The Flowermate Portable Vaporizer

Flowermate This is the Flowermate vaporizer for dry herb, and this is what I currently consider to be the best portable vape under $100.

There are a few different versions to choose from: the standard V5.0S, the Mini V5.0S, and the Pro – Watch my video review above for all the details you need to know.

The V5.0S is the best-selling model and is a really good value for the price. Performance and vapor quality are both pretty decent, and I’d say average or slighty above-average for a portable.

Click here to buy one from the authorized Flowermate dealer I personally recommend. This store compensates me if you buy through my link and your support means the world to me!

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Video transcription:

What’s up boys and girls? This video is about the Flowermate vaporizer. This is a portable herbal vaporizer. There’s a few different models, there’s the standard V5.0S, that’s the main one, it’s just about a hundred bucks. Then there’s the Mini, the V5.0S Mini, and then there is the Pro version. Then I have another one here, the one with the V on it. That is the Freedom vape by Vaporin. That is the same thing as the Flowermate V5.0S, it’s just different branding. So back to the Flowermate line, there’s also the Mini and this one is significantly smaller than the full size one. It has one internal battery built in and the full size one has two. Otherwise it works the same, but charging is a little different, the port. Performance is actually very similar. Chamber is actually not much different either. Mouthpiece is pretty much the same. So it’s pretty much the same vape in a smaller package. So biggest downside is just the lower battery life.So then you have the Pro and this model has the screen on it, the digital read out to show you the temperature, the temperature the vape is set at and the current temperature of the heating chamber. And then it also has two extra buttons on the side to decrease and increase the temperature, you can do it in one degree increments and the temperature range with this one is very wide. It goes as low as something in the 100s which you would never vape at but it goes as high as 446, which is pretty much close to the cutoff point before combustion. So with the other two models that only have the one button on the side, those have three built in temperatures or three heat settings- low, medium and high which correlates to 385 degrees Fahrenheit on low, 400 degrees on medium, and 415 on high. Now the herb chamber or the oven is ceramic lined so the walls of it are ceramic, they’re white and then on the bottom, you have a stainless steel screen. The capacity is approximately .3g, you’re gonna want to grind pretty fine, you’re gonna want to pack it pretty tight also. That is if you want the most vapor from it or the densest, thickest vapor.

So to use it, pack the chamber about 80 percent full or so, screw the mouthpiece on and then you’re gonna turn it on with that one silver button on the side, clicking it five times will start the heating process. So the standard model and the Mini, these have 3 heat settings built in. There’s a low, medium and high and the lights are blue, purple, red and the correlating temperatures are 385 Fahrenheit, 400 and 415. So when it heats up to the operating temperature that you have set, the light is gonna turn solid, it’s gonna stop blinking, and now you can just start taking draws. So it does heat up to operating temperature fairly quickly, so I like that. That’s really good. I kinda of prefer the medium heat setting for the best overall experience. It’s kinda like the best balance between the most vapor production and then the smoothest. So to get to medium while it’s on, just hold down that power button for like 2 seconds and then the light’s gonna turn purple. It’s gonna start blinking and then when it’s solid purple in just a couple of seconds, it’s at the medium temperature.

Now when you’re pulling from it, the draw resistance isn’t really bad, I’d say it’s average. It’s not completely free flowing but you’re not gonna feel too much restriction. So most people aren’t gonna notice anything wrong with it. I think it’s good, I have no problems with that. So from an almost full packing, you should be able to get roughly a dozen draws before your material is gonna be spent. You’re gonna know it’s done when you stop getting good vapor from it and the taste is really completely gone, and it kinda tastes like burnt popcorn or whatever. This vape does do a good job of evenly vaping your material though so when it comes out, so when you take it out, it’s gonna be a nice uniform brown color, there’s not gonna be hot spots or anything so that’s always a good sign.

Vapor production as you can see from my session clip is quite good. Vapor quality and taste is like a little above average, ya know, it’s pretty good. I would say that the flavor is nice and smooth for most of the session. Like I said, medium is the setting I prefer to vape on, that’s the setting I’m vaping on in this clip. And it’s pretty enjoyable overall, ya know, up until the last quarter of the session when the flavor kinda trails off and it might feel a little hot, scratchiness might start to creep in but I mean, for the price point this vape being around 100 bucks, you can’t really get cheaper than that and still get a decent product as far as herbal vaporizers go. So I’m pretty impressed with this one.

