The Mighty Vaporizer: Strong & Efficient


This is the Mighty vaporizer from Storz & Bickel, and in most areas it’s very similar to its sibling the Crafty.

It’s a portable vape that’s super high quality, and it performs just as well as, if not better than, most good desktop units.

The performance is what I consider the biggest advantage of this one, and this includes the quantity, smoothness, and potency of the vapor it produces.

Mighty & Crafty Main Differences:

– The Mighty is bigger, it’s not really a pocket vape, more of a cordless home vape (or for travel). However, it’s still very portable and it’s easy to hold, store and transport.

– The bigger size gives the Mighty double the battery life, 90 minutes versus the Crafty’s 45 minutes. In addition to longer battery life it also comes with a longer power cord, ~6ft versus ~2.5ft.

– The Mighty charges twice as fast as the Crafty: ~45 mins versus ~2 hours (but it uses a proprietary charger instead of micro-usb)

– They both have pass-through charging, but only with the Mighty can you plug it in and use it right away when the battery is completely drained. With the Crafty you have to wait roughly 25 minutes for it to charge to about 20%, then it’ll let you turn it on and vape.

– Big boy heats up twice as fast as the little guy.

– The Crafty uses a smartphone app to control the temperature settings and LED brightness, the Mighty has a screen on it that displays the temperature readings and battery life remaining, it does not use an app.

Click here to buy one from the authorized S&B dealer I personally recommend. They are a very large distributor who always has the newest stock of this vape (latest firmware). They compensate me if you buy through my link and I appreciate your support more than you know!

VapeRating: 95/100 (Tier 1 Top Pick)

Stay up!

Vape Critic Top Pick

Video transcription:

This is the Mighty Vaporizer made by Storz & Bickel, which is the same company that makes the Crafty Vaporizer- it’s sibling that came out at the same time. They also make the Volcano Vaporizer and the Plenty. So the Mighty and the Crafty do have a lot of similarities but there’s also a few main differences- one of the main differences obviously being the size. The Crafty is like the portable one, the truly portable one, the pocket vape out of the two and the Mighty is kinda bigger, it’s more of like a cordless home vape or a vape that’s very easy to store and travel with.I’ll start off with the similarities and then I’ll tell you what’s different. First of all, they both have pretty much the same herb chamber. The main difference just being that the top piece of the Mighty is bigger than the Crafty’s. Another main difference between these two is that the Mighty has two built in batteries, internal rechargeable batteries, and the Crafty only has one. So that basically gives the Mighty pretty much double the battery life of the Crafty and I get about 90 minutes of actual usage time with this one before the battery dies. And with the Crafty, I get about 45 minutes.

One of the other differences is that the Mighty has a screen to show you the temperature that you have it set at and the current temperature. The Crafty does not have a screen, it has two heat settings that you can choose from. However, one of the other main differences is that they make a smart phone app only for the Crafty though and you can use that to control or modify those two heat settings. You can pretty much make them whatever you want (up to 410°F max). You could also use it to control the lights in the front. But the Mighty, they don’t make an app for that but you don’t really need it because it does show you the temperature on the screen. It shows you what the battery life, it has like a little indicator. So I don’t really consider that a negative.

So the way that you get to the herb chamber is the same with both of them. But you basically just unscrew the top piece. The top part with the mouthpiece comes off and then the herb chamber’s inside. The capacity of the chamber is just about .3 or so depending on how finely you grind. But what’s nice about it is that it works really well with material like from a four piece grinder. So it doesn’t even need to be ground up that fine. If you don’t have a grinder, you don’t need to run out and get one right away if you don’t want to. They do include a plastic two piece in the box. It’s actually pretty good quality.

They also include a filling tool which I actually really like. You attach it to the top of the chamber and put your material in it and then that’s how you pack it and basically it comes out like a perfect packing every time. It’s like very neat, everything’s where it should be. So it’s actually pretty cool.

Once you have the chamber packed, you just take the top part, turn it back on, snaps into place. The build quality by the way, which I haven’t mentioned yet, in case you haven’t just assumed it, is very good, it’s excellent. All of their vapes are produced really really well. This company is definitely known for paying fine attention to detail. So when you have it packed and you are ready to go, you just press the power button on the side for a second and then it’ll heat up to the previous temperature you had it on. It does heat up in just about 90 seconds which is pretty decent. But something that’s weird about it that I don’t think you can change unless I missed something, every time I turn it on it shows me the temperature in Celsius and then if I wanna change it to Fahrenheit, you gotta hold down the two buttons in the front for like a second or two and then it switches over. I don’t know, it’s not really a big deal but I just thought it was a little weird.

So you may not have heard it, but once it reaches the target temperature that you have it set at, the vape actually vibrates to let you know. So that’s kinda cool because this vape and the Crafty are both the two first portable vapes I’ve reviewed that actually vibrate.

Once it’s warmed up, you can basically just start taking draws from it. I get roughly 12 to 15 draws from a full session. It’s gonna vary a little bit depending on how big of a draw you take, how long you pull for but I take fairly strong draws and that’s my average and again the battery life is about 90 minutes so I’m someone who takes fairly long sessions, I’m about 12 to 15 minutes so I get just about 6 full sessions on a full charge and sure enough, if you take a nice, strong draw for like 10 to 12 seconds, you’re gonna get a lot of vapor from it. The quality of the vapor is also very high. It’s smooth, it’s not hot, tastes good, so I would definitely consider it top shelf.

In my testing, I had it set at about 365 for most of my sessions. A few of them I even put it a little lower and I really liked the experience. I thought it was great on those settings. Afterwards, when I’m done, my material comes out a nice, even color. It’s very evenly vaped. So that’s a good sign and ya know, the end results are really good. They’re comparable to the good/best top units out there which I can’t really say about most portables. Now another thing that the Mighty and the Crafty have in common is that they both have a very short shut-off timer, like an automatic shut off after one minute and they designed it this way to conserve battery life and make it last as long as it possibly can on one charge, but one minute is a really short period of time. Now, luckily there are a couple of things you can do to prevent the vape from shutting off. The main thing you can do is just tap the power button on the side once during your session and that’ll reset the timer back to a full minute.

And the another thing that this vape is designed to do is detect that you’re actually using it by measuring the drop in temperature in the herb chamber when you take a draw. So this sounds really cool and the idea of it is excellent, but it doesn’t quite work 100 percent of the time, at least not for me. So what I noticed is that if I had the vape set at like 365, it’s not gonna register as a draw to the vape unless my draw is big enough to make the temperature drop to like 360 so it needs like roughly a 5 degree drop or something and not every draw that I take, I noticed, actually makes the temperature drop that much and I’m someone who usually takes pretty strong draws so I’m actually a little surprised by that because I have a feeling that if I’m having that issue, many other people are going to also. But I don’t know, I mean at first I was really annoyed about that shut off but I guess I kinda got used to it, ya know, it’s not too bad just pressing the button. Another reason that it’s not too bad is that the vape does vibrate if it does shut off during your session to let you know and then if it does happen to shut off while you’re in the middle of a session, all you need to do is hold the power button again for a second and then it should be back up at the temperature you were just at within a couple of more seconds.

So something else that the Mighty and the Crafty have in common is that they both have pass-through charging, meaning you can use it while it’s plugged in. You can actually turn it on and vape from it. An area they differ though is that the Crafty, you have to wait until the battery is like 20 percent charged before it’ll actually turn on and you can use it. But the Mighty will let you use it with a fully drained battery. As soon as you plug it in and it starts charging, after like a minute, you could turn it on and it’ll work. A small difference between them though as far as the charging system is that the Crafty uses the standard micro USB adapter but the Mighty doesn’t. It uses like a different size plug. As far as how long it’s gonna take to fully recharge when it’s dead, I found that it’s just about 2 hours.

Now as far as cleaning and maintenance, there’s really not too much you’re gonna have to do often. The most important thing is to use the brush that they give you and brush out the herb chamber after each use. You could also use that to brush off the top screen in this top piece and this top piece actually comes apart into like 3 different pieces. And inside this area is where some more build up will occur and you will have to clean it a little bit to get the residue out. But it’s not really that difficult, you basically just pop out the mouthpiece and then you kinda like unlock this part and then the bottom piece will pull all the way out and then you can clean in there. If any of the o-rings happen to look bad, they do give you a second set in the box so you can replace those but they’re gonna last you quite a while and then it pretty much just snaps together the same way in reverse, and then you’re good to go.

Overall I think this is a really good vape. I like it a lot. I think the build quality, performance, vapor quality, all of those things are excellent. Yeah, it’s not small enough to fit in your pocket, but it’s not too too big and it’s not fragile which is nice so it is pretty easy and convenient to store, transport, carry around so that is nice.

If you want to watch some reviews of other vapes, including the Crafty, you can check out my website- Thank you very much for taking the time to watch and stay up!

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  1. Chris says:

    Based on vapor quality and ease of use which do you think is better the mighty or the plenty?

  2. Alex says:


    How many draws would you expect from a full oven of dry herb? I clean my Mighty often. I’m noticing that it’s burning through herb a lot faster these days. My temp starts out at 195 c and I increase it to 210 c.


    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey I’d say at least a dozen really good draws and then a handful of decent ones, but I think you have your temp way too high and that’s why, I vape at 180°C almost exclusively, sometimes 185°C but that’s the highest I go with my Mighty (or Crafty)

  3. Early says:

    Once the battery permanently dies, can you still use the mighty as a plug in?

    • Bud Bud says:

      Yes! I’ve had my original Mighty since October 2014 and I’ve used the crap out of it, it’s pretty beat up but still holds a charge for at least a few sessions.

      And regarding the pass-through charging, unlike the Crafty this one can used plugged in when the battery is completely drained.

      • Early says:

        Thanks for responding — I’ve gone through three Crafties in two years and the return process is getting tiresome. Had to pay $99 each time due to “excessive use.” Not the worst deal but not exactly true to their warranty either — “excessive use” being a subjective weaselly loophole invoked by S&B IMO. All said, they still make the best vape hands down. Plan to get a Mighty & just use it as a Plenty once the inevitable happens.

        • Bud Bud says:

          Oh man that’s crazy! Definitely a cheesy move on their part.

          Down the line if you ever need it I believe they offer a battery replacement service for a fee, but I’m not positive how much.

          Enjoy it and stay up!

  4. Jupiter says:

    I had the Crafty and switched to the Mighty. I realized some more differences. The Crafty seems to break more often, but I think you mentioned that in your other list already. The one often-overlooked benefit of the Mighty is the bigger cooling chamber. First I thought that it would just produce more vapor because of it, but later I realized that turning it up to maximum heat heats the cooling unit up. Over some days of us liquid THC will crystalize in the inside of the cooling unit. It’s a bit like the cooling unit is a tiny hash-factory. After a while (after continuous sucking at the vape at higher temperatures) the THC in the cooling unit will vaporize. I have used the Mighty without filling in weed, and it still had an effect, because the cooling unit THC vaporized. Of course this benefit only lasts until the regular cleaning session.

  5. Bud Bud says:

    Thanks for your feedback everybody!

    I just ran a poll to see what you guys think is the BEST vaporizer right now (2017), and the Mighty came out on top after all this time!

    Check it out, as of today it has almost double the number of votes as the #2 vape:

  6. Bruce says:

    This is one of the best reviews you have had. I aint buyin it, if The Vape Critic aint reviewing it.

  7. robanddebrob says:

    hello bud, love your videos, cheers!
    i bought the mighty a few (hard to tell) days ago.first thought it was not as big as i expected ,pretty portable really albeit sus.
    it smelt of plastic so i did a warm up or two and the smell persisted.It slowly faded after a few bowlfuls,(which tasted ok). Now it only has a slight plastic smell off the top of the unit at top temperature and the vapour tastes fine even then, so maybe the vapour path is separate. hope even this slight smell will fade .
    I have been using a mixture of grated morrocan hashish and low grade weed in a capsule and it works great . Doesn’t seem to get the bowl too dirty like it might without the capsule . tried pure hash but it melted into gloop at the bottom and didn’t seem to work properly.might try it on top of a liquid pad but those capsules make it very easy and clean so i think i’ll stick with them. the reason to do a hash& weed sandwich is for cleanliness i assume, but grated with a little mini grater mixed in vapes much better and, in the capsules, is superclean.
    despite teething trouble i like this vape a lot. see you later robx

    • Bruce says:

      Scary – you said “Now it only smells a little bit like plastic” – Gulp.

      • robanddebrob says:

        well i used to smoke soapbar so it’s an improvement! but seriously it doesn’t smell anymore or i’d have returned it . The bad smell faded away pretty quickly and i’ve been chuffed with the mighty it works so well i told my mate it was a time machine that i got cheap because it was missing the 9 off the display and you set the year you want to go to and the machine slowly takes you through the years to get to the right year. that only works on celsius though, obviously (not sure why only works for the past -ask a scientist)

  8. Judah says:

    I just took my first hit off the Mighty and then started panicking after it shut off, I was goin ape thinking I got a buggy unit until i saw your post (and i was also impressed in the level of detail you explained everything). big thanks again.

  9. James says:

    The Mighty is Great. Hope you get one that works though! Mine malfunctioned in less than 3 weeks and I have never had worse customer service! So great devise, but if you get a faulty one you are in for months of dealing with S&B customer service. They are beyond useless. Don’t take my word for it, take 30 seconds and read some online reviews before shelling out the big bucks. Unfortunately I am far from alone with my experience with S&B. Still trying to get the issue resolved 3 months later. Good Luck.

