DaVinci Vaporizer Review

This is the new DaVinci IQ that just came out for 2017, and it’s a super nice portable vape, one of the best conduction units I’ve ever reviewed. Check out my full review video below.

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  • I’ve had my IQ for almost a year now and I LOVE IT. YES it produces vapor, some people just don’t understand vaporizers and assume it doesn’t work. I use mine with a bong (10mm bowl fitting) and its the bees knees. I did notice it works best at higher temps, and with a full charge. Yes it does get hot after a Long session (more than 10 mins), if your concerned about the heat just remove the battery and open all the lids to cool it off and go at it again. I always stir the bowl in the middle of a session to get a couple extra good hits off of it. I also had no issues with registering it online. A lot of head shops carry parts for the Da Vinci IQ, my shop where I work definitely does. Pro Tip: clean it every week (or more!) for a long lasting vape.

    I wasted neary $300 on this
    No matter what i try, terrible experience
    They dont do returns because i did not buy it directly from them
    Its just sitting in my closet
    MIGHTY is the best!!!!!
    HUGE vapor production

  • Returned my DaVinci vaper. First , no vape no matter what I tried. Second, the unit got hot as shit while vaping. WTF. For an expensive unit like this, I shouldn’t have had so many problems. Now I use a cheaper unit and it works perfect. Never again

  • Their website sucks when you want to register your device. I always thought products that have warranty it needs to be registered. I could not do this online. I ended sending info thru old but reliable post office. This ought to be interesting.

  • Me too, I hate the heat excess which drains lots of battery. So why is there no insulation inside? All the heat gets lost. Also bearings are crap and will likely break. But i hope it will last at least 1 year or 2. Vapor is good, but not so efficient. Top quarter of the bowl stays almost green while the rest is well done already.

  • yes that mouthpiece comes out all the time and you need to press it down with your fingers all the time to prevent… it really sucks and it can be dangerous too

    i love vaping while i lie on my couch when it popped out again and the fully hot flavor chamber fell out. into my shirt and going all the way down and has burned me several times!!! lucky it didnt slide into my pants too. unlucky i live in island not USA so no compensation.

    support says i need to send it in but not a word of excuse…

    i feel the 10 year waranty isnt worth anything because this company wont last next 10 years. so its easy for them to give 10 or maybe 100 years waranty ;D

  • Just got it from an official retailer. It produces good vapor, but its a blender in all other points.


    The app wont work at all for you, it has one of the worst ratings on Googly Play ever (1,8 !!!) HORRIBLE!!! CYHECK THOSE RATINGS AND REVIEWS FIRST IF YOU THINK YOU WANT TO USE THE APP!!!

    Without app, there isnt much benefit of the SMARTH PATH Feature. You cant do anything useful with this without an working smartphone app. But this app wont connect to your IQ, no matter what, no matter on which smartphone. It has not even maturity enough for a beta version! Their last Update is from Dec, 2016, so dont expect an update will ever come, its a weird, failed and DEAD software project.

    No Smartpaths, NO IQ!!!

    Now its just a conventional conduction heater…

    And the mouthpiece, thr top lid is a construction desaster. It will pop out all the time, because the magnet cant hold it by any means once it gets hot. Hot materials expand …

    In this case the hot zirconium ‘flavour chamber’ – that should act mainly as steam path – must be taken out (or hold it down all the time). But how to clean the mess inside the device now? Also this means you have a nice beautiful plastic steampath now if you removed it – no zirconium left, but you can use it as a zirconium-neclace if you want to!!!

    They put all the money in marketing and fake reviews. If you have a 30 Day return right, try one. If not, you will quickly note your money was taken from you on the IQ – way, but never call this device so. If it would cost 120 $, allright.

    Wake up gues, YoJust got it from an official retailer. It produces good vapor, but its a blender in all other points.


    The app wont work at all for you, it has one the worst ratings on Googly Play (1,8 !!!) HORRIBLE!!! READ THOSE RATINGS FIRST IF YOU THINK YOU WANT TO USE THE APP!!!