The build quality is pretty good considering the low price. It’s not fantastic. The sliding doors on the top and bottom- they seem like the only part of it that really feels cheap or anything and I have a problem with the bottom cover like falling off my Mini one for some reason. So maybe that’s an area to address, that metal ring around the top, it does get super hot, ya know, after vaping for like 10, 15 minutes. So you really don’t want to touch it. I did touch it by accident a few times and burned myself so always touch the glass part and then when you wanna take the mouthpiece out after a session, like to store it, you can push down on the glass while you twist and that should get the whole metal piece out also.

Now the standard model, the V5.0S and the Pro model, the full size ones that have two internal batteries in there, battery life with these is really good, it’s like an hour and a half to two hours of actual usage, that’s gonna vary depending on what temperature you like to vape at but that is my average around medium temperatures. So in summary, these are very decent vapes. They’re very inexpensive for the price, it’s really hard to beat ‘em. I think the performance is above average and vapor quality & production are both good. So if you don’t want to spend a lot, I do recommend this. I think it’s a very good option. If you want to pick one of these up, check out the store I recommend. I appreciate you watching and listening, and stay up!


  • I’ve had the Flowermate V5.0S Vaporizer for a month now, and I really like it. Seems the vapor cloud is there just as it is in the video. No complaints from me. Going to purchase a V5.OS mini as a back up Thanks for the video

  • Anyone know if there’s a way to replace the batteries? I’ve examined it a little and find nothing obvious but didn’t really pull hard on it for fear of breaking it. I’m thinking you can’t. Anyone know for sure?


  • I get no vapor from my v5 pro when I exhale, it’s my 1st vape so I’m not sure if it’s faulty or not. I get decent taste just no vapor at all on exhale is this normal? I see u blowing decent vapor

    • In his video he is sat in the best possible place for the light to reflect off the vapour to make it appear as if it’s producing more than it is and might not even be vaping weed in it either

      • I understand why you put your name as Anonymous, IF I was making idiotic comments like yours I would not want any one to know who I am either

    • Make sure you pack it decently well in terms of amount and also how compact it is. Wait about 30 seconds to a minute before drawing.

    • You have to draw harder and slower. You can feel it in your lungs. I get a thick vapour like cigarette smoke. But I find the longer you haul, the more vapor gets into your lungs. Good luck.

  • I ordered Flowermate mini from Planet of Vapes but the top cannot be screwed on so Ive yet to try it. Ive emailed them but no reply yet and Im bummed cuz they advertise as having great protection from defects. Do you know a phone number I can reach them at?

  • So you said this is a respectable vape for under $100 and the taste isn’t the best but still good. But how about the cleanliness of the vapor? Is it smooth, is there still no burning of your herb? And how well can it perform under colder temperatures?

    • Battery life will decrease when it has to heat a colder chamber, however I have used mine after being left in a cold car and had no issues.

    • The vape is amazing in all of those conditions, I’ve had mine a couple years and it still has a great battery and taste

  • Just bought the 5.0. My very first vaporizer. I hope it has a good effect on my poor aching lungs. its either a vaporizer, or quit altogether. Just used it for the first time. Not a lot of visible vapor, but boy does it work!

  • Flowermate v5 Pro vs DaVinci Ascent.
    Whats the difference?
    Is there a justification for the difference in price?

  • great review man. I was about to drop $199 for a DaVinci Ascent, saw some reviews saying it wasn’t worth the money and bam here I find this review. bought one on the spot, thanks again

    • Good price is 70,80,give or take.ive used mine 9 months.Works great. No reasom to buy amything elso,2,3 hundred is bull s–t ,This under a 100 ,just as good. Why the f do you feel good about making other companies rich????? F that

  • HI Bud or others – do you consider the Flowermate to be conductive or convective vaporizer. I recently bought a Smite Plus, which looks to be a rebranded version of the Flowermate Pro and its hard to tell. I don’t see the ceramic oven getting red, it looks like the heating element is below the bottom screen of the oven, so it looks like convective but not sure.

    This goes to your differing recommendations on finest of grind and tamping the load between conductive and convective type vapes in general.

