Best Vaporizers in 2019

My top 3 picks for the best vaporizers going into 2019 are the MV1, Mighty & VapCap. Not much has changed lately! ;-)

Best Vaporizers for Dry Herb

This is based on how much I personally like them and how much use they got over here in 2018. There are many, many great vapes out there, but this page is for people who want a quick list of the best you can get right now.

Comment below and tell me what your top 3 favorite vaporizers are currently, think about which ones you used the most in the last year, they can be either desktop or portable models. If you can, let me know the few things that set these apart for you.

Stay up!

My Top Picks:
Best Portable Vaporizer
Best Vaporizer Pen
Best Desktop Vaporizer

UPDATE: I counted up your votes and just posted my video going over the poll results for the top 10 best vaporizers, check it out below and thanks again for your feedback guys!

Check out the excellent reviews below from real members of the Vape Life Forum!

DynaVap 2018 M Review and User Guide by @SouthboundPachyderm


Hey there! I’d like to take a minute to discuss the 2018 M by Dynavap. The M is the entry level vaporizer in DynaVap’s VapCap line-up. For $60 (USD) you can pick up the 2018 M, and it will come shipped with a green plastic storage tube. When I purchased my VapCap a couple of months ago, I decided to go with the “M Starter Kit” (currently $110). I mainly went with the kit to get the DynaStash (think OG Dugout), and an extra torch, but the other goodies are nice to have too. I also chose to pick up the “Fat Mouthpiece” for $1, and 3 extra Stainless Steel CCDs (screens) for another $5. The M Starter kit includes:

– The 2018 M/Green Storage Tube
– 1 DynaStash in Cedar or Walnut
– 1 Hawk Triple Torch Lighter (Lighter may vary, I received a Vertigo Dual Torch)
– 1 container DynaWax
– A 5 pack of Hard Bristle Pipe Cleaners
– 3 Replacement High Temperature O-Rings
– 2 Replacement Condenser O-Rings
– 1 Replacement Stainless Steel CCD (screen)

The DynaVap M is an ultra-portable butane torch powered on-demand vaporizer. It is a conduction/convection hybrid vape that leans heavily towards the conduction side of heating. It is worth noting that while the recommended heat source is a handheld butane torch, you can heat the VapCap with just about anything that will radiate enough heat. Including but not limited to: cigarette lighters, candles, alcohol burners, hot coals, or even a match (this would be really suck, but you could make it work). There is a bit of a learning curve with the VapCaps, but it isn’t too complicated, it shouldn’t matter if your a beginner or a pro, you’ll have it down in no time. If you need some help there are a number of great Heating Technique videos on DynaVap’s YouTube channel that are very useful, and I will speak more about technique a little bit later too.

Dynavap M 2018

Stainless Steel VapCap


The 2018 M is approximately 3.5 inches long, with a ⅜ inch diameter, and when I threw it on my scale it came in at just over 20 grams. Maximum capacity on the M is about .1 gram fully loaded, but it works well with a smaller load too. This vaporizer is made entirely of Medical Grade Stainless Steel, except for 3 O-Rings that help seal the tip into the stem/condenser, and 2 O-Rings that seal the condenser in the stem. All of the O-Rings are made of a high temperature/chemical resistant Viton material.



The design of the VapCap makes for very easy Maintenance and cleaning. To disassemble your VapCap for cleaning follow the steps below:

– Remove the tip and cap from your device.
– Use the cut out part of the cap to gently push the condenser from the tip end of the stem, then remove the condenser from other end.
-​ ​Remove the 2 O-Rings from condenser (leave O-Rings on tip)
– If your vape is particularly dirty, you can use the condenser to poke the screen out by gently poking the condenser through the bottom of tip until you feel the screen pop out. With normal wear and tear you shouldn’t need to clean your screen every time.

Now that you have taken your M apart you can throw everything ​EXCEPT​ the cap into a little bit of 91%+ Iso, and shake it up for a couple of minutes, then give it a thorough rinse with warm/hot water. Your cap won’t get that dirty, and Iso will tarnish the finish. After you have cleaned everything, set it out​ ​to dry (if you put it in front of a fan it will dry quicker). To
re-assemble your VapCap just follow the disassembly instruction in reverse. You will want to make sure that the bigger of the two condenser O-Rings goes on closest to the mouthpiece end of your M. It’s that easy!

Torch Lighter

Performance & Technique

The VapCap is a pretty easy vaporizer to use, however it is actually quite versatile, so it helps to have a basic understanding of how it works. There are a few different variables that can affect your performance, but the two big ones are going to be torch size (number of torches (dual, single, etc)/flame size), and torch position( location on cap/distance from cap). DynaVap recommends a dual or triple torch lighter for beginners, as the bigger flame will give you quicker more consistent results. A bigger flame will however limit your heating options.

For more advanced heating options with a wider temperature range a single torch flame is highly recommended. In my opinion the triple torch will be easier at first, and a bigger torch can be very beneficial when it is cold or windy, but do yourself a favor and learn to use a single torch ASAP. You won’t regret it. It really isn’t all that advanced (I figured it out just by watching a bunch of heating technique videos while impatiently waiting for my M to be delivered), and the added versatility is a game changer.

To heat your VapCap, place the cap up to the tip of your torch’s flame, and slowly spin your VapCap in one direction. Imagine that you are spinning the cap over the tip of a marker and creating one perfect ring/band around the cap. Continue to heat until you have heard the “click”. The click will sound once your VapCap has reached the appropriate temperature to let you know your ready to take a hit. It is critical that you do not heat past the click, doing this will cause you to combust.

Once heated, simply cover the airport (carb hole). When you start to feel vapor you can slightly feather your finger on and off of the airport to increase airflow and cool your vapor. Once you have finished taking your hit you will need to wait until you hear the “cool down click”, this click lets you know that it is safe to reheat your cap. If you want to help speed up the cool down time you can place the cap onto a metal object (my torch has a metal casing, so I use that, but a grinder​ ​or any other metal object should work) this will help dissipate the heat, allowing your VapCap to cool down faster. It’s very important to wait for the cool down click. If you don’t, once again you will combust.

For me the only time I end up combusting, is if I space out and think I missed the cool down click. The solution was to ritually place my cap on my lighter to cool down after each hit. I should mention that if you do wind up combusting, you will immediately want to clean your DynaVap as it has a horrible taste that will linger in your unit. That pretty much sums up the basic heating technique, however if you want to have a bit wider temperature range it helps to know a bit more.