    Without app, there isnt much benefit of the SMARTH PATH Feature. You cant do anything with your smartpaths without an working app. But this app wont connect to your IQ, no matter what. Their last Update is from Dec, 2016, so dont expect an update will ever come, its a weird, failed software project.

    No Smartpaths, NO IQ!!!

    Its just a conventional conduction heater.

    And the Mouthpiece,top lid is a construction desaster. It will pop out all the time, because the magnet cant hokd it by any means once it gets hot. Hot materials expand …

    In this case the hot zirconium ‘flavour chamber’ – that should act mainly as steam path! – must be taken out. But how to clean the mess inside the device now? Also this means you have plastic steampath now!!!

    They put all the money in marketing and sponsored fake reviews. If you have a 30 Day no-risc return right, try one and you will see I didnt lie. If not, you will quickly note your money took the IQ way, but never call this device so. If it would cost 120 $, allright. Without never working IQ funktionalities and expensive materials that need to be removed to finally end up steaming through a plastic tube instead.

    Whakeup guys, we are still in the drug scene – so what did you expect….!

    And now you also know why customer service never was intended…

  • They have Quality issue with the ceramic chamber
    Too weak every time after like 15 clean with the tools they gave you and being gentle ceramic chamber brakes

  • Hi VC, have you had any problems with the magnetic lock on the mouth piece lid ? Mine keeps coming out of the lid and sticking to the base unit. It is not magnetised to the lid so I don’t know how it is kept in place….with glue ? any advice. thanks Bob.

    • Same problem here. Plus some serious heating issues. When using it on my bong with the water adaptor whilst charging (the manual says this should be possible) at the of a session you cannot hold it in your hand too long, it hurts. Using it the ‘normal’ poartable way it gets hot, but not to the point it hurts, is more like a confortable hand warmer on colder days ;)
      But back on topic, I think I’ll just try to glue it back..

      • Dude, you’re taking a huge risk putting putting that much of a load on your battery like that. Buy a charger and another 18650 battery. The mod has NO vent holes so it will likely explode and pepper you with shrapnel. 15$ to 20$ could save you thousands and even more important your eyes!

  • I have the mighty vaporizer which I really love and I had the firefly which I hate it I couldn’t get it to really work that well and I’m looking at the new da Vinci IQ and wondering how different is it then the mighty I just feel like I need to change my vaporizer I also have the Pax 2

    • Stay with Pax. I had pax3 and gave it away to buy this one.
      2 great days and a piece of junk…stay with pax 2. So much better and the Pax customer service is real. Not like davinci.

  • Im very disappointed in the lack of good customer service as well there untimely manner to respond. I bought in begining of Nov 2016 the DaVinci IQ I received on Dec 13 Within in a few days it wouldn’t charge. I bought new cords. I had to wiggle and wiggle for it to charge. It was a complete project and time consuming to charge. It also gets so hot that i cannot hold it. I also have the aluminum begining to come off. I have sent product to them and explained issues as well as took pictures. They sent product back with new charger. Guess what same problem. I had a Pax, it had problem They sent me with no problem at all. Im at this time beyond upset. If things are not fixed I will use all My capabilities with my attorney to show how horrible this experience has been with others. They do not care that i spent money on this. Really all this is not cool.

  • Can anybody tell me how much herb the Da Vinci IQ oven will hold and is there any chance you can get an attachment to half the oven load for a quick blast?

    • I am wondering the same thing … I have tried weighing it, but need a better scale. A loose pack to the top of the white is less than .3 g in my humble opinion, with a slight tamper and a bit more loose grind (super fine) I estimate I get closer to .3

      In the beginning I was power pulling as if I were pulling on a J … this does not work well. Patience is a virtue and a slower, shorter pull (approximately 7 to 8 seconds) with about a 5 second inhale/hold .. then exhale. I am not going for huge clouds, my goal is taste and best effects of my herb.

      I am still working on what works best for me, but at this early stage this is where I am at. Oh ya, I find I get no more than 4 or 5 solid pulls before my herb is all brown (and from what I am told, once brown you are no longer getting the benefits of your herb).

