The Best Vaporizers for Dry Herb as Rated by Real Users

Best Vaporizers For Dry Herb

I could tell you what the best vaporizer is, but why don’t you tell me for a change? ;-)

Post a comment below and share what your favorite vaporizer is, and at the end of your post please list all of the vapes you own. If you have more than one favorite (like me) just write about the one that you use the most.

It can be any desktop or portable vaporizer for dry herb, and if you own both types you can vote for your two favorites (one portable and one desktop).

I’ll keep an updated tally below so you can quickly see which models are getting the most votes. Please write at least a few sentences so that I can ensure each post is a legitimate vote.

This page will be strictly for user reviews, if you have any vape questions please feel free to post them on the forum to get help.

Stay up!

UPDATE: THE RESULTS ARE IN – Watch my update video below:


Vaporizer# of VotesPrice
DaVinci IQ14$275
VapeXhale EVO11$319+
PAX 311$275
Firefly 28$330
Arizer Solo6$150+
Arizer Air5$170+
PAX 24$200
Silver Surfer3$270
Boundless CF2$130
Firewood 42$165+
Goboof Alfa2$200
Launch Box2$120+
AirVape XS1$180
HydroBrick Maxx1$200
Boundless CFX1$170
FocusVape Pro1$140
Sticky Brick Junior1$150
Vapolution 31$200
Pax 11$200
Haze V31$250
Flowermate V3 Air1$100
DaVinci Ascent1$200
Utillian 7201$220
V2 Pro1$50+
X MAX V2 Pro1$80
Flowermate V5.0S1$80

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  • My vote would still be for the Milaana

    Milaana, Boundless CFX, CFV, CFC & CFHybrid, Haze V3, Firefly 2,VapCap Ti burl Vong, StickyBrick Jr, MVT. Are the current ones I have

  • VapCap for sure! I’ve had mine for over a year, never failed me, never had any difficulties finding a proper heat source, never any troubles at all. Just smooth sailing.

  • Favorite vape is E-Nano, quick, small, reliable, powerful and adaptable. Downsides, small loads so not good for groups.

  • My favorite all-around vape is probably the VapCap. I own both the new M and a TiWoody-XLS. They’re both fantastic.

    I also have a Solo that I use occasionally (none of my other vapes can touch the awesome flavor that you get with the Solo!) and a VaporGenie that I bust out once in a while.

  • Vapcap easily. That peace of mind tops any feature a big chunky battery might bring to competitors.

  • I vote Vapcap all the way . My inhalater05 , solo , mflb , atmos transporter , linx gaia , etc.. have all been retired thanks to my ti woody and ti woody s . Vapcap vapcap vapcap !!!!

  • Old-time vibe should convert many smokers to vapers. High-tech design results in total simplicity of use. When the Age Of Electricity comes to an end, the mighty VapCap Nation shall arise!

  • Thought I’d already voted but can’t see it, feel free to remove this if necessary
    Got an inhalator 05 and an Xmax both of which now gather dust.
    My Homegrown Log is powered up when I’m busy and only want low temp energetic type hits.

    Ritual, familiarity, ease of use, efficiency and more importantly fun have made my Vapcap my go to.

    Vapcap daily driver, spare cap and torch as back up.

  • Mighty rules, I’ve had about ten different vape’s and u can’t beat the mighty straight out the box , I also love my grasshopper through my water tool but it’s a bit warm without it so my vote is for the mighty

  • I own a Fire Fly 2, Pax 2, E-nano, HI, Arizer Solo, Crafty,DT V3, MFLB, and a Ti-Woody Vapcap, M from Vapcap (on it’s way from factory). I use the E-nano and Vapcap daily. That being said my fave is the Vapcap for it’s versatility, durability, and extraction. Civilization could end, zombie apocalypse, New World Order, whatever, as long as you have a Vapcap, and ANY fire source you’re good. Thick combustion like vapor without combustion! Nothing better than that folks!

  • I own a Vapor Genie, Flowermate 5 Pro, and the Dynavap / VapCap Ti Woody-s. since owning the Vapcap I have retired all the others. The Vapcap is by far my favorite.

  • I have some portables, like the MFLB, the solo, some Vapor Genies, but ever since I met Dynavap’s models I kinda left all the other behind… OmniVap is definitely the best portable in my opinion. The closest to smoking a joint experience, but using a vaporizer.

  • I vote for the VapCap as my fave!
    Next, the Mighty.
    3rd, DaVinci iQ,
    The hopper, somewhere.

    Thanks! Stark1

  • I want to vote for the vapcap. It is an ingenious entry imto the market, which I firmly believe, going by my excellent intuition and subconscious, is fast becomingn the most popular and fastest selling vaporizer in the world.

    It is very versatile incredibly efficient and econmical with material, and very smooth and non aggravating,to the respiratory tract, especially considering it can extract ALL actives from the herb without causing any of the irritation other vapes do at temps high enough to leave the abv dark brown and totally drained.

    The vapvap can be used with any size load, vaped at the exact rate and speed of extraction desired, once the user has figured out their technique preference.
    I do believe that the vapcap range has revolutionised the vaporizer market and created more happy customers than any other device,,in such a short time period.
    In a year of 2 I expect the Vapcap to be right at the top of this poll,when probably twice as many new owners will exist, especially with the introduction of the new “M” stainless “steal”(at $50) model!

    Vapcap for me!

  • Grasshopper

    I have all of those and the pax2 … don’t really like the pax2. 2 Grasshoppers.

  • Volcano Classic is amazing. I’m glad I chose the classic instead of the digit. I don’t feel qualified to vote on portables, but I would love a Mighty.

    Arizer Air
    Silver Surfer

    The above vapes were illegally seized from me a year ago while my right femur was in at least three pieces. The following vapes are what I have now. All in order of ownership, I believe.

    Volcano Classic with solid valve

  • I have been vaping for 4 years. My first one was the Pax, followed by a Magic Flight Launch Box,Flowermate Mini, Flowermate Aura, Focus V3 Air, Pax 2, FocusVape Pro, Boundless CFX, and Pax 3. All have been interesting, and had different good and bad qualities. At this point, the most useful, and versatile vape is the Pax 3, with the vastly improved battery, Bluetooth App control, fast charge,good hit from the first attempt, and easy portability , it is my go to vape , anytime I leave the house . The Pax 2 continues to work well, and I use it most with a Water Pipe and get great hits from that combination. Focus V2 is nice with the bubbler. Sooooo, My vote is for Pax 3 . P.S. Love your videos, and well thought out critiques. Keep Up (!) , The Good work !

  • The vapexhale evo has been my favorite vaporizer I’ve ever owned. I like it more than the volcano because the bags are gimmicky. Fun for a bit but they are loud and it’s annoying having to replace them. The evo gives me huge clouds with a crazy amount of flavor every time.

  • I would vote for the Vapium Summit+ . I am a beginner at vaping. I started with the MFLB, a couple of years ago and have four of them. Then I tried the original Summit. I really liked the the smoothness and coolness of the vapor production. The battery only lasted for one maybe two tanks full so I got another one as backup to charge while I am using one the other is charging. There was a failure of one, got a warranty replacement, no trouble at all from the local supplier.Then I bought another one just for a spare. Another one failed, applied for warranty replacement and was offered to upgrade to the Summit+. Wow! I can get 4 to 5 tanks full on one charge and the warranty is two years instead of one year. Now I have three Summit+ and two of the older Summits that stopped working, unfortunately out of warranty but I got a good enjoyable run out of them using daily at home. The Summit+ went on special from my local vape shop for HALF price, but I didn’t need any more. Now they are sold out. I like the feel of the Summit, the oven is at the end opposite the mouthpiece, perhaps that’s why the vapor is so smooth and cool, a little resistance to the draw but I run a pipe cleaner through after each session. I also like the 8 different temperature settings however I am not able to figure out the paring to a smartphone for that extra boost in heating and rarely use the lower temperature settings. I do feel the Summit is under rated for the price. I really enjoy your reviews and other videos Bud ! Keep up the good work! Back to Summitsville :)

  • Arizer air is the best for me. I sold my mighty and crafty and flowermate. I broke my vapcap. Why arizer air ? Portability, ease to clean, taste, battery, small oven.

  • Arizer Solo/Air is leagues better than the Davinci IQ, Pax 2/3, and Firefly 3, this poll isn’t particularly informative.

