VapeXhale Cloud EVO Vaporizer

Cloud EVO The EVO is a beast. This desktop vaporizer by VapeXhale produces some of the biggest clouds of vapor I’ve experienced, and it still manages to keep the vapor smooth, tasty and comfortable.

Heat up time with the newly designed EVO model has been reduced to about 3 minutes, which is right in line with most good units.

There’s a variety of HydraTubes to choose from and my recommendation would be to choose one that doesn’t filter through a lot of water, this helps preserve the flavor of the vapor. You can also use this vape with a water pipe you already have because of the standard size connection.

Buy one direct from the official VapeXhale store, and use my promo code STAYUP10 for 10% off the listed price. I get compensated if you buy through my link but this doesn’t influence my review and I really appreciate your support!

Stay up!

More pics:

Cloud EVO VapeXhale Top HydraTube Connection ELB Glass Vapor Path VapeXNail VapeXNail Inside Turbine HydraTube ShowerCap HydraTube HydraCirc HydraTube Power Cord

This video is my previous review from early-2014:

Video transcription:

What is up how are ya guys? This video is my review of the VapeXhale Cloud EVO vaporizer. This is a high-end vape, and the EVO is the new version of the original Cloud that I reviewed about a year ago, which is this guy right here.

So in my review of the original one I showed how the performance was really good, how I was getting big clouds from it and stuff, but there were a few issues I had with it that I talked about.

Then unfortunately what ended up happening is my unit ended up being defective and it wouldn’t heat up anymore. So there were a few reasons why I ultimately decided to go ahead and upgrade to the new one, to the EVO model, and you know what before I even get into that let me just jump right into a session because I want you to see the vapor production from this thing because that is one of the coolest things about it.

So one of the reasons I went ahead and upgraded is because once I found out the full story and all the reasoning behind what happened with the original and why I couldn’t get it fixed and stuff, and I spoke with the owner of the company, I’m an understanding guy and it was an unfortunate situation but I don’t hold it against the company and I am very happy with their new one.

Now more importantly, the main reason I went ahead and decided to upgrade to this vape is that I actually really missed using it. Those few months I went where I didn’t have mine working I definitely missed having it in my rotation and I knew that I wanted it back.

That made me realize that I was probably a little hard on it in my original review, but there are actually a few reasons why I think my experience this time is better, but I’ll get more into that in a sec.

First I wanna just show you a little more about the unit in case you’re not familiar with it. So this is the base unit, this is the part that heats up. It has a removable plug in the back and then on the front it just has a simple on and off switch and then a temperature dial.

Then at the top here you have this ground glass connection and inside of that is the EZ Load Bowl, and this is the herb chamber or where you’re going to pack your material.

So there’s not many different parts with this vape because besides the EZ Load Bowl and the base unit the only other part you really need to use this thing is the HydraTube. So the main way this vape is supposed to be used is you get a base unit, you pick out a Hydra Tube which fits perfectly on top on that ground glass connection, and then you take your draw just like this.

The main benefit of the HydraTube is that you could put a little water inside and then you can get your vapor to filter through it and that helps cool and condition the vapor a little and makes it a little more comfortable.

There’s also a couple of other ways you can use this vape… the also offer just a straight glass mouthpiece, and then you could also just buy the base unit by itself if you have your own water tool at home because this is a pretty standard size connection. The cool part is that this works in any direction so you could even use it like this upside-down if you have to, so that’s another cool thing about this vape.

Another feature of the Cloud is that it’s basically all-glass; the vapor path or where the air is gonna come up and pass through your material, and the HydraTube are both completely glass.

The only part when you’re using herbs with it that’s not glass is the actual chamber or the EZ Load Bowl, this is a high-grade stainless steel.

Now they actually did just start to offer what they’re calling the VapeXNail, which is a glass accessory for putting concentrates in to use with this vape, and I’m gonna show you more about that in a minute and talk more about it. When you use this piece this is glass also so that actually makes the experience 100% glass.

So as you’ve noticed I’m getting huge draws, big huge clouds, and that is one of the coolest things about this vape. It’s actually also very comfortable, the vapor quality is very high. So the taste is good, it’s not hot or harsh at all, it’s a very smooth enjoyable experience.

Now my comment about the flavor of the vapor or the taste actually brings up an issue I had originally with the vape, and what I’ve come to learn is that that has a lot to do with the HydraTube I was using. So what I’ve sort of figured out, for me personally at least when vaping through water, is that the more water you’re vaping through, the higher the volume of water you’re filtering through, the more flavor or taste is gonna get pulled out of the vapor.