  10. Best man lol says:

    Can you do a video comparing the Davinci iQ and the Mighty? I can’t decide which one to buy

  11. Your fan says:

    Can you do a video comparing??????
    1)volcano vs mighty
    2)minivap vs mighty

  12. MIke Tyle says:

    I have this and I love it. My volcano is in the closet now. I pull storm like clouds off the mighty and their support rocks!

  13. Jonathan says:

    I have both the Crafty and the Mighty (just got it). I love them both. Clean and easy draws, great taste, fairly easy to clean. The newest version of the Mighty now has the same booster temperature function as the Crafty, although sadly mine is an earlier 2016 version and I don’t have that feature. Obviously the Crafty is smaller, and you need the app to make adjustments, whereas the Mighty is self contained. I find the Mighty to have a slightly stronger draw, which I assume is due to two batteries and increased power.

    I’ve gone through several vapes and I find these two (really the same) to be the best. I had the overheating issue with the Crafty after more than a year of use, and Storz & Bickel replaced the Crafty under warranty with an entirely new one (in box with all accessories).

  14. KevHuk says:

    Hey man,

    Great review but just one question, can they both be charged via usb cable as you said the mighty had a different charging cable?

  15. Nate Dogg says:

    When are you going to review any of the new butane vapes on the market, sticky bricks, dynavap, vapman, ect?

  16. Dinsdale says:

    I first loved the Mighty and used it regularly, but then its Power Button broke in a year (still under warranty).
    S&B did not acknowledge one email, and two RMA requests directly from their site. It took to whining on their Facebook page until they finally granted me an RMA. (They blamed my spam filter for not getting a response–yeah, no, no such thing in my junk folder.)
    They charged me $130US to replace the main unit even though it was still under warranty–I don’t think the Power Button should be prone to breakage. And it’s just weird, either they cover it under warranty or not–not charge me some weird partial cost.

    That was enough to turn me off S&B for life. (I also had a Plenty emit purple-white sparks and smoke before dying suddenly. They replaced that with a new one immediately, though.)

    I tossed the replacement Mighty to a very appreciative friend for cost. To replace Mighty, I bought a Pax2 which is too dainty and like sucking on a baby’s sippy cup, but perfect for its discreetness and portability.
    So I bought a Firefly2. Hated it for its really strong draw resistance, wimpy battery, low smoke volume, frequent overheating & shutdowns, and overall gimmickiness.
    Finally arrived at CFX, which soundly beats the Mighty in every way at less than half the price.

  17. Aliyah Dwyer says:

    Powerful, It may sound too good to he true, but you really have to take it very slow and easy until you get used to it. This unit outperforms every portable unit and desktop.

    But despite that believe it or not I say stay away.

    Powerful yes, but..

    There are a lot of plastic, especially the mouth piece. I drink from a glass because it tastes much better, than plastic. The health risks with plastic are also important to consider.

    It gets hot too the touch. Its clunky and an eye sore.

    I dont use this anymore. I like my Arizer Solo and Arizer Air. Steel and glass. Yum! Glass is fragile, but a replacement mouth piece is as little as 5$. Worth it. The Magic Flight Launch Box is better than the Mighty in every category.

  18. steve says:

    Hi thought i would let you all know, seems like Storz and Bickel are no longer guaranteeing the casings on mighty’s against cracking, mine is the updated version and has cracked int he same place as the old version did, not been dropped, 6 months old and unmarked

    they replied “Defects on the housing are generally due to improper use or wear and are not covered by our warranty for this reason.

    We can offer you a repair service for EUR 69,00 which includes:”

    i guess they have has so many break they wont repair or replace anymore, which seems crazy as they replaced a friend of mines crafty and mighty which were in his pocket when he fell in a river.

    i will update if i hear anything different

  19. leigh says:

    Hey Bud (I posted this also on Youtube) but I’d love a “Tips and Tricks” video for the mighty / crafty like you did for the firefly 2. Your review and videos of the firefly 2 got me to buy one, can’t wait until I get it.

  20. Su says:

    I use Volcano about a year now. My boyfriend is a [water pipe] smoker. I run out of bags, so I got back smoking. While I do like Volcano, I have to admit that smoking is much faster and I think stronger too.
    The issue I have with Volcano, is the noise factor. Middle of the night is too noisy. So I was thinking trying the quieter versions of the same company. Which one would you recommend, and which one has the closest strength to smoking.

  21. B.J. Lungz says:

    I have had both vapes. My Crafty broke and then I upgraded. I can’t speak to the durability of the Mighty that I upgraded to but the Crafty had numerous issues from the start. Battery life was awful.

    Customer service is beyond awful. Absolutely the worst. But they do stand behind the product.

    My first impressions of the Crafty!

    1. Charges super fast.
    2. Charger is much much much better then the USB one. Yes you need a car charger for your car or a DC converter, but it stays charger much longer.
    3. Vape quality is much better.
    4. You dont need to fumble with your phone. Often it would not connect.
    5. The old cooling units and mouthpieces fit on it so you can utilize those that you bought for the Crafty. They dont look like a perfect fit but that is mostly cosmetic.

    It wont stand up easily but I think i can make something to aid me in that. Also it is bigger and heavier but so worth the extra trouble.

    These are both good vapes but with issues.

    I will keep my Mighty and try to treat it gently. But in 1.5 years when the warranty is up, I will seek another company’s product. Hopefully by then there will be something just as good or better with far more durability and better customer service.

  22. bstandley says:

    have you checked out the dejavu? if so what would the comparison be on something like the crafty?
    second if you were to pick one, which would you get out of the crafty and mighty. besides the battery life what makes the mighty 50 plus dollars more? thanks

  23. Ron says:

    i am using the mighty, very pleased with the vape and is a life saving game changer for me, no more smoke. However, in my case, the cooling unit snapped on the sides an was drawing false air in, until i put two cable ties around it to keep it together again. i had a look online to see what a replacement would cost and i bend over backwards, knowing i am not even using the device for a month yet, 3 for about 75bucks… not good enough, i need a durable solution for that one, not paying that much money for something that is wrong by design. are there any aftermarket alternative solutions to replace that unit altogether? will for example using a water tool as mouthpiece work? or will it be too hot? cheers

  24. Dean says:

    BUD! new vape boundless CFX is apparently close to quality of crafty/mighty but only $170. I NEED A VAPECRITIC REVIEW :D

    • ♥Δ9 says:

      Boundless CFX works great for my needs at half the price of the Mighty by S&B. Being able to electronically control the temperature allows me to precisely select which terpenes and cannabinoids are released. Airflow isn’t the best when it’s gooped up with resin and flower; but, there are mods and cleaning is easy. Battery lasts for 3/4 of a day; and it charges back up in less than 1 hour. Dual USB or power adapter charging is a plus. Overall I’m very satisfied for the money I spent. My next vape in the distant future will probably be a new version of the PAX series.

  25. Dave Summa says:

    Well, I picked up my Mighty when it was first released. Excellent vape, huge clouds, felt well made with its beat sink like exterior, hardly gets hot to the touch. Recently I’ve run into some issues….vaporizer functions slawlessly but, as time progresses, portions of the polymer that they use tend t.become

    • Dave Summa says:

      my comment was cut off, sorry, portions of the polymer they used break off, the heating element comes out of place. my mighty still is under warranty but I’ve been waiting it out for S&B to release an updated model that addresses these issues. I’ve seen some photos on f combustion with improved plastic where the cooling unit meets and locks into the herb chamber. Should I continue waiting or is the Arizer Air good? I owned the Arizer Solo and it was unkillable with good vapor production, (some full .3-.4 packs would last up to 30 min easily) other than the battery’s life cycle dying. The air addresses this issue with removable batteries? What do you recommend that I do? wait a big longer or go for the air….if it still has same quality/vapor production as the solo any other recommendations for a portable as I already have a digital volcano. thanks for any help, great reviews by the way. to be honest im quite disappointed as i paid full retail of $469.99 through S&B sight.

  26. Smokestomuch says:

    I havent smoked in 30 years 8 years ago I was informed I had crones and 2 stage kidney failure I started smoking again it has helped a lot l take 4500 mg of chemicals a day the smoking is very hard on my lungs asking your thoughts on a vaporizer that would help been looking at the mighty thank you for your time

  27. Eric Gardner says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for helping me seal the deal on picking up the mighty. I was originally going to get the crafty from the head shop around here, but they were sold out. Glad I did. Would like to note it’s not as big as some might think. It’s shorter than a note for cell phone, and just as wide. With only an inch of thickness

    • Jeff says:

      Thank you for this comparison paul. I have a note edge and put a huge case on it for protection. Knowing it’s definitely smaller (albeit thicker) than something that I use everyday is great news.

  28. Paul says:

    Hey bud, I purchased the mighty a few weeks ago and I LOVE IT. I just have a few questions about optimal use. Is the mighty really adamant on having fine grinds? If so, would a small 4 piece santa cruz do the job (I currently own this grinder)? Also, what produces more vapor, a loosely packed bowl or a tighter packed bowl? And finally, which method is best to clean the oven?

  29. Rob Geez says:


    Hello all,
    After six months of changing the temperature, going through several strains, different quantities vaped, I finally want to share my (unfortunately ) negative opinion on the Mighty vaporizer by Storz and Bickel.

    One huge problem, just like the worst tabletop vaporizer, Storz and Bickel’s Volcano, THE MIGHTY CONSUMES THE PRODUCT TOO QUICKLY.
    The company is the quickest to use it’s superior “German Engineering ” to sell its’ vaporizers, but, a decade after the Volcano has quietly and slowly drained the pockets/time of their customers, Storz and Bickel have yet to figure out that you cannot have the herb chamber being the actual heater chamber. Your tree is significantly consumed by the time it heats up. You’ll get a maximum of two real pulls per vape. I’ve consumed over 150 grams in one month.

    If you have a really high THC tolerance, the Mighty IS NOT THE VAPORIZER FOR YOU. You will be under constant frustration. I live in France, so I got it delivered to my house for free, but still costing a whopping 350 EUROS, THAT’S EUROS. I’m truly upset. I’ve become very familiar with over 10 different portable vaporizers, and I honestly feel the best one for the true weedhead is VAPIR NO. 2, I have yet to try the latest by Vapir. The reason this is because it is a true vaporizer, the heating chamber is MASSIVE, you can control the temperature to the degree, charge while vaping, and the taste and high is almost too much., i.e., perfect!

    The Mighty is better in three areas:
    1. It never has that “plastic ” taste (Vapir has it when it’s new ).
    2. It is very sturdy.
    3. Despite common opinion, the Mighty is very portable. I carry it in my pants pockets, get into every club and bar, and even in the inside suit pocket.
    4. After about 18 months, the NO. 2 will start to burn the tree. I can tell now this wont happen with the Mighty because of it’s. ..superior engineering. Honestly.

    I had to find a way to cut the oil pad in half horizontally and put it under the filter right over the heating unit. This is the only way my vape will last 60 seconds, if I lightly fill it. Like the Volcano, it packs ONE mighty pull, this is now the bong of portable vaporizers.


  30. Frank says:

    Hi Bud,

    Another great review, as usual. Your review awhile back influenced me to buy the Plenty and I think its an awesome vape! I would like another Storz-Bickel unit (Crafty or Mighty), but I am concerned with the defect rate you were referring to. Has this been resolved with either the Crafty or the Mighty?

    Another question- it looks like overall, the Mighty would be a better choice as the battery life is double, yes, the size is larger than the Crafty but I have been known to throw my Plenty in an overnight bag, so wondering what are your thoughts?

    Finally, are the batteries in either unit replaceable?

    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey Frank!

      Awesome choice, I still love my Plenty as much as the day I bought it 4 years ago ;-)

      Unfortunately S&B still hasn’t really straightened out the defect issues, but it does mostly affect the Crafty, I’ve received way fewer complaints about the Mighty.

      I would go with the Mighty it should be right up your alley. The batteries aren’t replaceable unfortunately but I know S&B has a battery replacement service that’s probably somewhere around $100

  31. George says:

    Iam really happy to see ur critics here
    And I would love to know witch portable vaporizer gives the strongest clouds and high
    I like the pax2 but it looks like get warm when ur a regular smoker
    I smoke 3g day
    Tanks so much

  32. Dom says:

    Hey Bud
    Your reviews are awesome, and they are why I ended up with the Plenty, which I love. My only problem is portability, loading and unloading. I want a vape I can easily fill and empty (in bed and such), and also one that I can take out with me. I’m a heavy user so battery life is a must, and vapor density is also very important. I was deciding between the crafty, mighty, firefly, or pax 2. I also wanted something with low maintenance. I have a USB battery pack that I can use to charge devices, but not all the vape charge via USB. I also would like something able to efficiently vape a small amount of material considering the material I get is very good. Help!

  33. Suresmokesalot says:

    Sent crafty back after 6 months for repair and went with mighty. Had battery issues with crafty hopefully might will be better. The vape quality is superior to all other portables. Mighty and crafty are in need of some tweaks.

  34. technobot says:

    Great review, Bud, I love all your reviews.

    The vape has been fantastic. Coming from an Arizer Air, the pulls (especially temperature) are night and day. This is not a knock on the Air, but the Mighty is in a class of its own.