    • How is the solo better than the IQ or the firefly2? The solo is great don’t get me wrong. It’s been my primary vape for years now. But the glass pieces slow you down, it’s great at conserving herb but i think the firefly 2 is better by far. I haven’t tried the IQ.

  • I would say the Mighty in all best. Easiest to pop in and out bud, easier to share with friends and obviously easier curve and gets them baked.

    Owned MFLB/Boundless CF/Mighty/Flowermate, I’d say Mighty everyday for what it offers.

  • The Herbalizer, throughout all my time with vapes this thing rocks – it gives you the best bang for your buck, the efficiency in processing is off the charts. Cleaning is simple too, so this guy is a go to in the house – although I am loving the Firefly 2 for portability.

    I own:
    Firefly 2
    Magic Flight Box

    Looking for a new one, thinking Sticky Bricks OG???

  • My daily driver is my Arizer Air. Low maintenance is a nice perk.

    Otherwhise I’d say ExtremeQ for movies or when friends are over.

  • Plenty – Storz and Bickel are defiantly the way to go.
    I started with the Plenty when I first quit smoking about 5 years ago and it is still the one I use the most. Since then I also got a Volcano, Pax 1, magic flight box and I just got the crafty like a month ago. Volcano is awesome when you have two or more people round for a vape, Its cool to fill the bags up and then throw them across the room at your mates. Really like the crafty so far I have been taking it everywhere with me, the vapour quality is better than any of the other portable ones I have tried (admittedly I have never had a go on the firefly 2). The only reason I really that I use the plenty over the volcano is that its easier to pick up and move around the house, it makes zero noise unlike the volcano and I actually think the vapour quality is a little better due to the shape of the filling chamber.

  • Pax 2. I previously had the pax and upgraded to the Pax 2. Way easier to clean, easy selection of temps to change, and cost isn’t too high. Battery last about 5 10min sessions or so.

    Wish I had experience with other brands, and how they differ from the pax brand.

  • Desktop: Volcano

    So far I own 2 vapes: The volcano and the Plenty. As much as I LOVE them both, the Volcano is definitely in front. Wins with parties and also great for a personal sesh. You can see the density of “fun” filling up the bags and clean up is a breeze (easy with the Plenty also). I have my sights set on saving up for a Mighty one of these days, just have to pay some bills first :/ Anyway, have fun guys and keep the votes rolling in, it’s a great read to see everyone’s thoughts :) :) Hi from Australia! xox Peace

  • I started with the V2Pro Series 3, moved up to the Elevape, then a Grasshopper SS, and finally a Grasshopper Ti.

    I Gotta put the Grasshopper just above the ESV; and the V2Pro Series 3 quite a bit lower. I prefer the GH SS over the Ti.

    • Just got a Dynavap Omnivap Titanium. Changing my rankings.
      1) Grasshopper with PFE: A desktop that fits in your pocket. (5 warranty claims; I’d abandon it if it weren’t so damn Great with glass!)
      2) Omnivap: Indestructible love child of an Evil Genius. Uses almost any heat source.
      3) ESV: So simple, you just breathe. Very, very easy draw.

  • Desktop: Volcano
    Portable: firefly 2

    I look forward to the review on the vapcap. Seems like a great solution for power outages, and electric magnetic pulse induced armageddon.

  • my pax3 rocks! started from the bottom with the first one and still in love with the latest model! cant beat the pax

  • pax3 the best so far i had the davinci and the ff2 both lots of problems the pax3 has my vote

  • My Enano heads need to get in here!. I know the nano has one of the largest communities in the Fuck combustion forums.

  • I love my Grasshopper. waited nearly 11 months for it. Its great through a water pipe only. Very Little draw resistance compared to my other vapes. Can do a pinch or half or whole chamber. The vapor quality and production are amazing but its too hot without water.

  • My favorite is my mflb for the portability & vapor quality. I have about 6 batteries because theyre just NiMH AA so I’ve always got power. I only spent $100 on it. We’ve also got an extreme Q, an arizer air and a g-pen

  • my favorite is the herbalizer! i guess people just never tried yet but its way cheaper now with the chong version… i have mine for 2 years plus and its working perfect i bring it evrywhere….

    my vapes ; herbalizer(verygood),firefly2(verygood)*,plenty(ok)**.davinci(rip),crafty(rip)

  • I vote for the Davinci IQ. It’s got a couple bugs/quirks but overall it’s an amazing vaporizer. I’ve had it for a week now.

    I also have an Arizer Solo. It’s okay. I never fell in love with it. It’s reliable and stays cool but the glass straw is annoying and messy and it’s like sucking a milkshake through a straw. I don’t really consider this a portable vaporizer because of the separate pieces and messiness.

    I will need to try the VapCap next.

  • Crafty is my favorite and none of the other ones compare honestly. In terms of quality and intensity, there is no match IMO. I haven’t bothered buying another one because I like the crafty so much, even though I’m on my 4th unit (warranty replacements). I will say I’m about 230 hours on my current one and still working like new, so hopefully all the issues have been resolved. I would say the Pax is my second but the maintenance is annoying.

    Here are my rankings:
    1. S&B Crafty
    2. Pax
    3. Cloud Phantom
    4. Arizer Air

  • Hey guys!

    The first vaporizer I bought was the iolite! This really put me off vaporizers it was shit I hated it!

    My friend then bought a volcano, I thought it was really good but, still wasn’t convinced if I’m honest!

    I then had a health scare and decided to stop smoking and start Vaping. After alot of research, I decided to go with the mighty, I am honestly in love with it! I have also tried the the firefly 2 I thought it was good, but the draw resistance onit was horrible!

    So my number 1 pick would have to be the mighty!

  • Hello! My favorite vaporizer is the Arizer Solo with the water tool adapter (easy flow14mm) and the water pipe filtration.
    The flavour and the kick I get from it is unique.
    I have the Arizer Solo, the Magic Flight and the Volcano Digital. I also tryed pax3 and Crafty.
    1-arizer solo

  • Out of the ones I’ve tried so far:

    My pick:
    1. Pax 3 cause of portability in my pants when outside and discreteness, that’s most important to me.
    2. Arizer Air cause of best taste, glass mouthpiece, easiest to clean, most efficient, changeable battery, but I already broke a ton of mouthpieces. (Solo is comparable)
    3. S+B Mighty cause of the easy draw, but a little bulky and ugly (Crafty is comparable)

    The ones I don’t like:
    MFLB: too much work
    Iolite: not very reliable, no temp select
    Plenty: too bulky, ugly, falls over
    VapeLifter: doesn’t really work
    Lotus Vaporizer: too much work hard to master
    Vapman: too much work hard to master
    Vaporbat: sometimes you inhale butane which is gross
    Cheap Chinese ones: don’t waste your money on these

    These are ok:
    Volcano, Vaponic, Extreme Q, De Verdamper

  • 1. Mighty

    I have had it for a bit more than 2 months now and im blasted with this one.. it reeeeally helped me to fuck combustion… jeje! its a combustion fucker… a powerstation!

    2. VapCap

    Dynavap has reinvented vaping in my opinion this “one hitters” are sooo handy sooo portable and sooo powerful! i also love the fact that they are battery free and feel like the perfect vape for hash with a bit of cotton and the perfect backup for my mighty.

  • I started with the Magic Flight Box. Completely switched from smoking to vaping 2 years ago after getting the Gpro, but that broke after 2 months. I ordered the Pax 1 which still delivers the best flavor experience I’ve ever had from a vape, when packed properly, but the cleaning/maintenance is too necessary for keeping functionality. I’ve also bought the VapeXhale desktop vape for a friend of mine. I do not recommend anything from Boundless, I’ve owned the CF and CFV, and have found them both lacking in price-performance.

    I’ve owned the Mighty for over a year now, and it is by far my favorite pick of the bunch. Well worth the cost of < 1$ a day. This is a timeless vape that that can be compared to an old age flask for the modern cannabis connoisseur. Me and my brother were sharing mine so much he decided to get his own.

  • i started with the arizer q then i had firefly 2 but had lot of problems with it
    know just received the pax3
    that device just rips of the hook
    so my vote goes to pax3

  • What up Bud! sorry i forgot to vote!!

    ok, so i’ma be the first to vote for a true champion. Mighty is amongst my most liked vapes but my go to vape, the one i love more than Mighty, the most efficient, effective, most powerful vape i own, not to mention the most aesthetically pleasing…. VAPMAN! #1

    i own: Mighty, Vapman (walnut, pear wood, Ebony wood), Sticky Brick Jr.(spalted Maple), Airizer Air & Boundless CFV

  • 1) Grasshopper

    Cool Vape. Takes about 3 seconds and it’s ready to go. Everything about it is clean and very well put together. Well worth $200.00

    2) G-Pen Elite

    Another nice unit, especially for the price. Great taste, too.