The full temperature range of your VapCap goes from 300F (149C)-450F(232C), which gives you a lot of options. The temperature you reach is based upon your torch position in relation to the cap. Simply put, for low temps (300F-340F) heat near the top of your cap, for medium temps (340F-400F) heat in the middle, for high temps (400F-450F) heat near the bottom of the cap. You will definitely want to be using a single torch lighter, to allow for precise positioning of your torch.

To demonstrate the versatility of the VapCap I vaped 3 sessions, using various torch positions. For all 3 sessions I used my dual torch lighter, with a ½ inch flame, however instead of having both torches lined up vertically with the cap I turned my torch to the side to have the flames be in line with the diameter of the cap, allowing for more precise heating. For all my sessions I used a medium/fine grind, with a medium/tight pack, and I only filled the bowl ¾ full to allow for a bit more airflow and convection heating. I waited 5-10 minutes between each session to allow the tip/cap to cool down, to ensure a cold start for each session. To give a more accurate description of where I positioned my torch, I will use a letter from the DynaVap logo on the cap as a reference point (i.e. I heated near the “N”). My results are listed below.

Dynavap AVB

Session 1

For my first session I heated the cap four times near the “D”, then once near the “N”, and one more time near where the “A/V” overlap.The first two hits were super tasty, however it was all flavor, no vapor. My next two pulls were also quite tasty, but now I had the added benefit of a pleasant low temperature vapor to accompany the flavor. When I moved the torch closer to the “N”, I received a robust hit that had less flavor than the others, but was much more potent. My last hit near the “A/V” was both huge, and super potent, however now I got the taste of burnt popcorn, indicating my session was over. My AVB was evenly brown throughout. By the end of round one I had a pleasant elevation. In fact if it was daytime, and/or I had somewhere to be I would have more than likely skipped the last hit, and still been good to go.

Session 2

On the next session I heated the cap a total of four times, all near the “N”. Once again, my first hit was all flavor, no vapor. My second pull was very tasty, and extremely potent, without being too hot. My last two hits were similar to my second in size, potency, and temperature, however the flavor trailed off, and by the tail end of my last hit i had a very faint taste of burnt popcorn. The AVB wasn’t too noticeably different from round one. The effects of my second round hit hard, and couch lock was coming on fast! For the ten minutes between sessions 2 and 3 my new mantra became, “You can do it, it’s for science!”

Session 3

I only heated the cap twice for the third round. Both times near the “A/V”. Since temperatures at this level are pretty high (400F-450F), and I had just got done taking 10 hits, I opted to use the “Fat Mouthpiece” I ordered with my M. The Fat Mouthpiece is just a black silicone mouthpiece that acts as a water pipe adaptor for use with any rig with a 14mm female joint. I got two massive, extremely potent hits through my water pipe.The first already had a slight burnt popcorn taste, the second was all popcorn. The AVB for round three was noticeably darker than the previous rounds, but there was no combustion. By the time I was finished with all three sessions, I found myself drifting through the universe, floating this way, and that.


Final Thoughts

All things considered, this is a pretty amazing little vaporizer. It offers hits ranging from, cool mouthwatering vapor, to massive extremely potent bong rips. With all the versatility that the 2018 M offers when it comes to how you like your hits, the choice is all yours. This device is built to last a lifetime, and the simplistic design gives it a really nice look, and feel. For me it kinda feels like the pocket watch of vapes, it looks classy, feels great in your hand, and you know it will never let you down. For only $60 (USD) you could certainly call the M a budget vape, but I feel that doing so would somehow cheapen this awesome device. This inexpensive vaporizer exceeds the performance and construction of many more expensive vapes.

As I mentioned earlier, when I picked up my VapCap, I ordered the M Starter Kit, and in my opinion it was well worth the extra cash. The DynaStash makes an already ultra-portable vaporizer even more portable, by adding the ability to store your pre-ground material, and your vape all in the same pocket sized case, and the magnet on the stash is nice for removing hot caps. The extra torch and replacement parts are also very nice to have on hand. Now, when I inevitably lose a small part I know I won’t be waiting on the USPS for my next VapCap session.

I do wish that it wasn’t quite so easy to combust, but you just have to respect the click. With a .1 gram capacity this is definitely a very efficient micro-doser, but it also makes it more of a one user vape. When I’m vaping with another person I will usually reach for more of a session vape, because I hate having to watch someone else enjoy my VapCap while I impatiently wait. If you have issues with dexterity in your hands this might not be the vape for you, but with DynaVap hard at work on their upcoming Induction Heater (no release date as of yet), that may soon change.

The M is the vape that allowed me to give up combustion for good. I personally think this is a great vape for a beginner looking to convert from smoking that may crave a little more bite to their hits, or even for someone who has never smoked or vaped who might prefer a lighter, cooler draw. If you are after the cooler flavors I would highly suggest getting and learning to use a single torch lighter with your VapCap.

To make a long story short.. I absolutely love my DynaVap 2018 M. I think that there is a spot in everyone’s collection for this vape. My only real complaint is that I don’t have more VapCaps.

If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up on the VapeLife forum under the user name @SouthboundPachyderm.

Click here to buy one from the official Dynavap store, and use promo code STAYUP for 10% OFF your order!

Happy Vaping!

Ghost MV1 review by @Lucic and Chong

MV1 Vaporizer

In another review I compared the Arizer Solo 2 to a Volvo. The Ghost MV1 would be the fancy sports car on the other side of the comparison. It’s sleek and sexy, shiny and eye catching, and it goes 0-60 in seconds. And also like a sports car, you won’t get the most out of it until you learn how to drive it properly.

The most common comment I get when I show it to someone is that it looks like a spaceship.

What’s in the Box

– MV1
– battery
– 2 crucibles with lids
– 1 concentrate pad
– 3 picks
– 3 iso wipes
– 3 cleaning buds
– usb charge cable

I have one of the early ones, order #1131, so I was lucky to get a free fast charger with my order. I also now have a second, newer one too.

Ghost MV1

Look and Feel

This looks and feels like a premium vaporizer. It feels really solid and well made, and it has some decent weight to it too. Nothing about it looks or feels cheap.

