost a year and a half. I’m on my second burner. They no longer sell this pen so I pick up burners/batteries as a precaution when I see them. It is a rock solid pen that costs $35. I also believe that’s part of the reason they don’t make it anymore. There’s no market for replacement burners because they don’t go bad very often. I’ve seen one or two other pens on the market that have the ventilation holes above the burner, as it should be. Anything else is just a redesigned version of the same old thing.

  • Bought mine about three weeks ago, worked great for three days then just died. Grabbed the other chamber, it didn’t even work. For 130 dollars, you kind of expect more. If I would have seen these reviews first, I would have never bought this piece of shit. I’m talking with customer service now, hopefully they’ll send out a completely new unit. I should have went with an source Orb 4. Wow puffco, get your shit together or stop trying to sell a piece of shit for a high end price.

  • Piece of junk.
    Worked great for a few days, than inexplicably stopped.
    Customer support was very friendly, responded to emails quick, but never sent the replacement chamber they promised.
    It comes with an extra chamber, so I keep using it with the second chamber.
    Three weeks later it’s dead again.
    I’ve had $15 gas station vape pens that lasted longer than this $130 piece of shit.

    • After I sent some more angry emails, puffco has remedied the situation.
      They (overnight air) mailed me replacements for both broken chambers.

      I’m hoping the replacement parts hold up better than the original.
      When it’s working the puffco plus does hit great.

        • Hey Thomas,

          Not a problem, I’m glad to hear that our team was able to assist in the matter.

          Please reach out with any other questions or concerns, we’re happy to help.

          Thanks for choosing Puffco and have a great day!~

      • Hi!

        Not a problem, I’m glad to hear that our team was able to assist in the matter. So sorry for the hassle you’ve experienced.

        Please reach out with any other questions or concerns, we’re happy to help.

        Thanks for choosing Puffco and have a great day!~

  • The failures of the chamber to heat up and yet the battery lights up is inexplicable by design

    VINSON?: I specifically would like to know after spending much more time servicing and attempting to fix than this is worth–WHY IS THE CONNECTION BETWEEN THE BATTERY AND THE CHAMBER FAILING??? SERIOUSLY??? Why design and sell pens when you fail to make a fundamental connection between the battery and the chamber that can last longer than a couple weeks???

    It’s also very telling that you don’t have a customer support 800 number

    While I spend allot of time at my friends VapeStore–and I help out with the cleaning and diagnosing problems–I AM GOING TO GIVE “NO” recommendations to all who come in and inquire about PuffCo

    While your design is a: “TotalCompleteEpicFail” the business of no 800 number is not excusable–so I’ll be watching if you guys can make any improvements that I might reconsider–but the design has to work; reliably, continuously, and not fail for minimum of six months–also I want to see an 800 number

    Until then I’m telling all my followers that PuffCo products receive my lowest rating: “TotalCompleteEpicFailure”

    I’d like a total refund from you for having audacity to charge for a product that’s designed to fail and service that’s designed not to be helpfull

    Contact me: John, at my email please

    • John,

      We’re sorry for this inconvenience, however, we are bound by the warranty policies prescribed us by our manufacturer. We appreciate your future understanding in this matter and we hope to get your pen working again.

      Let me know if I can still help you with this dilemma, I’m happy to do so.

  • Don’t buy this piece of trash…get the saionara atomizer by Humboldt Vape tech…blow clouds around these fucking jokers at puffco. Not only is their atomizer a piece of junk, but their customer service sucks. John is a douche who never replies…avoifd this product at any cost

    • I’m so sorry your experience was less than ideal. I’d be happy to make up for that right now. Please hit me up directly to start fresh!

  • I’ve had the plus less than 2 weeks and it’s already failing to heat either chamber. One failed and the other failed shortly thereafter. I’ve carefully cleaned, multiple times, the threading and contacts. The battery still charges so it appears to be the chambers. I’ve not overheated either unit – so what might cause these failures? I submitted a request with Puffco support, so I’ll see. I wish I’d seen these reviews before buying.

    • Hi Eric,

      I’m glad to hear that our team was able to assist in the matter.