  • Just updated the vote totals!

    Thanks so much for posting your thoughts everybody, I read all of your comments and they’re awesome!

  • Favourite vape owned: PAX 3

    Out of sheer ease of use and convenience, with flavour that packs a punch, the PAX 3 wins out of my collection.

    I own the Arizer Air which I love for efficiency and flavour, though have broken countless glass stems, and also own the Magic Flight Launch Box, which I love for it’s simplicity and incredible customer service.

    But the PAX 3 is a set and forget type for me. I pack it up, turn it on and go in 15-20 seconds, then when I don’t like the taste anymore, I finish my session. This is the first vape i’ve been able to smoke like a joint without lung inhaling too, so that’s a huge plus to me.

    Out of everything I’ve used, the Crafty has the best quality of vapour and cooling to the point of no heat being present in the vapour, but the convenience of loading and battery life issues over size means the PAX wins again for me.

    Conclusion: Own multiple vaporizers!

  • Best vaporizer: the Mighty

    I’ve never owned a desktop unit since I rather vape outside but of all the portables I’ve owned (firefly 2, pax 1-3), it’s by far the best. The power, efficiency, and battery life are ideal. Even simple features like being able to use while charging and resistant to dropping just show that you don’t need fancy iPhone apps or sexy finish if the basic act of vaping is pretty much perfect. I doubt I’d ever get a new one unless someone can build on top of this amazing foundation. It is absolutely still worth $400.

  • I have the Alfa by Goboof. It is super portable, and easy to use. Large amounts of vapor from such a small unit. By far my favorite vaporizer that I have ever used.

  • I have the arizer solo as my portable an the volcano as my desktop unit. Both are great but the Volcano is my favorite out of the two. I’ve also tried out the firefly 2 with the loaner program and was quite pleased. Despite frequent over heating and app issues.

  • Mighty by far. Second Firefly 2 just on flavor alone. i have Vapir NO2, Pax 1 and 2, Boundless CFC and CFX, Davinci (original), healthy rips force, GPen Pro, the first puffit, herbstick, flowermate, and there is a few others that arn’t worth naming.

  • Focus Pro has everything I want in a vaporizer.

    Glass mouthpiece
    Ceramic oven
    Digital display
    Replaceable 18650 battery
    USB charging
    Vibrates when ready
    Easy to use and clean
    Easy draw nice flavor

  • For now I’ve only owned an Arizer solo and a Flowermate hybrid. So my vote is definitely the Solo, but I just bought a Sticky Brick hydrobrick maxx, and I hear that might be my new best friend…

  • Definitely the Volcano. If you consider all aspects of ownership it’s the best (in the desktop category at least).

  • Top desktop = Vapexhale Cloud EVO

    This was a VC strong recommendation and couldn’t have been more correct. Thank you!

    Top portable = Grasshopper

    The Vape Critic was on the opposite side of this one, but here’s the thing: it does a very narrow range of things to absolute perfection. When you know what you’re getting it for you’re rewarded endlessly. For me it’s unparalleled.

  • My vote: Davinci IQ

    It was *very* close between the Mighty and IQ, but I have to vote for the newer technology with better portability at a lower cost. The “smart paths” are highly convenient and customizable, and it also gives you precise temperature control onboard the device (without the app). Unlike the Mighty, the IQ will never shut off unexpectedly. It stays on for exactly 10 minutes every time (on smart path mode). The vapor is incredibly dense and flavorful for a conduction vape. Also unlike the Mighty, it’s ready to use with water pipes straight out of the box – in fact, they even sell one on the Davinci website that is excellent, the Nectar Collector Honeybird. (The Mighty needs to be user-modded for water pipes.) The stealth factor is also excellent. You can easily conceal this thing under your hand and use it inside music venues. At the same time, it makes for a powerful home vape for group sessions. Turn it on, pass it around, and get a whole group of people elevated. With the glass spacers, you can use different amounts of herb as well. 10/10 highly recommended.

    Vapes I have owned: Pax, Pax 2, Firefly 2, Grasshopper, Crafty, Mighty, Davinci IQ

    • Been thinking about getting a IQ, I’ve tried the firefly 2 but wasn’t sold. Hopefully the IQ and the nectar collectors is a better fit for me

  • From what I have owned and used:
    1. Grasshopper – daily driver for 8 months
    2. Boundless CF – a better version of flowermate
    3. Flowermate 5.0s – solid, good taste
    4. MFLB – needed the accessories, vapor not as clean, batteries are a hassle
    5. Xmax pro – preferred flowermate

    • Forgot to comment with my gear.

      -Firefly 2
      -Pax 2
      -Haze Dual V3
      -DaVinci IQ

      • Ok…I probably could have done this in 1 comment. But I’m always too hasty.sorry for that.

        And I apologize for my english, I’m dutch so don’t blame me for my poor english.

        Ok why the Mighty?..for one it’s battery is amazing…it beats the crafty everytime on battery duration.
        And is more reliable.

        You get those real big clouds of vape you want. And the air/vapeflow is so smooth.

        No multiple times pushing a button or other stupid ways to set your device.

        And even when you have zero battery and you plug it in….you can use it right away!

        The Firefly 2 or the Davinci IQ ain’t bad, actually their pretty good but overall they can’t compete with the Mighty.

        For a desktop…bothing will ever beat the Volcano.

        So my
        conclusion, just like in your vlog…Storz and Bickel still kick ass!

  • Vapes I have owned in order of buying: Flowermate V5.0, Arizer Air, Herbalizer

    Vapes I have used in addition: E-Nano Log Vape, Hebe Titan II

    #1 Is my Herbalizer. It is seriously the best tasting vapor I have ever had off any unit. I would say its performance is comparable to a Volcano. However, Herbie is much more suited to personal use or a small group. The magnetic bowl is much smaller and good for one or 2 people to get really ripped. Its super easy to clean and repack and it snaps in place with the magnets. The volcano bowl is larger and requires much more material. The whip is amazingly smooth especially with the precise temperature control. It heats up in 5 seconds! Seriously! The balloons are great too. The Herbalizer fan has a 90 second timer and is a low power, high volume fan. It doesn’t blow that hard and can take 60-90 seconds to fill the balloon. You might even have to hit the button again. This is only necessary when your top screen is full of shit, or the balloon you are filling is gigantic. The balloon function is perfect for my personal use and I can take it to a friends house easily when I tote it around in my Xbox One box with the Herbalizer box foam pieces for extra stealth. Speaking of stealth, this thing doesn’t even look like a vape. It chills on my desk very incognito and fits in with my computer and game systems. A stranger wouldnt even give it a second look. The volcano is a huge silver monstrosity(No hate I love the volcano too). Kind of hard to hide that one in plain sight lol.

    The price can put people off. It is currently $599 on Herbalizers website. I got mine through a trusted vendor on black friday for $480. Herbalizer’s website will actually verify if other online shops are legit such as puffitup. Look for this since 4/20 is ahead of us. It might go on sale! This is my very best weed related purchase ever.

    ALSO: There is a cheaper version designed and endorsed by Tommy Chong. It is the Chongs Choice Herbalizer and it is $100 less. It does not have any of the extra aromatherapy functions. It just does the vapor therapy which is what I primarily use. The Chong version is cool since it is cheaper but I think it doesn’t look as slick at the original. And that is worth $100 to me.

  • Portable Davinci IQ

    Used to have original Pax upgraded to IQ and I love it. Removable batteries and small form factor make this piece essential for stealth and convenience. Easy to clean and enjoyable to hit.

  • Portable: Alfa by Goboof (Goblessyou)
    Desktop: Plenty

    I know the Plenty is ‘kinda’ portable but I certainly see it as my desktop vape of choice. It certainly can get the job done very well and can do so with a bunch of people. To be totally honest, I don’t own a Plenty. My brother does and anytime I am with a group that are looking to vape he brings over the Plenty.

    My Alfa is my baby. I take it everywhere with me. I use it outdoors and indoors. I honestly use it the most of any other device by a long shot. Like 95% of the time. It isn’t the most pleasant to load, gets hot, and takes awhile to fully charge but it kicks ass and lasts. I’ve had mine for about 3 years and have used it very regularly since day one. It works just as well as it always has. Although recently I have had some frustration whilst connecting it to the charger and it not recognize that it is plugged in.