You can tell a lot of thought went into every aspect of this vape, including how it feels in your hand. The little grove in the back to rest your thumb by the trigger, it just feels natural.

The MV1 comes in a choice of 5 colors- black chrome, satin silver, nickel, rose gold and a new stealth black. The shiny colors can collect fingerprints. They’re tough to notice from a distance, but up close they’re easier to see.

It only has 2 buttons on the unit, one on the front, and the trigger button in the back. The mouthpiece is retractable and the newer units are coming with an acrylic mouthpiece.

They also have the option of glass mouthpieces as an add on, on the website. The acrylic works great, but I prefer glass, so it’s nice to have the option.

It’s a very unique vape in that the ceramic herb chamber, or crucible, is removable. This is one of the polarizing features of this vape. Myself, I love this feature, but I can also understand why some people may find it bothersome. Changing crucibles does require some manual dexterity, and the crucibles do get hot.

But the crucibles don’t take too long to cool to a reasonable enough heat to swap them. Just open the crucible door for a short bit and they’re not too bad.

MV1 Nickel

Ease of Use/How to Use

This is where some people can have a problem with this vape. This isn’t a pack and go vape, it can require a bit of technique. Most people can pick it up fairly quickly, and it’s really not that difficult. But it isn’t quite as user friendly as some other vapes.

There are a few variables that can greatly affect the quality of your session, the most important being herb dryness and draw speed.

Problems with the seal and heat sink can also greatly affect performance, luckily it’s also easily remedied. The best trick is if you think there might be a seal issue- take out the heat sink, plug the intake holes and draw, if any air leaks through the seal is broken and the heat sink needs to be reassembled.

Fortunately, most of the inconsistent seal problems were fixed with the an improved heatsink that comes with all new units. But the seal can still be affected by not reassembling it properly or by not pushing the heat sink into the unit firmly enough.

It’s also really important to keep the holes on the heatsink, and crucible lids clean. Clogged holes will greatly affect airflow and performance.

I use a medium grind, but dry herb is key here. I like 49% Boveda humidity packs and find that it’s a great level for my MV1. I can’t recommend Bovedas enough, no matter which humidity you use. By taking that one variable of moisture level out of play, it can really aid with getting more consistent sessions.

Don’t pack it too tight, air flow is really important. Less is more. I find that it’s easiest to just scoop the herb from your grinder so it’s just barely higher than the edges, then very lightly tamp that bit down, clean the edges, and put on the lid.

Pop open the crucible arm, insert crucible and close. Choose temp (with front button of unit, or on app) and hit the trigger. It will do an initial buzz as the heater engages, then after 4-10 seconds it will vibrate when it’s ready. It gives you a 15 second draw before the unit vibrates again and the heater turns off.

Draw speed and temps can vary from user to user. But I find, as is true with most vapes, slow and steady is usually best. But with higher temps you can also draw a bit quicker for bigger hits. There’s no one way to use this thing.


On Demand Convection

This is an on demand convection vaporizer, meaning that the herb is only cooking when you engage the heater with the trigger button and draw hot air through the crucible. This helps to make it extremely efficient as there’s really no waste. Plus it’s easy to just have a draw or 2 and go back to finish the crucible later.

Heat up time from cold is about 10 seconds on the first draw, and it only takes 4-5 seconds on the second draw, once the unit is already warm.

With convection your draw speed plays a major role in performance. The heater is below the herb, and your draw is what is bringing the heat through the crucible. If you draw way too slow the unit can overheat, too quick and the heat doesn’t have a chance to cook the herb.

You have to experiment with different draws and temps to find what works best for you.


As I just touched on, this is a very efficient vape. A crucible fits about 0.1- 0.12g and that’ll usually get me 6-8 decent draws, give or take a few depending on herb and temps. Sometimes I’ll go high temp and just have 2-4 huge hits and it’ll be done.

You can also fill the crucible half full to microdose if you chose. Or just take a draw or 2 and pick it back up later, because with on demand convection you can do that without compromising the vapor quality.

There can be some green in the AVB on the top.

I find that it’s minimal (I don’t stir, stirring can help but I don’t bother), and it’s only really noticeable since it’s a few flakes right on top, right around the edges (this will be worsened by packing it too tight). Once it’s dumped it’s easy to see how little it actually is, it’s literally just a few flakes.

But it is still there, it’s not always perfectly even AVB and this is something that can really bother some people. Especially for a vape of this price.

Convection vapes are known for excellent flavor and the MV1 doesn’t disappoint in that category. This vape produces some of the best flavor out of any vaporizer that I’ve ever used. The vapor quality is just amazing.

The vapor is very cool and easy on the throat too. Normally I love using my vapes with a water pipe, but with this one there’s no need. It’s just so smooth as is. I bought a WPA for it and I never use it.

If you want huge clouds you can sure get them with this. If I want a really big hit I’ll put it on high, start my draw slow and once I start to feel the warmth I’ll speed up my draw. I’ll only get 2-4, but they’re huge hits.

It has very free flowing draw resistance, especially for a portable. Draw speed can be adjusted by extending and retracting the mouthpiece.

Another advantage of on demand convection is odor control. Since the herb is only cooking when you have the heater engaged and are inhaling it’s tough for any extra smells to escape.

It has a mesh concentrate pad and a special concentrate temp mode. The only concentrate that I use is CBD isolate, and it works great for that, but I can’t speak personally on how it performs with other concentrates.

From listening to other owners, it sounds like a lot of people are satisfied with how this performs with concentrates.

Crucible Dispenser


The battery is custom from Ghost and is user replaceable. This is a big plus. Some of the most common problems with vapes are battery related, so it sure is nice to be able to replace that simple part yourself. And having an extra battery just makes it more portable.

It’s almost half of the size of the unit, and it’s most of the weight. The battery is basically the back of the MV1 when it’s all together.

It can be charged via usb, but I never have. It apparently takes a really long time. Using the fast charger it will charge from dead in about 2 hours. The fast charger isn’t included, but it’s a very strongly recommended add on.

It is a long lasting battery. I’ve had as many as 9 crucibles, of 6-8 draws per, on a single charge.

But the battery is not perfect, the output can drop as the battery drains, which can affect the heat output. I find it’s usually after the 4th crucible and when the power drops to 2 green lights. But I’ve learned a trick for that.