      Please reach out with any other questions or concerns, we’re happy to help.

      Thanks for choosing Puffco and have a great day!~

  • Puffco is sending both new chambers out to replace mine that broke. They are standing behind there product. You cant ask for more then that.
    With that service you got nothing to lose. It does hit big.

    • Hi George,

      Not a problem, I’m glad to hear that our team was able to assist in the matter.

      Please reach out with any other questions or concerns, we’re happy to help.

      Thanks for choosing Puffco and have a great day!~

  • I have not been happy lately with puffco, i expressed my concerns and that I’m sick of emailing you. i feel like it was begging. they reached out and didn’t stop, i gave up, but they got me to respond , they care. will see what happens ?

  • can someone explain why puffco plus breaks after cleaning, and can we take it apart to fix ?
    Does the chamber spin and unconnected the wires inside? I’m dying to know why it breaks w a q tip. its crazy.

    if you buy do not clean with q tip . don’t do it. use iso don’t rub on the side of bowl. trust me.

    • Only gently wipe the walls and base of the Plus chamber with a tightly wound cotton swab. If you send me a video, I figure what is going on with your chamber. Happy to do so!!

  • I wish I would have found this review/comments 2 weeks ago. Picked one up along with an extra chamber. As of today I’ve gone through both chambers provided. Both went after simple by the book cleaning. Let’s see how long this last chamber holds out. Seeing this is a constant and known issue. I highly doubt I will be rushing to purchase more chambers any time soon.

  • Ha, wow!!! Everything here is true. Despite everything everyone else said I still had to try it out for myself…everyone here is dead on. Right after I cleaned the first one with their provided q-tips, it broke. The second one broke 3 weeks later after doing nothing. This thing does hit like a champ, but why would I spend $25 twice a month for new chambers. 50×12+120=way too expensive for me…let me know if anyone fixes the problem

    • Great pen but don’t clean it . I know it sounds dumb, but if you clean it it will break promise. and puffco doesn’t seem to wanna deal with it, I know why now cause they all are breaking. great pen when working.

      • Check our new cotton swabs, the best way to care for your Puffco products.

        Gently wipe the walls and base of the Plus chamber with a tightly wound cotton swab. Using Sesh Mode to clean is for heavy users and severe clogs. Cleaning is dependent on the user: if you are a heavy Puffco Plus user we recommend cleaning every 4-5 uses.

    • Our products have less metal and glues compared to our competitors, so it takes more energy to heat our atomizers for a cleaner taste of your concentrated oils. 3 weeks is a little short for the lifespan on that chamber.

      Depending on the user, chambers will last one to three months. Some of our users have maintained a great chamber for even longer. Frequent use on the highest setting (White) will present a shorter lifespan. We recommend the middle setting (blue) for daily use. Packing the chamber beyond capacity may cause damage to the chamber/coil. Also, please be aware that using any tool to pack or clean the pen can damage or short the chamber

      Always reach me directly via social media or my e-mail address to solve any issues with your Plus ASAP!

  • I like this pen a lot but after one week of very careful use the chamber has stopped heating. I’ve kept it upright. I’ve cleaned it. I have taken care not to overfill it. To get one week of use from a chamber costing £24 is just not viable. I thought I had found a great product but am now hugely disappointed.

    • Our products have less metal and glues compared to our competitors, so it takes more energy to heat our atomizers for a cleaner taste of your concentrated oils. A week is too short of a lifespan for any of our atomizers. Please contact me to figure out this issue. We only want you enjoying the product as efficiently

    • Hi Marten,

      Our products have less metal and glues compared to our competitors, so it takes more energy to heat our atomizers for a cleaner taste of your concentrated oils. Let’s figure out why your chamber isn’t lasting so long. Happy to do that for you today.

  • Nice design, but incredibly unreliable product. I’ve owned it for six months and had to have the battery replaced three times and the chamber replaced three times. Not worth your money. Customer service make you jump through multiple hoops to prove your case, this is not a miss use issue but a poor design issue.

    • Hi Robert,

      We’re sorry for the hassle and please hit me up directly to figure why you need those parts replaced so much. Ready when you are!!

