G Pen Quartz Coil Now Comes Standard

G Pen Quartz

Grenco Science recently stepped up their game and came out with dual quartz rod atomizers for their signature vape pen, the G Pen.

My review of the pen is a few years old and the reason it’s still relevant is that the actual pen itself has not changed much, if at all, this is just an upgrade to the coil.

However, it’s a much welcomed upgrade and I actually think it performs great. The battery only has one heat level though so it’s not as versatile as other models, but I think the temperature they picked is a good one and will provide most people with a satisfying experience.

It heats a litte on the low side, so if you want a big cloud of vapor or a huge draw you’re gonna have to pull on it for 5-10 seconds, but for light to medium draws it’s a good pen.

The main advantage to the quartz is the flavor, it’s nice and pure, and it’s a night and day difference from the old style atomizers.

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  • i am having the hardest time loading my wax onto the coils! my dabs just stick to the tool and won’t go on the coils. or they’ll stick to the wall of the vape and i can’t get a hit! is there any way i can make loading this easier ? i just bought this is and can’t get it to hit :(

    • While this may result in a slight loss in flavor, you could use a lighter and very briefly heat your stuff up on the end of your tool and drip it onto your coils. You could also put a load on some parchment paper in the freezer for a minute, which would help it not stick to your tool as easily.

    • The easiest way for me with the dual quartz, if you have a little room outside, is to unscrew the mouthpiece and do a burn off (hold the power button for a full cycle), and sort of wave the pen upside down in an arc towards the ground. An additional burn off might be needed a few minutes afterward but I swear there’s nothing left in my atomizer after I do that. Been cleaning the same atomizer like that for months now with no issues.

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