They installed a manual calibration feature on the units, so I use that to boost it when the output drops. Pressing both buttons on the unit together 3 times activates the calibration feature. Amber flashing is normal, red is hotter, green is cooler.

When I hit 2 green lights for power I’ll bump it up to red for a boost and use that for the rest of the battery. Or I’ll just swap batteries every 3-4 crucibles if I’m at home.

MV1 Battery


It is on the larger scale when it comes to portables, and it’s quite heavy too. It’s definitely not in the pocket portable category. Yet to me it’s the most portable of my portable vapes. I even find it more portable that my much smaller Davinci IQ.

Portability means more to me than just being able to put it in my pocket, it’s also about how easy it is to use on a day away from home. Being able to bring a spare battery, as heavy as it can be, really adds to it’s portability.

The crucible dispenser though, that’s what makes it really portable for me.

Crucible Dispenser

Simple, small, plastic carrying containers for up to 5 crucibles. Plus it includes 5 crucibles and lids, and that alone is almost worth the price.
These things are so handy that I bought 2. They’re almost like little weed pez dispensers.

It requires a bit of prep time, but being able to have 5-10 crucibles packed and ready to go sure makes vaping on the go easier. No messing around with grinding, loading or watching out for wind gusts. Just swap crucibles and go.

They go in both ways, so one trick is to put the used crucible back in the dispenser upside down so you’ll know it’s spent. Also handy for southpaws.

Ghost APP


Like a lot of other vapes, it comes with an app. It’s more of a complimentary app than essential. But it is needed for any future updates to the MV1 and to adjust your preset temps.

You can also use the app to change temps during a session. But now that I have my preferred preset temps set, I rarely use the app anymore. I find the buttons just as easy, while also freeing up a hand.

Amber 1, 2 and 3 are the pre sets, while red 1 and 2 (favorites 1 and 2) are customizable, C is concentrate mode.

Cleaning and Maintenance

As with all vaporizers there is some cleaning involved. It’s not too tough though, it’s pretty much just the heatsink and crucibles that need a thorough and regular cleaning.

Just take it apart, separate the top and gasket as they don’t get cleaned (other than maybe a quick wipe), and soak the mouthpiece, heatsink, and ceramic piece in iso for a short bit, rinse and dry. I need to clean my heatsink once a week with daily use.

The crucibles just need quick iso bath and a rinse to clean. The crucible lids, in particular, need regular cleaning. If the holes get clogged it can really affect performance. For this reason having a few extra crucibles and lids is very useful.

The crucibles will get discolored over time.


Customer Service

Their customer service is second to none. They will help coach people on proper techniques if they’re having troubles, and try to do whatever it takes to help people get the most out of their MV1.

Warranty and Reliability

It comes with a 2 year warranty, that will be upgraded to 5 years upon registration via their app.

As for reliability it’s such a new vape that it’s tough to call. There were a few problems on the initial release, but it seems to be mostly smoothed over from what I’ve seen and heard.

I haven’t had a problem with mine in almost the year that I’ve owned it. And with a 5 year warranty, and Ghost’s amazing customer service, I’m not worried. I know that with reasonable use I’ll be covered for another 4 years.


This is currently my favorite vaporizer, it’s my daily driver. The flavor is top shelf, with amazing efficiency. Some people like to refer to this as a connoisseur vaporizer, the vapor quality is just that good. On demand convection, there’s so much to like about it.

It’s great battery life and ultra quick heat up time are also big perks for me. Plus I love the convenience of the crucible dispensers.

The MV1 looks and feels like a high end vaporizer, mainly because it is. It is a premium vaporizer that comes with a premium price of $295us. I think it’s worth the price, though not everyone would agree.

Some people can have problems with this vape and find it finicky. But I like to look at it as just having more variables at play that affect performance than some other vapes. Herb dryness and quality, how the crucible is packed, temp and draw speed are the biggest variables.

So this might not be a good vape for someone who’s looking for something consistent and easy to use right out of the box. It takes some time getting to know this vape and it can require an element of patience while you dial it in.

The crucibles are smaller, and thus aren’t great for groups. I see it as a 1-2 person vape. Heavy hitters might not be happy with having to swap out hot crucibles for extra sessions either (they do get hot). And people with dexterity issues may have problems with the crucible system.

So, all in all it’s an amazing vaporizer, but it’s not for everyone.

Click here to visit the official Ghost Vapes store.

Review above written by @Lucic and Chong from the VapeLife Forum

Crafty vaporizer review by @High from the VapeLife Forum


The Crafty by Storz & Bickel is still, 4 years later, one of the most potent battery-powered and portable vaporizers on the market. It was first introduced in 2014 and the slightly improved version came out in 2018 with 20% longer battery life. Everything else remained the same, which is mainly a good thing.

Ease of use

One of the main reasons why I keep using and recommending Crafty is how easy it is to use. You connect it with the smartphone app, set your favorite default and boost temperatures, load the herb chamber and just start using it. After you have set the temperatures, you can forget the whole app if you want to. You may have to adjust the temperatures later to get the most out of it, but otherwise there is no need to use the app.

Loading it up couldn’t be easier either. Twist off the cooling unit, insert your favorite herb in the chamber and put the cooling unit back in its place. If you want to keep the herb chamber as clean as possible, as I recommend on doing, use the stainless steel dosing capsules (by Storz & Bickel) instead of loading the herb directly to the chamber. After you’re done loading, press the only button to start the heating and wait for the vibration to tell you when it hits the default temperature. There is no learning curve whatsoever – just start drawing, hold onto your hat, and enjoy the effects.

Herb Chamber


The Crafty performs just like you would expect a high-end vaporizer to perform. It vaporizes the material evenly; no hotspots mean no stirring needed – full extraction every time.

As long you pack the chamber with medium ground herb you will notice little to no draw resistance. Avoid overfilling or packing the chamber too tight with too fine ground herb, as it affects the airflow and you will start noticing some draw resistance.

I get 10-12 draws per session and the battery lasts for about four sessions – five with the new version. And this is where the Crafty could perform a bit better. The heating takes its time also; when the battery is fully charged, it takes up to 2 minutes to heat up. It’s not that big of a deal though – until you would want to take a really quick hit.

While the battery life certainly affects the vaping experience, it by no means makes the vaporizer any less good – it’s still great.

