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A solid pick tool is an absolute must with any herbal vaporizer. This is the tool I use myself on a daily basis with my vapes, and it’s perfect for stirring your herb during sessions and also for cleaning out your herb chambers after use.

You can also use it for cleaning screens and scraping residue off of vape parts, and I’ve been using it to scrape my grinders clean also when they start to get too much buildup. I’ve even used it to load my wax pens, so it’s a pretty useful little tool.

I want to send you one, for free. I bought a whole bunch of them and there’s one sittin’ right here with your name on it. Check out this thread on the forum to see posts from people who already got theirs.

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* Your details are NOT saved. When you submit this form I get an email with your info, then I copy & paste your address to make a mailing label and I DELETE the email. This form is also hosted on a secure server.
* I will mail it for free worldwide. Give me 48 hours to get it mailed out and you should have it 2-10 days after that. If you don’t receive it after 14 days please contact me.
* It’s made of some type of titanium alloy (not pure Ti so don’t dab with it).
* Pick is just about 4″ long.
* One free pick tool per person please.
* Must be 19+, for legal use only.

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