  • The first puffco Plus vape pen I bought lasted about a week or less when the electric probe in the battery section came loose on lost its connection. Liked the pen when it worked so I reordered another battery base which I have not received yet. In the beantine I bought a second puffco Plus pen and lo and behold a week and a day later even though the battery is still intact it will no longer heat the atomizers. Not the existing nor the brand new atomizers. This product hits great but not a practical item to purchase. To big a hassle to send back parts. Highly reccmmend avoiding this product. I am a senior citizen that has been around and tried almost every new gadget that cmrs out. This products workmanship and quality are very lacking!!! They may have a lot of awards from High Times but those opinions are based on on the spot use not any ongoing. Once again avoid the puffco Plus product at all costs and tell your friends. I make at least a cup a year and I will sure spread the word about them!!!

    • It could be the chamber ,my chambers all broke, but maybe its my battery now? Either way this pen sucks customer service sucks, you know there is no phone number. Im so disappointed in everything about this company. I was so excited when I got the pen. It is a great pen when working,If they had any costomer service id probably keep buying chambers. do0o 5gkfjjrnevljn2w1qd1x

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      • Hey G,

        Sorry, your experience wasn’t excellent as it should be. I’m here to make up for that. Please contact me directly to see what we can do for you today!

    • Hey Lee,

      We appreciate the feedback. Please hit me up directly on my e-mail if you need the best advice and to see if there is any way we can revive your pen hassle free.

      -Happy to help!!

    • Our products have less metal and glues compared to our competitors, so it takes more energy to heat our atomizers for a cleaner taste of your concentrated oils.

      Appreciate your feedback and we’re always happy to get you going with your pen ASAP. If that isn’t what you experienced, please hit me up directly to solve that.

  • Great customer service! I was really shitty at first because the Puffco wasn’t living up to its name.
    Vinson helped me trouble shoot and I was good to go!

    • We don’t have a phone line Larry, but we’re very glad to take care of you. Please contact me directly on my e-mail or via social media to get your pen working efficiently.

  • I recently bought a Puffco Plus while I was in Brooklyn. It worked great for the first couple of weeks. Went to use it while I was at a Method Man, Redman, Snoop Dogg, Berner, and Cypress Hill concert and it didn’t work. Very Disappointed! The ceramic chambers seem to go bad pretty quickly as a lot of other people seem to be having the same issue. It also requires a lot of cleaning.

    • Hey Josh,

      That shouldn’t be happening. So sorry for the bummer moment. Please contact me directly anytime you have an issue with your pen. I can get it working in no time.

  • I posted earlier love the pen still do when it’s working right . My first chamber broke fist few times . Took awhile to get it you have to email eachother back and fourth alittle too much. Other companies if it’s broke right away it’s fast send it and they send a new one back. That being said they took good care of me and got me a new chamber. I’ve used the new chamber only 2 months if that and the replacement chamber broke. I probably won’t email back and fourth cause it’s a big hassle for me. So I’ll use my spare chamber and find a better pen . If the chambers didn’t break after you clean them they would have the best product out there. But you get the feeling they didn’t know these chambers break easy and they wanna control the returns as much as possible. If they had a phone number would be nice too. My advice put very small amount in never clean the bowl just the threads .I cleaned two bowls with qtip and broke both each time. After you clean it doesn’t fire. Knowing what I know now I would try another pen one w a customer service number so I can hear in there voice if they really wanna help me .

    • Our products have less metal and glues compared to our competitors, so it takes more energy to heat our atomizers for a cleaner taste of your concentrated oils.

      Depending on the user, chambers will last one to three months. Some of our users have maintained a great chamber for even longer. Frequent use on the highest setting (White) will present a shorter lifespan. We recommend the middle setting (blue) for daily use. Packing the chamber beyond capacity may cause damage to the chamber/coil. Also, please be aware that using any tool to pack or clean the pen can damage or short the chamber.

      Always happy to help on any of our support lines via social media!

  • I recently purchased a Puffco Plus about a month ago. I watched hours of reviews, tutorials, etc. saw all the warnings about faulty chambers, bad supply batches etc etc. I despite my better judgement still pulled the trigger on the purchase.