Brush & Caddy

Vapor Quality / Taste / Flavor

It’s hard to beat the Crafty in vapor quality. It uses a combination of conduction and convection heat which means you get the best from both worlds; hybrid heat provides potent vapor with big clouds. Starting your session at 370f or more give even bigger and more visible clouds.

The cooling unit (or CU) is made from plastic and I had my concerns about this, but they were unfounded. The taste was great and pure from the start, and the cooling unit works effectively even with higher temperatures constantly delivering cool and smooth vapor. Tastewise the Crafty gets almost perfect points.


The herb chamber holds up to 0.3g of dry herb and about half of that when using dosing capsules. You can also microdose below 0.1g with dosing capsules and liquid pads. For best results I’d recommend packing the chamber (or the capsule) lightly with medium to fine ground herb. Too fine ground herb might slip through the holes of the bottom screen or through the top screen located in the cooling unit.

Use it solo or in a group – the Crafty delivers quality vapor. The default one-minute session timeout will confuse in some point and especially in group sessions. If you happen to own or are getting a new version of Crafty (firmware v02.50 or newer), they have extended the auto-shutoff to two minutes. And with older firmware versions you can always just press the one button to keep it going.

Crafty LED Lights


The Crafty shines outdoors as it is pocketable and stealthy. It fits in jeans pocket nicely, although, there are many smaller vapes out there which fit better even in a smell proof storage. The dosing capsules take the experience to a whole new level – they cool down quickly for a quick and easy swap to a fresh one. For indoor use I’d suggest getting the Mighty for double battery life and a more convenient temperature control.

In optimal conditions, the Crafty’s battery lasts slightly over 40 minutes. You can plug it in via USB and use it while it’s charging if there’s more than 20 % battery left. If it’s less than that, you need to charge it first above that point. It takes from 2 to 2,5 hours to recharge the battery from empty to full.

You can pair it with a portable power bank to more than double the battery life. I usually pair my Crafty with a 5000mAh power bank, so I don’t have to worry about the battery dying on me.

After time, the one 18650 battery will lose its capability to hold power, which leads to fewer sessions and slower heat up times. Storz & Bickel charges you $$ for a new battery replacement and you need to send your Crafty to Germany. They usually update the firmware at the same time and you most likely will get the 20% battery upgrade for the same price if you had the older version.

Build Quality / Elegance / Odor

So, the Crafty is manufactured in Germany. I feel like they have really thought about the build quality to make the vaping experience as comfortable as possible. Crafty’s not a big vaporizer and it’s not on the small side either. It’s perfectly in the middle and it feels good and solid in hand, and thanks to the outer fins, it’ll not slip out of your grip.

All the materials are medical grade; the herb chamber and liquid pads are made of stainless steel, dosing capsules are aluminium and even the cooling unit is made from flavorless, medical grade plastic with no fragile parts.

Compared to many other vapes the Crafty is nearly odorless, and while I believe there’s no such thing as an odor free vaporizer, the Crafty is pretty darn close. So yes, there is a noticeable smell when heating up and vaping, but it’s a light one and you can minimize the it by using a clean cooling unit.

Oven with Capsule


The Storz & Bickel liquid pads allows concentrates, liquids and oils to be vaporized with Crafty. The pads do what they are supposed to be doing, though I have not had the chance to enjoy concentrates yet.

Reliability and Warranty

The Crafty is covered by two-year warranty and within the warranty period Storz & Bickel either repairs the old unit or replaces the entire defective device with a new one.

Because of the issues with battery and vibration, and the red and orange LED lights flashing which is caused by a broken thermal fuse, it is quite likely that at some point the Crafty will need service. The good thing is that Storz & Bickel takes warranty issues seriously and a fully functional device is often returned to the user within two weeks.

As with any other battery powered vape, let it cool down before you store it – this way the battery lasts longer, and you most likely will experience less battery related issues.

Dosing Capsules

Cleanliness and Maintenance

Depending on the use, cleaning should be done at least once every two weeks. And if not, it will affect the taste and the ground herb will start to clog up the screen of the cooling unit, which results in restricted airflow.

This is where multiple cooling units come in handy – swap a clean and shiny one for a clogged one and you’re good to go again. Also, get 1, or preferably 3, extra cooling units so you can clean them all in one session once a month. The dosing capsules do their part too in keeping the chamber and cooling unit cleaner.

And when the cleaning day finally comes, it’s over almost as fast as it started. Put the Crafty upside down and gently brush the bottom screen with the included brush. Swipe the herb chamber with some Q tips dipped in 99% isopropyl alcohol. Pull the cooling unit(s) apart and soak the pieces in iso for at least 30 minutes. Use Q tips on anything sticky, rinse with water and reassemble. That’s it. You can view more detailed instructions here.

There are no parts that have to be replaced, and you can even reuse the dosing capsules and liquid pads over and over again.

Personal Opinion / Price

As it is a premium vaporizer, the Crafty’s price point is on the higher side but completely worth it – you get what you pay for. It’s one of my favorite vaporizers not least because of its solid construction, consistency and vapor quality. It’s easy to maintain and fun to use, and with single-button operation it’s also very beginner-friendly. For heavy and indoor users, I would recommend Mighty as it’s more reliable of the two and its battery lasts 2 to 3 times longer. For everything else, get the Crafty.

Click here to buy one from the authorized dealer, and use promo code VAPENOW15 for 15% OFF!

Review above written by @High from the VapeLife Forum

Thanks again guys for all of your thoughts and input on the best vapes right now, I truly do appreciate your help.

Stay tuned for that G43! ;-)


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  • Hey Bud, thanks for all the killer info over the years.

    I’m curious about the Sticky Brick products. A lot of people seem love the flavor on these it but it didn’t show up in your best vapes survey. Is there anything wrong with this vape? It had a positive review from you in ’17 but haven’t heard much about it since.

    I currently have a Dynavap M, Lotus, Mighty, Crafty and Firefly 2. I use the M pretty much all the time if I’m flying solo and the mighty when I’m with friends. Do you think its worthwhile and it will get some use?


  • Hi, I am totally blind, and need an easy way to vape, do you guys have some ideas? I would like to spend under 100, and I’d like something that already has a warmer.

