The Arizer Air “Portable” Herbal Vaporizer

Air This is the Arizer Air, which is the newer, smaller version of the popular Solo vaporizer.

Both of these are powered by internal rechargeable batteries, but the battery in the Air is removable and replaceable. You can get roughly 1 hour of usage from a full charge, or about five 12-minute sessions.

Arizer does use proprietary chargers with this vape but fortunately the unit does have pass-through charging, which means you can turn it on and use it while it’s plugged in. It also has an automatic shut-off feature which turns the heater off after 10 minutes of use, just in case you zone out.

It feels well-made and like a real solid device, I wouldn’t say any part of it feels cheesy at all. It has a ceramic heating element which can help keep the flavor of the vapor pure, and the glass stems it comes with help in this area also.

They include two different glass mouthpieces (stems), one is just like a Solo stem but shorter, and the other one has a plastic tip on the end that’s removable.

This is an easy to use vape, there’s really not much to it. It’s got the one button on the front that you hold for a couple of seconds to turn it on, and then you choose from 5 temperature settings.

Push the up and down arrows to cycle through the different settings, my personal favorites are the white and green levels – 374°F (190°C) & 392°F (200°C) – they seem to provide the best vaping experience overall.

Rechargeable Battery So when you pack the stem you want to grind your herbs up nice and fine, pack the tip of the glass full and tamp it down a little bit so it’s not loose.

To attach the stem hold it upright and turn the main unit upside-down, then insert the stem into the chamber and press it into place. If it’s very tight and it doesn’t seem to fit try letting the vape warm up for a little while before putting the stem in, you can usually wiggle it into place more easily that way.

Once the stem is in place just turn the unit on and wait 90-120 seconds for it to reach operating temperature. The blinking LED light will turn solid which indicates it’s ready and you can start taking draws.

Draw resistance isn’t terrible with the Air, but it does still kinda feel like sipping a thick milkshake through a straw. If it’s too hard to pull for you try lifting the glass stem up 1-2mm from the bottom of the chamber, this should help make the draw slightly easier.

The first few draws will be just a light visible vapor with a lot of flavor, and then after a few pulls vapor production ramps up. You should draw from it for at least 5-10 seconds to get the maximum amount of vapor, and it can produce quite a bit of it.

I do think it’s a good performing vape and the vapor quality is definitely above average. Taste and efficiency are some of its strong points, and it’s also fairly potent too.

However, I do have one issue with the vapor, and that is its smoothness. I find it to be a little scratchy feeling sometimes, not quite as cool and smooth as some of the other good portables I like, but still totally acceptable.

Chamber & Glass Stem The Air is nice and efficient which I like, each stem can hold approximately 0.25g of ground up dry herbs and you should be able to get at least 10-15 nice draws from that.

This vape is new so I can’t really comment on its reliability, but its sibling the Solo has proven to be very reliable over the years so I would guess this one will be also. **Update June 2016: The original unit shown in my review still works like new – it has proven over time to be a very well-made and reliable vape.

As far as maintenance and cleanliness, there’s really not too much you’re gonna have to do. Like usual, brush out the chamber and stem after each session to keep them as clean as possible.

The stem is a part that does need to be cleaned regularly if you want the vape to stay looking like new. After just a few sessions you’ll start to get some residue buildup as well as tiny herb particles on the inside wall of the glass.

To keep it clean just soak the stems in some isopropyl alcohol for a while and then rinse them off before vaping again. Besides looking better keeping the stems clean will also keep the flavor of your herbs as pure as possible.

It’s not a very luxurious vape, it pretty much just gets straight to the point.

Solo & Air Final Thoughts

I’m nit picky about its portability but the performance of the Air is great, and if you want an easy to use vape that’s potent and tastes good it’s hard to go wrong with this one.

Click here to buy one from the vape store I personally recommend. This store compensates me if you buy through my link and your support means the world to me!