    1 week into ownership. While cleaning with tight winded percision tip cotton cleaners and gun patches after a single sesh mode, only loading tiny amt of product (size of pen tip) and never overheating the unit with a max of 3 pulls. The first chamber failed to fire up anymore. Dead…..

    So I go into my trusty puffco box. Get the other chamber, it fires up no problem. Cool battery is fine, chamber dead. I move on with life, fast forward about 2 weeks later

    Same thing today. Chamber #2 dead. I didn’t do ANYTHING wrong. Pen spends its whole life vertical, even storage, cleaned to specs, no clogs etc but to baby this “Ferrari” and spend more cleaning time and care than I have with any piece in over 15yrs to have it fail 2 chambers in less than 1 month is unacceptable. Bad parts, and until it’s verified the issues are fixed I NOT recommend a Puffco Plus to anyone I know :(

    For the record. When it worked it was a fantastic device I just don’t understand the ultra high failure rate.

    • That sounds like an unusual lifespan for your chamber. Let’s figure out how that happened and get you a replacement part right away.

      Please hit my e-mail directly or catch me on our social network outlets to get your pen working as intended.

      • How does that sound unusual? I just read st least 2o similar reviews written within a 3 month span. I just bought one online and it hasn’t even arrived yet and I’m already regretting it.

  • It’s my birthday so I was very excited to receive my puffco+ but it didn’t work. I’m dissapointed there is no 1-800 number to contact anyone. I need customer service to resolve this issue ASAP.

  • I love my puffco plus, I get a nice smooth hit in between load screens while I’m playing video games. It has small clouds, but you really taste the wax. I only put the good stuff in it because, when I first got it I was over packing it with crummy product, then it stopped working. The customer service guy Vinson explain me to me what I was doing wrong and hook me up with a discount code to get a new chamber(he didn’t replace it because I fucked it up). Ever since then I’ve been careful with it, and it’s been good to me.

    • Ive been reading this entire thread and all the faults in this product seem to be the chamber. Im guessing its getting clogged somehow? Can you explain what you were doing wrong?

  • I had an issue with with a chamber for my Puffco Plus that wasn’t working. I reached out to customer service representative, Vinson, and he was able to help fix the problem which turned out to be that it was only clogged.

  • Is the ceramic plate supposed to turn black ….is that ok ? Its still working but the plate is 90 % black …

    • It is normal for the bottom of your Plus chamber to blacken or darken over time, just as a ceramic nail typically would after some use. This should not in any way affect the overall performance of the chamber itself.

      The mouthpiece, battery and threading can be cleaned by wiping with a cotton swab dipped in ISO. Do not soak any gunmetal parts of the Puffco Plus in rubbing alcohol.

  • Love mine. I put a corn kernel sized boogie on the tip of the dart so it smashes onto the plate when the mouthpiece is screwed on. Low setting (green) 5 or so hits then a quick swab with a q-tip & re-load. Had it about a month, no probs

  • Bought a puffco plus, worked for five days then quit out of no where. Says its fully charged yet won’t heat up at all in any mode on any temp setting. Never put to much in, cleaned it often and carefully, always kept it upright yada yada yada…..I can read and follow instructions. This thing sucks. When i contacted customer service immediately they said only the battery and charger are covered under warranty.. and that i should include a video of it not working because that might be helpful for them, WTF? So basically they are trying to nickel and dime after i spent 120 and it stopped working in less than a week. Still waiting for their next reply. DO NOT BUY!

    • [email protected] says:

      So sorry for any difficulties experienced! Please hit me up directly so I can get you up & running again.

    • The same thing happened to me. On day 5 my battery just flashed and wouldnt charge. Luckily my local guys swapped the battery for me but then today at day 8 my first atomizer died. Terrible. My dank fung lasted way longer.

    • I’m sorry you fucked your puffco up and now are stating they suck but I really think you should give puffco another chance dude never have had a [eeen so good I ow 3 myself

  • The problem with this is the shitty battery that only lasts for 20 hits. After 10 mins of use you have to charge it again. The air flow is horrible and the chamber becomes clogged every couple of hits. Don’t waste your money on this cheap Chinese crap like I did. The whole point in buying this pen was to have something portable that I could use throughout the day. I don’t have time to constantly charge this after dying every 10 mins.