    • Hi, I’m guessing you probably want to stick with electric vapes to avoid the risk of open flames. It does depend on how you prefer to vape but my suggestion is the crafty/mighty for several reasons:

      -It vapes evenly and doesn’t require any stirring,
      -You’ll know when you’ve spent your material from feel and even if you over do it there are no consequences (you just wont get any vapor),
      -You can pre-fill many capsules which are really easy to load in the device,
      -If you have multiple cooling units you only have to do a clean every couple of months.

      Most importantly it hits like a champ and tastes pretty good. Only downside is its not very efficient if you prefer to have one or two hits and come back to it. In my opinion you’re somewhat obliged to finish a 0.1g ish (capsule with the concentrate pad) bowl per session. Also this costs quite a bit more than $100 but if you decide to get one and Bud can arrange it, I will cover the difference.

      Good luck and hope you find what you need.

  • hi Bud,
    thank you for the free ick and Stickers.

    within the past year. I bought a Firefly II, Pax 3, Genius Pipe, and 3 Dynavap’s. I Love my Dynavap’s.
    I think I want a Puffco Peak. what is your taks on the Puffco?

  • Hello Bud (and anybody else listening),

    My most used vape is still my 2016 Flowerm8. However, my favorite is to sit down with the flowerpot and have a nice indoor session. I also own a blue dynavap Xl which gets occasional use. I’m a pretty light user anyway (only about once or twice a week at weekends). Favorite artifact is my pick tool that you sent me. I have a couple of pipes and stuff but don’t use anything that burns anymore. Not for health reasons, mostly just because vaping is easier to clean-up and doesn’t produce much smell. Please keep up the good work this year…still love your vids!

    P.S. I’m from Michigan : )

  • Hey! I’m looking for some detailed input from existing owners and users that are familiar with the E-Nano, Flowerpot, Woodscents, Cloud Evo Xhale, Volcano, Ghost MV1 and other desktop options that I may be overlooking. You guys are going to know what day to day ownership and use really looks like on these devices. I just want to make a purchase that keeps me smiling for years to come with no side order of buyer’s remorse (I’m looking at you my little Pax)

    Budget: $150-$350.

    -Primarily for dry herb use.
    -My tolerance is high because of heavy edible use, so I need a heavy hitter that can dose more potently than my bong. Would love being able to pack .1G or less and get completely gobsmacked.
    -Won’t break on me easily, nobody wants reliability or longevity concerns. I would like something low maintenance that doesn’t require incessant cleaning and upkeep. I’m okay with cleaning once every 2-3 weeks but anything beyond that is tedious.
    -I have a big ole percolator bong for parties so I don’t need a party vape, this is primarily for 1-2 people. I just need something that can get at least 2 people very very lifted with small amounts of herb. The bowls going into my bong are just criminally large for how mediocre of a buzz I’m getting.
    -Big flavor and big vapor. I’m tired of combusting all my weed into ash, I want to taste all the creme brulee, strawberry, evergreen tree skunk flavors my budtender keeps going on about. I also would like medium to big sized vapor, but that isn’t a dealbreaker.
    -Some degree of portability would be nice, like the whole setup can fit into a carrying case and I can easily move it to a friend’s place or on trips, if need be. This also isn’t a huge dealbreaker either way.
    -I’m okay with the device being cumbersome (flowerpot), as long as all the bells and whistles meet their purpose. Simplicity is great too (e-nano), as long as the device hits heavy.

    Please advise, all help and input in narrowing down is greatly appreciated!

  • Plenty, Crafty and mighty. When will Storz & Bickel make the batteries removable for the user to replace ( Mighty & Crafty ) and the plenty needs an update from analog.

  • Volcano Digit at home, Crafty on the go with friends and Firefly 2 for single draw sessions.
    I do have a pax 3 as well but I don’t get the same effect from it compared to the three above.

  • Guys, Dynavap + bong > all

    Life time vaporizer with top vapor production….

    I have a might, a underdog, a craft, davinci, Brix

    9 at 10 times i vaporizer, i pick the dynavap + bongs, so better…

  • Top 3 – Portables Vapes

    Ghost MV1 Stealth
    Firefly 2 Jet Black
    Dynavap Shadow M

    Top 3 Desktop Vapes

    VapeXhale Cloud Evo
    NewVape FlowerPot
    The Plenty

  • Herbalizer gets most use at home. Two favorite ways are self titrated bags where I cycle through almost all of the temperatures and attached to a glass pipe.
    Mighty gets a ton of use for hiking and daily portable use. Consistent but I always like it best as a complete session both for flavor and effects. I also get best effects from gradually increasing the temperatures.
    Out of the world for a while just tuning back in now, have ordered a dynavap M and we’ll see.
    So 3 would be the SSV that I pretty much keep plugged in and in as an on-tap Enail.

  • As of August, I’ve been using the Crafty. It has produce the best tasting and efficiently used flowers. I have not used it for dabs yet, but friends say that it gives the same effects as the dry flowers. That’s my first vape, currently saving to purchase the Firefly 2 which came highly recommended. Thanks for the reviews and information. You have my continued gratitude and support.


    Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and comments!!

    I just tallied up all of your votes and will be posting a video with the results shortly!

  • 1. Crafty – home office
    2. Davinci Micro – outdoor

    Congratulate for your work – I love your videos !!

    I saw your “happy new year” video and you were speaking about less innovation by vaporizers in 2018. There is one interesting innovation by Zeus Arc GT with goldSink technology and gold vapor path. Designed in Germany. In many test rankings of portable vaporizers is the Zeus Arc GT on first place (even before Mighty …). Have you already tested this vaporizer? Could be a new review video ;o)

    Have a good year 2019 !!

  • 1) E-Nano. Daily driver, unfussy and over delivers. Wish they could redesign the power unit but otherwise love it.
    2) FM V5s – cheap, cheerful and awesome.
    3) Ghost MV1 – Used most of all, but after 2 consecutive fails and many problems throughout, sold the warranty replacement and moved on, not trustworthy.

  • Pax, Mighty and Sticky Brick Jr. But your endorsement of the Vapcap enticed me to buy one but what is the heater you were using?

      • It’s a pipes portside mini induction heater, check on FC and you’ll find it but theres also a dude who custom makes nice ones on reddit, I’m personally waiting for the mythical coffee cup induction heater dynavap has claimed to be working on for ages now.

