KandyPens Releases the New ELITE Pen

KandyPens The KandyPens Elite is brand new to my top picks list for best wax pen going into 2017, and for good reason.

It’s the latest release from KP and it has everything I look for in a good pen. It looks great, it feels great, and the performance is top notch.

They include two awesome atomizers with this kit and they’re pretty different, but both provide a very enjoyable experience. One of them is ceramic lined with a ceramic plate heating element at the bottom, and the other one is quartz-lined with dual quartz rods at the bottom wrapped in titanium coil.

The ceramic coil vapes at a lower heat and it’s coil-less so it’s a little more efficient than the quartz coil. Vapor production is very light with this one so it’s good when you wanna be really discreet or if you’re a lightweight and don’t want big hits.

The quartz coil vaporizes your wax a little faster because it heats up quicker, but you take much shorter draws with this one so it can kinda even out. I love the flavor you get from quartz atomizers and the vapor is smooth and comfortable also, it’s really nice.

KandyPens is good at constantly improving their products and staying on top of their game, and in addition to the above I was also happy to see that they upgraded the finishes for the Elite pens and the ones that are colored now use a thicker, more durable paint to prevent chips.

If you’re not into the shiny finishes they also make a Gravity pen that has all of the cool features of the Elite but it comes in three different plain black colors instead.

Click here to check out the KandyPens store and if you decide to buy the Elite use my promo code TVC30 to get 30% OFF.

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