The reason that’s relevant here is because originally the HydroTube I got might not have been the best choice for me – it kind of held a lot of water. So one of my complaints at the time was that I didn’t feel like I was getting a lot of the flavor when I took a big draw, I almost felt like the water was taking the flavor out.

I also mentioned that when the HydraTube was empty and I was using it dry with no water in it that tasted more of my material. So this new HydraTube I got this one is called the Swagger Shower Cap, and this one is cool and interesting because it uses a very minimal amount of water in it but you could still get a good amount of diffusion and filtration so the vapor is still comfortable.

The benefit of using a HydraTube that uses very little water is that there’s not a lot of flavor loss. I’ve noticed personally that my experience with this new water tool is a lot better than the experience I was getting with the original one I picked.

One of the few drawbacks to this vape that I found that I feel that I need to mention is that you kind of need to draw a large volume of air through the vape to get a big draw and get a lot of vapor like you see me getting in this video.

An example of what I’m talking about is this clip right here is my fiance taking a draw from the vape and she can’t pull as much as me, she can’t pull as large of a volume of air through it as I can, so you’ll be able to see that her draw and the amount of vapor that she gets is not as much as I was getting. For the vast majority of people this won’t be an issue, but I did feel the need to mention it.

Before I end my session here I wanted to show you that glass concentrate accessory, so what I’m doing here is I’m removing my EZ Load Bowl that had my material in it and now I’m putting in this glass accessory piece instead.

I have my heat turned a little higher than normal, and I’m just gonna take a long draw as usual and it’s gonna fully vaporize all of the concentrate, and it’s gonna be a super clean, super strong draw of vapor.

Oh and another thing I wanted to quickly mention… when I got my package I also got the HydraFoot, which is basically like a more stable stand for the HydraTube, cus I’m a klutz and knock stuff over all the time.

So it works awesome like that, obviously it keeps your HydraTube more stable, but another use for it that I found is cool with that concentrate accessory – cus when you pull that accessory out after using it you could touch the top, it’s not super hot up there, but the bottom’s hot still, so I actually found that it fits right in the Hydra Foot, so it’s almost like a good temporary storage spot for it when you take it right out.

Now one of the big improvements with the EVO over the original Cloud is the heat up time. My complaint with the original one was that it took ten plus minutes to heat up to a hot enough temperature to vaporize, but with the new one they got it down to about 3 minutes, and that’s perfectly fine with me that’s right in line with most of the other good ones.

One of the small issues with this unit though that didn’t really go away from the original one to the new one is the issue with the very top part of the unit kind of heating up sometimes after you’ve been using it for a bit. However, this issue really isn’t a big one for a couple of reasons…

The first reason is that you will get a couple of these bands, and if you just put a couple of these like rubber wrist bands around the unit, once they’re on it’ll look something like this one, and then basically all these do is act as sort of like a guide or a protector in that they just prevent your hand from going above the point on the vape that gets hot.

So you naturally are always just underneath in the part that doesn’t get hot. Now this is just a temporary solution because actually I spoke to the company and they’re already producing a neoprene sleeve that’s gonna go over the top part that gets hot, and then it’s basically gonna eliminate that issue, it’s not going to be hot anymore if you grab the top.

Lastly, the warranty it comes with also got improved. So one of my complaints originally with the old one was that it only had the one year warranty. Now I spoke with them about it and with the new one what they’re gonna do is the one year base warranty is gonna be like a bumper to bumper warranty, it’ll cover anything about the base unit just not the glass HydraTubes though, but the one year covers this whole thing in case anything goes wrong.

Now they also give a three year guarantee on every part of this except for the glass. So after year one up until year three if anything goes wrong with this base unit at all except for the glass pieces, for instance if anything malfunctions with the heater which is the most important part, or the switch or the dial or anything like that, you’re gonna be covered. So I’m pretty happy with that and I think that’s a good improvement over their original policy.

In summary, I missed this vape when I didn’t have it and I’m really glad to have it back, I’ve been using it a lot lately it’s definitely right into my regular rotation now. It’s super cool to have a vape that could make huge clouds like that when I’m in the mood for that, obviously there’s a bunch of vapes I like and use regularly but sometimes I’m in the mood for that and this vape does it fantastically.

If you’re someone lookin for the biggest draws, biggest clouds, stronger vapor per draw? This is the vape for you. If you have any questions about the unit or if there’s anything I left out please let me know.