      Anyhow, I am curious what others have found in regards to the DaVinci IQ use – as well as any suggestions on how to make the oven smaller for quick sessions.


  • I bought an IQ in November and it is already falling apart. Granted, I use it heavily, probably five times a day, but I should think it could stand up better, what with a ten year guarantee. I am waiting to hear how DaVinci will deal with this.

    • Hi there … just curious if there is any update in regards to your dealings with DaVinci? I have just called in a minor warranty issue (the rubber piece holding the Pearl broke) and they are asking me to send the whole unit in for inspection. I purchased the device approximately 2 weeks ago and too am surprised at the durability of a few pieces. Overall I find the device solid .. rock solid, and the taste is top notch. I am new to vaping and think I got lucky in the timing as this is the first device I’ve purchased and was looking forward to many sessions .. now I am being asked to send it in for inspection … and no temporary devices while they inspect mine. I am a little disappointed by this turn of events .. I am not looking forward to being without a vape device, its like being given electricity, only to have to go back to candles while they inspect the power grid.

      D to the double E K, out.

  • I want to replace my regular spliff with a vape and pretty sure my final choice is Pax 3 vs. IQ. Does the mouthpiece for the IQ make the piece more fragile overall? And does it require much more maintenance than the Pax 3? The smart path and boost mode on the IQ seem like features that could provide long term entertainment, but is it just gimmicky or does it put the IQ over the Pax 3? Lastly, is the ball in the IQ more if a nuisance than a benefit? Great videos, appreciate your input.

    • Same thoughts as you. I went with the iq strictly to eliminate any kind of metal and my accent has been my go to for a while now. I wanted the pax 3 for the concentrate aspect, but pens are efficient and as portable as you can get these days anyway. The ball controls draw and you can adjust it to your needs. I wish I could by both as both are unique, but I’m happy with the iq.

  • Why won’t my temperature control go up.First week worked was at 405f now it’s at 208c and only down button working

  • Mine Davinci took a crap about 6 months after I bought it and the company has been less thank helpful in wanting to repair it (I even offered to pay for the cost of repairs). To be honest, I will never ever buy or recommend anyone spend $200 on this company’s products again.

  • Hey, thanks for the great review. I went for the newer Ascent DaVinci vaporizer, it is easier to clean, and looks just awesome.

  • Recently bought one off Ebay and got to use it for one day before the unit stopped charging. Now it’s useless. The 2-year guarantee fished me in but they tell me they only honour it with their registered sellers. You have to read the small print. I suppose you have to call the company before you buy to find out if the seller’s on their list.
    Damn shame as I really enjoyed what little time I had with it. While in a chat with their customer support they tried to sell me another one and gave me attitude when that didn’t appeal to me.
    Buyer beware. Seeing online that a lot of people are having problems with the battery. If you’re thinking of buying one then check out the website for full warranty details, cos they will screw you if they can. Everything about the unit I have looks legit, maybe they sell off defective ones through their factories knowing the warranty voids responsibility? Seems plausible. Be careful.

    • My experience is similar. I have had my IQ less than a year. I started having problems a few months ago with the battery not charging. I decided it was the battery and I replaced it. It worked again for a while, maybe two months and then quit charging. Its like the connection isn’t getting made. If I wiggle it, I can get the light to come on, but it won’t stay on. I’ve tried four different chords. I made the mistake of buying on Ebay . I’m not sure what I should get next. Any suggestions?

  • Hey just to let you know they made a DaVinci 2 vaporizer can not wait for your review it does regular material & wax.

  • Hi, there! I purchased my Davinci vape 6 months ago. So far I’ve had no huge issues at all with this vape, in fact I’m surprised I haven’t after reading these reviews! The only irritating problem I’m having right now is that orb I’ll autmatically turn off randomly, whether its half way through heating up, or two minutes into the session, it blinks red a couple times and turns off! If I’m not paying attention I’ll be puffing away as the temperature is already dropping. If catch it turning off like that I quickly turn it back on while the unit is still hot. The other thing is that my battery doesn’t last quite as long as it used to, but I expected that, just like a cell phone. But I’d recommend purchasing a spare charger for those moments in need! Overall I’ve really loved this. Im Considering buying the Ascent version or if the updated 2014 ones are just as great. Thanks for the reviews and opinions!