    I do also have an old Pinnacle Pro. It was my first true vape. I used it for about 2 years then got the Alfa. I loved my Pinnacle, but my Alfa is so superior for my taste that I haven’t picked up my Pinnacle since.

    All that being said, I am starting to think that I might want an upgrade. I am wanting to spend right around $250 and want it to be great all around, just as I see my Alfa.

    Vapes I own: Alfa, and Pinnacle Pro

    Love this! Keep up the wonderful work. You are the reason I chose the Alfa and have been most grateful ever since.

  • Favorite Desktop vape: Volcano. Ever Since my buddy gave me his old volcano classic I pretty much deserted my Extreme Q. I own two Storz and Bickle products and the Volcano is my favorite one. I like the volcano because it doesnt have a TON of extra parts (like the Extreme Q), and once it is up to temperature – it fills bags very quickly. It’s great for sessions by myself or with Friends.
    Favorite Portable vape: Firefly 2. I’ve owned quite a few other portables: Arizer Solo, Flowermate Mini V5.0S, Crafty, the grasshopper, and the FireFly 2. I prefer the FF2 for the following reasons: The coolness of the vapor, The Flavor (in my opinion is second to none – in regard to the portables that I’ve tried), the fact that you can take a hit and then set the vape down and hit it later without wasting your material, The on demand heat accessibility, the removable battery option, and the fact that it feels and looks like a traditional pipe.
    These are the vapes I own: Volcano, Extreme Q, Arizer Solo, Flowermate mini V5.0S, FireFly 2, Crafty, and grasshopper.

  • Vapes I have owned (all with the help of Bud’s reviews in order of purchase): Vapir N02 v.1, Pax v.1, Mighty

    Vapes I have used in addition: Pax2, Crafty, Firefly v1, Magic Flight, Vapir Rise.

    #1 Vape for me: Mighty – solid battery life, dependability, ease of use, quality and taste of vapor, when I had to get my housing repaired the customer service support was as good as I have seen.

    #2 Vape for me is my Vapir N02 which I still own as a back up. Dependable and reliable. I could not put my Pax v1 on this list due to the trouble cleaning, trouble charging, and trouble with it working properly…every time I tried to use it. I ended up selling it.

    #3 would be the Crafty. Same as the Mighty, just smaller with less usage between charges.

    Vapes I would like to try or own: VapeXhale EVO / Volcano (leaning to VapeXhale atm), Davinci IQ

  • Desktops, portables,from the ones I have, Crafty beats them all in the end.
    Really portable and with the kick of à desktop unit, easyly usable with glass pipes. You can’t compare when talking about dry herbs.
    When it comes to taste, flavour, I have a softpoint for the Firefly 2. Besides on-demand feature is cool, and the design is sexy.
    Nice job, Bud. Keep it up!

    Desktops units : Aromed, Daddy Vape Deluxe, Herborizer, Volcano, V_Tower.
    Portable units : Air, Ascent, Aura, Crafty, MFLB, NO2, Solo, Vapman, Vapocane B.

  • I love my Silver Surfer at home and I have a SideKick for when I am out. Also getting a VapCap-S in the mail soon.

  • Epic vape enano
    Lynx hypnos zero
    Firefly 2
    Kandy pens Kvape

    The best vaporizer in my experience and opinion from the list above is the Epic Vape E-Nano. It’s the most efficient vape I’ve ever used. With practice I’ve been able to triple the time between my trips to the dispensary which is bananas to wrap your mind around.

    It hooks up to a ton of water tools and is as simple to use as a desk lamp. There is a small learning curve to the E-Nano, you’ll need to experiment with temperature settings and screen placement for optimal results. However it’s far easier than say the Firefly 2.

    I do have some complaints. Mainly the power cord design, just like bud. I find that the power wheel gets bumped often and I have charred herb instantly after the dial was accidentally bumped up to 10. The cord can also get twisted easily and it’s so rigid it makes the vape a little I stable and prone to knocking over.

    Epic vape is awesome however and their customer support is amazing. I highly recommend it as you can’t beat it for the price and the amount of money it will save you with its efficiency.

    Best portable would be the Firefly 2.

  • Flowermate V5.0s I have used mine for a year and a half now, put about a Lb and a half through it, dropped it countless times and it’s fine. The charge time lasts me all day of heavy use.

    I have the VapCap, Volcano, and the MFLB

  • Plenty

    I own a plenty and a summit, I rarely use the summit, it takes too much weed, cos weed is scarce where I live. Way harsher than the plenty if you put a pinch in. The plenty is just like the critic describes it, potent, smooth, and free flowing which resembles a joint. I’d love to test other amazing vapes the critic has presented on his channel, but while i can’t I gotta say that I feel pretty comfortable about owning a plenty in the meanwhile. Vapecritic, I wanna thank you for the huge help with choosing the right vape at a time when me and many people are unable to test the potential vape without having to buy them.

  • I own a Pax, a Mighty, a Firefly 2, and a Plenty.

    Desktop: Plenty. It’s the only one I’ve used but it’s my go to vape at hom now.

    Portable: Mighty. Simple and hits hard without being harsh.
    Close runner up is Firefly 2. Better for solo use when you just want to take a few hits and save some for later.

  • My vote goes for the grasshopper.

    Vapcap TI Woody is my number 2. Also have used a pax 2, goboof alfa, mflb, pinnacle pro, and an arizer extreme q.

  • Fave: Boundless Cfx

    Others owned: Hebe Titan II

    I have had the Hebe for over a year. It was my starter vaporizer. Recently purchased the CFX. Vapes evenly does the job. I love the improvement in quality. Eventually if the budget allows I may get a Mighty.

  • Thanks for taking time putting together this poll.
    I have tried/own, the grasshopper, the ff2, haze3, esv, the VapCap, and my desktop, the EVO.

    My favorite so far is the VapCap (omni, Ti woody)
    Very efficient extraction. Once you get the hang of how it works it will blow you away. With my other vapes I was concerned with charging/swapping out batteries, etc. Not with the VC. I use to pass around a j and this really mimics the ritual sans rolling. Added bonus … it can also be used in a water piece.

    The VC is stealthy, on demand, affordable, and just a great looking device. Plus the company with their customer service is outstanding.

  • Hi Guys

    I own a crafty and a VapeXhale Cloud Evo, already used the Firefly, VapCap, Plenty, Volcano and a couple of Pens for dry herbs, i have to say Crafty all the way for portable unit and im very happy with the Evo. Can not wait for a new Unit from Storz & Bickel

  • Hey!

    My vapes:

    I love both of these for different reasons. I use the Plenty for bong style sessions and the Crafty for on the go vaping. If I had to chose one though, it would definitely be the Crafty because it has a little better taste in my experience and also the added benefit of portability. The plenty is very close behind the Crafty, but the Crafty wins nonetheless.

  • Hi Bro,

    I got the Pax 2, VXL Cloud Evo, DaVinci IQ. Best Portable convection all round Fire Fly 2. Best portable conduction IQ. Desktop Evo, session Volcano Digital or Classic. In terms of flavor IQ and Evo are my favorites. Let’s start our own line man, write me! Critical Vapeorizers LLC ;-)

  • Hallo!

    *DynaVap VapCap/TiGlassy
    *StickyBrick HydroMax
    *Arizer Solo

    my all time favorite vape by far is SitckyBrick. i just adore that moisturized vapor when butane turns into water.

    my daly driver is a GrassHopper though. simply because it is portable, stealthy and gives smoke like hot vapor. i like to hit that throat and cough my lungs out afterwards.

  • My number 1 is – The Volcano, why? It’s my every day use, nothing gets me more melted (other than dabs) than it does.
    Number 2 – the Mighty, as it’s almost as nice as the Volcano and is portable.
    Third place – The Verdamper, don’t own one but used a bunch of times on holiday in Amsterdam.

    As well as these two I have the Minivap, Pinnacle Pro & Arizer solo. Have used the Extreme Q a bunch of times too.

  • Vapcap

    Beautiful flavour, easy to clean, quick to heat, total control over experience (after practice), easy to get results (before practice), most portable, one of the cheapest, the titanium omnivap is indestructible, and they’re vast range is entirely modular and cross compatible.

    I own a lot of vapes, which are now in a box, under my bed.

