The PAX 3 Vaporizer Shines Bright

PAX 3 We’re up to the PAX 3 now guys.

This shiny fella is the third generation PAX vaporizer for dry herb. The PAX has always been one of the smallest, sleekest and best performing portable vapes you can buy, and this new version continues the tradition.

The main things that are different with V3 are the outer shell finish and the internal heater components, which sounds like a lot but it’s actually a very similar vape to V2, and their size and shape are identical.

Watch my video review above for the full scoop in 6 minutes, and I also made a 3-minute cleaning video if you keep scrolling.

Overall, I’m diggin it. It seems like an incremental improvement, like going from an iPhone 6 to an iPhone 6s, but they’re going in the right direction – except for the shell they need to re-think that ;-)

Black & Rose Gold It’s easy to use, convenient to carry around, and produces lots of tasty vapor. Performance really is the strong point with this new model and as long as you pack the oven correctly (shown in video) it’s a very consistent vape.

Click here to buy one direct from the official PAX store for $275 with free shipping. PAX compensates me if you buy through my link and I appreciate your support more than you can imagine!

VapeRating: 95/100 (Tier 1 Top Pick)

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Vape Critic Top Pick

P.S. Those must-have accessories I show in my video are made by NewVape, I highly recommend their PAX loading tool and Fine grinder.

More pix:

PAX 2 vs PAX 3

PAX 3 Cleaning Tutorial:

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  1. Neryl Gentry says:

    Is the oven aluminum or stainless?

  2. Bud Bud says:

    Hey guys thanks very much for all of your feedback, it’s very helpful and much appreciated!

    I just ran a poll asking what the best vaporizer is, check it out:

  3. Dave says:

    I have the PAX 2, love it, but it also scratches way too easy.

  4. Tracy Philpot says:

    I watched and read your reviews before I got my Pax 3. I have a Pax 1 and love it. I think to go from a 1 to a 3 is wonderful. It’s much easier to clean and to use. I don’t care that fingerprints get on it at all! Mine doesn’t make a noise when I shake it like yours did in the video. This was a relief to me. The only thing I wish was better on this unit is that the battery doesn’t last long if it’s cold. Since I live in Alaska, that’s a given. But other than that I love it!!!

  5. JJ says:

    Does the oven lid from the pax 3 final production unit still make the shaky sound?
    Tnx Bud keep it UP

    • Alan says:

      The oven lid has to magnets to hold it in place. If you shake it back and forth one way it won’t make sound. It you shake it back and forth other way very vigorously you can hear the lid move back and forth. I can’t imagine a scenario why it would ever be shook vigorously like that to make sound. This should be the least of your concerns about the PAX 3.

  6. Alan says:

    PAX has extremely poor customer support and service. It took them two weeks of back and forth emails to “verify” my SN. I sent them picture of sticker box and SN printed on the PAX 3. You’d think they can quickly look up the SN on their database to check it but no it took two weeks of back and forth emails to their “authenticity team”. I honestly think they wanted me to forget to follow up so they don’t need to help me. Once they verified it was authentic, they ignored me telling them about a manufacturer defect. I sent them ultra high resolutions showing the metal was not machined smooth before black anodized coating was applied. They would not acknowledge the defect and instead replied back copy and pasting legal jargon on their warranty. They would not respond to what they thought of the images I sent them snowing manufacturer defect. They also insulted me telling me to make sure I peel the clear plastic off, prior to that I sent images and it’s clear it was peeled off. The images are so high resolution you can see dust particles and fingerprints, they probably never even looked at the images if they are telling me to peel clear shipping plastic off. They think they are perfect and it’s not possible to have a manufacturer defect. They treated me very poorly. I have a PAX 2, two PAX Era’s and a PAX 3. They didn’t want to swap out my unit with manufacturer defect to make a long time customer, advocate and early adopter happy. If they are going to go with a polished anodized finish they should make sure metal is smooth without grooves/scrapes in the metal before applying anodize finish. You can see them and feel them running fingernail over them. I probably would not care as much if this was a lower price point but for this price I expect a unit with finish done properly from factory. Also the PAX 3 is not worth the upgrade if you have a PAX 2. The app to control temp settings needs a lot of work and the concentrate oven is quirky. You are better off with a Davinci IQ for dry material and a LINX vape pen for concentrates. I’m so thrown off with how I was treated that they will never get another cent of my money. I am so upset with them I tossed my PAX Era’s in the garbage as I no longer will buy the PAX Era pods to support them. I sent them emails every few days for last week and am being brushed off and ignored. They obviously don’t take pride in their products or making sure customers are happy. I’ll post an update if anything changes but won’t hold my breath based on interaction I’ve had with them so far.

  7. Don says:

    Pax 3 Rocks
    1. Very Mobile
    2. Works well on small amounts = saving $
    3. I don’t care about vape clouds who does seriously ?? Long as objective is reached. I prefer discrete in public placed while baking.
    4. the after market 3D base plate is good mod Pax should do this standard for the price or a free upgrade for people who have already purchased as the standard plate is no where near as good or robust.