    Am seriously debating getting the Crafty as the go-to portable vape. The Mighty is my perfect chilling at home / with friends vape.

    Your cleaning video for the Mighty/Crafty was also informative.

    Looking forward to reading more, thanks!

  35. Kin says:

    Hey All –

    I’m trying to decide between the Crafty and Mighty (I already have the Pax 2). I enjoy the Pax but I’d like something that produces a little more vapor, because the effects seem lightweight sometimes (I’m coming from [smoking]). Looking to mostly use it at home and maybe share with a friend or two.

    Should I grab the Crafty or Mighty?

    • Bud Bud says:

      You can’t go wrong with either one they’re both the strongest portables!

    • Harry Flashmam says:

      If you want a portable vape to take out with you then the Crafty. For smoking at home the Mighty. The battery life is much longer and you can alter the temperature more easily.

  36. Ed says:

    My friend I love your reviews, but you have seriously screwed the pooch with this review. I have owed the Mighty for 5 months, keep it as clean as humanly possible, have extra cooling units, and wear and tear kits. I am a solo user, always use less than a full load (liquids pads used to fill chamber and keep materials packed), and charge the unit when one or two battery level indicator is shown. The unit was not staying charged like it did when first purchased so I sent it to Storz and Bickel in Oakland, California. Today received a repair invoice for $96.40; $10.00 labor, $40.00 x 2 for the batteries, and $9.60 shipping fee. Does that seem reasonable to you? Less than 5 months of less than average use and need to pay approximately $100.00 to have the vape work properly again. The unit was purchased through an authorized Storz and Bickel dealer with unbroken seal of authenticity. There is no way this vaporizer lives up to your vaulted review if this is what users can expect. I spoke with Storz and Bickel in Oakland via telephone, and was told the batteries are considered wear and tear items, convenient since warranty does not cover wear and tear items.

    • Jason says:

      I had the same issue with the Crafty! Had it 4 months and then the battery needed to be replaced. They charged me $40 + labor + S&H.

      Pretty expensive to maintain.

  37. simone says:

    hey Bud, Thanks for a great review!
    I would like to know if the mighty can use [solid concentrates]? and how?

  38. Daniel says:

    Also read that the newer versions of the Mighty remember your temperature display preference (C or F) after the unit has been turned off and back on again, rather than always reverting to Celsius. If your unit does not allow the change of Celsius to Fahrenheit, it is a fake!!!

    Regarding the new charger, the prongs snap off to accept others (not included)for other countries.

    Has anyone purchased one of these newer versions of the Mighty?

  39. Daniel says:

    I have read on other online forums that there is a newer version of the Mighty that has the following improvements: new firmware, batteries no longer rattle inside, better molding, charger adapts for international use. Could someone here confirm that?

    If it’s true, when did this newer version go on sale, or when did YOU buy this newer version? Is there an easy way to tell which version you are buying?


    • d says:

      I bought the mighty vape straight from storz and bickel a month ago and can confirm that all the improvements you listed are present in mine. And it does recall all settings even after a dead battery.

  40. Steve Gunn says:

    Have you heard anything about reliability issues with the mighty? I have had 2 friends that got them and one is on his 4th unit and another just had his crap out.I’d like to get a crafty but I’m a little shy now. Thanks for the site. I own a volcano and a mflb thanks to you.

    • Jason says:

      I have a Crafty. Wouldn’t buy another. Mine needed a new circuit board & battery after 4 months use. Storz & Bickel charged me $160. They said it was normal wear and tear.

      • Jason says:

        BTW the MFLB folks are great to work with. I had my MFLB & a charger replaced for free. I didn’t’ even need to send back the non-functioning units. They just ask you to destroy them.

  41. Scott says:

    Just bought the Mighty (last one)…tried it…went back and bought the Crafty! (Last one!)

    I had watched your reviews and found them to be a fair and honest review. Thanks and keep it up!

    Next on wish list is the Plenty! Plus aiming to gear up with chargers, replacement part and cases.



  42. Travis says:

    Thanks for a great review! It helped me make my purchase :) I absolutely love it. One thing I would like to point out, and I am not sure if you mentioned it or if anyone else has pointed it out, but if you take the tool out of the bottom, turn it around, and reinsert it, you can actually stand the unit up on a level surface.

  43. Adam says:

    I’ve had my mighty close to 9 months now and I love it… Puts any other portable vape I’ve tried to shame.
    Couple things to note:
    KEEP IT CLEAN. I mean… Every day.. The cooling unit builds up residue fairly quickly and as helpful as your cleaning video is bud, it is impossible to clean all the nooks and crannies in that cooling unit, especially when it is coated with a layer of oil (residue)… On that note replaceable cooling units are reasonable and an easy fix to a congested unit.
    The black fins all on the outside of the unit collect dust and dirt (especially if your vape goes everywhere you do) I suggest pipe cleaners to go in between fins to keep it clean.
    My unit looks beat to shit… I’ve dropped it, banged it around, use it up to 6 times daily since I’ve owned it… And it still works like a dream.
    Great unit, worth the extra money. If mine broke tomorrow and if it wasn’t covered under warranty I’d still buy another mighty… Nothing compares

  44. Anonymous says:

    Dude I’ve been a fan asking about the minivan since before the mighty came out. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO REVIEW THE MINIVAP? you’ve said soon and it’s been months. Stay up

  45. Craig says:

    I own a Plenty from Storz & Bickel. They have the steel pad meant for liquids, but don’t seem to suggest a temperature setting for best results. Any ideas?

  46. Charley says:

    I read and watch your reviews on vaporizers and appreciate the time, effort, professionalism, and information you provide. Based upon your review and a couple of others, I recently purchased the Storz & Bickel Mighty vaporizer, and must say after using it for a couple of months, I am wondering if you have had a change of opinion about the high ratings you gave both the Crafty and Mighty?

    I have found the Mighty to be very disappointing. The maintenance of this vaporizer is time consuming and really requires the owner to have at least one extra cooling unit and a steady supply of the screens for the cooling unit and heater. The cooling units need to be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned very 2 or 3 days, and if using full bowls or vaping more than a couple of times per day, they will require cleaning more often. Using a cotton swab like in your cleaning video is a quick and dirty way to clean the vape, but if you are going to disassemble the cooling unit you might as well let them soak in alcohol.

    The vapor is very cool but lacks flavor. I have also found the vapor produced to be much less potent than the vape produced by other vaporizers. The two biggest problems are the ridiculous cycling of the unit when in use. You mentioned this in your review, though you really glossed over the irritation this can produce. Having to push the button every minute is a hassle, and most of the time you either turn the unit off or do not push the button enough to reset the timer. So when you are trying to enjoy the benefits of your vaping session, you have to constantly push the button and physically check to make sure the vaporizer is on. Finally, in regard to the Mighty, which is really more of a home vaporizer, it is terribly balanced. The unit will not stand upright unless you remove the cleaning tool in the bottom of the vaporizer, turn it around and put it back in the unit. This will allow the unit to stand upright, but slightly bumping the unit or the surface it is sitting on will cause the vaporizer to fall.

    I do not understand how this vaporizer can be so highly recommended when it has so many design features that make it so non-user friendly. If this were my first vaporizer I would give up vaping and go back to smoking, specially since this is being touted as the best vaporizer for quality of vapor, easy of use, and low maintenance. Yes the unit looks cool and is solidly built, but with a price of over $350.00 this is easily one of the most over-rated, over priced vaporizers on the market. The Arizer Solo easily outperforms the Mighty at less than half the price. It is easier to use and maintain, produces better tasting more potent vapor, and produces more vapor with less material. And in regard to the Firefly, it is nothing more than a glorified Phedor. It does produce big clouds of vapor, but most vaporizers will when they operate at temperatures over 400 degrees. Does it make sense to buy one of the most expensive portable vaporizers on the market which does not allow the user to adjust the temperature to suit their needs?

  47. Alex says:

    Hi there, very nice review!
    I have on question: since the Mighty is passthrough, would you recommend it as a main and only vaporizer?
    I wanna buy my first unit:
    The VapeXHale is my favourite, but really too expensive. I’d consider the Volcano, but I’m not a fan of the balloon.
    The Plenty seems amazing, but I’d rather have something smaller to suck on.
    So I figured I wanted a whip vaporizer (any better unit than the Extreme Q? For max 500 bucks?).

    But back to my main question: the Mighty would be perfect if it can keep up with a desktop vaporizer (I smoke/vape mainly in my bedroom).

    Thanks in advance!

    • Alex says:

      To be more precise: I know the Extreme Q and the Mighty are two entirely different concepts, but there’s a few key points to me:
      – I value potency of the herbs used over the density of the vapor, but if it feels nice, it’s a bonus.
      – I don’t care about gimmicks: i don’t need any remote, lights or diversified systems. I want something that’s straight forward.
      – I want the maintenance to be as cheap as possible. I live in Europe, and I can’t find anything in stored. Ordering on the internet (the shipping specifically) gets expensive with time.

      So the Extreme Q seems to be the best whip system, which I like because I only have the whip to hold on to. But using something small like the Mighty would be just as good.
      Please help me out, I’m confused :)

  48. Don says:

    Hey Bud, just got the Mighty! Night and day difference between this and my Firefly which I’m frustrated with.

    FYI, they must have updated the product, I had to switch it to fahrenheit when I first got the product but it now appears to hold the setting.

  49. Nibs says:

    Thanks to your reviews, and hours of other research, I just bought the mighty, alongside a space case medium scout 4pc grinder, and a space case storage case. And yes, I used your link. Thanks man

  50. seanselon says:

    Aplogies Bud, I just called you Ben in my previous post.

  51. seanselon says:

    Hi there Ben,

    Firstly, may I congratulate you on your excellent website – it’s clear, very easy to understand and navigate – thanks.

    I have been combusting herb for many years now and although I have researched vaporisers online fairly extensively, nothing ever really grabbed my attention until now. It seemed to me that they were either too cumbersome/awkward, not properly portable or, the vape quality reported was at best only mediocre compared to old fashioned combustion methods.

    That all changed two days ago when I received my new toy, the Mighty by Storz & Bickel, in the mail. For me this is a life changing device as I can now say with a degree of confidence, that I will never need to combust my weed ever again!

    Here in the UK, the availability of herb can be somewhat patchy, the quality and price varies considerably and we do not have medicinal suppliers like in California and some other US states. The whole process of acquiring herb can at best be a somewhat clandestine affair and at worst downright seedy. As a consequence of this, the herb costs a lot more. I think vaping still hasn’t really caught on very much over hear partly for this reason. There is no doubt that more herb is required for vaping than traditional combustion methods and of course the cost of the Mighty itself is considerable. All that said, I have to stress though, that the Mighty has many surprising benefits that for me make the extra cost more than worth while.

    The vapour quality is very pure and fresh tasting. It doesn’t burn or irritate the throat in the way combustion often does.

    The vapour is only barely noticeable on exhaling but I feel that is not at all an indication of lack of quality or strength. I found that compared to combusting the hit took slightly longer to kick in but surprisingly was stronger and more sustained ( so the need for more herb could actually be offset by this).

    The device itself is great. It’s sturdy, easy to operate and clean. Easy to load although, not in windy conditions or in a darkened area outdoors as I tried last night.

    Overall I am delighted with the Mighty and I look forward to many years of combustion free and therefore much healthier herb consumption.

    Seanselon :-)

    • Harry Flashman says:

      I am presently trying to decide whether to get the Mighty or the Crafty. I get the impression that, aside from portabilit (Crafty wins) and battery life (Mighty wins), the Mighty might be superior household unit…by slim margin (some say the difference is almost imperceptible). One thing I wonder about however is not being able to stand the Might up. Has this bothered you at all?

  52. Markus says:

    Rating Mighty below Crafty doesn’t make sense to me. Great site and it really helped me to narrow it down to Mighty/Crafty but Mighty is the clear winner for me here because
    1. Temp control on the device allows for vaping herbs on different temperatures and also allows to vape a wide range of different herbs. (Who wants to fumble with a cell phone at the same time as vaping?)
    2. The German Storz & Bickel Web-Site estimates that the batteries will start to decline after about 100 recharge cycles. With only 6 sessions to one charge the battery pack of the Crafty will last only about 1 to 2 years before it has to be replaced which costs app. $70 + freight. The Mighty’s battery, in contrast will last more than double that time. They will be recharged only half the times as they last for 12 sessions. And with the Mighty people have the option to run it plugged in when at home without the need to recharge it until they go out again and therefore can save many recharge cycles when used at home.
    3. Replacing the batteries much earlier will eat up the savings for the cheaper Crafty. But it is also very inconvenient as it has to be send in, especially for people who live outside of the US or Germany plus added international freight costs.(And stuck without a vape for weeks)
    4. If the battery pack of the Crafty is finished the Vape cant’ be used any more. But the Mighty can still be used as it works independently from the batteries when plucked in.
    5. It looks like way more problems have been reported with the Crafty compare to the Mighty so far and I have the feeling these problems are related to the design of the Crafty where the plugged-in-operation still runs through the battery pack. (Just a feeling, no proof)
    6. 90 v 45 min battery life

    As the price savings are negated through earlier replacements of the battery the only advantage for the Crafty left is the smaller size. However, the Mighty is still very much portable. Everything else equal it’s a no-brainer for me. Mighty beats the Crafty clearly and has more peace of mind attached to it.
    Many thanks for the excellent reviews.