If you think you’re ready to buy yourself one of these bad boys please use my link by going to, and what that’s gonna do is send you direct to the manufacturer’s website and you can order right from them. I do have an affiliate relationship with them so if you do place an order through my link they will track that and I am super appreciative if you decide to do so.

You could watch some more reviews of other vapes on my website at, thanks very much for takin the time to watch, and stay up!

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  • Hey I just got the evo, how do I find out if I have the new unit or old unit? I was told this is the 2016 one but the heat up time is around 2-3 minutes

    • There is only one model of the EVO for sale. The only changes of the Cloud EVO are the box/packaging itself. The units have been the same since 2013

  • Hey Bud,
    Bought this after reading both your reviews and even used your promo code:) Thank you.. Just a question as i got mine in yesterday but do not have a hydra tube just the plain glass attachment. I am following the instructions to the tee and not getting much vapor at all. I even let it heat up about 2 minutes more after it turns green. Using it at around 1-2 on the dial. Seems like i really have to pull hard to get even a decent cloud. Any suggestions would be great. Also using the same grind i do for my Crafty and only fill it up about 75%. Stay up and keep em coming!

    • Nice!!

      Ok try this – the most likely cause, if the unit is fully heated up, is not taking a strong enough or long enough draw, have you tried taking a really deep inhale for like 10 seconds?

      The unit will behave a little differently depending on what glass you’re using, so when using the straight glass stem this may be what you have to do, and it still might take 1-2 hits for the vapor production to really ramp up, try it and report back!

      • Yes indeed, I usually take 8-10 second draws like i do with the Crafty. When i hit it like i am taking a 4 footer it is amazing and does work well but it just seems weird to have to draw so hard to get decent vapor. Have you used the regular glass piece with this unit? Wondering if the Hydra tubes make that much different. They were all sold out when i bought the unit or would have got that package. Thanks for getting back with me:) STaying up

  • is your Evo cloud a 220 volt or 110 volt I’m just curious but other than that thank you for all your videos do an amazing job

  • I got a Crafty based on your review and I love it but I have decided I really want a desktop vaporizer and I am between the plenty and the VAPEXHALE CLOUD EVO I am really curious does the vapexhale have a battery in it because when I watch you do the review it seems as though the power plug is unplugged but every other review I have found it looks like it is always plugged in.

  • Hey Bud
    Love your reviews. They have helped me narrow down my search on vaporizers. Thank you. I have a question on this vaporizer, I noticed that after you used the glass insert and you have taking your draw. The top of the unit where you placed the glass insert turn red. Yhat must have been a big long draw. Can you tell me what happened there? Thanks

  • Thanks for all your great, detailed reviews which made it easy for me to convert from combustion.Is there any chance you could do a review on the sublimator?

  • Hey Bud. Great reviews!

    I’m in the market for a VapeXhale Cloud EVO, and wanted to take your advice about having little water in the HydraTube…

    Which starter kit would be best for dry herb?


  • Hey Bud. I’m planning on living in a frat house next year and wanted to get a sick vape to post up with in my room. That being said, my two main concerns were: durability and vapor strength. I’ve had a couple portable vapes before, and tried others, that just weren’t good at all for groups of people. The Pax might be alright by yourself, but with 2 or 3 other people I found it to not produce enough vapor. Anyway, is there a specific vape you’d recommend that produces a LOT of vapor and don’t break when smoked with by a bunch of drunk idiots?

    Thanks man.

  • I’m a licensed medical patient and I vape several times everyday- heavy user, I was wondering which model was the healthiest for my lungs. I would like to keep the cost down under $500. and I do not want to use oil, I want to use herb that I have grown as I know it’s healthy/organic that way.
    Any advice you have would be appreciated!
    Thank you

  • hey bud I’ve had a few desktop vapes, ballon and whip after some uses i get upper stomach discomfort here and there not sure if its cue i vape a lot, will this help out?

  • Why should I buy an evocloud vaporizer when you can make hydratube vapes out of other vaporizers? I don’t want to offend the CloudEvo but it is so extremely expensive so I don’t see a reason for buying it. Could you explain what makes this vaporizer really worth all the money you have to spend on it? I mean You said the base unit has a standard size which means that other vaporizers could theoretically also be used with the vapexhale hydratubes which means that this base unit isn’t unique. But the base unit still costs 300$. The hydratubes from vapexhale might be a unique product because they seem to be handmade and they transform the vaporizer into a [water tool]. But if it is just about vaping with water as far as I know there are other alternatives.
    To give an example there is a 20$ waterbowl which you can connect to the Arizer xtreme q and you will also have a water-vaporizer.

