Frequently Asked Questions #2 + PUFFiT Update

In this video I answer some frequently asked vaporizer questions from the last month or two (September 2012).

There’s also some new info about the PUFFiT vape in there and a question for you at the end.

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Video transcription:

Hey, what’s up? In this video, I’m just going to go through a few frequently asked questions, and I’m also going to give you a few updates about what’s been going on lately.

So first I just want to give you a quick update on the PUFFiT Vaporizer, and that would be this guy right here. So the short story is I put up my review of this vape recently and I didn’t like it very much. I didn’t have a lot of good things to say about it, but what happened was a few days after I posted it, the manufacturer of the PUFFiT contacted me and said that it sounds like I might have a defective unit. More specifically, they said that they had a batch that was produced where the silicon was improperly cured or something like that, so it ended up leaving a very strong plasticy taste and that’s one of the things that I complained about in my original video. So that was with the original one here.

The manufacturer did end up sending me a replacement unit. It looks exactly the same, just this one is from a different batch, a better batch with the properly cured silicon, I guess. So the good news is that I didn’t notice any foul taste with the new one like I did with the old one. They also told me that anybody who does have issues with theirs with the bad taste who might have also received one from a bad batch, can contact them and they will get it fixed. They will get a replacement or whatever. And unfortunately, even with the new one, that didn’t have the bad taste and everything, I just can’t seem to get a good experience with it. I can’t seem to get it to really produce any significant vapor. It kind of just feels like I’m breathing air when I use it. I don’t even feel anything. So, like I said, I really feel like I gave this thing a shot. I wanted to like it but, unfortunately, I’m not going to be bumping up the rating too high from my original rating because I still can’t really get it to perform at the level that the other vapes I’ve reviewed can perform at. So that’s the deal with that one.

Now, in my original questions of the month video, I did pick out specific comments from viewers on YouTube and answer their questions specifically. This video, I’m going to do it a little differently so what I’m going to do is just go through a few of the frequently asked questions that I’ve been asked a lot in the last month or two. So one question that I get asked a lot is which vapes smell the most and which smell the least and what’s the best vape if you’re trying to be really discreet, and that’s a good question. I do think that there is a popular misconception out there that vaping is completely odorless because I found out that it is really not. Any vape that you use, you’re going to get, at least, a little odor. Usually, the odor is just in the vapor that ends up in the room but sometimes, depending on the unit, the actual unit might smell a little bit itself after use.

So what I personally found and not everybody seems to agree with me on this, but what I found is that a vape like the Magic-Flight Launch Box, is a great little vape. I like it. It’s cheap. It does the job. It’s a little finicky, it’s hard to use sometimes but overall it’s very good. But that vape for some reason for me has been one that will smell and will have a lingering smell with it at all times. Because residue kind of builds up inside of it a little bit. So I would say, if you’re trying to be super discreet and you don’t want your piece to ever smell at all or anything, maybe stay away from the Launch Box. Other people have told me that that’s not an issue for them so it’s hard to say, but my opinion is that would really be like one of the only vapes that will smell after you use it, the actual unit itself.

Actually, I want to correct myself. The Atmos Raw is also another product that smells after use, but that’s a whole another story because that one you’re not really vaping, it’s actually combusting it so it makes sense that it would smell.

Now, other than that, like I said, most vapes the only real smell that you get from them is in the vapor that they produce. Now, what I’ve personally found and what I usually tell people is that vapor smells only about half as much as smoke does and it dissipates or goes away twice as fast. Now what this means is that with a little extra ventilation or some deodorizing, you probably won’t have an issue, but if you’re trying to be super discreet, you do still need to be a little careful with the vaporizer, with any of them because they’re not going to be completely odorless. Definitely much better than smoking, just not odorless.

Now, the next question that I have been asked a few times recently is what are the differences between the V-Tower and the Extreme Q Vaporizer. They have a very similar look, there’s a little bit of a price difference and I don’t own the V-Tower, so I can’t say exactly if it performs any differently than the Extreme Q does. What I can tell you is that the V-Tower doesn’t have the built-in fan that the Extreme Q has meaning you can’t set it to force the vapor out on its own, like it doesn’t come with the balloon kit or anything, you can’t fill balloons with it. It only comes with the whip, the V-Tower, and the only way to use that one is to pack your herbs, put the whip on, wait for it to heat up and then just start drawing from the whip.