  53. ryan says:

    Hey Bud.

    I have a magic flight box that I only used twice, mostly because of draw resistance, hot mouth piece and general usability, so I was thinking about getting a tube one like the herbalair. Then I saw the crafty/mighty.. what should I do? As I was quite disappointed with the magic flight despite the excellent reviews.

  54. Vapinasian says:

    Hey Man,

    Keep up the great work work brohan. You are my #1 choice when it comes to vape reviews (I bought my first vape, firefly after seeing your review). I know people have issues with their technique with regards to the FF, but once you get it down, I think it produces INCREDIBLE vape (quality, density, taste, potency). This is a perfect segway into my next question.

    I’m not looking to add to my vape collection and can’t decide between the Mighty or the herbalizer. In terms of vapor quality, density, taste, potency, could you rate the Firefly vs Herbie (either whip or balloon) vs mighty?

    Again, my only experience so far has been with the FF, but since I’ve mastered the technique, I’m able to get excellent vape quality and that is the main quality I’m looking for in my next vape. The reason I’m looking at the Mighty and Herbie is because it seems to produce similar if not better vape quality than the FF (which is why I’m asking you to rank the vape quality only between the 3).

    I do love the versatility of the herbie (using the whip and balloon), but I’m a bit nervous on pulling the trigger after reading your review and seeing a few other comments regarding the balloon mode on the herbie not being quite as on par with the volcano. I’d use the whip 75% of the time, but I do think its cool that the balloon is available, however it seems the balloon bags in the herbie aren’t as good/durable/lasting as the balloon on the volcano.

    The Mighty is appealing to me because it seems to also produce excellent vape quality and unlike my FF, I wont have to repack it as often because of its bigger herb compartment and it looks like it vapes the herb more evenly (with my FF, I have to stir the herb in the chamber at least once per session).

    I mostly vape at home so being on the go isn’t a concern of mine (I’ll just pack the FF when i use it on the go). Thanks so much and I look forward in hearing back from you. Stay up Bruh!

  55. Tevin H says:

    I don’t see the point of this. I’m sure it’s fancy and great and super duper vape clean. But at this price range, why shouldn’t I just either buy an Airizer Extreme Q or even save up $80 and get a Volcano. Seriously, this thing is WAY too expensive for a portable vaporizer. Should I just get a volcano instead of the Mighty, Bud and invest in a lower priced but still decent Portable?

  56. Caleb says:

    Hey bud I wondering which vape has stronger vapor over the other even tho if it’s a tad bit better the crafty or mighty

  57. Baz420 says:

    Just purchased the mighty based on all your reviews. I couldn’t use the link you have, because it said they were out of stock, and i want to take to the beach this weekend. My question is, what is the good vape setting temperature wise for the mighty ? i noticed for the volcano it’s between 350 and 385. Do you think it should use a similar setting ?

  58. Jim says:

    Problem solved the the Vape shop gave me a replacement !!

  59. Rick says:

    Hey Bud, I just bought the Mighty Vape thanks to your review…Ive watched most of your reviews and think your reviews are the best, ive had the Vapir Air 1, The Natural Goods Vape which was one of my favorites vapes for some reason, ive had the Iolite the 1st one and loved it when it 1st came out, but i needed something better, n wow i love the this vape. the mighty has the coolest vape ive ever experienced…Im also prob gonna get the plenty vape to…thanks again for the great review!!…oh n how do u use that little orange tool at the bottom of the vape…

  60. Jim says:

    Anyone also have pictures of the broken fins ?

  61. Jim says:

    Hi Bud , I only bought the mighty based on your review The top fins just broke after 3 weeks of using it . You need to tell Storz and Bickel to fix the upper fin problem !!! Or I’ll take them to court !!

  62. Jim says:

    Hi Bud , I only bought the mighty based on your review The top finss just broke after 6 weeks of using it . You need to tell Storz and Bickel to fix the upper fin problem !!! Or I’ll take them to court !!

  63. Jim says:

    I just got a new Mighty 3 weeks ago and the top upper fins broke !
    I just put a dispute in with Visa for a full refund !

  64. Cuatro Veinte says:

    Greetings, Bud!

    With both Crafty and Mighty scoring your highest ratings thus far, how would you make your selection today if you had limited financial resources? Specifically, would you opt for a Crafty (as portable) and a Mighty (as home unit) rather than say a Volcano (as home unit) and a Crafty?

    Big fan of your reviews; all the best!

  65. CL says:

    As always great review, with one major quibble. I purchased the Mighty, sight unseen, based on your review and what the vendor told me. He only had a Crafty on display, but no big deal right, the Mighty is the same except for size and the display, wrong, and a major wrong. The Crafty can be stood upright, the Mighty has a rounded bottom surface making it unwise to try and stand the unit upright. A real drag when preparing the heating chamber, or if you have to set the unit down during a session. Storz and Bickel designed these two units to be efficienct and to provide a great vapor experience. Laying the Mighty flat seems to be counter to the design of the unit, it blocks 50% of the cooling capacity of the Mighty, since one side is completed blocked when laid flat. Do you have any idea why they would make the Mighty this way? How could a flat bottom surface have a negative on this unit? For me personally, this is a deal breaker when having to choose between the Crafty and Mighty, and had I know about this before my purchase I would have bought the Crafty. You might want to mention that design difference, because I know a lot of people will not like the difference. Thanks, and keep up your good work.

    • Todd says:

      It was made to hold it your hand .not laying it on it’s side on a counter .

      Laying the Mighty flat seems to be counter to the design of the unit, it blocks 50% of the cooling capacity of the Mighty, since one side is completed blocked when laid flat. Do you have any idea why they would make the Mighty this way?

  66. gege says:

    Hey man Im about to purchase a vapor today but i wanted to know… is it possible to [use solid concentrates] with the mighty and crafty or any other vaporiser in your top portable picks? I dont always have herb as in I often wait for harvest every few months… so yea can you help me out please thanks!!!

  67. FaTBRaDSHaW says:

    Hey bud.

    Was just wondering 2 things. Just out of curiosity (and I know this is getting picky) but what made u rate the crafty 97 and the mighty 96? Was it because the crafty is more portable? Also I have an iPhone6 plus so I think the size of the mighty would be ok with me, however is there anyway to pack less then .5 in the chamber but still get great vape? If not then I might get the crafty so I can pack .3 and still have a great experience. Thanks for the awesome reviews. Been reading your reviews for years now.

  68. RR says:

    Is it possible to smoke wax with the mighty?

  69. Kevin says:

    Hey Bud,

    Love your website and videos. I always make sure to buy through your links. Just bought a mighty and I’m curious about the temperatures. As you said in the video you keep it pretty low at 365, but how did it preform on other temps? Also I have a EQ and I usually start at 383 and then continue to go up until I hit around 425. Is there any added benefit to changing the temp of the mighty mid session? Hope to hear from you.


    • Kevin says:

      Have had the Mighty for a little while now and its been a dream. I have been in fact living the dream with it. Last night I tried out my EQ for the first time since getting the Mighty, and the difference in the quality is monumental. The mighty has forever spoiled me on the vaporizer front. I do have a question in regards to the quantity of herb required to pack in the chamber for the best results. I can’t decide whether to pack it full past the metal bowl or keep it within the metal bowl. Same question for when using a liquid pad as well. Basically how full do I need to fill the chamber to get the best results with and without the liquid pad?

  70. Da kid says:

    f*** mighty vs volcano
    mighty wins if personal use

    real question minivap vs mighty.

    how long till you do the minivan 1month 2 months? stay
    up dude/ homie

  71. Itex says:

    u should really make a fim mighty vs the volcano. Because i dont know wich to buy

  72. Wired says:

    Happy 420 week-end :)
    I love the review and I could not stand not having this unit in my collection.
    So I decided to celebrate this week-end and get it.

    I really like the unit. Best flavor, easy to use, barely any cleaning, good size chamber.
    The downside is short battery life, but the fact that is charges trough USB make this amazing vape amazing.
    I have a USB solar charger so the battery life issue is handled :)

    The little mesh pad that they provide is amazing to put less material in the chamber but also allow you to mix concentrate with you herbs!

  73. Chase says:

    I disagree with why you rated the Crafty better than the Mighty, as well as with your statement that the Mighty ‘is not a pocket vape’. It’s not that big and certainly fits in my pocket. I mean, yeah it’s a little bulky but you have the temperature control directly on it and that’s a HUGE advantage, for reasons that you also failed to mention. First of all when vaping with the Volcano (or any dynamic temp controlled vape) you don’t have to keep the temperature stagnant, fixed at one temp the entire time. In fact it’s a lot better, and you get A WHOLE LOT MORE out of it, when you increase the temperature and have a little cycle that you run each time. For instance with the Volcano I start off at 360 degrees then go to 367, 374, 382, 390, 400, 410, & finish with 420 of course. This is a million times better to me than just keeping the temp at 370, and that’s why I’d take the Mighty over the Crafty any day of the week. If you wanted to increase the temp and get the most out of your vape, with the Mighty this is easily done by simply changing the temp on the front. With the crafty this is damn near impossible, or so much of a hassle that it wouldn’t even be worth it. So I’d personally take the slightly bulkier Mighty any day of the week.

  74. PuffDaddy says:

    Sorry to say my Mighty stopped working after about 10 sessions. It will no longer turn on, and I can hear something rattling around inside, probably part of the power switch I’m guessing. This is VERY disappointing for a product that cost so much, and not being able to speak to a live person when I call customer service is a joke.

    • Bud Bud says:

      No way!! Really bummed to hear that man, did they get back to you yet??

      I’ve received some reports of problems but everyone was able to get theirs repaired or replaced, although S&B customer service is unfortunately not the greatest at responding quickly :\

      From what I’ve been told they’re actually efficient and timely with repairs & replacements, just not communicating.

      If you google “Storz & Bickel repair” you’ll see the page on their site where they tell you what steps to take for warranty service.

      Please let know how you make out!

      • PuffDaddy says:

        S&B has been slow to respond, so instead of fixing it, I am returning it to the place that I bought it, for what I hope to be a full refund. If that does not work out for me, I will turn back to S&B for repair service, and then sell it. For the money I paid, I don’t want any inconvenience, and I certainly regret the decision at this point.

        • Adam says:

          Hey man I’d email if you haven’t tried that. I emailed when mine broke.. Same thing wouldn’t turn on and something rattling. They responded promptly to my email. I also called but got voicemail. They did return my call several hours later.
          Had to pay to ship it back to them but they hooked me up with some stuff for compensation… More value than what it cost for me to ship it back to them… It was a good experience for me… Dealing with storz and Bickel Oakland California location in my case and I’m from Ontario…
          Best of luck dude…
          Ps my new mighty works awesome and I would never sell it.

  75. Wolfkiller says:

    You said this works well with a 4 piece grind, but would it work better (or worse?) with a finder grind like you recommended for the Pax? Some of my herb is already pre-ground extra fine from using my Pax and not sure if it would be okay to use in my Mighty.

  76. Adam says:

    Update #2
    So about 3 1/2 weeks after sending my mighty away I got it back to day!.. Sooooo happy! Missed it a ton.
    Sent it away after it quit working after throwing the err004 message.
    SandB said they would repair and send back and include the car adapter at my request. Emailed them about 2 weeks later just asking how long it should take and when I can expect it back. They got back to me within an hour to apologize for the delay and they would be sending me a new mighty with wear and tear set for compensation. They sent the packing slip with the email to show it was in the mail and I could track it the whole way. Showed up today ( about 5 days later- I live in Ontario). They included the car adapter and wear and tear set plus it’s a new vape so came with all the basics that it comes with when its new. Great service, never been happier! Thought I’d give the company some props!!
    Cheers !

  77. Tony Stark says:

    Have any good recommendations for a case for the mighty? Been using a 10 inch dime bag and it gets a little bulky.

  78. George says:

    Hi Bud!

    I am interesting in buyig the mighty. Do you know if you can use other herbs besides [the common one] with this portable?
    thank you

  79. top shelf says:

    Question I only ….. after work or all day if off & alone or with my brother so I’m looking for best vapor & least amount of material needed or best vapor even if technique needed to learn any suggestions [some text redacted]

  80. Peter says:

    hi i am thinking to buy a vaporizer at home. i have look on Arizer ExtremeQ and silver surfer, mwn thinking about whether Mighty provide the same, can I also use outdoors, however it can not balloon but beyond that is taste and effect as powerful?
    Regards peter

  81. ... says:

    can you show how you clean yours. mine still feels sticky and I clean it with soap, alcohol & a toothbrush

  82. Ray says:

    Hey Bud, thanks for your great reviews.

    I was wondering if there was any smell coming from the unit itself after repeated use? With the Solo there was a cap that would cover the chamber.

  83. Ruslan says:

    Hi Bud,

    I have recently bought Mighty and my world changed, all thanks to you :)
    This is my first vaporizer and im in love with it!
    No more useless cigarettes.

    What I wanted to ask you is this:

    In the cooling unit it comes with regular mesh screen, however when [pulling] I would get pieces in my mouth, so I changed it to the fine mesh screen. Is that ok Bud or should it be the regular mesh ?


    • Bud Bud says:

      Very glad to hear it!!

      If you were having an issue with the stock screen there is no problem to swap it out for a finer one as long as you don’t notice it negatively affecting performance.