    • The base unit is unique because of the all glass vapor path that is built inside the base unit. Adding a tube to the top is doing nothing more than cooling the vapor that’s already been produced in the vapor path in the base unit. If you tried one of these units with a hydratube attached, you wouldn’t be disappointed in spending the money. Worth every penny so far.

  • Hey Bud, love the videos!
    I have a couple of questions. First of all, if I get the Cloud Evo, am I going to regret it if I get the most inexpensive mouth piece? 2nd I love the big clouds, but would it make my friends and I tap after a couple draws (or at least my girlfriend)? That’s what I am REALLY looking for. The non-vape utensil I currently use is awesome, but I would like to conserve material, so I wanna switch to a vape. Would this be the one? 3rd, given that information which portable would you recommend?
    That’s all my questions! Please refer me to anything in your arsenal that you would recommend! Thanks a ton man! Stay up!

    • Hey Kenneth thanks for posting, this unit will work well with a variety of glass pieces, my recommendation is just to try and use one that doesn’t hold a ton of water to help preserve the flavor.

      And yes it does produce nice big draws that are strong. I also really like the Plenty for this, I feel that it’s even more potent than this one.

      As for portables I would go with the Crafty if you want the best and strongest!

      Vape it up!

  • Whats up man. Have you checked out the adapter they have that you can connect the evo to your own rig? Was looking at getting one of these over getting an enail.

    • Hey man I’m actually getting my hands on the adapter real soon and I’m gonna post an updated review with some new glass too.

      I’ve used the EVO with my own rig though (upsidedown) with herbs and it works great, you just need to take a hard/long pull to get a big cloud of vapor.

      The glass nails are awesome with this too, it’s nicer experience overall I think and doesn’t involve torches! lol

  • 1st off great reviews! Always look to this site before making any purchases.

    Now for my question.. looking for a high quality vape that is in particular the best for concentrates. Do you have a recommendation for that?

    The cloud evo looks legit but is there a better vape out there or one that’s better with concentrates specifically?

    Second.. does the glass nail start to change flavor like quartz nails tend to on a rig?

    Thanks for your time and dedication! Keep up the good work and stay up of course!

    • Sup!

      The EVO is unique because of the 100% glass vapor path when using the vapexnail, it’s probably what I would consider one of the cleanest and purest ways to vaporize concentrates.

      I haven’t noticed any taste change with the glass nail, just some discoloration but most of it comes clean when you do a “burn off” and leave it in the vape on high for a little bit.

      If you want to fill balloons with concentrate vapor I’d go with the Herbalizer. Otherwise the Cloud will be the most similar experience to a rig.

      I also think the Muad-Dib is really cool.

      Vape it up!

  • $525 MINIMUM!? HELL NO. The Volcano is cheaper than this and you rated that higher. The Equalizer is damn good and 60% cheaper. This can never be worth the money.

  • Hi bud,

    Can you recommend another vaprizer which makes really thick / milky vapour which is more affordable than the cloud EVO?

    I do not mind if it is a plug in or portable, but something at $250 mark or so would be great.

  • After purchasing the CloudEvo and giving it a trial I quickly returned it and picked up a Plenty, I was quite disappointed with the overall quality of the Evo. To me the Cloud Evo seemed very cheap and the hits were not at all like I expected from such an expensive vape. I find the Plenty to be my favorite of the two, and I fell much more confident in my purshase. The Evo has some more work to be done with it before I would consider buying it, I think they need to make the glass joint better or have it be replaceable all I could think of is how easily it was going to break and I did not like pulling my vapor through water, having that hydratube sitting on top of a very expensive device made me uneasy. I am very happy with the Plenty and will never look back at my decision, thanks for all the info!

    • Hey thanks for posting

      Sorry to hear you were disappointed with the EVO but I’m really glad you’re diggin the Plenty, it’s one of my faves too!

    • There is no chance you were using it properly if you didn’t get good hits. I’ve seen amateur vapers get huge rips from this in their first attempt.

  • Hi…I appreciate all your reviews, Thanks!!

    I’ve had my cloud evo for less than a week now and while i do love taking rips vs. volcano bags, it definitely gets much too hot near the top to handle, specially once you go 15-20+min. If i don’t take the bowl out, by the end of the fourth or fifth rip, it burns to the touch. Have you not noticed this? I’m using mine set to 1pm on the dial. It just seems like it keeps getting hotter and hotter the longer it’s on, rather than maintaining a constant temp. At this price point, using the rubber bands or sleeve they’re now including, is unacceptable…Any recommendations?