  • I was informed by the company that because my unit doesn’t have a serial number, they won’t warranty it. They said my unit is an imitation.
    I will take the unit back to the store I purchased it from, and attempt to get one with a serial number. I actually would prefer mmy money back.it will be interesting to see what happens..

  • can anyone tell me how to take the davinci apart? I see 5 rubber plugs on the back, Im guessing taking it apart has something to do with that? mine the led display doesnt show, it doesnt heat up, but the display light is on, thats it. guessing either a near dead battery or circuit board screwed up.

  • Had my Da Vinci only 4 months used it 10 times and it stopped charging.I called Da Vinci customer service and they said to me because it was a gift and I didn’t have a receipt they couldn’t help me.I know this charging problem they are having with these units and she even told me that was the case but they would not replace it.

  • Warning: This vaporizer has a factory defect. Over normal use the connection between the plug and the unit will stop working. This is covered by the warranty which will replace the existing unit with another faulty unit.

    Da Vinci requires a proof of purchase for warranty which most shops don’t give you.

  • Hey Bud, really enjoy your videos. They’re very informative and based on my research, reviewers opinions and a hell of a price I bought the Davinci from their website about a year ago.

    At this point in time I’m working on my 4th vaporizer from the company. I’ve been having a problem with a power connection and it appears the thing shuts completely down and dies after using it awhile while plugged in.
    Their customer service was great the first 2 times but last time it took them awhile to send the new vape back.

    You probably know they came out with a version 2 that’s supposed to fix some of the negative features you mentioned in your review. I wonder if you could add an updated review on the newer unit.

    BTW… Got so frustrated with the Davinci that I went out and bought the Arizer Solo. Similar concept to the Davinci but much better executed. My only complaint about the Solo is the O ring that holds the glass straw in place. Once the unit heats up, the straw can very easily fall out and break. Other than that, it’s an awesome portable vape.

    Thanks for the vids Bud and keep on vapin !

    • Hey thanks for posting,

      I wasn’t thoroughly impressed with this original unit so I decided to skip buying the version 2 and just waited for their Ascent to come out. Not sure if you’ve seen it but it’s definitely a step up from this design, you can check out my review here.

      Glad you’re enjoying the Solo too, stay up!

  • Thanks for the review. Never vaped and have a technical question. Do you have to vape all the material in the chamber with each use? I generally only uses a little at a time. Can I fill the thing and stretch the draws out over hours or days? Or should I only use a little at a time and clear it out (u said in an earlier comment that using a little is not as good per draw). Thanks for the info

  • This thing isn’t worth half the price. Davinci’s customer service will not read your emails properly nor take them seriously. They certainly don’t act like a company selling the most expensive portable vape out there. Mine was sent with an incorrect power supply and when I followed up 12 days later they still hadn’t sent a replacement. By this stage BOTH the supplied glass stems had cracked, but their customer service guy, rather than sending a replacement with the new power supply, told me to read the warranty instead.

    Look at their Facebook page, it’s full of complaints and unhappy people. They should consider themselves lucky they aren’t facing a class action law suit over their poorly designed and broken product. Caveat Emptor with these jerks.

  • After sending my first DaVinci back because of temperature control/vapor output issues, the company sent me a new DaVinci free of charge. This model looks just like the original DaVinci, but the lid opening mechanism is magnetized and the button latch is gone. I’m not sure why they felt the need to change this – the magnet is super strong and can snap close fast and heavy – I’ve caught the edge of my finger a few times. Not a deal breaker. Perhaps I had a faulty unit all along, but this new vape performs so much better than my first one. Excellent vapor output, although kinda harsh at the manufacture default temp of 375.

    All in all, a markedly better vaping experience.

