The PAX 3 vs. The Firefly 2

Firefly 2 vs PAX 3 The PAX 3 and the Firefly 2 are verrry different vaporizers.

Both of them are portable, and they’re both very good, but the way they heat and the way you use them varies a lot.

The Firefly vaporizes your material with super-heated air (convection), and the PAX heats your product with radiant from the hot oven walls (conduction).

THye both have their advanatges and disadvantages and honestly everybody should make room in their collection for one of these (or both).

Check out the table below for the main differentiators:

Portable Vaporizer ComparisonPAX 3Firefly 2
Heating StyleConduction
(radiant heat)
(hot air)
Oven MaterialStainless SteelGlass Walls, Steel Screen
Oven Capacity~0.3g~0.15g
Vapor PathStainless Steel (w/ silicone mouthpiece)Borosilicate Glass & Stainless Steel (w/ polypropylene mouthpiece)
Removeable BatteryNoYES
Draw Duration Required For Maximum Vapor~5-10 seconds~15-20 seconds
Charge time~2-3 hours~45 mins
Bluetooth / APPYesYes
True Heat-up Time30 seconds5 seconds
Easy to Load?Yes
(pack tight)
(pack loose)
Stirring Required?NoYES
Draw ResistanceAverage+Above-average+
Vapor ProductionAbove-averageAbove-average
Vapor SmoothnessVery goodAmazing
Flavor / TasteAbove-averageSuperb
Odor LevelAbove-averageBelow-average
Works with Concentrates?Yes w/ oven accessoryYes w/ concentrate pad
Precise Temp AdjustOnly with APPOnly with APP
Country of manufactureChinaChina
Dimensions (my measurements)3.9″L x 1.2″W x 0.8″H5.1″L x 1.6″W x 1.0″H
Warranty10 Years2 Years
VapeRatingTier 1 Top PickTier 1 Top Pick
 PAX 3Firefly 2

If you own either one of these or if you have any questions about how they compare please share your thoughts below!

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In the video below I compare the Firely 2 with the PAX 2 (their previous model) but believe it or not most of what I say is still applicable for this newer comparison:

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  1. paco says:

    i owned a FF2 had to return it 2 times for battery fail had to reset all the time
    and burnd my herbs realy hard on medium high and 104 tuning
    love and hate situations

  2. I wish... says:

    The firefly had a better warranty life. 2 years compared to 10?

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