      Vape it up! :P

  84. Delboy says:

    I have just given up [combusting] & am seriously thinking of purchasing my first vapouriser.
    Looking at either the Mighty or the Crafty so I can join the vaporising revolution, many thanks for your reviews on both of these models as I found them very informative, it’s just that I had one question that you didn’t cover…..
    Q: Can you Vape [solid concentrates] with these models & if so, what is the experience like?? & how do you get the best out of your vapourser with it as you only really speak about loading them with ground herbs?
    Thanks in advance.

  85. Fenda says:

    You played an integral part in choosing my first portable vaporizer. Went with the Mighty. Size wasn’t too much of an issue for me.

    Thanks my friend. Great reviews and greatly appreciated. Will keep tuning in

  86. adam says:

    So third day in and I got Err004 flash onmy vape- went away and Icontinued the sesh no problem. A week later same thing happened twice in one session. After that it wouldn’t turn on again.
    I’ve read this problem before and was worried cause people seemed to complain about S&B customer service. I sent an email that day and heard back that night with directions. I called th day to confirm directions. I got voicemail so left a message and they called back within hours and left me a detailed message with same details as email.
    Since I’m from canada I had to mail my device to the US. Since this is a bit of a cost S&B agreed to send me some stuff to make up for the expense (car adapter as I requested). Hopefully all goes smooth… But customer service so far? A+ in my books.
    So to summarize- since I read a bunch about it before- maybe expect your device to malfuntion (worse case scenario)- you lose your vape for a week but maybe get some freee stuff out of the deal- still worth every penny this thing- I miss it a ton!

    • Bud Bud says:

      Damn I’m bummed to hear that you had problems with yours :\ but I’m very glad to hear that S&B is taking care of you, definitely come back and let me know how you make out!

  87. Manny says:

    Hey I’m stuck between the mighty or the digital vaporizer there about the same price and I’ve never owned a vaporizer so I don’t wanna make a choice I’m gonna regret please let me know which would be a fit for me I’m more concerned with vapor quality I’m just kinda hung up on the mighty because it’s portable ..but if there a big difference in vapor quality I’ll sacrifice and get the digital thanks.

    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey you’re referring to the Volcano correct?

      Vapor quality is excellent with both, the main way these vapes are going to differ is the experience while vaping from them.

      If you need any kind of portability I would definitely go with the Mighty or Crafty!

  88. Nancy says:

    Well, my Mighty arrived today and it is da bomb! The first bowl was all it took to convince me that my money was well spent. I’ve used a Firefly for almost a year, with mixed results – even after learning how to use it the results were a little inconsistent. Not so with the Mighty – it achieves the desired results much quicker and stronger than the Firefly. Plus the vapor is cool and very flavorful, even toward the end of a bowl. I’m experimenting with temperatures and hope to update my post with more specifics. Thank you, Bud, and commenting community!

  89. jj says:

    FYI, your links for purchase just seem to hang in my Safari Browser… want to give you credit for the sale!


  90. Adam says:

    Spot on!
    I’ve tried lots of vapes- portable and desktop- and have generally been let down by most portables due to lack of quality vapor (thickness) annd restricted draw. So for this purchase I didn’t want to drop $100+ and be let down by an average or subpar product. So instead I ponied up and bought a Mighty. While the pocket book took a hit, I can at least say I am not disappointed. Great vapor, great draw, super easy to use.
    Loses points on most reviews for size and discreetness- but that should hardly be a scoring factor anyways. The thing is PORTABLE after all- fits into your pocket (bit bulky sure) but by no means inconvenient.
    It is especially great for 1 or 2 person sessions- any more than that will require packing bowls more frequently.
    I am stoked I chose the Mighty- thanks for the accurate review Bud. The true test for the mighty will be how it holds up in the long run (durability wise), but seems easy enough to clean and such- and replacement parts are available- … Time will tell! Happy vaping everyone!

  91. richard says:

    Hey how are you?
    I wish you experience this scene with the Mighty / Crafty:
    Remove the screen of the mouthpiece, in place you put the Liquid Pad with way to get stuck. Just this!
    It is only advantages: you can put less material and less cleaning of mouthpiece.
    The materal is also always within the chamber.
    What do you think?
    keep vape!

  92. Carlos Danger says:

    Hey bud,
    As stated above by most commenters, you give the best, most complete, and most impartial reviews that can be found on the World Wide Web. Just decided on this vape based on your review (and others, had to do my research since its not cheap, not gonna lie). Not as worried about portability to get the crafty. Feel like the battery life, display, etc since I’m just keeping it at home will make up for difference in price. Or at least I hope so. Just placed the order tonight through the link you provided and can’t wait to try it out. I will let you know my review after a few weeks. STAY UP!

    • Bud Bud says:

      Thank you sir, excellent choice and definitely come back and let me know!!

      • Carlos Danger says:

        Hey bud, 1 week in and loving it. Ordered it from your link above and got it within a few days. I have had a few friends over to try it out and they have left impressed. One even bought a Davinci just cause it was available at the local store and he wanted a vape. Anywho, I have a few questions as a noob:
        1) how often do you clean the mighty?
        2) how often do you clean the screen from your SpaceCase? I mean actual clean, not scraping the screen with that triangle tool. Seems like my screen is getting clogged.
        3) fuck, I forget, I swear I had a 3rd point.
        Anyways thanks for your reviews and couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Thanks Bud!

        • Bud Bud says:

          Awesome!! Really glad to hear it.

          I’d say I clean my Mighty roughly every dozen sessions or so, and I actually never clean the screen in my Space Case, the only thing I sometimes do is soak the top piece in alcohol to get any buildup off.

          If you think your screen is clogged though you can do the same thing to clean it

          Stay up!

  93. Steve says:

    Hi Bud
    Before you relegate your Pax to the dust shelf try a small experiment with it first. Open the oven and remove the screen (give it a good clean while you’re at it) and then place a small piece of SS wire formed into an “S” into it and replace the screen. The idea is to lift the screen off the oven floor just a bit. Make sure the wire is bent in such a way that it dosen’t block the airflow from any part of the area between the oven walls and the tube opening.
    I’ve done this and first I notice that it alleviates the hard draw, second it is not so vulnerable to the gunk coming down the tube and hardening with the heat between the screen and the oven bottom (further increasing draw resistance, and finally the vapor clouds are 2 to 3 times what they used to be. The vapor is now so thick that it can make you cough easily if oinking out in your draws. Of course the thicker the vapor the fewer the hits and now it will consume a full load in about 10 to 15 draws but the brain rush from them is amazing.

    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey I still use it! My Wife actually still prefers it over the Crafty cus she can take shorter pulls.

      Very interesting tip, I’m definitely going to try this. I’ll post back when I do, thanks man stay up!

    • richard says:

      I did it with a volcano screen (folded) … works great!

  94. FreddyFunk says:

    Would this be a good vape for shatter or crumble?

  95. PuffDaddy says:

    Out of all the vaporizers you have reviewed, which one do you find has the strongest effect?

    Also, how or where would you recommend selling a used vape, as I am replacing my NO2 with a Mighty, and am looking to part ways.

    • Bud Bud says:

      Probably the Plenty (and the Crafty/Mighty for portables)

      As for your second question I’m not really sure sorry :\

      • CJ says:

        Been visiting your website for a couple of years now looking for a vape. Its pretty clear you’re the best vape reviewer in the business so keep up the good work. Still haven’t switched over to vaping yet but I want to make the jump ASAP. Looking for the best vape in terms of strongest vape quality and overall value. I have most of my sessions at home with occasional on the go sessions. Originally I was interested in the PAX but after trying it out a bunch of times I gave up on vaping in general based on feeling more light headed than [you know]. Then I heard about the Plenty and was interested again. Now there is the Mighty and Crafty which both have better reviews than the Plenty on your website. So, if its all about Vapor quality which one is the one to get? Is it close enough between those vapes I should consider going portable with the Crafty or Mighty? Portable would definitely be useful for me in terms of having the flexibility of where my sessions are but I don’t want to lose out on quality for the portability.

        Thanks for the help.

        • Bud Bud says:

          Hey thanks for stickin around!

          You’ve narrowed it down to 3 of my favorites. The performance of all 3 is very close, but if there’s any small difference someone might notice I’d say it’s that the vapor from the Plenty is a hair cooler, this being due to the longer cooling coil.

          Vapor quality is top shelf with all of them also, and the vapor they produce can be really strong & potent.

          If you were strictly going to be vaping indoors only, and mainly at home, I’d say why not just get the Plenty and save a few bucks.

          But if you think you’ll need or want any kind of portability I’d probably consider the Mighty instead. If you want one that’s very portable and fits in your pocket, you go with the Crafty.

          So yea, don’t let performance sway your decision just focus on how and where you’ll be using it ;)

          Let me know what you decide to do!

  96. ww says:

    greetings and salutations bud.
    appreciate the website and reviews. just ordered the mighty and in due time but, until then i have a question on the cleaning aspect. can you use a plastic/acrylic cleaner product, like formula 420, on the plastic parts (not the seals?)? give them a quick shake in a small container then a rinse?
    thank you sir..

    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey you should be able to yes, to be safe I would just start with a small amount and soak for just a short period, then just check to make sure all is good.

  97. Nin says:

    Great reviews Bud,,
    I don’t know which unit to go for.. Crafty or Mighty ??
    Do you find the crafty battery life a issue?? Mean when your out and about ??

    Cheers ;D

    • Bud Bud says:

      Both are excellent, if I had to choose only one to keep it would probably be the Crafty just because of its size, I like being able to put it in my pocket. Battery life isn’t fantastic but I’m able to get 3 full sessions on one charge at the default temperature. It uses micro-USB chargers also so you can hook up a small USB power bank to it if you need extra juice when you’re on-the-go.

  98. Dan says:

    hey bud, which vape gives the most concentrated vapes all while minimizing the amount of air in my draws? due to medical problems i can’t suck in very much air. i currently have the no2 vapir, mflb, and herbalizer.

    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey Dan if you’re looking to get dense vapor from just a short draw your best bet is probably a good balloon vape like the Herbalizer you have.

      If you pack the chamber about half full of finely ground herbs and set it to ~360°F you should get a nice dense bag of smooth vapor.

      Balloon vapes let you have the vapor “on tap” so you can just take a short 1-2 second pull and get a good amount, most (if not all) other types of vapes right now will require a draw of at least a few seconds to get a sufficient volume of vapor from it.

  99. Dingo ringo says:

    G’day mate,

    Dingo Ringo from down under %D love what you do mate.. Any chance we can swap jobs…?? I’ve got a question for ya..

    I’ve seen on youtube that you can connect a wipe to the MIGHTY mouth piece and have it to D021 water [tool]..

    Question is???
    Is that a healthier way smoking or just 100% vape with no water tool???

    Mmm.. Always heard of water in the lungs..

    New to vaping and loving your stuff big guy


    • Bud Bud says:

      Haha what’s up!

      Vaping through water is mostly personal preference, sometimes it can help smooth the vapor out a little but the biggest downside is that it almost always strips out most of the flavor :\

      I don’t personally find it necessary but every once in a while I’ll run one of my vapes through my water piece for shits n giggles, it’s a slightly different feeling if you’re looking to switch things up.

      But with the Crafty & Mighty you definitely don’t need to run through water in my opinion, vapor is already top notch.

  100. Dried says:

    Thanks for the review.

    One of the cons seems to be the missing of the possibility to change batteries/accu’s by yourself.
    Do you have any idea what the costs are of the replacement of the batteries of the Mighty or Crafty? And the lifetime of the batteries?


    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey I’m not sure what it would cost or if it’s even possible right now, and the vape only came out a few months ago so I don’t think I could accurately comment on the total life

      The company that makes this is very high-end and they pay close attention to detail so my gut tells me the chance of battery life being an issue with these is very low

    • Aj says:

      Hey there the battery exchange service for the crafty is €40 euro and for the mighty it is €60 euros. I am sorry I do not know the price in dollars. However if you go to, then select the vaporizing tab followed by the FAQ tab and then scroll down to either crafty or mighty FAQ. Then if you scroll down to question 8 for the mighty FAQ “how long do the battery’s last?” or question 12 under the crafty FAQ “how long does the battery last?” the procedure for battery replacement is explained along with prices for replacement and roughly what kind of usage you can expect from both the units power supply. Hope this helps!

  101. Joe says:

    Hi, thank you for the useful reviews. Based on your recommendations I bought a Mighty the other day. And even though I followed the instructions, i’m getting only a couple of draws from a full chamber, and with very week vapor as well. When I empty the chamber the herb is brown, which means it has been vaped, but i’m not getting any bang from it. I’ve tried temperatures between 160 and 190 C, but that did not change matters much. Has this happened to you before? Any idea what i could be doing wrong? note this is my first vape.


    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey Joe try this

      Grind your herb fine and use the filling tool to semi-firmly pack the chamber full

      Turn the unit on and set it to 180°C (356°F)

      When it reaches temp start taking long, slow draws (pull lightly for ~10 seconds)

      The first few pulls will be light vapor and a lot of flavor, then starting from about the 3rd draw the vapor will be dense

      The key with this vape is to take a long draw, and to make sure your material is not loose in the oven

      Oh and also make sure that the unit isn’t shutting off in the middle of your session and reducing the heat

      Let me know how you make out!