    • Just seen the comment bellow about listing vapes owned:
      crafty, solo, mflb, wispr, vapman, grasshopper

  • My favorite desktop is the Arizer extreme Q. My favorite overall is the Arizer Air. I own those plus the Boundless CFX and flowermate.

  • Extreme Q all day. Best bang for your buck vape on the market. Deliciously thick vapor that in my opinion is better than the volcano, even though it costs way more. I also have a MFLB, but ive tried a lot of other vapes. Also it doesnt cost 160+, more like 140 with free shipping on ebay, ya heard?

  • I have recently discovered the VapCap OG (glass) and I am stunned by its simplicity, efficiency and economy. I had been using and enjoying thoroughly the Solo – my very first and only vaporizer – but now I am less incline to do so. Is it “So long Solo” or just “Au revoir”? Time will tell. Thanks for you all your insights and info, Bud. Much appreciated.

  • I use Pax3 for the consistency, though had a DaVinci and it is the WORST customer care. They had my device for 3 months, after it failed 1 week into use. Do NOT purchase DaVinci in my opinion.

  • Definitely the vapcap! Full spectrum extraction the size of a pen no batteries to keep charged just a jet lighter.

  • I like the Pax2 simply because of it’s portability and how stealthy it is. I started with a Hot Box, which I think is great and can really stretch out your use of dry herbs, just not so stealthy and it is a desk top.

    I own and their use in order of preference:
    For Herbs – Pax2, Firefly2 & Hot Box.
    For Concentrates – Linx, Aurora, Gohst.
    Right now I’m using a Grav Labs Fire Button on their Slush Cup. I feel that it was my first “real” Dab experience :) I nearly fell over from the intense high \m/

  • Hey!
    Here is the vapes I’ve owned :
    Portable : mflb crafty mighty Omnivap OG vapcap
    Desktop : volcano digit Aromed SSV EQ

    In the desktop area, the Aromed is my favorite one for his incredible taste,fast heat up time and mesmerizing light show.

    In the portable area, my Vapcaps are my favorite for the unmatched portability, the efficiency, the on demand aspect, the taste of the first draw and the power that this little vape can put on your face, unbreakable (for my full Ti omnivap) and the ritual that’s so more human.. I only reach my mighty when I want a long session!

  • I have a Vaponic, a Focusvape Premium Pro and an Omnivap (VapCap).
    The Omnivap is by far the best one, it´s so efficient, looks good, the taste is very good.
    Hands down the best Vaporizer I can imagine.

  • Fav:


    Vapes I own:

    Vapor Bros desktop, V2 Pro Series 3, Grasshopper.

    Other vapes I’ve used:

    PAX, Magic Flight Launch Box, Volcano, V2 Pro Series 7

  • Hey bud

    I have a mighty
    Vapcap og and omni

    Omni wins all day long!

    My poor mighty’s been gathering dust since I got on the vapcap train and I thought I would never see the day that I stopped using the mighty!
    Omni’s just so quick / effective and stealthy.
    Think vapcaps goin to be my most expensive vape/s soon tho cos can’t stop ordering more parts, I so want a nonavong now lol.

  • To the last bunch of people who voted for the IQ: Please reply to your own comment and let us know what other vapes you have for perspective, thank you!!

  • IQ all the way!
    I already had the Ascent and I decided to upgrade for the newest version and I Love it

  • I love that my IQ extended mouthpiece works with my bubbler…all that yummy vapor.

    Other vapes include:

    – Pax 2
    – Crafty
    – Vivape….pos!

  • I didn’t see the vapes my wife and I use. We both use the v2 pro series 3 and 7. My wife loves the series 7 because she gets a better draw. I use the series 3 for oils.

  • The Plenty!

    It’s great for solo use with the help of the liquid pad, and great for sharing because of the size of the chamber. The draw resistance is the lowest I’ve experienced.

    I own it and the Crafty, and almost never use the crafty in favour of the lower draw resistance offered by the Plenty.

    The vapour is also much cooler compared with the Crafty.

  • I have owned the magic flight, crafty, 2 mightys at the same time, herbalizer, cloud evo, and the grasshopper. I honestly loved them all at the time. For my purposes.. I’ve sold them all except the 2 mightys and the grasshopper. I also kept the hydratube that came with the evo. My personal favorite is tbe grasshopper. Ikept the mightys because 1is for the wife and one is my stand in for the grasshopper when its being repaired.. Which happened more frequently in the early months. My reason for choosing the grasshopper over the other vapes is….. I live in a non legal state. I like to smoke all day while I’m out and about with out long heat up times and lots of smell…. I can pull it out and hit it and put it away with people 20 ft away without much worry. I can finish a bowl before the mighty is even up to temp when I set the gh on 5.The grasshopper allows for all of these MOST important needs of mine when smoking at work lets say….I’ll trade a hot mouthpiece and shorter battery life for stealth and speed anyday. It also does everything I need it to do at home especially with the HT. I have 3 spare batteries and and external charger.. Im in love. If you dont have to sneak around or you just wait till you are home… Or ifyou live in a legal state I’m sure you have a different opinion.. I think the I’d still choose the GH afyer a year of heavy use. I have a mighty waiting on me when I get home but I still use the GH everyday with the exception of a joint here and there… Grasshopper hands down

  • I own an Underdog, Heat Island, Da Buddha, Light Saber Vaporizer, MFLB, ti-woody vapcap, and several cheap portables.

    I do love the vapcap a whole lot, but the underdog is the one I use the most hands down. I love the Heat Island and Vapcap a whole bunch, but they don’t get used quite as much as the Underdog.

  • All I have is the Plenty, and I like it very much, but I think the Volcano or Herbalizer would be better, if not so expensive.

  • Pax2. Undisputed. I’m sure the 3 is nice but I like the colors and finishe of the 2. I have firefly2 as well. It’s been a huge disappointment. Is there anyway to improve draw resistance in the fitefly2?

  • Hey Bud,

    Here’s mine:
    2-Crafty (3rd one after replacements)
    3-Pax 1 (no longer use)

    Was all set on the Firefly but after mixed reviews stayed away.
    Looking for another vape, still searching.

    Stay High,


  • My favourite vape is the Mighty. The DaVinci IQ is excellent but not as a daily use vape. I use my vape heavily and none of them can keep up like the Mighty. Add to that the capsules for fast loading and there’s really no comparison. Plus I can drop the damn thing! And I do. :)

    Cheers Bud.

  • Top vape for me is the Crafty. Wish the battery lasted longer, but it’s size and vapor quality are the best. Also, you can’t beat the service from their office in California.

  • I have been vaping for many years now and my most preferred vapes are…The Plenti gives a great direct strong hit. Unfortunately it is not portable it is a plug in. My favorite portable (and I have 5 ) is the WISPR2. I love that it is NOT chargable …it runs on 5 time filtered butane. It great for camping when you dont have electricity no need for it. I like how easy it is to clean…and I like how big the chamber is. I have tried MANY portable vapes…from the divinci to pax…and just not happy with the size of chamber….hard to draw…and hard to clean.

  • Quick question for VapCap voters, what do you think an accurate average price would be for it? Right now I have it as $35+ because that’s the cheapest one but I see that most of them are more like $100-$200. Thanks!

    • I think around 100 bucks is average. 35 for the og glass, 100 for a TI woody s, 159 for a TI omnivap.

    • average price is $100-110, think more people own ti woodies than omnivaps or og’s. The mania hits the moment you step thru that “modular” door, who wouldn’t want to customize their vape?

  • The VapCap has been the ideal vape for me. I’m a microdoser and the ability to take a hit or two on the go makes it my daily driver of choice. Small, easily portable, fast to use and hard hitting.

  • E-Nano Upsides dependable, powerful, adaptable, efficient and easy to use. I can’t think of any short comings that I haven’t got around or just learned to live with.

    • I also own a Grasshopper, PAX, Lotus, and previously owned an Arizer EQ, I strongly prefer the Vapcap to any of them.

  • I’ve never dropped the serious dough for a top shelf vape, but after buying some “ok” and poor ones, I’ve found that I love my Arizer Extreme Q tower as a tabletop – but my go to has been the Boundless CF – it’s cheap, works well, is durable and extremely consistent. It vapes well, tasted good, manages temp well and has a pretty solid battery life. I like the water pipe attachment with some ice in the ice tray of the bong – pretty much the smoothest thing ever and leaves you very very not sober. Lock away your funions….