    • [email protected] says:

      The Pro 2 is what you would use to stretch a dose over an extended period.

      The Pro 2 is a follow-up to our coil based Puffco Pro. The Plus is still our flagship coil-less system, but it sounds like that might be more up your alley. None the less you should hit me up so we can figure out how to get you an A+ experience.

  • I like the plus alot more than the pro. I had my plus for over a year and no issues. In the short two months I’ve had my pro, I am on my third battery and third chamber. The batteries have been covered under warranty as they keep falling apart. I was told by Paul at Puffco that you can expect a chamber to last one month on daily use, and at $20 a chamber, you’re spending $240/yr. I would run away from the pro if you are tight on $$. All the Pro’s about the pen are true, it just the reliability factor for me.

  • I will hit the negatives first for the haters. Placing your product on the dart and then screwing on the lid, allowing the Adam miser to heat the product with the intent to have it melt on to the heated plate, doesn’t work well at all. Next, you have to make sure the product is placed directly on to the plate, if any of it gets on the sides, it’s pretty much a waste. Next, the lid comes and screwed kind of easily, and in general the space in between the bottom of the lid and the tip of the ceramic chamber gets sticky and difficult to clean, so you have to do it regularly. A couple last things, I feel like you really have to follow their directions about not hitting it more than number four times. Are usually hit it number four times on sash mode, waiting like one minute or so in between . And obviously, like any pain, the first few its taste the best and feel the best, and you have to clean it regularly, I just twist up some paper towel, turn the pan upside down, put it on sash mode, and when it’s done, just clean out the inside with the twisted paper towel, pretty easy. On to reiterate a lot of the positives that have already been mentioned. Looks dope, quality materials, doesn’t get clogged if you clean it out after every few bowls. Best over all hit from any pen I have tried, and I have pretty much tried them all. Good taste, smooth drag, you don’t have to drag it hard at all, doing that actually get you a worse it. Nice for smoke, and the smoke does not burn or feel too warm. Better over all hit than any type of nail, any coil, any pre-filled cartridge. I’ve been medicating for over 15 years, have only been using concentrate for the past five years, and feel like this thinking only get better as they keep doing revisions, I really hope they come out with the chamber or you could just stuff A whole gram up in there ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha. My bad for all the typos, I’m doing this on my phone and didn’t feel like typing it out, so I used voice dictation. Two baked to go back and correct it all. Peace.

    • [email protected] says:

      These tips are amazing!! So happy our community is willing to share their troubleshooting tips that will keep the device working smooth. I’d like you to contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns at all.

  • Disappointing Customer Support

    I have attempted to submit this 2 star review in the review area of They apparently don’t accept anything but a 5 star review. It is noted that Puffco only prints 5 star reviews. Does this practice reflect ethical and honest business behavior? This review will be submitted elsewhere and be available to potential customers.

    The Puffco Plus is a nice unit and will probably be adequate when used as intended. The problem is customer service and support. Don’t hope to get satisfaction if you have a problem. They are not in the business to assist customers and don’t seem to value their reputation.

    Puffco has the following statement on their website:

    “All orders placed before 3PM leave our warehouse the same day or soonest business day possible. We do not guarantee arrival times for any shipments unless specifically requested.” The first sentence is blatantly false.

    The initial sentence is a false claim unless you can claim it was not “possible” to ship an order with more than an 1.5 hours window. My order was placed through the Internet, shortly following a series of communications with Puffco. During the communication I was assured the part I needed was readily available. I ordered the part and received an order confirmation from Puffco at 1:21PM, 02/03/2017. Based on information provided by Puffco I expected my order to be shipped on that date. It was a “business day.” Customers depend on, and pay for, that service based on claims by the merchant.