VapeRating: 90/100 (Tier 2 Top Pick)

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  1. kenny ynnek says:

    im a newbie, i only like to smoke about 0.15g a time in my bowl, taking 1 hit a time, putting it down, 30 mins later,taking another hit. i get about 2-3 hits out of that. i have never vaped, only bowls or one hitter before. my question is can i pack less if i want to in this vape, or do i have to pack it tight (0.25g)? can you recommend any other vapes for me that would accompany my needs? thanks

  2. Richard N says:

    I’ve had my Arizer Air for about a week now and I love this vape! It’s super easy to use, the vape quality is extremely cool and it tastes fantastic throughout the session. It’s also very easy to clean and having replaceable batteries is pretty much a must have in 2017. I can’t believe that there are still Vapes out there that don’t have this must have feature. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for all your reviews! Take care and…”Stay Up!”

  3. Alex says:

    Hi bro, thanks for all your awesome reviews. Does this work for short 1-2’draw sessions.

    • Dexter says:

      Hey man, arizer doesn’t yet make any on-demand vapes. The air and solo are both referred as “session” vapes, the vapes need at least 1-3 minutes just to heat up the oven.

      If you’re looking for quick 1-2 draw sessions you need to look at on-demand vapes like the firefly 2, or the grasshopper. They both heat up in under 10 seconds.

      I love my air though, such a tried and tested vape.

  4. The Vape Master says:

    I would add to your review after 3 years of daily use. I have tried many vaporizers. This unit and its big brother the Arizer Solo, are work horses. If its harsh that means you can adjust the temp lower. I think this vaporizer is the best at thoroughly vape my herbs. With little to no loss. I can truly say that I feel like I have enjoyed every part of the herb with this vape. It’s portable but there are other vaporizers that are in the tier as the Arizer Vapes, that are truly compact and portable. The Davinci IQ is my “go to” when I need portability. Its production is extremely good but not as thorough as the portable Arizers. It would be a lot easier if Arizer had some kind of straw, like the flowermate or IQ.

  5. Oliver says:

    I own this vape since launch and it is a fantastic little device. The interchangeable batteries are most important!!! That is the ONLY way to be really portable!I usually roll around town with 4 topped up batteries and as my Air goes from hand to hand I need to change it every 3-4 full sessions.
    18650 batteries are easy to find and they are cheap. The ones I bought extra are LG batteries and they are still working just as good as they did years ago.
    I also bought an external combo D4 charger for 15 bucks.
    I would never buy any vape with a built-in battery.

  6. ^^^ The Vape Master ^^^ says:

    This vape I have had for 5 years. I watched the Vape Critics reviews several times and I first got the Arizer Solo, then the Air. I still use these vapes and I like it more than any other vapes ever made expensive or inexpensive. I have broken the glass stem a few times which is the only flaw to this vape. I decided to buy 5 backups glass pieces with the rubber caps to store my herb for sessions and thus this baby is the best at about everything. I think finally The Arizer Vapes have company with The Davinci IQ, and I am a fan of the Flowermate Vapes.

    I have had very good experiences with the customer service department.

    You Have Just Been Vaporized By The: ^^^ The Vape Master ^^^

  7. John says:

    Company refuses to admit that their black cap at the top of the unit is a warranty issue when it breaks off. Difficult and unreasonable customer service will steer me away from this company in the future.

  8. Archibald Campbell says:

    I’ve owned two Arizers. The first one died after about a month. I sent it in to the company’s warranty entity, M&M Specialties. They sent me a replacement. It died after about one week.

    I’m surprised no one else has written about similar experiences here.

    • ezjay says:

      Same issue. Very expensive to own if you need to keep shipping it back. Screwed up customer service. They don’t seem to have the customer support worked out

  9. Sam says:

    Would never buy an airiser again,the company treat you awfully,the warrant is in name only,actually read the small print they have a get out clause for everything!
    First day the top was dodgy & then sprung off whilst in use(could have been heat) gosh have they been rude and verbally abuseive to deal with, the cooling something glitch that happens when in use whilst charging(mentioned earlier) is true NEVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY OR ITS PRODUCTS PLEASE!!
    I have a mighty, fantastic, a haze 3 , brilliant. Great companies and real warrants not some Canadian money making machine!

  10. Pete says:

    It seems that you might have knocked off some point for lack of true on-the-go portability. If you ignore the portability issue, how is it quality wise? How would it compare against a desktop that seems to work in a similar manner? How would it go, say, in a head-to-head versus the E-Nano?