    • Kelly says:

      Hey Guys! I just bought the Mighty this week and I am having the same issue. I am lucky to get 5-6 draws from a full chamber. You had stated 10-12 draws in your review. That’s a large discrepancy. I even went back and watched your video review to make sure I was remembering right. For me, it seems to burn up really quickly. Initially, I started at 370 and I take long 10-12 second draws. That temp, I actually choked. Too hot. Plus I was only getting 3-4 good draws. I started lowering it. 355 seems to be the sweet spot. Draw #1 is sort of weak as things get heated. Draw 2-4 are great. Then 5th, the vapor is cut in half. The 6th is pretty much non visible. I’m burning through loads more herb than I did with my Vapezilla desktop. Not sure why this could be. I’ve tried packing it tighter and looser. I’ve tried grinding more. I’ve followed every official instruction and online video. Plus I’m quite techy so I know I am absolutely doing everything correct. Like Joe said, the buck don’t match the bang. Haha. I love it otherwise. It’s a fairly large chamber anyways…much larger than what my desktop uses and it just burns so much faster. I’m afraid my herb costs are going to greatly increase. I tried your advice but still nowhere close to 10-12 draws. Any other thoughts Bud or Joe?

  102. Rafael says:


    In the first charge, how many hours do you recommended ?

    King regards.


  103. Aaron Lister says:

    hey bud…
    I have used the arizer extreme q for many years now but its getting ready for replacing and its not very portable i am also a fisherman and wondered if its possible to get car chargers for them and which out of the mighty and crafty you would say is the better of the two cheers dude

    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey man they both have car chargers available as add-ons, and the Crafty uses the standard micro-USB adapter which can you find everywhere online and they’re not expensive. The Mighty charger is proprietary but isn’t too much extra.

      These two vapes are extremely similar, if battery life is a big concern for you and you’re cool with the slightly larger size go with the Mighty, otherwise if you want a pocket vape go with the Crafty.

  104. vasilis says:

    Got this vape and in less than a month the power button (which you have to press it all the time to keep it on) broke. So keep that in mind….

  105. Guy says:

    Thanks for such great reviews Bud. I have a question about cooling vapor. I’ve had a volcano for several years and love it, but often find the vapor is too harsh on my lungs if set above 5, as I have mild asthma. However, I prefer the vapor quality at a higher setting (7 or higher), and was wondering for ways to cool the vapor down. I’ve read reviews of doing it through a water pipe, but that seems like a lot of work, so I was wondering if you had other ideas. I’d consider buying another Storz and Bickel product like the Plenty if it delivers superior vapor quality at a lower heat. Thanks!

    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey that’s a tough one because at 5 on the dial the Volcano produces some of the smoothest vapor you can get. Sometimes vaping through water can make it a tiny bit smoother but it does strip out a lot of the flavor so it’s sort of a catch-22

  106. vapordewd says:

    You’re my go to guy for vape reviews lol, great info and highly reliable. I got the firefly now got my dad a mighty, everybody very happy, thanks.

  107. Jon says:

    Bud, I just want to thank you for your amazing reviews. As a smoker of 20+ years, I’d finally decided to switch to a vaporizer. Your reviews helped guide me to The Mighty, which I am currently enjoying my first session with. I see this vaporizer not only as a step up health-wise, but also saving money in the long run by conserving material. The liquid pad provided worked great for a single session for a single user. It’s really some of the best money I’ve spent in a long time.

  108. Zach says:

    Also, off topic. Dollar for dollar what’s the best vape you can get if I’m looking for something that’s concealable (something that’s small and light enough that I can store.) vapor production. Group use..

    To give reference, it was taking me about 20 minutes on the mflb to feel good and I don’t want to do that again. I want something that can be used in a group if needed(which by my standards eliminates most portables), can be easily transported and undetected, get my feeling good in less than 15 mins. MDoes this eliminate the Volcano, plenty, cloud Evo?

  109. Zach says:

    Hey buddy,

    NNice as always, thanks

    A few questions (one topic and off)
    1. In terms of smell, how do these vapes smell when they are turned off and material inside. For example, could I charge my mighty or crafty in a public library without anyone smelling “material?”
    2. You mention this has vapor production of a desktop vape. How does it compare to the Evo cloud? In terms of how long it takes you to get up with each vape

    • Bud Bud says:

      They actually don’t smell very much at all, I was pretty surprised. Not sure about charging in the library though ;)

      These S&B portables get me the strongest results in the shortest amount of time. The Cloud EVO is up there for sure, you can get big clouds from it and strong vapor also.

  110. Mat G says:

    Hi there, new to posting but not new to the subject. Having recently purchased the mighty and am very very pleased with the results. I’m a recently converted combuster to vaporiser and having tried almost all of the vapes out there! This is the one for me!… (Also volcanoe and plenty owner) … My question is , and excuse me if I have missed it in the manual somewhere , ( this product works well lol) I can’t find out how to replace the oven mesh ( the one the herb rests on ). I believe there is a spare in the kit supplied and yet have now idea how to replace it so haven’t dared to fiddle too much. The upper screen ,I realised, gets damaged in removal but the new one clips into place forming the same shape as the existing. You just have to trust it …but I haven’t dared the same method with the oven mesh. Also what it’s the best liquid / solution to clean all parts of the mighty, the oven sides sometimes get a bit of residue clinging to the edge and because parts are plastic I haven’t dared use rubbing alcohol . Is there a made up purpose made solution for all parts and if so is there a full cleaning guide anywhere out there that goes into the cleaning in a bit more detail.! … Love the videos and THANK YOU for all the help they have been to me in purchasing vapes.. And I couldn’t agree more with you on every review. Your a true expert!!! Many thanks. Mat G

  111. Tavares says:

    Never thought it would be so hard to choose a good vaporizer. But I finally decided on the Mighty. Hope it was a good choice for the price. I just wanted more battery power and good clouds to show me it’s working. Thanks for the advise and I used the link provided by the way. Can not wait til it gets home for me to use. Happy Holidays. I know mine will be.

  112. Ben says:

    Hi, Bud
    Which would you say is closer to a smoking experience, the Mighty or Volcano? Which one makes more of an impact with the [effects], or [pulls] harder? I’ve used a Crafty, and it would blink red and blue and shut down every time on the 195C booster temp. Then you couldn’t use it plugged in for a while because of the overheated battery. Have you had any overheating issues with either the Mighty or Crafty? Also, I’m assuming the Volcano’s more efficient? Is there a big difference with efficiency?


    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey Ben this is the first I’m hearing about an issue like that, you should be able to vape a full ~15-minute session and not have it overheat, and I’m sure you can go even longer than that.

      If it keeps happening I would get it replaced. There isn’t a big difference in efficiency, they’re both very efficient, but I feel that the Mighty & Crafty experience is closer to smoking than any other vape besides the Plenty.

      • Aj says:

        Hi bud love the site and agree with most of what you say bout every vape I own(8 in total so far lol).So as far as I’m concerned your reviews are spot on pls keep up the good work.

        Sorry to butt in but I also own a crafty and have already had to have a replacement unit because of very similar issue which ended up with the unit unusable.

        My replacement also over heats sometimes (not as much though) when used at high temps! When I contacted Storz and Bickel the second time they informed me that the crafty and mighty have battery monitoring and if the battery gets too hot/cold it will stop the device from charging too prevent the unit from being damaged also if the battery gets too hot/cold the crafty will go into a sort of safe mode and won’t allow the unit too be turned back on until the battery has cooled down/warmed up!

        I’ve done more research and it seems that these units use pretty much the same battery cells as the arizer air but then Storz and Bickel hardwire them into the unit and cover the battery in special sensors to monitor heat etc and this is why the battery replacement is more expensive then you might expect but also seems the battery is under the unit warranty unlike most portable vapes.

        However there seems to be some things you can do to prevent heat retention from building up to the point that this safety mode cuts in.

        Firstly stick to using the larger meshed screens in the cooling unit as seems to help the heat dissipate from the cooling unit easier then the fine mesh screens used in bottom of heating chamber(although cleaning the cooling unit is messier as more plant material will enter the cooling unit).

        Secondly only use liquid pad when necessary as the extra metal in the filling chamber seems to make the heat retention build up quicker.

        Thirdly remember these vapes work better at lower temps than most and dial the temp back a bit.

        Also let the auto shut off work where it can to help prevent this as like the plenty you can continue to vape a few tokes when it’s turned off with the heat that’s built up in the exchanger itself.

        I am hoping that the mighty will have less issues with heat retention kicking in the battery safety mode at high temps as there’s two battery’s too share workload and a bigger area for heat dissipation.

        Maybe you could do some high heat runs and let us know what you find.
        I am fairly confident if u set your crafty to 200c-210c and vape for fifteen mins you will see for yourself!

        I am curious if the mighty has same issue I’m hoping not but will let you know in a month when I get one lol.

        The crafty is still an amazing little vape but perhaps more suited to quicker sessions and lower heats.

        • Aj says:

          Sorry meant to post a little further down lol

          • nad909rec says:

            Thx Aj

            Certainly You help me choosing between these two amazing vapes and save them the troubles you had.
            (this is concern to your comment Below)


            Thx again

        • Bud Bud says:

          Hey thanks for posting!

          Bummer about the defect, but I hope they took care of you

          I haven’t had any overheating issues with mine but as you said they work at lower temps than some people might be used to

          I almost strictly use this vape at 355°F (~180°C), that’s where it seems to perform best and produce the best quality vapor

          At this temp the unit never seems to get too hot, and the end results are exactly what I would hope for

          • Aj says:

            Hey bud thanks for the reply and interest I’ve spoken to Storz and Bickel Several times since my last post.

            They have since informed me that my second unit is not faulty, it’s just the battery monitoring system doing its job as I had suspected!

            The issues I experienced with the first unit over heating and then eventually just flashing red and orange and not turning on, was actually two different issues and not related to my second unit over heating. Which is a huge relief!

            They have reassured me that this time it is definately just the battery monitoring safety mode doing its job. It does this by shutting off the vaporizer when used for too long or at too high a temp to prevent damage to the battery.

            They also informed me that the reason the auto shut off is set to 1 min is to prevent a constant heating of the crafty. And that this is because over heating of the battery can occur especially at higher temperatures!

            I would be more than happy to send you a copy of the emails between Storz and Bickel and myself to confirm this to be true, as I know you wouldn’t want anyone to be misled with false information posted on your website! After all this is the main reason we all respect your opinions and value your site so much as well as why this site is so needed by so many people!

            My sessions on average are only ten to fifteen mins tops, but I do take strong draws as well as liking high temps, so the auto shut off does not often have a chance to kick in when I’m using my crafty the way I would normally vape.

            As a result I find it best to stick to the advice I shared with you in my last post. Which is why I thought I should share as it does really seem to help to minimise this from happening. Though unfortunately it does still happen if I’m not carefull to stick to the advice and when I use my oils or share with friends.

            Storz and Bickel have also reassured me that because of the mighty having double the battery power of the crafty it will definately handle higher temperatures for longer and over heat less often with extended use without the safety mode shutting off the vaporizer. So is also better suited for higher temps as well as longer sessions or sharing with friends.

            Storz and Bickel also explained to me that unfortunately it’s just that the mighty (and the plenty which i already own and love thanks to your recommendation!) are more suited to my kind of usage patterns and higher temps, than the crafty is!

            They even apologised for not having better news then this for me, which I thought was very kind of them.

            It would therefore seems that as long as your a lighter user and having shorter sessions, or someone who prefers lower temps like yourself and don’t use it while charging, that you’d be very unlikely to have this happen with the crafty very often at all!

            Though this does kind of mean that if you are a higher tolerance heavy user, a lover of higher heats and oils or someone who rarely vapes alone then the mighty may well be the better choice for your needs rather than than the crafty!

            Because of this I’ll be ordering my mighty soon and intend on using the mighty as my main portable and the crafty strictly out and about and for much quicker sessions or when I need to be well you know “crafty” lol.

            The crafty is still an awsome little vape. It’s truly unrivaled for its size and is definately a cut above the rest and really does out perform many desktop models. When you consider the crafty does so despite only running of 1 lithium ion battery rather than the mains electrical supply it really is a very impressive achievement indeed.

            Also the drawbacks I’ve experienced with the craftys battery seem to be more to do with my usage patterns and my liking of higher temps then anything else.

            Considering these problems are also solved by the mighty having two battery’s insted of one Storz and Bickel have technically solved the issues I’ve had! It would therefore seem more a case that I just brought the wrong version of the vaporizer for my heavier than average usage.

            I hope that by sharing my experiences with you it can help at
            least one person with choosing between these two amazing vapes and save them the troubles I’ve had.

            Thanks again Bud, for the awsome site and all the brilliant reviews and advice!

            Peace and respect!

          • Bud Bud says:

            Thanks so much for posting your thoughts and experience Aj, it is very much appreciated, stay up!

    • Alex says:

      The same thing happens to me on Crafty, when you have it pluged in and use it multiple times. eventually it goes to red and blue flashing and it will not charge or start until it cools. I have two Craftys and they are many serial numbers apart, bought at two different times, they both do this. Try using your Crafty continuously while plugged in, it will overheat.

      • Bud Bud says:

        I’m pretty sure this issue is not overheating, the vape just uses power faster than it can charge up, so if you vape a few sessions in a row even if it’s plugged in it’ll eventually die and you’ll have to wait a little bit before turning it on again.