    Oh, and as hard as i try, i can’t get anywhere near the clouds/milkiness they post on IG, nor the ones in your review.


    • Hey Carlos you are right that it gets very hot on the outside during prolonged use, but as of now the best way to deal with it is really just to put on the bands and sleeve they include, it’s not ideal but it works

      To maximize vapor production try grinding your herb up super fine and filling the chamber 50-80% full, then pull at a fairly strong pace for at least 6-10 seconds

      All ELBs seem to fit a little differently, I have some that are tight and snug and others that are loose like it sounds yours is, either way it won’t affect performance but loose can be an issue if you want to use it upside-down

      • Thanks for your replies. Sorry I didn’t get back sooner.

        I ended up talking to customer support and had to send it back I for them to fix, which took a few weeks. Turns out, quite a few of their units shipped out of spec. The “bamboo” glass was too thin. This is why my ELBs were loose, why the draw was weak and why the unit felt much too hot for comfort (even with the sleeve.)

        Customer service was fine. Benjamin was great. But it bothered me that they wouldn’t send a new unit as it had arrived defective, but instead insisted on fixing mine. I also ordered a 4-pack of ELBs and that took three shipments before I was able to gather 4 ELBs that were on spec. (I have 6 others that were too thick to fit or so snug that it greatly changed the experience.)

        If you get a unit with all working parts, it’s a great tokin’ experience. If not, you really start to notice that this a young company. At this price point, it should be as easy and as reliable as the Volcano has always been. And they shouldn’t be trying to nickel and dime you for a pick, sufficient bowls to enjoy a session nor other small accessories, IMO. (I’ve never needed anything other than more bags for my Volcano.)

        Their warranty is also very defensive. Makes you feel like if anything goes wrong, you’re covering part of the cost.

        I bought the unit for a change of pace from the volcano bags as I missed [my water piece] and the EVO definitely filled that void. Love the EVO; the company, not so much.

        • Thank you very much for letting me know about your experience! I don’t like hearing about stuff like this and I do take it into consideration for sure.

          Bummed to hear it was defective, but happy to hear you enjoy it! (when it works)

          • So it looks like my EVO is headed back for another repair…ugh…Turns out the Auto-off is not being triggered and my unit stayed on for 24 hours. I’m very diligent with my electronics, but this feature is a must, specially for those late night/tired sessions.Hopefully it wont take as long to get back to me this time.

            I, honestly, wish they would call it a lemon and send me a new unit. This, however, seems to be blasphemy over at Vapexhale.


            Great when it works, but at this point, I think they’ve had my unit longer than I have.

        • Was using my evo for months. All of a sudden a small crack has produced inside the bamboo somewhere and it is causing combustion. I live in Canada and am a little disappointed as well with there warranty policy. I have to send the unit internationally to be repaired because they have to decide how it broke, for some reason the company thinks my worries for shipping a used vaporizer internationally were not needed and there should be no problem, they even said they would pay for shipping but then when they went to creat a label for return they said they couldn’t and I should pay for shipping and they will refund my paypal. I work in retail and I told them if my company sold a product at that price for people to buy to have a healthier life and it broke, I would send a new unit out no questions asked. I love this product but am disappointed with this repair process, I have the box yet to be shipped because I am worried about customs hassling about residue.

      • Thanks, stonemonkey, I did end up talking to Benjamin in support.
        After a few rounds of email and shipments, all has been taken care of.

  • Vapexhale does not draw as well nor provide as deep a hit as a Verdamper. Not even in same league. Also beware as they do not honor their warranty and the unit seem to be prone malfunction. Other products I own have been used much more and much longer with zero problems. I would recommend looking into other products.

  • I had some reservations about getting the Evo, never seeemd to grab me, esepcially since I own a Volcano and an Herbie already, but the urge to have all glass calls to me, and your review clarified many questions I had about the whole thing.

    I was still curious though, the issue with the draws/clouds, when you said it would not be a problem for “most people”, I am going to guess your fiance takes particularly weak draws? Would, with that being said, her draws represent about the minimal draw? I guess I am just curious to further hear just how much it is or isn’t a thing before I actually find out myself. I will say though, even your fiance’s draw didn’t seem so bad, so if that’s considered particularly weak, I say ok!

    My other query was to do with the hydratubes in general. The website does an ok job of differentiating them, but it’s still hard to really select one. Which was the one you had that you didn’t like? And you say you like the swagger shower cap? Do you have any theories on the one or two that cost more than that? Is it just a design thing or do you theorize they would work even better? My thought basically is, I’m already spending x amount of dollars, as long as I am not getting the dirt cheap one, I might as well just get the best, assuming it works that way.

