My G Pen Elite Vaporizer Review

This is the G Pen Elite, a new portable vaporizer for dry herb made by Grenco Science (G Pen), makers of the ubiquitous G Pro vape.

This new model is a big improvement and it’s a unique design from the ground up. It’s smaller, more advanced, and has an even bigger herb chamber, giving it one of the largest ovens on the market in a portable vaporizer.

G Pen Elite The Anatomy

There’s only two main parts to this thing: The mouthpiece, and the rest.

The body of the vape itself has a single power button on the front and a micro-USB charging port on the bottom. On the side of the unit is where the led screen is that shows you the temperature and battery indicator. It really does feel nice in your hand, there’s even a groove for your finger to rest in, and the weight of it is perfect – not too heavy at all but also not feather-light.

The mouthpiece has a silicone cover on it and a small stainless steel screen built-in at the bottom. It actually feels pretty comfortable on your lips and the tip is curved a little also to match the aesthetics of the rest of the vape.

Now, the original release of the Elite had a completely open pass-though mouthpiece design, meaning there was nothing in the way of the vapor going straight from the oven to your lips. This was nice for extra airflow but it didn’t allow the vapor to cool enough so I personally felt that it was a little hot and harsh feeling most of the time.

Elite To G Pen’s credit, when I brought this issue up with them they let me know that they were already working on an improved mouthpiece to address the hot vapor, so they’re definitely on top of their sh*t.

The new top piece is now shipping with all Elite kits and I personally feel that it’s a much, much nicer vaping experience with it – I’m glad I waited to do my review. It was completely redesigned with a new internal air channel to help cool and soften the vapor – from the outside it looks the same as the original but it’s totally different on the inside. You can’t see straight through the screen into the oven any more, the vapor actually has to make a few turns inside before it reaches your mouth.

For its size I also have zero complaints about battery life, it’ll give you about 45-60 mins of usage from a full charge (~5 sessions). It’s gonna take a couple of hours to fully recharge so I would pick up a USB power bank for easy charging on-the-go.

Over-Sized Ceramic Herb Chamber

The oven in the Elite is big, pretty much the largest chamber of any portable vape I’ve reviewed with a capacity upwards of .75g if you grind really fine.

Believe it or not I usually don’t consider this a big positive, but what’s cool about this vape is that you don’t have to pack it full and tight to get good performance, it’ll still work very well with a loose pack of just ~.25g. All you have to do is hand-pack this one loosely up to the brim and pop the mouthpiece back on and you’re good to go.

Ceramic Oven Now if you want to push the limit and get maximum vapor production from this thing you should do these simple things: 1) grind your herb finer, and 2) pack the oven tighter.

What you can also do if you pack it full and tight is split up your sessions, or vape half of it in one sitting and the other half later.

A normal coarse grind like that from a typical 4-piece grinder still works great, so it’s pretty versatile in this regard, it’s not very finicky about herb consistency which is a nice characteristic.

I’d consider the Elite a combo conduction/convection vape, because even though the walls of the oven do heat up there’s also four air intake holes in the bottom of the chamber that let a decent amount of air pass through.

Fast Heat-up & Easy Temp. Adjustment

This vape heats up very quickly, typically in 30 seconds or less. The temperature I recommend starting at when you first get it is 375°, and you can easily adjust the temp in 1° increments with the two buttons on the side of the unit.

Mouthpiece The reason I say to start at 375° is that I’ve found it to provide the best balance of vapor quality (taste, smoothness) and vapor production (visible clouds). Lower temps give you a purer flavor and higher temps will give you bigger clouds.

What I personally like to do is vape most of my session around 375° and then bump up the heat to about 410° for the last few draws to really squeeze out any remaining goodies.

Changing heat levels on the fly is easy and I’m actually impressed with the temp control of this unit, the vape really does perform differently even just 10 degrees in either direction.

Low Draw Resistance & Quick Vapor Production

Another nice characteristic of the Elite is that it’s not difficult to pull from, the draw resistance is very reasonable. Despite the thin air channel inside the mouthpiece it doesn’t feel restricted, I’d consider it above-average here (better than most).

To go along with the free-flowing draw is fast vapor production – you can draw for as little as 4 seconds and get a decent cloud from it, and this isn’t extremely common.

LED Display If you’re new to vaping this is something to pay attention to, because with some vapes you need to take a fairly long draw to get a satisfying hit (10+ seconds) and not everyone likes that.

One tip I have to maximize visible vapor is to wait a few extra seconds between draws, don’t take one pull after another with this unit it’s not the best way to use it. After you take a draw wait 20-30 seconds before going at it again, or before passing it to someone else.

Vapor Smoothness & Taste

For the best vapor quality I would keep the temperature under 380°, that seems to be the cut-off for me, and I would vape the whole thing in one session. This is to get the smoothest, tastiest experience. If you really wanna take it to the next level try starting at temps as low as 330° and slowly working your way up over the course of a ~10 min sesh.

The ceramic oven really helps with the improved taste from this new model, and at low to medium temperatures it’s able to give you a nice pure flavor with no harshness.

The upgraded mouthpiece really does help condition the vapor enough to keep it comfortable, and even at higher temps it never feels super harsh, just hot. The main consequence of bumping up the heat for bigger clouds is a corresponding decline in flavor, but this is not uncommon for vapes in this price range.

I didn’t show this in my video, but you can actually use the Elite through a water pipe as well if you really want the coolest and smoothest vapor possible. You don’t even need an adapter if you have a rig with a 14mm male connection, the mouthpiece of the vape makes an airtight seal on the opening.