  • Going to have to cast my vote for mighty. You should make 1 for portables and one for desktops. Cause we all know as good as portables are they cannot surpass they best desktops.

  • Another vote for VapCap, I’ve converted several friends with multiple vaporizers. Flexible and a piece of art.

    I also own a Grasshopper and have spent significant time with the Haze V3.

  • Whoops, forgot some stuff in the last comment. My vote goes to the vapcap but I also own/have owned:

    arizer air
    Vapor Genie
    Arizer Solo
    Firewood 1
    Thermovape T1/Evo

  • DynaVap Omni-XL (VapCap – top model).

    Love it, simple and easy to use, best customer service ever!

    I also have a GrassHopper which see’s less vape time now because of the VapCap.

    A Pax2 lying dormant.

    No longer using MFLB, Wispr, V2Pro S3

    As you can see I’m strictly in the portables scene, which is ironic as I’m currently stuck at home. Meh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • My favourite is my Dynavap Vapcap Ti, it has dethroned my Herbalizer only by a small margin. What an incredible vapourizer for the price. Super low maintenance, high efficiency, no electricity required, and the vapour so so smooth.

  • I tried several vapes before I found the perfect device. Avocado all the way!!!
    I tried a Volcano and own a few pens, which were scrappy, sort of worked and were short lived. Then I discovered how fabulous it is to shed the electronic tether and move on to liberation. I own: Lotus, Vapman and several Ti Vapcaps and an Omni.

    Vapcaps are the smallest, most efficient vape ever. Simple, beautiful, efficient.

    The Vapcap will still be working when all the rest have died.

  • Portable = VapCap!

    It’s efficient, hard hitting, durable, easy to clean, easy to use, customizable, modular and affordable. No batteries, no electronics to fail or finicky pieces to break.. If you get a wood or Ti version they’re almost indestructible. I carry mine around daily and never have to worry about it needing to be charged or dropping it and ruining my vape.

    Desktop – Underdog

    Efficient, smooth hitting, doubles as aromatherapy, customizable bodies and typically each unit is a one of a kind piece. Perfect for microdosing. Excellent quality stems and accessories.

    The vapes I own are:
    Vapcaps: Burl OmniVong, Ti Omni, Ebony Nonavong-S. Ti-Glassy.

    Underdog, SSV, SSSV, Sidekick, Solo, Air, EQ, CFX, Alternate, Milaana, Davinci (original), Magic Flight Box, several Source concentrate devices.

  • Vapcap all the way. As a lifelong smoker, the vapcap is the perfect substitute. Great for microdosing and saving herb.
    Vapcap og
    Vapcap s
    Ti woody s
    Cocobolo Omninonavong

  • Volcano digit
    Crafty (rip)
    Haze v2

    Favorite is the mighty for its desktop performance on the go!

  • Davinci IQ,
    Arizer Air,
    Firefly 2,
    Air Vape,

    All good but Grasshopper is a stand out overall. Its accessible and tractable. Much like cigarettes and a great analogue.

  • My fave is the X max v2.
    But I have a new box mod on order that I think will serve well.
    Others I have:
    M cig pen
    Trippy stick
    Magic flight launch box
    Candy pen

  • The crafty is a wonderful vape. I am on my 10th replacement as each unit only lasts a couple of months before failing. S&B has excellent support. They send replacement units out fast. My last failure was beyond the two year warranty but they still gave me a brand new crafty. I have an Ascent vape I purchased 3 years ago. I had it replaced by Davinci 6 times but the support was not as good as S&B. The crafty is much more efficient and easy to clean. They both give a powerful hit.

  • Portable:
    (But I’m not digging the failure rates with these, I’ve never personally had a failure, but most of my friends have gone through 2 each)

    (But to be honest I haven’t tried many other desktops).

    Long response:
    But it’s never that simple, I have different vapes for different uses.

    My on the go stealth vape:

    My on the go if there is more than 1 person using it:

    My on the go if battery is a concern:
    Dynavap Vapcap Ti Woody-S

    (Current line up: Crafty, Volcano, Grasshopper, Dynavap vapcap Woody, Solo.
    Don’t use anymore: Indica, Flowermate v5.0S, Hebe Titan 2)

  • I can compare what I have used and that is a volcano, crafty, mighty, plenty, (really like that company) grasshopper, boundless CF, PAX 1+2.

    Mighty is overall the best, because it’s so good and portable … plus capsules make it quick n clean ;-)

    The grasshopper I got recently and that thing with a bubbler …. WOW. Those rips … That can even beat a volcano in terms of effectiveness- not joking!

  • I like the Haze V3. Easy to use and clean. Maybe not as portable as some but it is my choice. Everyone seems to love the IQ. I do not. I have a Crafty which has been replaced twice but this one seems to work well and like it fine but again, I love the new version of the Haze.

  • I now own two Mighties. They’re keeping me alive. I always have one on the charger and each one goes through a full recharge cycle daily. These things are beastly and should be considered for medical users.

    Plenty (I was ashamed to even give it away. That cooling unit sucks, Condenses too much and impossible to clean. The reducer only fixed half the problem as the screen/top piece needs to be modified.)
    Crafty (100+ hours)
    Pax (original, nightmare to keep clean)

  • I use both a desktop and portable vaporizers.

    I only own one desktop and that is the Volcano. There is nothing better out there. I usually weigh out about 0.3 grams. Then I will grind it and then grind it again in the Magic Flight finishing grinder. It is normally enough to completely cover the bottom screen of the bowl for the Volcano. I will start off at a setting of 4.5 and go up by 1 with every bag. It gets me a nice high for a few hours. If I want to get really baked, I will use more weed and smoke more bags.

    I have a few portables but I have one favorite. I love my Crafty! It is a little bulkier for a portable but it gives me the most control and bang for my buck. I will normally prepare the weed

  • My favorite has been, for a long time, the Crafty. But now that I’ve been using the IQ, my Crafty is gathering dust. I love, love, love the IQ! Great taste, replaceable battery, easy to load and super easy to clean. Plus multipe heat paths. It’s by far my favorite.
    I own the following: Volcano, Crafty, Pax, Solo, Whisper and Iolite. I loath the Pax and the company for its piss poor service and warranty department.

  • Well let’s get into it :). I won’t go in to great detail, since else this post would be getting waaaaaaay too long. But i can talk for hours on this subject haha.

    1.Mighty: (taste & quality is more than great)
    2.FocusVape [pro]: (my GF her #1 choice, since it doesn’t deliver an in your face punch like the Mighty does. It’s has a longer build up.
    3. Arizer Solo: Unbelievable economical vaporizer. the little amount of herb it uses is astounding. Easiest to clean & is cleaned super fast!
    [2b or 3b: Crafty. love it in general as an on-the-go vape.]
    4. MFLB: I love this little fella when I go to the movies or somewhere else where stealth is everything. (i just hate that the batteries drain so fast.)
    5. PAX2: Looks great! but yeah… Not a fan b/c of various reasons.
    6. Ascent v2: Friends of mine rate this one higher, it really isn’t a bad one to be placed 6th. but, without going into great detail, it ranks here regarding my personal specifics.

    Trash: Flowermate Aura, Flowermate v5.0s Pro, Summit. Neither of these worked good or tasted good or anything. I would advise you to stay away from these. Get a Focusvape (pro) if you want to buy a startup/budget vaporizer!!

    Desktop Vaporizers:

    1.SSV (silver surfer vape). Sadly the store where i bought it doesn’t want to acknowledge that i bought it at their store, and 7th floor wants a receipt to get it repaired.. But I love the “on demand” control. the taste is awesome!
    1b. (hehe) Volcano. because hell yeah! def worth its money.
    2.Extreme Q has all the goods and needs. if you are unsure if you like the whip or bag the most, this is a great start desktop vape.

    Great Mention; I love using “De Verdamper” at cannabis cups orso. but it’s too bulky to have it at home, in my opinion.

    I own: all of the above; except “De Verdamper” & Flowermate v5.0s Pro (It broke down after 6month, which is quite normal for this unsafe Chinese crap, apparently. Traded it for a FocusVape Pro). The Summit and Aura are collecting dust.)

      • Alright, that’s good ;-).

        Thanks for the compliment. =)

        I really like vaporizing and I have helped friends in the past, choosing the right vape for them.

        It’s a fun side hobby :D.

  • The Mighty is the best that I have tried! Efficient and Powerful! I only use the Capsules in its oven. They provide the dosage I need and are excellent in helping keep the Mighty clean. My second Vape is the Pax 2, a good dependable back up vaporizer.