    To make this short my order did not arrive at the USPS facility in Brooklyn until 02/06/2017 at 9:59PM. It did not get underway until 02/07/2017. That is not what customer’s expect or pay for when then are charged expensive shipping charges

    The Puffco reply included blaming the United States Postal Service rather than accepting responsibility. Their reply in part was “I do see where your order was placed and confirmed on Friday, Feb. 3rd at 1:21PM, and one or two things could have happened: either USPS had already departed our facility with their last pick up for the day (they generally come at or near 3PM, but the time varies, especially on Fridays as they may come earlier in the afternoon), or your shipment was not created exactly at that time due to other pending orders and the cut off was not made. USPS does not pick up packages on Saturdays, so the next official business day, Monday, would have been the day that your package would have started moving through their system. In either case, though, I apologize for any delay and want to assure that this is not of the norm; we do, however, expect delivery within 5-10 business days via USPS (depending upon your location and proximity to our New York warehouse).
    Also, it does bear to mention that USPS often lags somewhat in updating their tracking info, so what you see as far as the origin scan and the scans directly after that do not often reflect the exact time of item pick up. No one knows why this is, but it is a common issue with USPS tracking that I myself have experienced – and been frustrated with just as you are.”

    So, when you see “All orders placed before 3PM leave our warehouse the same day or soonest business day possible.” on their website as you commit to their inflated shipping charges be aware that is not something Puffco will stand behind or take responsibility for. Know before you purchase. My Puffco Plus was a holiday gift and my experience with the company has not been favorable.

    • [email protected] says:

      We’d love to fix all that! Hit me up on Facebook chat and we can move from there. :-)

  • Iv been using this pen for 2 weeks now 3 times a day and I love it. It was fully charged right out of the box and produced great vape hits on the blue setting. Iv cleaned it about 5 times I’d say but I just like to have a clean atomizer haha. It only take 25-30 mins to charge aswell and thats a huge bonus in my eyes because iv heard of some pens taking up to 2 hours to charge and I don’t have the time to sit around and wait. So far I am very pleased with the puffco plus.

  • I’ve had this pen for a few weeks now and love it. Well made, compact, huge hits,helpful dart, good battery life and coilless! I was wondering though, does anyone who owns one know how to tell when their oil is kicked? I usually just swab the chamber when the contents get dark and runny,or it makes me cough like hell, but I don’t want to be wasting the goods…

  • Gets clogged with most materials. expensive chamber replacements. very unreliable. I have purchased 2 and many replacement chambers. moving to source 4.

    • Not sure what Pen you are using, but it’s incredible. Never had issues with this pen and it always delivers. You might be putting too much oil in there, as this pen makes no mess.

    • I hear ya. I am on my 3rd chamber in two months! I am also on my third battery in two months. The contact keeps coming off. They are covered under warranty, you just have to be out of your pen a few days until the new one shoes up. Go with the Puffco Pro

      • [email protected] says:

        Hey Mick, please contact me straight up to figure out what is going on with your contact pins? I’m happy to find the resolution with you.

  • i wondered should i pay $109.00 . Does it work better then the coil pens i bought at tobacco store? Heck yes, unbelievable pen huge hits ,like a little dab rig in my worth it. taste is great at 1 an 2 level have not tried the hottest setting yet no need. I did get sticky on my threads using the dab tool,but still great tool.Im getting to high i didn’t expect it to be this good.

    • [email protected] says:

      That is what I like to hear! Let me know anytime how we can keep you puffin’ with us for a long time.

  • I’m reading all these comments from ppl but their back in the first 6 months of 2016, all I can think of its the first batch because I just got mine and it’s great, and I can bye replacement parts from a store locally in san antonio, iv had 4 friend bye it too cuz they loved mine, and yes it needs to be cleaned every three days, but I smoke on mine all day long, love this product, sorry to hear the first batch sacked but for a new 30 coil I highly recommend u give them another shot, ohh yeah and when vapeing keep the pen up right and don’t use the dauber dart, ne thing to keep the oil off the threads and walls! Cheers pplz

    • [email protected] says:

      So happy you’re enjoying as intended. I appreciate the love and if there’s anything you can think of that I can help with, please don’t hesitate to reach me on any of our social media pages!

  • Great device.