    Hope someone can answer. Cheers

  • I was wondering if you have tried the preload pods for the Flowermate. I just ordered a the Flowermate V5.0S for my first machine. They now have pre-loadable pods. I was just wondering if they work. I read a review that said it eliminates having to clean the machine as much.

  • Hi Bud, thanks for all the great reviews and info. I just got a Flowermate V5.0S. I have been filling the chamber about 80% full with herb that has gone through a MF finishing grinder. I tamp the herb down. Vaping on blue and purple only, I am not getting any clouds of vapor and after maybe three draws, my material is all a uniform dark brown and taste is funky.

    Am I doing something wrong or could my Flowermate be defective?

    Thanks for any advice you can offer.

    • Hey just a suggestion but there is an airflow opening at the bottom and whn its open it pulks too much air thru so the vape isnt as thick. I have the OS myself and have experienced this b4 and I noticed mine was wide open. I always make sure its shut.

  • Hey Bud,

    Great review of the various Flowermate vapes! Do you have any opinion on the Flowermate Vapormax V8? Also, any opinion on the Elevape SV?

  • Hey Bud, always digging your reviews, I am looking to purchase my first “real” vape after having used an E-Z Vape for a year in my college dorm. I don’t want to spend more than ~140 bucks. In your opinion which is “better” the Flowermate Pro or the Vapium Summit? Personally, I really value precise temperature control which is why I was pretty set on the flower mate, but when I saw how excited you were about the Summit in your review I was doubting my original decision. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • Bud, your my first resource when it comes to vaping. I wish I found your reviews sooner! It would have saved me lots of money!
    I would like for you to add to completely make your session stealth, totally no aroma use the smoking buddy. Keep Up The Great Work.

  • hey Bud, thank you for all of your excellent reviews, I am getting a portable and was pretty set on the summit by Vapium because of the price and your positive review, but the 50$ difference makes me curious about the flower mate. What advantages does the summit have over the flower mate?

    • Just looked that vape. I’d say its worth it. Ruggedness definitely counts for something. I have a flowermate, super happy with it,but if i need another vape id fully consider it.

  • is the chamber size the same for each of these flowermate vapes or is the mini, for instance, smaller in the chamber department than the other, larger size flowermate options?

    I know the battery length is different, but I am very interested in the chamber size. Thanks and I am doing my best to Stay Up.

  • so im gonna pickup a flower mate and have come to the conclusion to either pickup the regular v5.05 or the mini

    what would you prefer and why

  • Great reviews man, watched every single one! Keep up the good work!
    I ‘m currently trying to decide if I should get a flowermate mini or a goboof alfa. How much better does the alfa perform regarding vapor quality and taste? Do you think it is worth it to pay a bit more for the alfa?

  • Bud, thanks again for your continued, excellent, and really incomparable reviews of these emerging product lines. I’ve been enjoying my Plenty for a couple of years now, but am always looking for a more portable experience. The cooling coil to me is a very useful feature because I feel less likely to cough with it in place. Maybe that is not true for everybody. I still think the Storz and Bickel portables are too costly for my consideration. Can you possibly compare for me briefly the Plenty and the Flowermate Pro which doesn’t have a coil in terms of overall experience? Flowermate Pro is presumably the top of the line from the latter manufacturer?

  • In your opinion, if trying to decide between the S and the pro, do you think the added temperature control/battery indicator/led light on the pro adds enough value to justify the slightly higher price tag? Specifically, how does it work on temperatures lower than the lowest temp on the S?

    Also, I’ve heard the pro is missing the pass-through charging and bowl-led light that were on the S… How big were those issues for you?

    Lastly, if the battery life on the mini is about half that of the others, how does the battery compare to other fully portable vapes? (I found it odd that the one with the worst battery life has the “power bank” option… Seems gimmicky.)

    P.S. Thanks for all of your reviews… I’ve been looking forward to this one.

  • Hey Bud,

    I’ve been looking forward to your flower mate vape reviews for a while, because as you know the brand has hit the vape scene by storm. I really liked your review, but I was wondering, in terms of accuracy and vapor production, how does the Pro, with the digital readout and temperature changer, compare to the DaVinci Ascent and other high quality vapes that allow full temperature control?

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