  • Hi there! I am about to buy the Da Vinci. I am worried about the hot and harm smoke you were talking about. Do you think the 20cm long straw, which you can buy extra for it, would completely solve this problem? Is this vaporizer a good option as my first and only vaporizer? How long does the battery last? Will I get the three batteries with it? How much work it is to change the battery? Is it doable to change it on a party or somewhere out?
    Thank you very much!

    • Hey John the longer straw should help bit to make the vapor more comfortable but I’m not sure if it would completely solve the problem. I think this vape is ok overall but it’s not one of my favorites and I don’t recommend it very often, that said though there have been people who have told me they like theirs so there’s a chance you would too. Battery life will vary depending on usage but it’s not replaceable, you just plug it in and recharge it after it dies.

  • Hey, I was wondering if you’ve had a chance to use the updated 2013 DaVinci model. From what I’ve read they seem to be improved with respect to battery life and vapor taste, but I wanted to see if you think they’ve made any significant improvements and how you would rate it. I’m having a tough time deciding between one of these and a Solo.

    • Hey I haven’t tried any updated DaVinci model, and I’d be skeptical that it’s any better than the original, but they did come out with the Ascent which I think is a much better designed vape, so if you’re interested in their units I would look into that one. If not I would still recommend the Solo over this one as long as you don’t mind it not being very portable (kinda big and clunky, better for cordless home use).

  • I’m having all kinds of weird issues with my DaVinci. I’ve had it for a year, and it’s just not producing great vapor as it used to. I’m not sure if there’s an issue with the heating element. I’m vaping at 378 degrees, which has traditionally been the sweet spot for me with this particular vape. When I draw slowly, it doesn’t even feel like I’m getting anything, and there is barely any vapor when I exhale. I’m not sure if this is typical of vapes in general, but I also seem to use more herb that I would with traditional methods. Lastly, the desired “effect” has diminished. Customer service is great, however. I’ll be sending it back to them, and they assured me they would send me a new unit after they test it.

  • I am disappointed completly about the Davinci Vaporizer !
    After 2 month of using it break down ! The display stopped working suddenly ! I tried to get support by mail – NO ANSWER !
    Then I tried to make a phone call, but the number does not exist !
    It is a product from the USA – I never would buy it !
    Cleaning is very difficult. I tried to change the sieve, but the cap which holds the sieve could not be opened and breaks down !
    A really bullshit product !

  • Had unit for a month – works perfectly with no issues. Elegant, robustly made, and incredibly stealth, this unit can be used anywhere.

    Absolutely no complaints, vapor is strong and very tasty. I bought the snorkel fro home use, gives a cooler draw, though the draw with the original mobthpiece is fine.

    Best portable I’ve seen, and I prefer it over the new Ascent which has too much breakable glass, and looks like a pipe with monthpiece extended, ruining stealth factor.

  • I’ve to buy my first vaporizer and I think DaVinci is the right for me.
    I need to vaporize only a small amount of herb (0.15 gram), so I need to know if DaVInci works well with small amount of material or not.
    How many amount of herb is possible to fill in daVinci chamber ?

  • I’ve had my DaVinci for about a month. It’s my first vaporizer.

    After two weeks, the stem broke off – a really bad design element being that it’s threaded and removing the stem is the only way to easily load the chamber, so you’re always twisting that plastic/metal joint. Of course it’s not going to last. They could’ve used a luer lock union, but whatever. No one answered the phone when I called about this but they did email me back after a couple of days and offered a replacement IF I sent them a pic of the old one (which I’d already tossed and replaced with a length of PharmMed BPT #16 tubing). Whatever. It still works.

    I was able to use it over 2.5 days during scout camp on one charge (not getting too ripped, of course).
    Cleaning is easy with IPA and Q-tips. Loading could be easier, but it’s tolerable. The brush is small, but big enough. It’s darn pretty – and very portable. I don’t know what everyone is complaining about the heat for – just don’t hold it where it’s too hot. I’ve not been burned, but it is uncomfortable. The max temp of my unit is 405 – a lovely bit of freeway in LA.