  8. Spog says:

    Hey bud! I think I heard you mention the screen on the 3 were a little different? Do they fit in the pax 2?

  9. Mike says:

    Hey I’m having a hard time deciding on getting the pax 3 or the crafty, I currently have the pax 1 so I guess I just wanna know if the craftys flavor is much better then the pax 3 even with using the flavor mode on the app, since that’s what I’m really concerned about

  10. Ag says:

    What are your thoughts on the Pax pusher/vented lid? The pusher seems a bit superfluous since it now comes with the “half-pack” option. Thanks!

  11. Charlie says:

    Thanks for this review and your comparison video! In the video with the IQ and Pax 2, you said it had a rattle when you shook the Pax 3. Does the final production unit still have this product for the 3s?

  12. Greg says:

    Hi. Never owned a vaporizer before and was choosing between the DaVinci IQ and the Pax 3… I won’t be sharing this with people and be just myself so which one would be better to use..just a few hits and or is there a better one other than these two for just a couple draws.

    • Ff says:

      The iq seems to be much more reliable. Just look under the iq review.

      • As a kite says:

        After reading a comment from a iq user and hearing about the unit getting very hot and the flavour chamber compartment snapping off, I think I’ll wait a bit before buying a portable vape. Was going to buy the DaVinci iq for the quality of vapor, draw resistance and it being sealed better as to keep it from smelling, but might go with the pax 2.

  13. Chris says:

    Great video as always! Would love to see a cleaning video for the Pax 3. Never owned a Pax vaporizer myself, so it’d be much appreciated!

  14. Farsad J says:

    I have a pax 2 that I am selling for sure in order to buy either a pax 3 or the davinci IQ. I use my vaporizer daily but don’t care to carry around an extra battery while I go about my daily routine… Which device would you say lasts longer off of one charge? Also, how complicated is it to do a thorough cleaning on the davinci IQ? Cleaning the pax 2 through one straigh pipe and herb chamber was never too much of a hassle, so I’d like to know from experience how much wax collects around the herb chamber and the mouth piece. And would you say the smoke quality of the IQ is really that much better than the pax 3?

  15. Lepinsky says:

    Awesome post as awlays, Bud!
    I bought the PAX2 last year based on your review and recommendation and I LOVE it. I would consider upgrading to the PAX 3 simply for the half-pack lid because I like to vape small product quantities at a time. Pack sells the Half Pack Oven Lid separately and I wonder if it will fit on my PAX2?

  16. Sara C says:

    Hi, Bud!

    I really appreciate all of your reviews! I am a medical patient relatively new to vaping and am having a really hard time deciding between the Pax 3 and FF2. My requirements are that it is portable, creates excellent tasting vapor, has temperature control and is low maintenance and easy to clean. Having a concentrate option is a bonus.

    The FF2 seems great for my needs, however some of the things I am weary about are the long pull time, learning curve and the numerous bad reviews. As for the Pax 3, I’m not crazy about the metal chamber, but it’s not a deal breaker.

    I would really appreciate your advice and I am open to other options as well :)

    Sidebar: do you have to grind fine and pack tight for the Pax 3? Or will it work well with lose and course?

    Thank you!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Great review, Bud. Looking forward to the more detailed follow up vids.

    At this time I will pass on the PAX3, I really like the PAX2, it was my go to vape for a year (along with my old friend MFLB), but I recently the FF2 is my go to vape now (still experimenting with the Davinci IQ – but I’m waiting for an good half bowl solution). The ‘ease of cleaning’ is a big thing with me :)

    • Ash says:

      I have the firefly2, it hasn’t been the best experience for me. The pull seems to weaken as I use it.. am I suppose to have course grind rather than the fine grind? & is the app suppose to be left open on my phone in order to get the most experience out of it? I’ll use it for a good 30 minutes and it will be HOT. Ive learned to press for a few seconds and let go while pulling vape, but some reason it’s still not doing much.. I ended up going back to my arizer solo and I am debating about keepin the FF2

      • Anonymous says:

        Definitely want a coarse grind with the FF2! Bud posted some great tips on his FF2 review page, I’d recommend taking a look at that video as the vape requires some pretty specific techniques to get the most out of it.

    • Henry says:

      I own a Pax 2 as well, and modified the oven area by going to purchased a vented oven lid with the pusher, which I think is better than the pax half pack lid that the pax 3 comes with, because of the adjustable pusher! Also purchased the waffled bottom screen for increased airflow made my pax 2 vape massive clouds! These Mods will cost around $40.00

  18. Omer Omer says:

    Is it a neccesary upgrade from the pax 2 to the pax 3, also how good is the concentrate for the pax 3?

    • Bud Bud says:

      Nah I wouldn’t say you have to upgrade, the wax can is just OK, it works good but the design of it isn’t very user friendly, it could use some improvements.

  19. Max Power says:

    Would the half oven dry herb cover work with the PAX 2?

  20. SkiBum says:

    I have an original Pax. Is it worth upgrading to the Pax 3?

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