    Clean the mouthpiece and bowl piece with running, scalding hot tap water and dry the bowl piece by a heater or in the sun for a few hours. Maintaining this Puffco Plus in this way is essential to long term use and reliability.

    • Same here. I’ve been using mine over a week now, and as long as I put a slight bit of maintenance in it, it’s great. I can get any kind of hit I want, nice and covert. No clogging or heat problems. Battery lasted me 3.5 days, hitting 2-3 times a day, and it lasted for 1 full day of hitting it often into the night with some friends.

    • [email protected] says:

      Mike, I’d love to provide tips on how to unclog or get to the bottom of why it clogs too easily for you. Please contact me so we can get started!

  • If you follow the directions. It’s perfect … never hit it 4 times in a row. Use as directed. Don’t tip it sideways. It will NEVER clog.

    Silly people

      • [email protected] says:

        I can fix that! Contact me on any social network platform or e-mail me directly!!

        • Hey Vinson how can I contact you?
          I tried to unclog my chamber and when I tried to use it afterwards, it wasn’t heating up. Looked like a connection issue with the battery so I cleaned the gold parts with ISO but still no luck.

    • [email protected] says:

      We love the way you use your device! Thanks for choosing Puffco and never hesitate to reach me directly. I’d be happy to keep you going strong with our devices.

  • Not sure why all the flack. I’ve tried all the pens on the market. Had mine for 2 months. It’s a work of art. Best vape hands down!

    • [email protected] says:

      Appreciate the support! Please hit me up anytime if you need anything at all!!!

  • In case I wasn’t clear. I hate this piece of shit and will never buy a puffco product again. I hope they crash and burn and fold. Made getting high a fucking hassle

      • [email protected] says:

        Thanks for the support! E-mail me directly if you need anything at all.

    • [email protected] says:

      Hey James, please contact me directly to see why your atomizer is clogging up so much?

  • Greetings Mr. Vape Critic, I have an issue with this outfit -Puffco, and it is far to common with manufacturers of many products. I purchased 2 Pros having read it was deemed ‘Best’ by several reviewers. The manufacturer suddenly and without notice (according to retailer) ‘disappeared’ the item from its website. This was no bankruptcy or safety recall! Crucial replacement parts were no longer available -for an item deemed ‘Best’ 4 months earlier! The retailer assisted by finding suitable parts, but I wonder how long that situation works out. My question to you is this: what assurances does puffco offer that should I purchase a ‘Best’ again that they will continue to service customers, or offer significant discounts for new ‘new’ best items as rendered by unsuspecting critics? I would appreciate your sharing of enquiries to ‘$-Puffco-in-smoke-Corporation’. Thank you.

  • When I first got it, the lowest green temp gave me a great puff! Now I can’t even get anything of of the hottest mode, white…I knew I shouldn’t of relied on electricity to get me high, wtf! I cleaned it regularly too!

    • [email protected] says:

      I have tips for you and would love to assess what why you’re not getting the proper rips. Let’s discuss further by e-mailing directly or hitting me up on our social media pages. I look forward to hearing back from your soon.

  • I bought mine but in July. It worked great for about a month, I loved it! Then all of the sudden I couldn’t even get a hit out of it… when it does that-the out side of the chamber gets really hot- but no hit. If you hit sesh mode on the hottest temp 3x in a row, you get the tiniest hit, and you’re just frying your battery. Then once in a blue moon, it’ll work right again, it’s the best when it works, but for 100$ this a joke! I’m so sick of going to “relax” and not be able to because my electronic pipe doesn’t work…. frustrating! I was so happy and proud of this pipe too…letdown.

    • [email protected] says:

      Make sure you e-mail me directly to get that pen back to life! We for sure want your relax time to be the best time.

  • Just got a shiny new Puffco Plus… too bad I haven’t been able to try it as the battery is toast out of the box! To be specific, it charges for a few seconds then indicates it’s fully charged, which is not the case.

    Opened up a case with support but have not heard back. Not a great first impression! Hopefully they will get me a replacement soon or else I will have to occupy my time writing negative reviews of their products LOL

    • Same thing here. Though I did get a new battery. I started thinking it was me, but how difficult is “push five times.”