Click here to buy one from the authorized G Pen dealer I personally recommend. I get compensated if you use my referral link and I appreciate your support more than you can imagine!

Definitely check out my list of top picks for best portable vaporizer to see which models I rate higher than this one.

VapeRating: 85/100

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  1. joe says:

    Yo homie does this vaporizer smell bad of weed. My parents cant know I’m vaping. At what temperature do you start clearly smelling weed instead of popcorn?

  2. J says:

    Hi Bud,
    You have one of the best vape info sites. Thank you from this newbie!

    I was ready to buy the elite, but saw the kandypens Miva, which looks competive in function/price range/stealth.

    The 2 possible advantages (for me) are: better vapor quality with glass mouthpiece and smaller oven better suited for solo (lightweight) use.

    I saw a post that you were reviewing the miva. What is your opinion(s) about it? I trust your viewpoint more than other sources I’ve seen on the web.

    Thanks Bud

  3. Gerard says:

    Been choosing between this and the alfa, not that big of a price difference. Which would you recommend is better?

    • Big J says:

      I have not used a the gpen yet, but I have been through 3 alfas. I may be harder on my vapes than the average doper, but I question the durability of these units. Vapeworld replaced 2 of them and then talked me into an arizer air replacement, which I didn’t like at all. I’d love an improved alfa, but I’d go with this one if I were picking.

  4. Preston says:

    I have just finished my 10th session with the Elite a 375F. I tried both loose pack and tight pack and got the best results with the tight pack.

    The top half and mouthpiece get very warm on my unit and uncomfortably warm on the lips.

    I compared it to my Pax and there was no contest… I think the Pax is better (and also more expensive)… you get what you pay for.

    I think the Elite is an improvement over their other previous vapes and its a good entry level vape.

    Like the Pax the GPen is very discreet

  5. Jonathan says:

    Bud, I had to read your review twice, good stuff!

    Above you write, “You don’t even need an adapter if you have a rig with a 14mm male connection, the mouthpiece of the vape makes an airtight seal on the opening.”

    So would I need to buy a:

    14mm male to 14mm male adapter



  6. Jonny says:

    Thanks for the written and video review!

    Do you know if there is a water wipe attachment or adapter for the Elite?

    Much appreciated for any reply!

  7. Paul says:

    This site is far and away the best information I have found to influence a purchase. I bought the G Pen Elite based on your review. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for steering me in the right direction.

  8. Rishi Lukka says:

    Hey. I’m looking at this one, pax 2 and summit. Something that ill mainly use on my own at home, with minimal setup, and moreso second/third sessions in a day after done with j’s. Borrowed a friends pax & find it hard to draw, finicky about packing, and mouthpiece sticks a lot.

    What do you think between the two? Sounds like g-pen is your top choice!

    • Flipz says:

      If price isn’t a issue and your going between the g pen elite, pax 2 and summit… I think the PAX 2 is your best choice. The first PAX did have the sticky mouthpiece issues, have one myself so know all about it. The PAX 2 though uses a fully different mount piece part so that issue is gone along the awesome vapor, great battery life and all around it’s one of my favorites.

  9. Jessica Rivo says:

    Hi Bud,

    I bought a Pax 2 and returned it because I got barely any vapor. Do you think I’ll have a different experience with the G Pen Elite? Or are there any other portable vapes that are different from the Pax 2 that you would recommend?

    P.S.: Do you think that herb (not ground finely enough) could have been the problem with the Pax 2?

  10. Aaron says:

    Great review! Any downsides or things you didn’t like?

  11. Yari says:

    I will come in 20 days ….there is not I can wait!!!

  12. Staticmind says:

    How does it preform with only lets say .15 .2 grams?

    From the following what divice you advise for some regular herb vape:
    Boundless cf, g pen elite, FM v5s pro, storm or summit+

  13. william says:

    I am inbetween the elite and the summit plus. my biggest concern is vapor quality. what would you recommend?

    • Jim says:

      I am having the same concern as my boy William. I was pretty set on the summit plus because of the ruggedness (I am planning on taking it out doors) and the pass through charging, however when I learned this had pass through capability Im back on the fence. in your opinion which would make more sense. Ive had the EVO, the Plenty, and the pax 2, so I know/want good vapor quality. but I also want to be able to use this thing on a ski lift in NC.

      • Bud Bud says:

        William & Jim,

        That’s a pretty tough call to make, I’m in the process of testing and reviewing the Summit+ now and it’s not very different from the original model at all in terms of performance (so far, still mid-testing). So everything I say about vapor quality and taste in my first review will be extremely similar with the new model.

        I think they’d both be good for what you’re looking to do. If I had to personally choose one I’d probably go with the Elite because I like the design & form factor better and it has less draw resistance (easier to pull). The actual quality of the vapor will not be very different between the two, so I recommend choosing based on other factors.

  14. Anthony says:

    Which do you prefer the elite or the airvape xs????

    • Bud Bud says:

      Tough call they have a lot of similarities! One big difference is the oven size – the Elite’s herb chamber is almost double the size of the XS, so I would probably choose based on how much you like to vape at once.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had mine for over a month now, Bud.

    It’s the best portable vape I’ve tried for under $200.00. Compact, holds a lot of product, has multiple heat settings, easy to recharge, can fill it half or full depending on my needs. Mouthpiece is not plastic, which is a big plus. I tried a few portables with a plastic mouthpiece and they all cracked after short term use due to the heat.

    Looking forward to your review.

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