The Air Vape Portable Herbal Vaporizer

Herb Chamber This is the Air Vape, a nice little portable vaporizer designed for use with dry herbs.

UPDATE: There is now an upgraded version of this vape available called the AirVape XS, and it’s much better than this one, definitely check it out!

What I like about this unit is that it’s a pretty well-rounded package, especially for the price. It’s not very expensive and it scores fairly well in most of the areas I look at.

The design and shape of the Air Vape is kinda unique, it’s probably most similar to the general shape and size of a smartphone. I didn’t find anything wrong with the build quality which is a good sign for an herbal vape that doesn’t cost very much.

The body of the unit has a soft grippy feel to it and the mouthpiece is a hard plastic-like material with a stainless steel screen built-in, and yes it is removable/replaceable. The digital display on the front shows you the current temp of the oven or the set temperature, and it also has a battery indicator icon which is actually pretty accurate (you’d be surprised how many are not).

AirVape Profile It’s easy to use too: First, grind your herbs up nice and fine and pack the chamber full & fairly tight. It only holds about 0.2g so it’s on the smaller side, but the efficiency is great so you’ll get a good 8-10 nice draws from that amount. Then, re-attach your mouthpiece and turn the unit on.

When you first turn it on (by pressing the power button 3 times) the vape is in standby mode and it hasn’t started heating your material yet. Use the up and down arrow buttons to select your desired temperature, I recommend starting around 370°F or so and going up or down from there. Once you set your temp you start the heating process by pressing the power button for 0.5s and letting go (hold it for half a second and let go).

It heats up quickly and within about 40 seconds you should be at vaping temp. Now you can just start taking draws from the mouthpiece, and basically the longer you draw the more vapor you’re gonna get.

AirVape Besides being very efficient I also like how the vapor is kept pretty smooth and comfortable, especially at temps under 400°. You’ll get the best flavor and aroma at the lower temps but for maximum cloud production you’ll need to bump it up a bit. However, at the higher temperatures you will start to feel more heat in the vapor so it’s not quite as smooth.

I’m able to get about an hour of usage from a full charge before the battery dies, which I would consider average and acceptable.

Aside from brushing out the herb chamber after each use the maintenance is going to be pretty low. The mouthpiece unit is the area that will build up some residue over time so every dozen sessions or so I would take it apart and give it a quick cleaning with some cotton swabs and iso alcohol.

Overall I think it’s a nice performing vape that is affordable and easy to use, so I do feel that it’s a good value.

UPDATE: Check out the upgraded version of this vape called the AirVape XS, it’s newer and better!

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