Now the reason that I personally think the Extreme Q is probably a better choice is because even if you’re using it in whip mode, like when I use my Extreme Q a lot, I used it in whip mode or with the whip instead of the balloon kit. I found that it was easier to get stronger, denser draws by turning the fan on the low setting even when you’re taking draws from the whip. So I guess what I’m getting at here is that even if you’re strictly looking for vape for whip use only and you’re deciding between the V-Tower and the Extreme Q, I still think the Extreme Q might be the better option just because it does have that fan. Overall, I still think there are better vapes out there to get than the Extreme Q but that’s just my opinion.

The next question that I get asked all the time is which portable vape do I think is the best. Now, there are a few affordable vapes out there that I haven’t bought, I haven’t reviewed them yet, but out of the eight or so portables that I do have, I currently rate the Pax the highest overall. It’s a really great unit. It’s easy to use. It looks cool. It’s really easy to carry around. It produces good draws. It has a big herb chamber, so overall it has a lot of good things going for it. The only major negative in my book is the draw resistance. That’s just something that I feel like I’ll never get over, but other than that it’s excellent. If you want to hear what other people think who already got it, you can check out the comments on my YouTube video or on my website, on my Pax page because people have been leaving me comments telling me how much they love it after they got it. So if you’re thinking about getting one, you can read about what other people have to say.

Now another question that people ask me that has to do with this is how do I compare the Pax to the Solo or the Magic-Flight Launch box because right now overall the Pax, the Solo and the Launch Box are what I think are the top three portables. So I’ll give you a brief rundown, all right?

Like I said, the Pax overall, if you consider all things I give it the highest rating. Easy to use, really portable, good vapor. The solo, it’s not as portable because it’s a little bulkier, it’s heavier. It has the glass stem, and so I personally I just don’t find it a good vape to throw in your pocket and leave your house. It’s not really like that. If I take it with me when I leave, I actually take it in the box that it came in because it has like padding in it and stuff, so I know it’s not going to break or whatever. But I think the benefit of the Solo is that not only does it produce a good amount of vapor like the Pax does, but the Solo also has the tastiest vapor out of the portables that I’ve tried. The Pax is great, too, in the taste department, but I think the Solo might slightly edge by. As I mentioned, if you consider every other aspect about the vape also, it doesn’t quite get a rating as high as the Pax does. It’s close, though.

And the Launch Box, I’ve had that one for a while. It’s the cheapest basically, and it’s a very simple device. It’s just basically a piece of wood with a screen and a battery, but you know what, it’s really well made. It actually does work. It’s a really tricky to use. It’s a little finicky and stuff but it does the job, it does it pretty well, but it is kind of a very different vaping experience with that one. The Launch Box is cool if you want to be able to take like a quick draw and then just put it away again. With that one, you could start vaping within five seconds once you engage the battery, and then you can take the battery out and just put it away and the vape is fine. With the Pax and the Solo, you have to turn them on, set your heat, wait a minute or two for them to heat up, and then you pretty much have to start vaping and just vape until you’re done and then turn it off.

If you’re looking for a vape to just turn it on, take a draw and put away, the Pax and the Solo wouldn’t be as good as the Launch Box in that sense. But like I said, the Launch Box is a little harder to use, it’s finicky, sometimes it’s harder to get good vapor from it. It needs a really fine grind and really dry herbs to work really well which sometimes is difficult to do, but overall I think the three of those are excellent. I think they’re all worth their respective prices. They’re just all kind of good for different things.

On another note, I did want to ask you guys to let me know if there are any comparisons you’d like to see that I haven’t done yet. I know that I’ve only done a few up until now, and I apologize for that. I probably should have done more but you know what? There is a nice array of vapes I have now that I could start doing more comparison videos for. But I just don’t want to waste time on making comparisons that nobody’s interested in. So if you’ve been itching to see one, just let me know what it is.

Also, if you have any questions about vapes that you haven’t found the answer to in any of my videos or anything, let me know and I’ll do my best to help you out and maybe, if enough people ask a certain question, I will talk about it in the next video, too. So thanks for watching. I hope you got a kick out of the Mona Lisa pic and stay up.

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  • I would LOVE to see a comparison of the firefly and the solo since they both seem to be portable and great vapor quality

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