  11. Noemi says:

    Hey I’d like your opinion on a newish vape that hasn’t gotten a lot of reviews it’s around $150 people say it’s good but I want your opinion. It’s called the Matrix, as well there’s another one that doesn’t have a lot of reviews but my medicinal clinic sells it, it’s called the Ebox Vaporizer by Fuzion.
    If you could let me know what you think that would be great!

    Thanks Bud

  12. Tburn says:

    You have any thoughts on the Matrix?

  13. Jay says:

    Does the air have the same draw resistance you describe with the solo or is it improved? Im just looking for a backup for my crafty which is dead for the second time now and needs servicing.

  14. Jr says:

    I dont get how the Arizer air gets bad reviews, yeah it’s 2 pieces but this thing is small. Very compact and easily fits in your pocket. I wouldn’t carry it put together but that’s as simple as removing the stem and that’s it. The greatest part is the taste, clean and smooth. Very efficient and easy to clean. I highly recommend it.

  15. eremite says:

    I have posted my views elsewhere about the issue of batteries, specifically internal ones which are not replaceable by the user. The Arizer Air seems a step in the right direction, yet they insist on your using their more expensive batteries. Are these 18650 L-ion batteries “protected” or “unprotected?” Can I safely use any 18650 battery in this vaporizer?”

  16. Craig says:

    Good review.
    Compared to the solo which I have, is the airflow of the Air any better or pretty much the same?


  17. Michael says:

    I am thinking about buying the but I’m looking for somthing I can maybe place more herb in any ideas ?

  18. Kristi Madison says:

    Heya Bud, you mentioned this not giving the most luxurious vape. What unit(s) would you say provide that “luxurious” vape?

    Also, not too happy with my pax2 -draws a it hard… Any recommendations.


    Great review on the Arizer Air!!

  19. Dave says:

    Hey Bud,
    Love your site, great reviews and entertaining! One thing I want to share with you and others. You can improve the solo and air by attaching it to a water pipe. I have the solo and hook the stem straight up to a water pipe and it is awesome! Great smooth taste that is a huge improvement to an already great experience w/o it.

  20. LunchBox says:

    You do not need to finely chop everything until its dust.

    I find it as effective and efficient to merely break a small bud off that fits snugly inside of the tube.

    that way you minimize the amount of particle material that enters the mouthpiece end of the tube.

    once its brown in colour your content is sapped. That is unless you want to cook with the left overs.

  21. morph says:

    have had an Air for a while now and still think its great.

    i personally like being able to change tips and have several now.
    i also like being able to prepack each tip and have several different “shots” ready for use,just having to slip in whichever tip i fancy.

    as for stealth,a fully grown adult weighing what?,and you think noone can see you because you have a vapouriser the size of a lipstick?..cmon,get real.

    the Arizer air does what it say on the label,and it does it well.

    footnote:the reason it shuts off early is because the battery you are using is ready for the bin,dont use cheap sh!t batteries,use decent quality and then no moreearly shutoffs.
    its the battery that does the power,it senses there isnt enough there and powers down the unit,bit like a laptop etc.

    imo,all parts considered this is the best alround unit ive tried so far and ive had a fair few now.

    obviously this only applies to people who arent james bond,who have adult sized hands and are more interested in the vape/hit result than following the whiny pack. ;)

  22. Sam says:

    Hey bud, I’m I’ve been vaping for half a year now and am wanting to upgrade from my magic flight. I’m looking for a convection style vape so no stirring is needed. Would you say the arizer vapes as evenly compared to a true convention vape like the crafty? Also how is the vapors taste and thickness compared to the crafty? I’m just using the crafty as something to judge off of since my buddy just got one and I can say it’s truly Amazing! I dont have that much money though haha.

  23. Jen says:

    This unit is a nuisance to use and also embarrassing to use with others (especially if they know the cost of these things!). When used while charging it seems there is a glitch that keeps being referred to as the “cooling/transitional state”. This happens every 10 minutes and last for 2 to 17 minutes making the unit unusable. This does not happen with the Solo

  24. Phil says:

    Hey bud, first let me say that your reviews are the most thorough reviews around. Since you seem like a genuine vape expert I wanted to ask, which vape would you take between the Vapium Summit and Arizer Air? I would like a good balance between portability and vapor quality. It would mean a lot to get your advice.