  • Solo Arizer.
    I’ve tried a couple others friends owned. Solo A has been the best thus far. 3 yrs now. I’ve introduced the Solo Arizer to several friends. At least 6-8 of them sent off and bought one. I love the amount it holds and the vape is always great. 5 stars fm me!

  • After trying a couple of less
    Expensive vapes, I bought the
    Mighty, and it’s great. Don’t really have to clean it.

    There are cons, like warm up time, and battery life, but best one I’ve tried to date.

  • I have a Plenty and an IQ and love them both, but I find myself reaching for the IQ most of the time. The quality of the vapor combined with the convenience of use makes it my go to vape.

  • I’ve owned PAX 1, Crafty and Firefly.

    PAX wss good with water adaptor, but not a fan of the flavor. Sold it.

    Crafty better flavour and is really nice on the go portable. Sold it but wished i hadn’t.

    Firefly is by far my overall favorite. Once you get past the learning curve it’s awesome. Best flavour, but not great on the go because you have to stir between hits. Should have kept the Crafty for on the go and Firefly when you have time and space to enjoy.

    Update: I meant firefly 2. Not sure about the original.

    Note from Bud: Good cus I was gonna ask ;)

  • I have the arizer solo & extreme q, pax 2, inhalator XP, mflb, and some pens. The solo is my favorite. It’s not the most stealthy and doesn’t have the most features, but it consistently provides exceptional vapor quality, has great battery life, and is extremely efficient. I’ve used the crafty and would take the solo over it!

  • Oh, I meant to say… Frankly, they all burn a bit too hot for sustained use. I’d really like to see a portable system that didn’t rough up my throat sooner or later.
    I’m really not too bothered about how efficient they are in relation to that… ;)

  • Toughie. I have an Arizer Solo with a couple of water attachments which would really be my favourite at home; a Crater Deluxe which is a UK PAX copy and is great for a sneaky hit while out and about or hiking in high winds; and a Flower Mate something or other (not the top model)which is my general go to at the moment.
    The two things that determine which I go for are privacy – I’m condemned to rented accommodation so I do use a ‘Smoke Buddy’ with the Arizer and the Flower Mate (although neither seem to set off smoke alarms). And what I’m vaping – the crater goes great with bud and leaf, as does the Solo. The Flower Mate, with which I use the little canisters, isn’t so great with shade leaf.
    Just to explain the latter choice – I’m very happy with the “cabbage” now, after many years on the Devil’s Lettuce, and I don’t push my luck so to speak.
    My next Vape will most likely be the latest FireFly.
    Loving your work Bud! You never cease to put a smile on my face…

    Stay Up!

  • The mighty is by far the best portable vaperizer I have used. The Crafty is worth considering but there is better battery life on the Mighty (two lithium ion batteries instead of only one). I also give high marks to the PAX 3 for its quick, 15 second warmup (compared to over a minute to heat up, with the larger bowl, in the Mighty). The Pax 3 only holds about half of the medicine in its bowl compared to the Mighty. The mighty is so easy to load with the loading tool that it comes with! Taste, conveyance, big hits, battery life, S&B quality, all “TOP OF THE LINE” with the Mighty!

    P.S.- Best Home Vaporizer- Digital Volcano #1! After I got the Mighty, I don’t use my Volcano very often because the Mighty is so easy to use and it gives such Big, deep, tokes! Incredible amount of engineering in that Mighty!

  • I like the Air Vape XS I just got best, it’s my 4th portable vape, I also have the Pax 1, launch box, and Firefly 2.

  • Aromed is my favorite.
    still own : Vapman ( awesome , usually my daily), herbalaire, grasshopper (perfect for what is is designed for ), pax.

  • For swappable batteries, great flavor, extreme efficiency, and potent vapor along with the great look my pick is the Firewood 4

  • I Vape for R.A. pain, usually a gram per day. For my purposes the Mighty has been the most eficient, easiest to use and maintain, best tasting, and coolest vape production. My other vapes are Crafty, Plenty, and Vapeman.

  • Davinci IQ is my favorite vape right now. I like a larger session and one i can use with water. The IQ can go for almost 20 minutes straight and has the best water attachment i have used of any vape. It’s size, vapor quality, removable battery are also pluses. i also own a FF1, FF2, CFX, Hypnos pen.

  • I own a Mighty, DaVinci IQ, DaVinci Ascent, original DaVinci, a Kandy pen, a Firefly 2 and an Atmos. The Mighty is the best, followed by the IQ. The Atmos was a useless piece of junk.

  • I try to get the next one down from the top of the line ,I think.
    Extreme Q – Desktop
    Smoke stay cool, Good smoke

    DaVinci Ascent – The older model. The smoke stays cool
    Good portable. I would bump up to the IQ. Can’t go wrong.

  • Still the Silver Surfer ( SSV ) for me. Great desktop vape for short or long sessions alike, never lets me down.
    Thanks for asking, Bud !

  • Mt favorite dry herb vape is the Arizer Air, love those removable batteries and very easy to clean. My favorite for concentrates is the Linx Hypnos Zero. I’ve also owned an iolite, davinci, magic flight launch box, and O-Phos.

  • My best vaporizer is a volcano digital. The crafty is quite good as is the extreme q.the pax i had was rubbish to small place to put weed. I got awispr too but now days i like the amount you get in the bag ask the rest you can’t vape enough weed!

  • The mighty and crafty is by far the best. I have both of them, the plenty, firefly2 and the snoop Dogg G pen. Definitely watch the vape critic, he knows his stuff.

  • I could be the poster guy for Storz-Bickel. I use a Volcano and a Mighty. Both are excellent and provide reliable service. I have and use other vaporizers, but none seem to deliver consistent quality like the Storz-Bickel products.
    I’m a cancer patient and possibly use my vapes more than the average consumer. I wouldn’t say that makes me an expert, but I am definitely a learned vape user.
    Have a blessed day

  • I just bought the DaVinci IQ. So far very happy with it. Love the flavor and small size. Nice long sessions with one pack fav at the moment. My honorable mention would be the whisper 2.

  • I love my VapeExhale EVO. Big hits, excellent taste, easy maintenance with heavy use. The hydratube feels like hitting a traditional bong with thick, cooled clouds.

    Still searching for my fav portable. Pax2/3 is hard to beat in terms of stealthiness but the MFLB has a much better hit, IMO. Hoping to try Mighty or Crafty in the near future!

  • Arizer Air is epic! Clean vapor and tastes so yummy! You can really taste the flavors and there are so many attachments.

  • I’ve been vaping since 2001 (a Vapor Brothers) and have a few vaporizers. But my go to favorite is the MIGHTY.


    • Sorry I missed the second part lol~ I own a Volcano, Plenty, Mighty, Crafty, Vapolution 2.0, Launch box, Lotus,and 2 Underdogs

  • My favorite is the Pax 3. Second best Pax2. Both vape weed thoroughly to dark brown coffee grounds-like dust. Also had a Magic Flight Box that I never liked, Firefly1 that was ok but didn’t hold much or go far, and was impractical to take out. And an Alfa that could not vape as thoroughly as my Pax2/3

  • Vapcap is the best tasting, easiest to use, biggest hitting, hardest hitting vaporizer out there!

  • The Davinci IQ has my vote. From the excellent clouds it produces full of delicious flavor to decent size chamber for those of us who like longer sessions. I also own the Firefly2, Crafty, Mighty, And the Davinci Ascent. I spare no expense when it comes to trying to find the best most reliable vape to serve my high use needs.

  • I have the volcano ,the plenty magic flight lunch box , pax1,pax2
    Volcano is my number one
    Pax2 for on the go

  • The Crafty. It is discrete, holds enough to last a medical user who uses it for sleep several days. It is cost-effective because it burns the flower so efficiently, it allows the flavor to come through and truly vaporizes, no smoke on the throat. I have had it for 3 years now. Yes, it is true the battery life is not terrific, but it’s not the kind of a could be passing around among friends very much anyway. Most surprising of all is that I have dropped it into my hot tub on several occasions, where it was submerged for several minutes, and after a day of drying out it worked perfectly.

  • Having used the Haze for over a year and then a few cheaper units that my friends owned, I recently switched to butane torch vapes a few months back and I’m simply blown away at the efficiency of the Lotus and Vapman in particular. Besides that any of the log vapes are absolute killers. I’d vote also for the E-Nano in that case. I still prefer the versatility and “herb-economy” of the butane torch vapes though.