    I chose this over the Pax solely on the use-while-charging feature. But that was before I saw your review. And anyway I’m so anal about keeping the thing charged, I probably don’t need to worry about that.

    I’ve only vaped with this model – so I’m not qualified to talk about comparative vapor quality, but I agree it gets hot and is rather irritating at times – makes me cough sometimes if I’m getting too aggressive.

    Oh, and the storage space is not airtight, so if you need to control smell, don’t use that feature.

    My next vaporizer will probably be a Plenty as I’m ready for a home model (vs. portable/car model) – though the Plenty is plenty damn ugly.

  • Really appreciate the comments here. Was all set to get the Pax, but got hit by some massive anti-Pax, pro-Da Vinci propaganda. Good to hear some actual, first-hand experiences rather than rumors. I’ll take a vape that needs a little extra cleaning over a vape that might be too hot to handle half the time …

    Now all I’ve got to do is pick my Pax color …

    • Hey yea there’s some anti-Pax stuff out there but IMO most of it is unwarranted, it’s a great vape.

      Hope you enjoy it, stay up!

  • Great unit mine bummed out in 4 months (not uncommon in portable vapes due to the batteries being close to the heating element) but karma had great customer service and i should be getting my new unit very soon (hope it lasts longer), as far as performance wise the thing is great. never combusts and is easy to use. as far as portables go id advise the DV or the pax their both very good vapes.

    Im really hoping my new unit performs longer because besides that i have nothing negative to say about it.

  • About a month after purchase the straw and little brush fell apart. I called customer service several times and left a message every time and they never returned my calls. I decided it was time to start posting negative feedback on their FB page. This worked like a charm as I received a call from them about an hour after that!

    When I spoke with the customer service rep she was very apologetic and said she would send out 2 straws for the inconvenience. Wow! I thought. That was nice. Maybe these guys aren’t so bad. So, 3 weeks went by and I never received anything. Called customer service again and they didn’t respond to my messages again.

    I decided to get crafty and call their wholesale line (you bet they answer this line on the first ring!). Once I was in touch with the rep they told me the order was completed but never shiped! I think the staff might be using the product to often over there! Anyways, I haven’t been able to use it for the last month. I got my fingers crossed but not holding my breath.

    The few positives about this product are far outweighed by the terrible customer service and overall poor product quality. Also, it is important to note that this product is not suited for heavy use. If you charge it once a day (needed after 4 sessions), the battery will only last 90 days before it no longer holds a charge.

    Avoid at all costs.

    • Hey man I’m not completely sure it’s a little outside my area of expertise.

      I have an Omicron and I like it, but the only other oil vape I’ve tried at this point is one of those generic e-cig pen models.

      Hopefully I’ll be able to try more soon

  • Love the DaVinci. It is portable so obviously it’s not gonna wreck ya straight off. That being said the battery life is kinda weak because the sucker heats up in a little over a minute. Not bad. It does not get that hot. Crazy good functionality, what I think they are going for

  • When i first heated up the divice to 221°C (429°F) i noticed som rubber smelling vapor wich seems to come out the chamber.
    I Heated it up for many times just to make sure any chemicals Vpaorized completely because i dont want to inhale that plastic smell.
    Now is has been heated up 20 times to 221°C (429°F) for 10 minutes and it still vaporizes a Plastic Smell wich i can see when i use a bright pocket lamp.
    We now tested it with a new one and its still the same.
    Heating it up to highest level causes plastic vapors wich dónt find an end.
    You only can see the plastic vapors withapocket lamp.

    Can anyone tell me how to avoid theese plastic vapors?

    I dont want to use the device til i know wtas this vapor.

    It smells a öittle bit like Rubber/Plastic and i really dont want to inhale it.

    I think tha vapor comes from the rubber seal upside the Heating cmanber.

    I really dont belive that this part is made of temperature Proof silicone.

    Did anyone open the davinci and can post Pictures of its inner Life.

    • Hey Gunner,

      Thanks for your post.

      I’ve received this same complaint before, and heard about it on a few occasions.

      The DaVinci isn’t one of the best designed vapes in my opinion, and I think it’s due to some kind of manufacturing defect.