  • I have the IQ,CF,and the Dynavap M with that being said,the M is a banger, the IQ is the one, I take on the road with me,and the CF I use for extra credit

  • Crafty, Plenty, and believe it or not Summit plus. Reason being I’ve become mad lazy so if I wanna vape in the walk somewhere and then vape on the walk back (like a store) instead of reloading the crafty like some kind of a caveman, I just bring two loaded vapes. This is my life now.

  • My most used vapes of 2018. In at 3rd} The 2018 M. At 2nd} The OmniVong XL. And at 1st} THE GHOST MV1 STEALTH MATTE BLACK.

  • 1. Nonavong & M
    2. Grasshopper (whenever it used to work)
    3. Force from HR (it was bought on the verge of 2018 as a cheap decent electric backup and has worked well so far)

  • My top 3, no particular order,
    – Ghost MV1
    – Sticky Brick (Runt)
    – Volcano, there’s just no topping this legend.

  • 1. Volcano (of course theres no question about it. It is biologically the best vaporizer because our lungs are not designed to breath anything beside air, air being a mix of oxygen & nitrogen our lungs expand and absorb more in the presense of air, the Volcano roughly 50/50 Vape to air ratio technically gets you higher than any other vape ever invented.)
    2. Mighty (portable desktop & a beast that can be enjoyed anywhere any time )
    3. VapeXhale cloud EVO (the most efficient beast biggest hit for hit with such tiny amounts 0.05 at most 0.1 you’ll get a huge ass hit, i personally use just my 7mm roor straight tube but is also v)

  • 1) NewVape FlowerPot
    2) RBT Splinter Z
    3) DynaVap Omni XL

    Milaana 2 and Arizer ArGo get honorable mentions. That said I have a lot of vapes gathering dust and sold off three other quality vapes in 2018. Also awaiting delivery of my Lil’Bud and the Flux Deluxe IH for the DynaVaps.

  • 1. Mighty – consistent, multi-purpose (love using with hash) and solid battery
    2. VapCap (DynaVap M 2018) – love it. If I had a handy induction unit I’d put it #1
    3. Crafty – vapor quality matches Mighty but weak battery is never enough…

    Must admit these are the only three I’ve had experience with beyond the terrible G Pen I started with.

  • 1. Crafty. Just as good as the Mighty but easier to manage.
    2. Pax3. Always works, consistent, very easy to maintain.
    3 Zeus GT. Good new entry. Expensive but very smooth.

    MV1 excellent quality but a pain to operate and not that consistent.

  • My favorite vaporizer is the Ariizer Solo, because it has the best price to performance ratio, has great flavor, and is easy to clean. And I keep my vaporizer clean by using food grade alcohol in the form of orange extract or lemon extract,

  • Mighty is my favorite of all time, still didn’t found a better vape

    Firefly 2 I love the on demand stuff that allow you to take a couple hits and put it away and I’ve to say that with concentrates is the best portable vape I found, the mighty is just trash compared (only for concentrate) but overall it’s not like the mighty, draw resistance is too high for me and for example the app it’s not that comfortable to use (prefer the screen and buttons to change rapidly the temp)

    Herborizer, super strong hit or super flavor, it’s very versatile, just adjust temperatures and you can do what you want from herbs to concentrate, super clouds or crazy flavors

    (Still waiting for my new MV1, and for what I see it could be a great combo between might and firefly and hopefully it will be my new first choice)

  • 1st. mighty- battery life and big clouds
    2nd. Vapcap – my micro dosing king for when I wanna get stoned with a little bud
    3rd. iQ – big learning curve but once I got the hang of it I love the size and vapor quality. My go to suit/pocket vape.

  • 1. VOLCANO – STORZ & BICKEL – My Daily Driver Totally Epic!

    2. MV1 – GHOST – Best Stealth / Travel Vape – The Taste!

    3. MIGHTY – STORZ & BICKEL – My Back Up Always Delivers!

  • FlowerPot Showerhead – Great vapor, top extraction and effects and a lot of fun to use. My most used desktop of the year! Also seems great for before bed KO hits.

    Vapexhale EVO – Love the all glass vapor path, amazing flavour and awesome clouds. My favourite vape and the one I use if I have more time to accommodate a long heat soak.

    RBT Milaana / Grasshopper Ti – These two are my favourite portables, I prefer the Milaana in the day and the Grasshopper through a water tool on the evening/night.

    • Sorry…I hit post so never finished.
      I go for least amount to get high and great taste These all deliver that in their order on my list. First being best naturally. I use a spacer in the Pax but prolly the VapCap uses less. When i get an induction heater it’ll be #1 perhaps on my list as I dislike using a torch even my nice one.

  • My top 3 Vapes are: 1. MV1 – great vapor quality and easy to microdose. 2. VapCap – my favorite when I want easy and quick, especially with the Pipes Jar Head IH. 3. Pax Era – great flexibility with full temperature control and ability to easily switch between strains.

  • 1 Crafty, not the best in reliability but customer service and vapour quality is on another level.
    2 Arizer Solo, never lets you down and so easy to clean.
    3 Pax 3, super stealthy and good vapour.

  • #1. Hands down, the VapCap M. It’s a microdoser’s dream come true.

    #2. For the same reason, the Pax Era. Almost complete control (via the app) over how much you inhale.

    #3. The Grasshopper. I know it’s gotten terrible reviews due to it’s shabby build quality and nonexistent customer support but mine has worked perfectly, knock wood.

    Dosage control is buzz control and this is important to me. With these devices I can take one gentle toke after another until I reach that high I want.

    And why waste weed? These three vapes allow me to get maximum value for my few dollars. To each their own but when a cloud of vape heads towards the ceiling all I can see is precious herb going to waste. I can fill the VapCap M three-quarters of the way and get fifteen good hits out of it, and THEN those vapped-out dregs go into the Grasshopper and I can get a couple of more good tokes out of it. This is an astoundingly good ROI.

    VapCap bonus: No electricity!

    I always thought vaping was a dumb idea because if you weren’t burning the weed you weren’t getting all of it. But you actually get more from vaping because the flames burn up a lot of the turpenes. With vaping you get all of it.

    An honorable mention must go to the BloomOne pen vape. The solidness, the simplicity, the power and reasonable price make it one of the best choices out there. My only problem with it is the power, too strong for me, otherwise it would be perfect.