    • Hey Ross thanks for posting,

      I would say that yes, my (now Wife)’s draws would be classified as pretty weak, so it’s safe to consider her pull in the video to be about the bare minimum you’d get.

      I’m not sure if they even still offer the exact Hydratube I got, but here’s what I noticed about them and about vaping through water in general…

      The less water the vapor filters through, the better. Vapor is different than smoke, if you filter it through a lot of water you may make it a tiny bit smoother but you’re going to lose all the flavor, and when vapor has no taste it’s just weird (IMO).

      I was happy with the newer tube I got because it uses very little water, so the vapor still has some good flavor and is nice and smooth. The original tube I had held more water, and I didn’t like it as much because it seemed blander.

      I have a separate water piece now that really does a lot of diffusion and I’ve tried a few vapes through it and I’m not diggin it at all.

      It’s definitely a nice vape and produces great vapor but I do recommend keeping the water filtration to a bare minimum. I would even recommend using the HydraTube dry or empty over using one that holds a lot of water.

      • Hey, great review. Thanks. I was wondering if I have to have the Hydratube to use this vape properly? Or if I can just use the glass mouth piece that it comes with.

        • Hey the dry glass mouthpiece should be fine but if you find that you’d like the vapor a tiny bit cooler/smoother that’s where using it with a water piece comes in.

          I recommend using a piece that holds as little water as possible to preserve the most flavor

  • Okay, after doing a bunch of research, I’m leaning towards the VapeXhale. A few questions, though. You mentioned the unit gets hot toward the top, so I’m assuming the bowl gets hot too. How hard is it to empty and repack a bowl during an extended session? Is it easier just swap out bowls? And are the screens removable for cleaning, or do you just soak the whole bowl?

    • Well… to answer my own questions, the ELBs do get hot, but not so hot you can’t handle them. It is easier to just swap out the ELB. And you can indeed soak the screens to clean them.

      All in all, I’m pleased with my purchase. And while I would have appreciated some reply, I’m nonetheless thankful you pointed me in the direction of the Cloud Evo in the first place.

  • Hey, I checked out your vape tutorial on YouTube n I jus wanna say I couldn’t have pulled apart my PAX and cleaned it w/o your help. Thanks!

  • Hey Bud,

    Thanks for doing all you do, brother. Your help is greatly appreciated by all of us. I’ve had a Vapir no2 for over a year now and to be honest, I’ve been having trouble with the way it leaves my throat. I’ve jimmy-rigged a water attachment, it helps some, but I still get it. It’s a decent portable vape for me, and will take it on the mountain snowboarding, but that may be it due to how it leaves my throat feeling.

    Do you ever get the really dry, scratchy, and irritated throat from vaping? I had to smoke just to get rid of it after four sessions in one day with it. I don’t know if it’s happening because the whip is so small, because the inside chamber/bowl is metal, or whatever reason it may be. Will I get this irritated throat from any and all vapes? I vape at 151 degrees and get decent thickness of pulls.

    Looking at the possibility of investing in this vape, Cloud-Evo, if the water filter and higher quality vape will alleviate my irritation in my throat. What are your thoughts?


    • Hey man thanks for posting,

      I know exactly what you mean about the NO2, and the good news is not all vapes are like that. That one really isn’t too advanced and I would consider the vapor quality just average, which includes how comfortable it is.

      All of the vapes I’ve reviewed work a little differently and all provide a slightly unique experience. If you want the smoothest or most comfortable vapor I would go with the Cloud EVO, Herbalizer, Volcano, or Plenty. Those are what I currently consider the top-shelf models.

      The Cloud with a hydratube is definitely awesome and the performance/vapor quality is excellent, it’ll definitely be noticeably better than the NO2.

      Hope this helps!

      • Bud, thanks man. It definitely helps.

        I have my eyes on the Cloud Evo with the hydratube and the Plenty. Not sure which one to go with. Both have a “cooling” aspect and the last thing I want to do is drop $400-$800 on a vape and have my throat reacting the same way. I know we aren’t doc’s and can’t predict the future, but based on what you’ve experienced with the NO2 and how I’ve described my experience, would you recommend the Plenty or the Cloud Evo with hydratube? Cost not being an issue. Looking for the smoothest and coolest vape inhales with good flavor capability.