      I’m not sure where I saw it in the past but if you search around I think you’ll be able to find a video or pictures of what the inner workings look like.

      • Hello,
        i opened mines to check whats wrong and found out tht tha black rubber part upside the chamber produces the plastic vapors.
        When the manufracturer says the rubber pice is made of silicone i dont belive in this.
        Greets Gunner

    • Performance-wise they’re fairly similar, but I’ve personally used my NO2 more than I’ve used my DaVinci.

      The compactness of the DV is cool but I’m just not really a fan of the vapor it produces, I find it to be a little too hot/harsh.

      The NO2 isn’t much better, but for me provides a slightly more comfortable experience. It’s almost twice the size of the DV though, so not nearly as portable.

  • I have had my davinci for a few months and use it every day. today i noticed the chamber smoking when it was set at around 365 degrees. Any idea what my have caused this? I noticed it when I opened the chamber to stir the contents, you cannot see the smoke when the chamber is closed.

    • Sounds like it might be from residue buildup inside the chamber. But I did receive a few complaints similar to yours and in some cases the device itself ended up being defective.

      I would clean it out and see if it may be residue causing the smoke, and if it’s not I would contact the manufacturer.

  • I just started growing some flowers. Haven’t touched ANYTHING the last 15 years after decades of heavy use. I decided smoke was out. Can’t stand the smell of tobacco any more so a vape was the way to go. Portable, too. I want stealth.

    Checked out various portable options at the local shops. The Da Vinci was by far the coolest thing out there, IMO. Great looks, great reviews, apparently superior customer service (If necessary). All of the cons I’ve read just seem to be splitting hairs. I doubt any product is going to be perfect, but the Da Vinci seems like a good compromise until the perfect machine comes along. Now that it’s been out almost a year, it’s available for a lot less than the $200.00+ prices advertised. Accessories are still pricey, but oh well.

    I think it’s an elegant little machine, and I’m going to enjoy using it for a long time to come!

  • I bought my Da Vinci having only tried a friends Volcano once before. It does the same thing, only on a smaller scale and less robustly. The unit is sturdy and still operates after dropping on a slate floor. Gets hot after a couple minutes. The brush is handy to have. Comes with a users manual and has a serial number. Supposedly will replace battery up to two years with original reciept. Gets hot. Turns off too early. Also the highest charge this display will give you is 75% battery.

  • I just picked up a new Davinci and seems to work well. But I’m wondering if anyone else’s makes a whistling sound when drawing off the included piece? I’m not sure THAT’s real stealth but I agree the size is… I hope the battery works well. It’s been charging longer than the recommended first charge but not showing fully charged on display.

  • I chose the DaVinci for several reasons:
    1. Stealth
    2. Portable/Car adapter
    3. Easy maintenance
    4. It’s a vaporizer!

    What I like:
    1. You can get big, smokeless hits and not even realize you’re getting baked.
    2. It gets hot, but it’s not what I thought it would be. You just have to hold it correctly.
    3. It can be used for oils and waxes.
    4. It fits in my pocket and is super stealth.

    What I don’t like:
    1. It uses a lot of material. It’s gone before you know it.
    It doesn’t heat up anymore. Obviously, I have major quality concerns now.

    • I would definitely agree with you about the quality concerns. I got my first unit a few months ago and was really impressed by the storage features, quick heat up time and the overall look and feel. Worked great for the first week delivering full hits and looking super sexy, but then it wouldn’t fully charge even when plugged in all night. Then, before I even contacted customer service, it went up in flames. I guess the thermostat or something internal malfunctioned and the unit would not stop heating. I had it just sitting flat on the table, not covered at all and walked away for a few minutes figuring the timer would kick it off anyway. Came back from my piss to burning plastic and smoke. Da vinci was really good replacement wise, got the store to hand me a new unit no shipping involved, but the incident has left me a little wary and I never let the thing out of my sight when using again.