        • Alex says:

          That makes sense, as the quality of vape is consistent and it starts up again after a few minutes. Like any portable vaporizer there is limit on how long it can continuously be used. BTW, many thanks for all the impartial and accurate vaporizer reviews, when I want to know about them I always check your information first!

        • izabael says:

          I have this issue also and I’m pretty sure IT IS an overheat issue when plugged in because you can really keep going for over 15 minutes…it will eventually start blinking blue and red and shut down. In a few minutes it works fine again. The ANNOYING thing for me however, is that it always sets the vape to MAX temp when it does this (I notice right away because when the regular is set to max, there is no overdrive mode). So then I have to use the app to reset the settings.

          Not a big deal. I love this vape and use it EXTENSIVELY DAILY. I bought it on your recommendation (as with my other vapes.) This really is the best all round portable vape, though I’d say the Firefly has a slightly better taste. In over other way including ease of use and vapor thickness, cleaning, maintenance, portability, and durability, this vape is amazing.

          • Bud Bud says:

            Very interesting, thanks for posting and letting me know!

            I’m really glad you’re happy with your purchase ;)

            Vape it up!!

  113. Sam Brannon says:

    I purchased the solo and hated it. Very hard resistance to draw. I bought the volcano and truly fell in love with that device. What is the best portable alternative in comparison to the volcano? In terms of effect and vapor quality.

  114. nico says:

    what would you recommend in comparison the davinci ascent or this one?

    thanks for your expertise

    kind regards,


  115. Keefer says:

    Hey Bud! Thanks for the excellent review. If actual portability isn’t an issue, is it worth the extra 70 bucks to buy the Mighty? Is the size the only reason you’d choose the Crafty, or are there other things too? Thanks. Peace

  116. thomas says:

    this is an excellent unit. It is incredibly efficient at vaping evenly and percisely every time. It is a hybrid of sorts between the pax and firefly. The chamber stays as clean as the Plenty and I get better clouds and cleaner tasting vape as well. I think it just requires less effort during your draw. It also keeps the vape cool by sending it through the channels within the lid. Extreme money for a device like this yet worth it as it works so well every single time. The fact the it shuts off just means you press the button every time you draw. no more problem. A great piece despite the price. It doesnt replace my Pax , though. But it is a beast in the world of vapes.

  117. Brian says:

    I have a lack of abdominal muscle due to some old surgeries so draw resistance is a huge concern of mine. I own many of your top rated vapes portable and desktop.
    The Pax has too much resistance for me to use. My favorite vapes are my Volcano, and for on the go, my MFLB.

    How would you describe the draw resistance for the Mighty and the Crafty in comparison to the Pax?


    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey Brian they’re much easier to pull from than the Pax, these two S&B portables actually have very little draw resistance.

      Stay up!

  118. Mylo says:

    The Mighty is mighty appealing, it seems like a perfect device but I thought that the new portable S&B vapes would be less expensive than the Plenty. I admire the quality of their products, but it’s difficult to shell out that much cash for something I don’t do that much nowadays. I would feel obliged to use it more often than I would like to :)
    Are you planning to review the Flowermate V5.0S? I wouldn’t buy anything that you haven’t reviewed because you seem like a genuine, trustworthy guy so if you do plan to review it I would gladly wait for your verdict on this much cheaper vape.

  119. resinous says:

    Torn between the Mighty and the Plenty. Own a Pax that is the love of my life. Need a durable, hardy vaporizer for home use that works while plugged in. Help?

  120. Kevin says:

    Hey Bud
    Thanks for all the great reviews I bought a HerbAlizer 3 months ago after reading your review and I have been very happy with everything it fulfills all my Stationary Vapping needs.
    As for a portable I am using a Ascent by DaVinci it works very good but I find there is alot of cleaning and the glass parts break easily I’ve been thinking of getting a new portable .
    Would you consider the Mighty an upgrade over the Ascent if yes in what ways. I already like the no glass parts battery life sound great
    I use a portable 4 to 6 times a day.


    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey man yea I would consider the Mighty (and Crafty) to be better than the Ascent in pretty much all areas except for maybe battery life, these S&B portables make up for that in performance.

      • Kevin says:

        Hey Bud
        My Mighty got here yesterday in the morning fully charged and ready to go so i’ve been testing it and it is definitely the best portable I have owned and or tried right up there with my Herbie both have great vapor quality. How do you remove and replace the screen in the lower filling chamber I found lots of cleaning instructions for the cooling unit and nothing for the filling chamber. Is it as simple as pop it out and pop a clean one in?

        Thanks for the great and informative reviews.

        • Kevin says:

          I found information about filling chamber screen


        • Bud Bud says:

          Nice man glad you’re diggin it!

          The bottom screens of all S&B vapes usually take a lot longer than the top screens to build up residue, so you really shouldn’t have to clean it often.

          It should pop out if you use a small tool (like the orange pick) and then you could just place in a new one.

          Alternatively, what you can try to clean bottom screens is just leave them in there, leave the chamber empty, heat it up to operating temp, and take a handful of long draws to clear it out.

  121. Taxguy says:

    I just bought the Crafty and next paycheck I’m ordering the Mighty. OMFG is all I can say. Smokin for 30 frigin years and I finally woke up to Vaping. Holy Crap man. Why didn’t someone slap me silly when the Plenty came out. Kinda glad I waited for the technology because I may not have been satisfied with the other crappy “cooking bowl” chamber types. The Crafty rocks and I can choose any temp I want to get every drop of flavor from my herb. Battery sucks down quick, but I guess if you want real results you gotta use some serious juice. Hats off to my fellow germans for totally smokin the competition.

  122. Christian says:

    Out of stock. :( Expensive too! $469.00 Wow. I got the Firefly and I have few concerns with it. Seems to be working reasonably well but I have nothing to compare it to, first Vape and all. The switches could (need to) be better, and there could be a user interface sound queue to start hitting it, when it reaches temp. Otherwise Firefly is great, purchased because of reviews on this site. Obviously it needs to be able to charge and operate at the same time, external charger is bs. Thinking about the Plenty. It’s cheap. What think, guys? So far I think these forums have been the least hate-filled and chill, just people talking about high-class vape products while the rest of the proles and plebs ignite their products with primitive flame like the first man-monkey to discover fire, in the lost ages of time. ;)

    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey man the Firefly is a good one but def requires more technique and attention to get the best results.

      The Plenty is awesome and basically just a larger, plug-in version of these new portables, and everything I say about their performance is the same.

  123. Jeb says:

    I’ve been a fan of yours since I started smoking. I got a magic flight and extreme-q based on your reviews (and I used your link). As soon as I calm down and can type straight I’m headed over to get the Mighty via your link provided here. Just waned to (finally) say thanks for all your work—it’s very appreciated! I apologize if I double-posted on the Crafty page.

  124. Jay says:

    Thank you for the review bud. All I have to say is that I’ve been using this thing for a couple weeks now. It is amazing.. If anybody is wondering if they should get this vape DO IT. Simple as that.

  125. Sean says:

    Hey Bud, great thorough reviews as always! Like a lot of people I’m sure, I’m torn between the Mighty and the Crafty. Originally I really wanted the Mighty for it’s on board full temp control and considerably longer battery life, not really caring about the size difference. But now I can’t quite decide how much I care whether or not I’d care for it to be quite smaller and having to use an app for temps. Different reviews I see tend to gauge the size difference a lot differently then others..
    I guess what I want to know is even being bigger, will the Mighty still fit in a mans pants pocket or cargo shorts? Is it SOOO clunky to where it would be a “burn” to use it out and about in town? Or if you’re someone who doesn’t really care if it’s noticeable would the Mighty be the way to go? Or should one just get the Crafty for it’s more convenient travel size? I’m contemplating very hard bud, I need some sleep help me decide

    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey man, I feel your predicament.

      I don’t think the Mighty is too big to carry around, and it’s definitely not fragile or clunky, but I feel that for most people the Crafty is the more sensible option for use on-the-go because of it’s smaller size.

      However, if you have big pockets and value the longer battery life it’s hard to ignore this one being a good option.

      In addition to the extra battery life this one can also be used when it’s plugged in and it’s completely dead, with the Crafty you have to let it charge for about 25 mins or so before it’ll turn on.

      In your situation it’s really hard to say which one would be best. Maybe trace out the dimensions of each one on paper or cardboard and see how big they seem?

      Otherwise, besides the size difference, it’s mainly a matter of getting 3 sessions versus 6 sessions per charge.

      • Sean says:

        Right on, the Crafty’s size has been sounding more appealing to me if I go with it I’m just going to need to get used to using the app always to change the temp, I normally use the volcano classic and am one of those guys that starts at like 4 and 1/2 does a few bags goes up and like that till around 6 1/2. Hoping I can get the most battery to compensate with the Mighty by just charging it constantly in the car whenever I roll around. Still undecided I guess, it sucks I can’t find any stores online here in los angeles that have them I’d just go hold them in person. Well thanks bud you give excellent reviews I went off your old one for the Volcano when I decided to get it, my first vape and it still impresses me after two years.

  126. AnonnonA says:

    Thanks for yet another great review. I currently have a Volcano, Plenty, and an Arizer Solo that I’ve purchased based on your reviews among others. They are all excellent, but using the Solo is like sucking through a straw even with a dome screen mod, and it nearly ruins the experience at times. I’m used to the Volcano bags and Plenty, so perhaps I notice it more than most.

    How would you compare the resistance of the Mighty/Crafty compared to a fully loaded Plenty? How about the Solo?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Bud Bud says:

      Draw resistance with these portables is very low. The Plenty is one of the most free-flowing vapes I’ve tried, and these aren’t very far behind. I find them to be very comfortable to draw from.

      The resistance with the Solo is pretty high, as well as with the Pax. Those are good vapes but it’s definitely easier to pull with these.

  127. Bigmouth says:

    Hey, Bud!

    Great job on your reviews as always. A few questions when you get a chance.

    Can you pack less than a full chamber with the Mighty? And if there’s a drop off in efficiency, can you compensate by using a second screen like with the Pax? Also, do you need to stir the material to get even extraction?

    PS: Dunno if you saw, but you got a shout out over on

    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey what’s up,

      No you do not have to fill the chamber completely to use it, you can half-pack it (~0.15g) and use the liquid pad on top to fill up the remaining space.

      You don’t want your material loose in the chamber, so using the pad helps keep it in place during use, similar to the Pax screen method. Efficiency ends up being pretty much the same, you just don’t get as many draws when you pack less.

      No stirring necessary with this one, just pack it and vape it all in one session and it’ll be a nice even brown color when you’re done.

      I saw! ;)

  128. Greg H. says:

    Hey Bud,
    Just like everyone on the site, I really enjoy your reviews. I’m trying to get back into vaping after going combustion for a while now, and I’ve narrowed my search to the Crafty, Mighty, and the Fire Fly. Taking price into consideration which do you consider to deliver the highest quality vapor? I’m very aware of the price difference between the above mentioned units, and was wondering if the price of the Stroz & Bickel products make up by creating a higher quality vapor then the Fire Fly?
    -Thanks Greg H.

    P.S. What i mean by vapor quality is if the vapor created by these portable vapes can compare to that of the volcano or the plenty in terms of quality and strength?

    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey Greg good question,

      All three produce excellent quality vapor, but there are subtle differences, not between the Crafty & Mighty but between them and the Firefly.

      Vapor from the Firefly, when used with the proper technique, has a very unique and pleasant taste, a taste that is different (better) than most others. In the strength department I would consider it above average.

      These Storz & Bickel portables produce vapor that is stronger, meaning it feels more potent. Taste is not sacrificed at all, it’s still excellent, but I think the Firefly might actually be a tiny bit better here.

      I would say that Firefly vapor is more comparable to the Volcano, and Crafty/Mighty vapor is very similar to the Plenty.

      • Greg H. says:

        I appreciate the quick response to my question, and just one follow-up question that I hope you don’t mind. From my interpretation of your answer, I see you would rate the Fire Fly higher only in taste, but in “potency” and “strength” you would go with the Crafty / Mighty. I’m currently at a crossroads where I have the money for both of these units, but only want one and can’t decide which one to pull the trigger on. Do you think the Crafty or Mighty are worth the extra cash compared to the Fire Fly.

        • Greg H. says:

          Just to add, do you think that the Fire Fly, which you compared to the Volcano earlier, would also compare to the Volcano in terms of “strength”.

          • Bud Bud says:

            Yes correct, if price isn’t an issue I feel the Storz & Bickel vapes provide a better experience overall and are worth the added cost.

            Vapor from the Firefly can be strong in addition to being tasty, but it’s not quite as consistent as the others.

            Because of the technique involved when using it there’s a fine line between getting really strong vapor and combusting your material.

            You can get similar effects with the FF, but you’ll need to pay more attention to it and practice with it, and you’ll need to re-pack it once or twice to get the same end results as the others.

            With the FF you can pause between draws for any amount of time you wish, but with the S&B portables you get the best results when you vape it all in one continuous session.

      • Michael says:

        I found the Firefly hard to use. I was told to take these long drawn out breaths and it was not easy to get a big lung full unless I combusted it …. I returned it and got the Mighty. The first draw was so simple and mild that I barely inhaled and I got a lung busting breath full. Every draw was like that. I am curious about this … if you could only have one vaporizer and it was a gift so cost didn’t count, and you had to chose between the Crafty and the Mighty .. which would you pick. Also – you rate the Crafty one point above the Mighty. Why ?