        • or do I go with the classic Volcano? I know your ratings and you have the new Herbalizer #1, Cloud Evo # 2, Volcano #3 and Plenty #4…but if you had to rank them only against each other, now that you’ve vaped from #1 and #2 for a few months now, and the Volcano for 5 years…how would you pin these against each other?

        • You really can’t go wrong with any of the top 4 models I mentioned, they all produce excellent quality vapor that is smooth and comfortable.

          It depends mostly on what style of vaping you think you prefer, or any other advantages each vape may offer.

          For example if you’re at all concerned about cost the Plenty is about half the price of a Cloud package, but some people only want glass pieces or water filtration so the Cloud may be more appealing. Another difference would be how they feel when taking a draw, one is very free-flowing and one has a slight bit of resistance. Overall though, vapor quality isn’t that different between the two.

          The Volcano is great also even though it’s over a decade old, and mine that I’ve had for over 5 years still works like new. But this vape is balloon only, which it’s amazing at but some people prefer whip-vaping, or like to switch between the two. Vapor quality is excellent from this one too and since it’s basically “on tap” in the balloon you only need to take a short ~2 second pull to get a nice draw.

          So there’s a bunch of things to consider, the Storz & Bickel models have been around longer so it’s easier to prove their reliability but the others do provide unique experiences and the same top-notch vapor.

          • Bud, I truly appreciate your time and effort you put into your responses. I really like to idea of think and great quality vapor and the idea of sending that through an all glass pass-way and a water filter is a super extra bonus. Kind of pricy, but if you take care of your nice things they will last.
            Thanks! Stay up!

  • Hi! First of all I enjoy your reviews a lot! Great way to get a good idea of how the different vaps compare. I pretty much decided on the volcano because I once bought a vapor bros knockoff and it couldn’t get me to switch to vaping instead of smoking . It was an all around unsatisfying experience. So this time I want to go for something excellent with perfect vapor and no hassle. Volcano seems to fit that bill but how does the Cloud compare? Which gives the best experience? Also, I couldn’t find a Euro/220v version of the Cloud anywhere. Do you know if they make those?

    • Hey I’m really glad to hear it,

      It’s tough to say which one would be best because it really depends on what style of vaping you’re looking for, I like them both a lot and they both produce excellent quality vapor.

      Balloon vaping is cool because the vape does all the work of filling the bag with vapor, and all you need to do is sit there and take a 2-second draw to get a satisfying pull. You also don’t need to be too careful with it because none of the parts are really fragile.

      The Cloud is cool if you like the experience of using a water tool, but you want true vaporization. You need to take a longer draw and you have to pull harder to get a lot of vapor from it (versus a balloon) but if you don’t mind that the performance is excellent. You also need to be a little more careful when you handle it because of all the glass components, so passing it around to multiple people could be a little riskier depending on the situation you use it in.

      As for a 220v version I’m really not sure if/when that would be available sorry man :\ it looks like it’s only offered in 110v right now.

      Stay up!

  • Hey Bud!

    Trying to decide on a non-portable vape. It seems the best for me are Plenty,SSV and this one.

    However I can’t find cloud “EVO” in Australia – only the normal Cloud – which u say u had problems with?

    Is it stil worth considering the Cloud and how does it compare to the Plenty and SSV

    • Hey man,

      If you can only get the original Cloud I would recommend going with the Plenty instead, I like the new EVO but I had issues with the old one.

      SSV is a good vape too just not one of the models I consider top-shelf.

  • Hey Vape Critic, just wondering how durable the unit is after you have owned it for a while? also would like to know how long the nail attachments last? until they break or do the get gummed up? Thanks and great work on everything, its making the choice easier, and is very informative from a user of many vaporizers.

    • Hey I’ve only had my new one for about 2 1/2 months so far but I’ve been using it a lot and it’s holding up great. It’s well made and durable but there are many glass parts so you just need to be delicate with it and make sure you don’t knock it around.

      The glass nail accessories are also well-made and as long as you handle them gently I don’t see why they wouldn’t last a long time. After a few uses a little residue will build up on the inside of the nail but they’re cleanable with some rubbing alcohol and a little scrubbing.

      Thanks for posting!

  • Ordering mine through your link presently. Props for all of the effort you put into these reviews, keep up the good work.

      • Man, this thing is top tier for sure. Huge draws, low maintenance, and no real learning curve. Also, my lady can’t really take big draws off of most capes, but this one produces great dense vapor and works perfectly for her. I hope to grab a hydrafoot 2.0 while they’re in stock, I’ll post my thoughts once it gets in.