  25. jon says:


    Are the glass stem mouthpieces for the Arizer Air compatible with the Arizer Solo? If you could let me know I’ll send you money!


  26. Dude says:

    The air was great at first but after about 2 months the unit started to power off after about 30 seconds of use. There are many threads on websites like reddit about this problem so it seems to be a very common issue. I guess it’s the chance you take when purchasing this.

  27. Someone says:

    First of all. I think you’re way to picky about vapes portability. It’s just my opinion. And second, I just wanted to say something about cleaning the stem. Because cleaning the stem is my favorite part. I don’t know if you smoke or not (I’ll asume that you do since portability and discretion is so important to you), but after about 10 sessions the stem will be pretty full of yellow like residue. What you can do with this is to boil the stem in a casserole with milk. You’ll clean your stem AND get super potent milk. It’s awesome.

  28. Ethan says:

    How much smell does the air produce? and I was curious if the air or pax 2 smells more? Thanks!

  29. Sergio says:

    Again, i get like 2 totally different price ranges, can u tell me why. ..stay up!

  30. Dan says:

    I’m looking to purchase this via eBay and most of the listings are between 160-190 bucks. This is also similar on other vape sites I have seen. On Arizer’s website it is listed at $260. I wanna know how relatable the listings on eBay are if they have high reviews but the vape is below retail.
    Thanks, Dan

    • Erin says:

      I’m always very cautious when purchasing things on eBay. There are so many cheap knock offs coming from China.. I’d be safe rather than sorry, and purchase through a licensed retailer. Plus that way if something goes wrong with it, the warranty is good. If you do decide to go through eBay, make sure that they accept returns. Good luck!

  31. Ken says:

    Great review! How do you think the arizer air compares with the hammer pro? They both function pretty similarly.

  32. Mike S says:

    You rule. I wish I had seen your videos before breaking a few units… lol. I think I’m coming off disability soon, so back to work. This Arizer Air could be my last purchase. You like it, so I’m sure I will too. Keep up good work and hopefully I’ll find a job that doesn’t involve 911 (lol, its true. Vet too) Then I’ll enjoy being a student of yours again! Don’t like balloons, Plenty is my Fav.

  33. Riley says:

    Whats up Bud? I want your opinion on a nice cheap entry level vape ~$100 give or take. I’m considering the Flowermate v5.0s but you haven’t reviewed it yet. Also any news on the V2 Pro Series 7?

    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey what’s up, I’m actually working on my V2 7 review right now and I just got a Flowermate delivered yesterday.

      If you can go to $150 I would recommend the Vapium Summit over those 2, it produces smoother, higher quality vapor.

      $100 is tough because it’s a little below what it seems is the minimum for a good portable vape, but here are two other decent ones:

      V2 Pro Series 3 – this one has good vapor quality but is only good for small amounts at a time (~0.1g) and just a handful of light draws in one session.

      G Pro / K Vape – this one can produce a lot of vapor and it’s pretty potent but it isn’t the smoothest, it can start to feel a little hot & harsh especially at higher temperatures.

      • Noemi says:

        Hey I’d like your opinion on a newish vape that hasn’t gotten a lot of reviews it’s around $150 people say it’s good but I want your opinion. It’s called the Matrix

        Thanks Bud

  34. daniel says:

    After watching your reviews for some time now I was confident you would down rate the unit for portability. It’s the exact reason why I didn’t pick up this vape because you have to assemble it before use. How it’s that stealthy for on the go? Heck,I even got tired of having to take the covers off my mflb batteries on the go haha. A true portable in this day n age should be pre packed. Good review, hope your busy life is giving you enough time to relax. Also hope your neighbors aren’t still assholes haha.

    • Bud Bud says:

      LOL I am reading your comment as I sit here already thinking about how much I still hate my neighbors :)

      Thanks for posting, and I agree about vapes having anything more than one piece haha

      Stay up!

    • Satisfied homie says:

      Hahaha what the fuck man, you can just pack the stem, put it in your pocket and boom its packed and ready

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