  • Herbalizer is great! Smaller than great volcano. Mighty is my favorite portable. Herbalizer my favorite desk top

  • I love, love, love my Herbalizer! Cashed material is golden in color, never burned. It’s always ben spot on for my needs.

    I also own a Plenty and a Magic Flight Launch Box. I used to have a Vapor Tower.

  • Volcano is my every day use, also have the mighty and a load of other ones, nothing beats the volcano. Although I am intrigued by the classic glass verdamper unit.

  • I own volcano Herbalizer vapexhale evo ssv vapirrise 2.0 mighty crafty IQ pax 1and 2 ascent davinci haze prima solo air. #1 volcano / mighty

  • Top Favorite: Arizer Extreme Q. I have 2 and love them. I recommend these to everyone and have even given one as a gift.

    Also own:
    Puffit 2 ……..hate it; never use it.
    Mighty……….Hate everything about it. Really regret the 400 bucks I spent on this thing. Gave up trying to get any satisfaction out of it after about 5 inadequate and bad tasting sessions.

    Stay up! Bud. Thanks for all your dedication.

    I guess I’m about to give up trying to find a decent portable.

    • You should give butane torch vapes a shot. I just posted a comment about the vapman and lotus vapes. Amazingly efficient, cheap and so much more fun to use compared to battery powered ones. :)

    • You should try the Arizer Air for portability, easy to load, good vapor clouds, and best of all great taste every time… Even with old dry herbs.

  • 03/17/2017, 10:09 am ET

    Bud, I love my Storz & Bickel Mighty (with modified glass mouthpiece) – and as an old-school backup to that unit, I like my OG Sticky Brick from Sticky Brick Labs.

  • I own a grasshopper, an IQ, and a vapcap. My favorite is definitely the vapcap. It 100% dependable 100% of the time which is just the beginning. The vapor is dense and smooth every time. It’s super durable and beautifully made. Carrying it around in not a problem since it’s no bigger than a cigarette. I love how every owner will eventually tweak it to reflect their own personality. The other major selling point is that the CS from Dynavap is out of this world. I have never heard one bad thing said about their CS in the entire vapcap thread on FC forum.

  • Best portable vape IMO is the Crafty by far, as it’s the most reliable vape: quality-built, top notch flavor-wise, handy, great customer service…well, Storz and Bickel.
    Other vape I own (in order of preference): Grasshopper, Dynacap Nonavong, MFLB, Firefly2, Arizer Solo, V2
    pro series 3, Iolite.

    Can’t wait to see what S&B got next!

    • WTF Zib lol, we posted same vape same time lol,freaky I feel like we r in the twilight zone (zoooodoooozooodooo)

  • Best Desktop for me is my Volcano for sure. Perfect Vapor 100% of the time and extremely efficient. Best portable I have to say is the Crafty. Very efficient and I love the vapor quality. The vaporizers I own: Volcano, Sticky Brick, Haze V3, Grasshopper, and Crafty.

  • If you only let me keep one, it would have to be the EVO. EVO and Mighty if you let me keep two.

    I own most of the usual suspects.

  • My fav vape is the e-nano. You just can’t beat the efficiency when it comes to conserving material. Also has an adjustable temp wheel and can also be simply left on for use whenever. Vapes owned: e-nano and pax 1.

  • l use a Flower mate air V 3.0 cheap works l am happy. 2nd vape l had was a titan also a snoop dog g absolute crap cheers stoners.

  • Volcano.

    While I have other desktops and portables, the Volcano has always provided the best vape sessions

  • First choice: volcano classic

    Special mention: the mighty for stealth and portability and ability to roast our third world resins & concentrates.

  • I own the plenty, arizer v tower, and launch box. The plenty is my favorite but the vtower is a solid unit as well. Plenty produces a lot of vapor. Vtower is more efficient and can be left on for up to 4 hours at a time. Launch box is ok but only if the batteries are full otherwise it’s not that reliable. It works well with full batteries and it’s nice and small and easy to carry around.

  • I think the DaVinci IQ. Has become the best dry herb vape. The Crafty and Mighty have held the crown as king of the portable dry herb vapes. It’s 10 years Storz and Bickel need to upgrade. The IQ is packed with dozens of features, durability and excellent performance. The Crafty still will outperform the DaVinci IQ, but it’s close. The DaVinci IQ, is no slouch, if you aren’t careful it will knock you into next week.

    The Crafty / Mighty still make a compelling case to remain #1 because it’s a dual purpose vape, I like the way the Crafty does concentrates. Not the most efficient but smoother than my pick up lines.

    If concentrates are important, a combo of the Vape Critics favorites, The IQ and for concentrates The Lynx Hypnos Zero. ($275 for the IQ and $60 for the Hypnos Zero.

    If it were not for the defect rate I would still have the Crafty at number one. It’s a very important factor, reliability and defect rate.

    The best balloon Vape is the Volcano. I think it’s the strongest and most potent vapor ever produced by a vape I have tried. The Arizer Extreme Q is my favorite. It is extremely potent and very adjustable. It has the cool factor looks really futuristic, remote control, glass, can be used as a desktop, balloon or aromatizer.

    I take the Arizer Extreme Q over the Volcano.

  • I have to put my vote in for the Firewood 4. Absolutely incredible battery life, 4, 5 or even 6 bowls per session with a good battery, flavor that lasts through almost the whole session. The capsules are unfortunately a bit fiddly to fill, but if you can, it’s worth it. It’s cheaper than the Grasshopper, pretty much as portable although possibly not as stealthy, and it’s great for sessions. I own a stainless hopper, crafty, Vapcap and Yocan Evolve Plus as well as the FW4.

    • I request that the Vape Critic add new categories. Ultra Portable (The Grasshopper, Portable (IQ, Crafty, FF2 etc..) and semi portable (The Mighty).

  • Own volcano and mighty, but use mighty 9x% of the time. Also use a small attachment to allow the mighty to be filtered through a water bong. Easy to use, quick, efficient, effective, and smooth.

  • Portable: Grasshopper
    Desktop: Cloud EVO

    Currently own: (portables) – FF2, Crafty, Mighty, CFV, OmniVap, VapCap OG, MFLB, Pax 2, Lotus
    (desktop) – EVO (w/Hydrabomb), Volcano

    All of the vapes are great for different situations, but the ‘Hopper design, stealth, and power are still pretty remarkable despite the flaws. At home, EVO gets the nod.

    Thanks VapeCritic for your work!

  • For portable – the Mighty. Well built, extracts great, taste great, and easy to operate. While I love my Grasshopper, my pens and mods/atomizers, and my VapCaps, if I could only have one portable it would be the Mighty.

    For desktop – the VXH EVO (with HT) – This vape hits like a bong, is versatile in both the products you can vape (herb and concentrates) and how you use it (straight stem, J-hook, HT, whip, upside down on your own WP), and VXH CS has been very good to me so far. I LOVE my Volcano and Enano. This was hard. There is no more reliable and consistent vape than the Volcano. There is hardly a more useful vape than a good log vape like the Enano. But if it was down to one and one only, I would go with the EVO.

    What I own now:

    Desktops: Volcano Digit, EVO, Enao
    Portables: Ti Bronze Grasshopper , Mighty, Vapcap OG and Ti Woody, Eleaf iStick TC 100 w-DT 2.5/2.7 and Atmos Kiln, KandyPens Galaxy, Linx Hpynos Zero
    Enail: G9 and Auber 300 RDK controllers and CCA710 Liger Banger 2.0 with SiC & Quarts inserts
    Glass: C2 stemless 65mm can, Bates x Worm internal and external diffusion pump, PAG Hover Pecr and Recycler, TAG egg recycler, Turbine Hydrotube.

  • Portable: Crafty
    Desktop: Volcano

    Picking a “best vaporizer” is of course an extremely difficult thing for me to do, so I cast my votes based on how many hours I’ve used each vape.

    I’ve used the Crafty more than any other portable vape I own, about 400 hours total if I add up all my units, and I’ve had my Volcano a very long time (since 2009, and I still use it).

    These are made by the same company (Storz & Bickel), and they’re kinda the guys who started it all in terms of taking this vaping stuff seriously.

    There are a LOT of other vaporizers that I love and use often, these just stand out.

    My top picks lists are always being updated but I consider these two to be legendary.

    Vapes I own: You already know lol

    Stay up!

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