  • Hello criticman! I am a big fan of you! Bought several vapes considering your reviews! I had, pax, arizer and vapir and always felt a disconfort in my trhoat. Is this vape the best in this item (confortble)? If not, witch would be? Thanks you! Keep the best job in is planet….

    • Hello sir!

      Portable vapes in general are a little behind desktop models in terms of performance and vapor quality, and if you’re looking for the absolute best vapor these are the four models that I would currently consider “top shelf”: Herbalizer, Cloud EVO, Volcano, Plenty.

      Vape it up!

  • Thanks for all your reviews; good stuff.

    Where is the air in-take?

    I understand that the vapor-path is all glass but I am more concerned with the entire air path.

    I bought an Arizer Solo but was very disappointed when I wasn’t able to get rid of the vinyl odor and discovered the air intake basically went through the electronics so I returned it (and went back to the tried and true heat-gun with water pipe).

    Where is the air in-take and is it glass?

    • Hey the air intake is at the very bottom, sorry I actually left that shot out of the review, and it’s glass also.

      The entire air path with this vape is 100% glass, it doesn’t touch anything else, the only thing that’s not glass is the EZ Load Bowl where you put your material, that is a high-grade stainless steel.

      If you use the VapeXNail glass concentrate accessory that makes the experience truly 100% glass.

  • Hey Bud, I have a request. If you remove the coil whip and put a bit of tape around the nozzle of the top part of the herb chamber, the Plenty forms a good seal inverted in an 18.8 mm [water tool] just like the Evo. I prefer this way to using the whip cause I can get a bigger draw. Can you try both inverted in the same [water tool] and let me know how the Evo compares to the Plenty in cloud density, taste, and draw resistance? I’m interested in the EVO but have a small lung capacity, so I’m worried I won’t be able to pull enough air through as you mentioned. I don’t have much difficulty with the Plenty and a 1.5 foot straight tube [water tool] though (I’m using it dry, a little water to fill the space in the bottom below the joint just cause the airflow is better that way, but without the downtube so the vapor doesn’t pass through any water). I’m interested in the Evo, but if there’s not a huge difference between the two I’m good with the Plenty. Thanks

    … in some of your vape reviews you mention that sometimes the glass on glass connection gets stuck and difficult to separate. You can put a small amount of chapstick or some kind of lubricant on the joint and it won’t lock up

    • Hey I don’t think I’m gonna be able to try exactly what you’re describing but if I just compare the units as-is there’s a little more resistance from the Cloud but you basically need to draw the same volume of air through them to get a good amount of vapor.

      I think both vapes are excellent and produce top-shelf vapor – the Plenty uses mostly stainless steel parts and the Cloud is all glass except for the herb chamber, which kind of gives it a slight advantage in terms of taste, as long as you don’t filter through a lot of water.

      Thanks for the tip!

  • disappointing review bud. no mention of temp control or filling the bowl in the video. got spoiled by your previously thorough reviews,

    • Hey sorry to disappoint you…

      There’s a heater intensity adjustment knob on the front of the unit, you adjust that to your liking depending on how intense you want your vapor, the 12 o’clock position is a good starting point then adjust it up or down from there. I usually vape at somewhere between the 12:00-2:00 positions.

      When filling the herb chamber try to keep it loosely packed between 20-80% full for best results.

      Any other questions let me know!

    • Hey it’s pretty easy, there are only two parts that will ever need to be cleaned, the ELB (herb chamber) and the glass hydratube.

      The ELBs don’t need to be cleaned very often but when they do you just soak them in rubbing alcohol for a little while. If you quickly brush them out after each use you can go a while between cleanings.

      I’ve been cleaning my hydratube once every 2-3 sessions just to keep the flavor as fresh as possible, and this is pretty simple also you just pour some rubbing alcohol in the tube and shake it for a few seconds, then rinse with water and refill.

  • Thanks for the great review! I was wondering where on the temperature dial you recommend for dry herbs and also for essential oils.
    I was also wondering how fine i should grind my dry herbs for efficiency. Should i ground it down to almost a powder?

    • Hey it’s really personal preference but what I usually do myself is set the dial at the 12 o’clock position if I’m looking for medium-density vapor and I set it to about the 2 o’clock position if I want really intense vapor – this is when vaping dried herbs.

      With concentrates you can do the same thing or even try it with the dial a little higher, after a couple uses you’ll know what you like best.

      You really don’t need to grind super fine with this vape, the heater is very powerful so it does a great job vaporizing herbs ground to just a medium consistency, like for instance that of a 4-piece grinder. Grinding finer will give you more intense vapor with this unit if that’s what you’re looking for.

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