The Puffco Peak E-rig

This is the Puffco Peak, a new portable dab rig for concentrates. The video above is me using it for the first time and my initial impressions.

The whole e-rig thing is a relatively new concept but the underlying technology mostly stems from vape pens.

Puffco Peak

It’s easy to get vapor from this thing which will make it have mass appeal, and it’s a pretty tiny rig, smaller than I thought it would be.


The look and feel is really nice just like the other Puffco products, it’s light and easy to pass around too.

It has a removable ceramic cup or bucket which is where you load your wax, and you don’t necessarily “dab” from this thing, it says to load your concentrate in the cup before you even turn it on.

Ceramic Cup

It also comes with a pretty cool carb cap made of glass, it fits great and is fun to use, but could be easy to lose and without it the rig does not function normally.

Glass Carb Cap

You get 4 heat levels to choose from and I’d say they’re set at good temps, I’ve been mostly using the middle 2 settings so far.

You’re supposed to put water in the glass part and to my surprise it did a very good job of keeping the water from bubbling up and touching my lips. It did happen once during my initial test (see video) but that was it.

Ceramic Heater

The ceramic cups are easy to remove and replace, they actually just sit in place on top of the heating plate. The cup is only heated from the bottom so don’t put your wax on the walls like some do when dabbing.

Peak Parts

I have mixed feelings about it… I still need to use it a little more before making up my mind but I’m not sure I feel that it’s worth the $380 price tag.

My Puffco Plus review page has a ton of comments on it, that’s their latest wax pen, and people’s feelings are pretty mixed with that one too.

I’ve heard a lot of people are having trouble with defects too, anybody have issues with theirs?

There’s also a good Puffco Peak thread on the forum right now with some more info about it from other users.

What do you guys think about this one?

Stay up!

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  • Me and my buddy both purchased peaks. Mine never worked came with broken atomizer. My buddy’s lasted a week. We’re both experienced dabbers and followed all directions. The atomizer is too jank ass wires to a ceramic plate . After you take two dabs and try to pull out the bucket the wires come out of the atty and you can’t fix it. Awesome when it works . Spent more time trying to use it than using it though

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