        • Bud Bud says:

          At this moment in time I would pick the Crafty as my only vape, and the main reason I’d choose it over the Mighty is the smaller size, I like to travel with my vapes in my pocket a lot. This is also the reason I rate it a hair higher :)

  129. Aus Bud says:

    In the Crafty manual it states a 12 volt car adapter is available . My only other vape was a firefly and I hated it to much mucking around to get a good hit . You only had to be off by a couple of seconds before took a puff and nada . Hopeing the crafty works out better just charging it now .

    • Bud Bud says:

      The Firefly is definitely a tricky one to master, but it can produce great vapor with an exquisite taste. I agree though, it really comes down to seconds with that one.

      If you were frustrated with the Firefly I’m sure you’ll love this one.

  130. Bob says:

    How does the heat up time to max temperature compare between this and the crafty? I read on the fc forums that the mighty has a quicker heat up time and better heat retentiondue to having double the battery power. Is this true? And if so how significant are the differences?

    • Bud Bud says:

      In my testing the Mighty heat up maybe a few seconds faster than the Crafty, not enough to mention though. We’re talkin roughly 80-90 seconds versus 90-95 seconds.

      I also don’t personally notice any significant difference in performance, taste, smoothness or vapor production.

  131. Gibs says:

    Great reviews – Which would you recommend the Solo or the Crafty? Never had a vaporizer and thinking of getting one soon.

    • Bud Bud says:

      The Solo is a good vape for cordless use at home, a lot of people like it, it does have above average draw resistance though and because of the glass stem & bulky design it’s not what I would consider truly portable.

      Right now the Crafty is my highest rated vape, and this would be my #1 recommendation if you’re not concerned about the price difference.

      If you’re deciding between the Solo and the Mighty, which I would also consider to be primarily a cordless vape for home use, I like the Mighty more.

  132. Parker says:

    you said that the craftys charger is easy to get could you also get a car charger for the mighty?

  133. Johan says:

    Hi Bud,first of all i’d like to say that you are the guru when it comes to vaporiser reviews hands down!! I started with the Volcano many years ago then bought the Plenty and finally the Pax. For me performance is the most important since i vap A LOT and have i really high tolerance level. I use almost only my Plenty since it’s delivering best in my opinion.
    But also it is really easy to clean which is good when you bring it on trips and walking through customs at the airport without being nervous. I have been waiting even asking Nicole at Storz&Bickel when they will come with a portable device. So finally here comes the question. Is it easy to clean all parts and get them 100% clean?? Otherwise you can’t travel with the Mighty or the Crafty. Please let me know!!
    You’re the man!
    Stay Disco//Johan

    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey man I would say it’s possible to get these at least 99% clean, all of the areas where residue might build up are easily accessible, so if you do a real thorough job you should be good to go. Vape it up!

  134. Emgee says:

    Hi Bud,
    Thanks for good revieuw i alway’s watch them.
    For me the solo was the best only not the most porteble.
    Now i decide to by the Crafty.
    At home i like de VERDAMPER and the Extreme Q the most!
    Keep up the good work many greetz from your Dutch Fan.

    • Bud Bud says:

      Stay up my man!

      • Brian says:

        I took some dry pulls from the Crafty and still felt just a little too much resistance for me personally. I picked up a Plenty. I’m super impressed with it. I had no idea vapor could taste so great. For me the flavor surpasses the Volcano for sure.

        Thanks for the quality reviews as always.

  135. Rafael Pupo says:


    I have a pocket vape (PAX by Ploom), do you recommend i bought the The Mighty?
    The Crafty is like PAX?


    • Bud Bud says:

      I recommend you buy the Crafty if you feel like the Pax isn’t doin it for ya. It’s just as portable but it’s built better, you get more vapor, the vapor is stronger, and there’s less draw resistance.

      The Mighty performs basically the same as the Crafty, the biggest difference is the size and the battery life (90 mins vs. 45 mins).

      • Rafael Pupo says:

        Thakns Bud.

        Battery is nothing. But PAX is good to, and good to clean.

        I will check the Crafty, but now the dollar in Brazil is about R$1,00 is U$ 2,66…..

  136. pete says:

    Hey Bud!
    LOVE your reviews!
    I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle and to stop smoking and start vaping is one of my goals.
    Based on your excellent reviews I bought the Volcano and I’ve been using it for a few years now. Then I bought the Magic-flight, since I needed a portable one for when I am outside with friends… And at first it was ok, but then it got really boring really fast. I wasn’t always satisfied with the level of [results], and the shaking between [draws] and everyone was looking at me like weird… And I ended up not using it that much, and starting to smoke again.
    And when I saw that storz and bikcel made a portable one, I was like HELLYEAH!
    So I am allready going to buy it… My question for you is:
    Can Mighty/Crafty replace my Volcano??
    The main thing I want to know is will I get to the similar level of [results] compared to the volcano.
    I am a bit short on money right know, so a replacement like that would be an amazing deal. What are your thoughts on that, and how would you comment the Volcano vs Crafty/Mighty experiance?

    Sorry for the long post

    Stay up :)

    • Bud Bud says:

      Sup Pete!

      I’m very glad you’re diggin the Volcano, and totally understand how you feel about the Launch Box.

      If getting really good end results is what you’re most concerned with then yes I feel that these vapes can do the job. They definitely produce the strongest vapor of any portable I’ve reviewed so far.

      The vaping experience is very different though, so I would focus on how you feel about that aspect.

      Do you like the relaxing pace of a Volcano session? Do you like taking just a 2-second draw from the balloon and getting a sufficient volume of vapor?

      If you don’t mind faster-paced sessions and taking longer ~10-12 second draws, then yes they could replace your V and get you very similar end results.

      Vape it up!

      • pete says:

        Well then I think the Crafty is for me.
        I am more of a solo user, so it makes sense.
        + I’m not totally fine with putting that liquid pad in the chamber for every single session, because IMO it gets dirty quite fast and it starts to affect the taste.

        And I think that the 0.3g crafty bowl would be just perfect for me.
        And don’t get me wrong, I like the balloon but I kinda wanna be done with my session sooner. And I think losing the balloon and getting a 2 in 1 vape that I can have the same high quality vape sessions at home and outside is soooooo worth it!

        Thanks for the reply!

  137. Connor says:

    Hey man, love your videos. I bought a Plenty way back when based on your recommendation and love it.
    Every bit of praise you give Storz and Bickel is warranted.
    You can buy micro USB power banks that can charge your phone on the go, if the Crafty does indeed have a micro USB charger, you can essentially double the battery life with a power bank and a little effort.
    Could you possibly tell me if the filling tool could also work on the Plenty? That looks awesome

    • Bud Bud says:

      Sweet! The filling tool seems to be specially made to only fit on the Crafty & Mighty. Stay up!

      • Anonymous says:

        Not an exact fit but i use my crafty filling tool on my plenty all the time as it rests on top of the plenty herb chamber well enough to use pretty easily

  138. Andre says:

    Hi Bud
    Is the chamber size on the Mighty bigger than on the Crafty??
    How it compares in chamber size to the Plenty?

    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey Andre they seem to be the same size to me, but both are smaller than the chamber of the Plenty. ~0.3g capacity versus ~0.5g+

  139. Joe says:

    Hey Man,

    Thx for the long awaited review!!! Getting mine soon.
    Happy Vaping!!!


  140. Will says:

    Glad the review is up! I’d like to thank you for the excellent review, you helped me choose my first vape (a plenty) and you’ve just helped me decide on a mighty for my first portable!

    Perhaps consider putting a referral for people from the EU

    Thanks again, your videos are edited very well now and the script is tidy!

  141. Bruce says:

    Great review as always, thanks. But I’m not clear as to why you rate the Crafty and Mighty so high. You spent a good amount of time describing the 1 minute issue and having to reset to fahrenheit. Also, it looks like the vapor path is very short, unlike the Plenty. Could you explain?

    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey Bruce, in the grand scheme of things I didn’t find the short auto shut-off timer to be a huge deal, but I felt it was important to talk about.

      Since the vape vibrates when it shuts off, and most of the time detects your draws, it’s really not as bad as it sounds.

      Everything else about it is really excellent, and I consider many factors in my ratings which I list most of here:

      The vapor path is not very long at all, but surprisingly I found the vapor to be strong and smooth. If you really wanted to get technical the Plenty vapor might be a hair cooler, but it’s such a small difference that I consider them basically the same.

      I’m really not sure how they were able to get the vapor so good from such a small unit, but this is the company that would pull it off.

      I still think the Plenty is excellent and would recommend it in a heartbeat, the Crafty and Mighty are basically just portable versions of it that you don’t have to plug in, with smaller herb chambers.

  142. seekret says:

    great reviews!

    if you use liquids where do you drop the oil on the liquid pad,
    on top or upside down like with the volcano?
    thank you

    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey I’m pretty sure you put your oil on top of the pad, make sure it’s not dripping out of the bottom, then place it in the chamber.

  143. Danthez says:

    Hi Bud,
    thanks for very good review.
    I have questions about cooling unit. Mighty has larger unit so it means vapor is less hot than vapor of Crafty?
    And second question, how much time takes heating from room temperature to etc. 190°C?
    Thanks for good work and for answers ;)

    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey I didn’t really notice any significant difference in the vapor quality or how it feels, it’s pretty excellent from both of them. It takes about 90 seconds to heat up to operating temperature :)

  144. Martin says:

    Hi Bud – enjoyed the reviews as ever.
    Now, a request from someone who’s never satisfied, can’t wait to see a comparison between the Herbaliser, Mighty and Minivap.
    Any chance any time soon please ?

  145. Clarence says:

    Hi Bud thanks so much for the informative reviews! I’m stuck between the Crafty and Mighty – not sure which to get – and wondered if you noticed any difference in vapor quality or quantity between the two. For instance, did the bigger top piece on the Mighty cool the vapor more than the Crafty’s smaller top piece? Also seems like the Mighty has a slightly stronger heater – did that make a difference in your experience? Thanks again for the most useful reviews I’ve seen in this space!

    P.S. You seem to own every vape ever made. Which of these do you find yourself returning to again and again? Curious what the guy who’s tried them all keeps using..,

    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey Clarence thanks for posting,

      I really didn’t notice any significant difference in vapor quality or performance between the two, they’re both smooth and very strong. Biggest differences are size and battery life.

      The vapes I’ve used most over the years are the Volcano, Plenty and Pax, although there are certainly many others I like and recommend all the time.

      I foresee the Crafty entering that list also as I now consider it my go-to portable, which the Pax previously was for over 2 years. I still like the Pax a lot though, and would consider that one the next best portable if you want to spend a fair amount less.

      • brilz says:

        honestly. I hate the pax. along with most conduction vapes besides the crafty and solo etc. the pax makes you overpack overuse and has given me averagely satifiying pulls. I would choose the solo or the air before the pax. next is firefly and the crafty and mighty both each deserving they’re own category since the firefly is the only portable with pure convection. I’m honestly a bit disapointed they didn’t succedd in making the mighty or crafty all convection. Anyway, what’re you’re biggest reasons for putting the pax so high up on the list?

  146. Chris says:

    Hey Bud,

    Loved the review as always :). I’m just curious now that you’ve experienced both units as to what your overall preference is? I’m a student and I’m a little hung up mainly on wether or not the Mighty is portable enough for someone that leads a fairly active lifestyle? Also how do you feel regarding the app contolled functions of the Crafty vs the on unit controls of the Mighty?

    Thanks again for making the best reviews out there.

    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey Chris thanks for posting,

      In many areas they’re very similar, performance included.

      I would say if you’re stuck deciding to think about how many sessions you’d like to get before needing to recharge, you’ll get about 3 with the Crafty and 6 with the Mighty.

      Of course the actual size also, only the Crafty is really a pocket vape, although the Mighty is definitely very easy to hold, store and transport.

      As far as the controls I don’t really feel there is any big difference, yea the app is cool with the Crafty but it doesn’t really do much besides let you modify temps, which can do right on the front of the Mighty.

      Hope this helps, you can’t go wrong with either one!

      • Chantal says:

        Hey Bud :) thanks so much for the review it has definitely helped!

        I was looking into finally getting my hands on The Crafty but was hoping you could possibly answer the following question for me? Do you know if I buy it from your recommend source would they fulfill the Storz & Bickel warranty if anything were to happen? I only ask because I’ve read that buying from through third party sites can at times void the warranty. I’ve also read issues about it having to be sent in in order to update it’s software/or for a replacement.

        My only concern with buying it from there is if anything were to happen, and I would have to send it in to be updated/for repair, would Storz and Bickel grant the warranty since I purchased it from a different site? If you could please get back to me on anything you may know relating to that I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much again, have a great day!

        • Allan says:

          I say be careful if buying anything from storz-Bickel. Purchased a mighty for $460 and over $80 on spare parts and accessories. I love the Vape but the company itself is messed up. I’ve been having issues with it and been trying to get it fixed. When I call them they have never answered the phone or return the call after leaving a message that I’m having trouble with my Vape. This has been going on for 2 weeks going on 3. I’ve left multiple messages and still no return call

          • Anonymous says:

            Email the
            M. I had a volcano with a problem. It was still under warranty. They sent ups to collect and take to Germany. Repaired it and sent back with a new grinder too all free of charge.

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