      Not happy.

      • [email protected] says:

        That sounds terrible! I’d love to help you with whatever this issue is that you are experienced out of the box. Please reach my e-mail directly or join the community on our social network support pages! Looking forward to getting you going again.

    • [email protected] says:

      Hey, e-mail me please to make sure we covered all your needs with our products!

    • [email protected] says:

      Hit me up straight up and I’d love to solve any issues you are running into with our device.

  • Don’t waste your money on this pen. They haven’t had any replacement chambers since May. It’s been sitting in a drawer for almost two months because I can’t get a new chamber. Every time you go on their website, the release date for parts is pushed back two more weeks and I’ve been looking regularly since June. Complete and utter waste of money if you can’t use it.

    • [email protected] says:

      Hey! We have chambers on sale at and I would love to help you with making up for the hassle you went through while waiting. You can reach me on Instagram @puffcosupport by DM, email, or Facebook chat. DMing me soon will make sure you receive help directly from myself. Let me know if you need any troubleshooting tips or a replacement part through your warranty. I’m always happy to assist!!

  • Hey, when is this review going to drop!? I’ve been so ready to see what you think and whether or not you had to get the new atomizers. Love the stuff man!

  • they are sending out new chambers that rock! the first batch was faulty, email them and they will get you a replacement

  • How does the coil-less engineering work? I thought it would be necessary to heat the wax the best? Does it just head from the ceramic lining itself, does that make the clogging occur less often and heat the wax consistently and effectively?


  • I have one and it is a huge disappointment. It gets very hot to the touch in sesh mode and burns through more material than any other pen I ever saw. It also gives the weakest hits of any I have tried. Puffco went in the wrong direction here. Its a cool idea but it just sucks

    • I agree just bought it yesterday and having the same issues. Kinda bummed these things are exspensive Shit. I’d rather hit the G pen

      • Same here… Pluffco Plus is garbage… defective stuff. It heats up like a hand warmer but then it goes even hotter and you can’t touch it… little vape – unusable. I sent them an email and pray I can get my $ back… Now I’m convinced the Chinese crap, even clones can’t be that bad! I rather get crap for cheap at least. Sucks cause I was so stoked to get it… and the 1st hit was crazy nice – big cloud.. then it went downhill the next 10 hits… now it barely vapes, chunk of live rosin on bottom moves a bit and farts off some steam. meanwhile pen is hot as hell – then batt dies lol. I rather use tinfoil ffs.

    • So in your opinion, the puffco pro is better than the plus?
      Should I skip this model and keep my pro? I’ve had my pro for just under a year and I still love it aside from minor clogging and expensive parts.

      • what would you recommend if you were to upgrade your vape from the Pro right now, excluding the Plus once they restock and it goes back on sale late mid June?

      • wait a month or so until all the defective until are replaced. most people who have been sent replacement plus’s say that the new atomizers and batteries are top of the line

    • Totally agree. Mine is clogged the first 10 sec. I hit it after cooldown time. And the lower settings produce very low amounts of vapor. The high sesh setting works but burns product quickly and has burned the atomizer in a few days. Definitely a downgrade from the pro. Not based on the new ideas, but the execution of new ideas. Raise airholes and raise lower heat settings. Until that happens, stick with the pro atomizer, or get a dabber aura which draws WAY better, and only clogs in the flattened mouthpiece(not actual airholes).

      • For the money, Atmos Forge sub ohm attachments. $30 for the tank, $6 for replacement coils. Hits like a beast, but lacks “true flavor” and doesn’t last long. But in my experience, none of them last long and you can’t beat $6/coil. Plus it can be put on any box battery, much better than pen batteries. But if you like really small, but “clean” hits, do not get the Atmos.

    • I love my pro and was so excited for the plus. What an utter disappointment! Takes a few cycles to get going, weak hits and the battery dies very quickly. I’ve contacted customer support and they know but can’t really do anything. Stick with that pro!

  • Hey i know you havent posted the review yet. but i wanted to know if the puffco plus atomizer will fit on a galaxy battery and will the galaxy mouthpiece attachment work as well?

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