How to Load Your Vape Pen

You came here to learn how to load a vape pen so let’s get down to business…

The steps below are for portable vaporizer pens designed for use with wax and oil concentrates.

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Load Vape Pen Step 1) Prepare your concentrate for loading by gathering a small amount on the end of a dab tool. With most pens you’ll want to load a BB-sized amount at a time, or approximately 0.1g. Depending on the consistency of your extract and the depth of your coil you might even be able to put a little on the tip of your finger to load it.

Step 2) Gently apply your concentrate directly on top of the coil, and be extra careful not to actually touch the coil with your dab tool. Usually your wax or oil will be a little stubborn and won’t quickly come off of the tool, so it’s OK to finagle it a little bit to get it off like you see in my animation, but seriously be gentle with your coils because they’re very delicate.

Vape pens with shallower and smaller atomizers are usually easier to load since the coil is closer to the top. Deeper atomizers that have a higher capacity can sometimes be tricky to load small amounts into.

If your concentrate is not mushy or pliable (shatter-like) then your best bet is usually to break it into very small pieces and load the chamber 30-50% full with most pens. Whatever extract you decide to use needs to be very clean and it needs to fully melt to a liquid when heated.

Step 3) “Prime the wick” before you start vaping, which melts your wax down onto and around the coil which helps the pen produce better vapor and more consistent hits right from the beginning. You don’t always have to do this with every vape, but sometimes if you don’t do it you might feel like your oil is being vaped away too quickly, especially the first few draws after packing it.

Here’s a 15-second clip of what I’m talking about:


Step 4) Vape it up!!

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  • Ok so I am new to this completely, and I have found out how hard it is to load these deep qcv coils. But how do you know when to add more? Bc it still makes a vapor but my coils are black now… Also doesn’t taste good anymore

  • I don’t get it where do you get the oil and how do you use it for dry hemp?I don’t have any was just bought this today and charged it I don’t know where to load the dry hemp or how to light it.

  • I’ve decided to try vaping. This web site has been very helpful in helping me choose my equipment and how to load it…. Happy Vaping to Meeee….

  • I bought a vape pen today with shatter tip attachment, but when i use it my tokes taste like burnt plastic almost,but when i use it in other methods with joints etc it taste fantastic. Is this because im not priming the wick?

  • Very well put together. New to vaping and no instruction book on how, how much etc. Your effort comes highly appreciated.

  • [email protected] says:

    I can’t find the coil. I unscrewed it to charge it up but all i saw was this tiny hol.

  • That is not right at all. That is burning your wax, not vaping it. You put the wax around the edges or the atomizer so it is close the coils, but not touching them. If you have it touching the coils you are overworking them and shortening their life, not to mention you are burning your wax instead of vaping it. That goes for all kinds: wax, crumble, shatter, etc.

    • Hmmm the woman at the dispensary gave m an atomizer and said drop it on coils. ( cause it’s not thinned) thinned out concentrate or nicotine goes into side tank

    • Go with a evolve yocan QDC (Quarts Dual Coil) best choice of vape I have ever made no more single coil bullshit for this guy have fun wasting your goods all you single coil vapers

    • You know nothing about coils. A dry herb coil has no wick. Wax/oil and juice could have a wick that soaks up the liquid to atomize. If you put it around the edges and not on the coil the wick doesn’t get it and doesn’t pull any. And burnt wick is the worst thing you can hit

      • DONT use juice nor liquid man no wonder why its leaking only use crumb/wax shatter or oil cause its not a completely sealed chamber if you wanna use the liquid go buy an e-cig

  • But this is the first really descriptive how to and in my case, I have the wax attachment but wasn’t sure if that was what it was used for. i know, but vap pens and attachments are new to me I like them! Going to get me some good wax

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