      I was also a little disappointed to find that it takes 3 HOURS to fully charge the unit and that even though you can “charge when in use” the using of it drains more battery than the charger replaces.. so you can’t really use AND charge it, just use it while plugged in. One more note, DON’T GET THE WHITE ONE. The vents on the face of it seem to seep out some vapor and the whole area has a yellow stain to it that I noticed after the first week of use.

  • I’ve had my DaVinci from almost the time it came out and haven’t had any issues with it. I’ve tried my friend’s Iolite WISPR and there is no comparison. I haven’t tried an Arizer yet.

    I also tried a Pax recently and really like the Pax, but the DaVinci is still my vape of choice.

    A friend ordered a DaVinci and it had an issue with the heat display. The folks over at DaVinci took care of him and replaced his unit right away.

    I’ve had my davinci with me at a movie theater, on a roller coaster and even at a business luncheon…convinced someone it was a cell phone, although if you were really sniffing for it, you could smell the herb smell. It was faint, but there.

  • I have just recently bought a DaVinci, so far I am loving it. Absolutely not problems with it. Just hoping that it doesn’t have the same macanical problems as others, enjoy.

  • i just recenttly purchased the Da vinci. this is my first experience with any vape. although i am an experienced tobacco user. ill be honest i was skeptical at first about the product. it defffinitly made the tabacco ….. Creep up on me and have a different suttle yet potent effect. i have found that a dryer higher grade tobacco is nice for a few hits at 355 and then slowly bump up for the next five hit to 380. then i roast the rest at 430. at this point i have seen smoke come out of my mouth, the mouth piece and, even the seams of the chamber that holds the products. but this is how i best conserve and consume all of the niccotene from the tobacco. also i re use the tobacco is my tobacco pipe. stealth is great with it but it does give off a peculiar smell. i have been accused of smeelling of beer after using the Da Vinci. but there is still alot to find out and fix with this new product but i see there being a bright and beautiful future for new and improved Da Vincis to come.

  • We took apart the de vinci because of the bad plastic and chemical taste and were appalled by the design. The air intake flows through the heating coil which is wrapped around the inner canister by tape to hold the coil in place. The outer canister which can be seen from the vents has small holes so the air flows in.That air is mixed with the fumes coming out of the tape and glue that is wrapped around the heating coil which can heat to 430. It also has a rubber gasket between the herb chamber and lid which probably emits fumes too. We have a picture of the inside but I dont know how to post it. We vape with health in mind and when using the da vinci this unit contaminates the air with plastics and glue from the tape. This unit doesn’t seem to be too heathy and I have stopped using it.

    • My girlfriend got a sore throat like she never had from smoking at a low temperature on the DaVinci. She does have a lot of allergies but this should not have happened. She complained of the horrible taste after only two times. She is actually at the clinic today to get an opinion/medication. DaVinci is junk, throwing it away won’t even sell it.

    • I would say that this vape performs very similarly to the NO2. The herb chamber designs are very similar and I found the vapor quality and production to be about the same.

      • I would go with the davinci all the way. If you have any type of problem Davinvi customer support does not screw around. I called them with a problem and instead of nickle-and-diming me they just said let us send you a new unit. You only find such good customer support at companies that really care about what they are doing. If you had any doubts about purchasing a davinci you can be confident that davinci has your back.

  • Not too bad of a review. I don’t agree with the heat being an issue in that I have had the unit up to 420F and could still wrap my hand around it and not feel a burn at all — to me it is only gets quite warm but not burning hot. For me the draws never become uncomfortably warm, though I have heard this from others. If draws were too hot one could opt for the long 20cm whip accessory. I agree that battery life could be an issue especially if you could not get to an outlet. I usually use mine in an outlet to preserve battery life unless I take it out. When I have taken the davinci out it never ran out of battery power. No doubt sharing with a pal would drain it pretty quickly. The other more serious battery issue is replacement because the battery will run out of juice after 6 months of use — you have to send it in to the manufacturer to have the battery replaced. Now that is a drag. And as far as the davinci’s best quality — THE STEALTH FACTOR — no other vape touches the davinci. Thank you for taking the time to review the davinci vape.

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