  • I use a Solo 2 for my daily driver, and I love my Fury 2 for a traveler. I use a Nonavong, or Stealth M when I really want to get plowed. My Solo is a great reliable vape. The Fury 2 is so fun to use I have a hard time putting it down, gets kinda hot after 3 or 4 sesh, though and the battery is only good for about 6 or 7 sesh. I’m looking forward to getting an induction heater this year. What interests me the most in 2019 is on demand convection vapes. I’m a flavor chaser so I’m looking at Firefly 2 or MV1. The FW5 looks cool but I’m wondering what the lifespan is. Really keeping my eye on the MV1. And I would be in remiss if I didn’t get my hands on the G43! Oh yeah honorable mention goes to the Saionara and Istick Pico. What an incredible wax vape. Really don’t miss the torch too much,lol. Stay lifted

  • A testament to the quality of some of the earlier vapes. I am still using my Vapor Bros desktop, Arizer V Tower and Arizer Solo.

    A quarter teaspoon of ground weed in these vapes produces enough vapor rich draws to fully medicate me. I plan on trying some of the new ones as soon as one of my old school vaporizers give up the ghost but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

    Always a fan and always watching your reviews

  • 3 favorites right now, MV1 is my go to portable followed by my davinci IQ and for my table top nothing beats the herbalizer!

  • Since the purity of the vape is why I vape in the first-place, and true portability is an issue,
    here are my 3 all-time best-tasting vapes:
    1. The best portable ever: most controllable, sturdy, reliable, and purest of taste: Elevi iPRO DR60. Not many people are aware let alone experienced with this 2015 Chinese model (now unfortunately obsolete), but in my humble opinion, it’s a world-class on it’s own technical merits. Has been constantly used since early 2016.
    2. Best portable on it’s own right is the Flowermate v5 Nano, which by now I use constantly for about a year. It’s air-path design and compartment heat-isolation somehow leads to one surprisingly purest-tasting portables ever – and I, personally, am all about the purity of the vapor – no alien gases, compounds, residues (from heated electronic boards, chips, leads, construction plastics – see, air-path design has a lot to do with it) – nada – only dried herb vapor, but none of those carcinogen toxic crap vapors and gases in the background – I don’t want to inhale those.
    3. DaVinci IQ – a breakthrough that keeps proofing itself years over. A bit tricky to control (not very intuitive) but great in the taste department. It’s clever choice of materials and function made it a world-class hit, and this time for a good reason.

  • Hey man I’ve been watching you for a longtime, I listen to what you say about vaporizers but everyone has their own opinions, and that’s why you’re letting people pick their favorite three. like you said you want something to almost shoot the air into your mouth and I had commented on that that day. I said something almost like had commented on that that day. I said something almost like a vape bag so what I want is like a vape bag in a portable, so I just came up with an awesome idea, there would be the vaporizer hand held and it heats up like every other Vape ,but the vapor flows through the whole inside, then once it fills up there would be something to let you know, then you could press it by hand together like a Slinky together,but it would be like some kind of plastic or silicone that compresses, when you compress it,the air shoots into tour mouth.

  • 1. Ed’sTnT Woodscents , incredible flavor & extraction. I own a bunch. Each one’s a unique work of art made up of the most exciting exotic timber I’ve ever seen.
    2. VapMan I enjoy the heating station. I compare it’s flavor breakdown to a dogs sense of smell. A dog doesn’t smell marinara sauce per say , it smells tomato , onion ,garlic, olive oil , basil etc…. Renè’s invention has captured this mystery for cannabis flavor chasers.
    3. MV1 would be next , it is wonderful and I would love it more if it was only comparable in weight & size to the Crafty.
    4. My Herbie , an OG Spalted Milanna & a new Ti Grasshopper get honorable mention.

  • 1. Val app
    2. Fury 2
    3. I’ve been doing a lot of Terp Cartridges. They are ultimately discrete and the right cartridge packs a nice punch. CCELL is my favorite battery and currently the CCELL Palm is my go to battery. It holds a charge for me for about a week. It’s fantastic!

  • I did not buy a new vape this year. I’m into edibles these days. It’s just the way I roll. I have a flowermate that I still like and a firefly 2. I like the firefly because it can do both flower and concentrated.
    Congrats on your rig. Happy 2019.

  • My 3 best vaporizers for 2018?

    1. My own design and build I call the ‘Dart’, cos it kind of looks like one. Its a portable butane stainless steel unit in pen form. No plans to manufacture or distribute, so not touting here. Its a one off that has taken a long time to research and develop for my personal use only. I have a little trouble with draw resistance and long term feeble lung capacity. Most other units I have tried take too much out of me to enjoy fully, so decided to design my own. This unit solves a big problem for me.
    2. Dynavap M.
    3. Cricket.

  • Mighty – It always works, always smooth, with the dosing capsules it’s very convenient. Hooked up to my water pipe it’s a next level experience.

    Ghost MV1 – It’s a beast. It gives light to massive draws. It is exceptionally smooth. Once I knew vaping was permanent I thought an on-demand vaporizer might be necessary. It is! Even one or two pulls can give you a very very nice buzz, without having to kill off the crucible. No other vaporizer I tried hits like this.

    Omnivap XL – It’s my “get back to nature” vape. It fulfills my nostalgic desires to smoke, while still vaping. Packing it with the dugout, using a lighter (torch), it’s just such a natural routine for me. It’s a ritual I enjoyed for a very long time. So many times I brought the torch up to my Omnivap starting to light it like a would a one-hitter.

  • 1. Dynavap OmniVong XLS – Daily driver for portability AND through water!

    2. Sticky Brick Flip brick – LOVE rips through water with this thing!

    3. EpicVape E-Nano – First log vape but certainly not my last (looking into Ed’s TNT WoodScents for 420 this year)!

    Happy New Year All!!!

  • 1) Dynavap Omni used with Jarhead IH by Pipes
    2) Crafty by S&B
    3) MagicFlight LaunchBox (added to my collection in the past week)

  • 1. OG Sticky Brick – This bad boy is just so consistently GOOD with whatever I throw at it. Yes, you need some technique, but it’s been extremely simple to show just about anyone how to use it. Great flavor, no batteries, and good looking.

    2. Mighty – A no-brainier. Figuratively, you could give this to your “no-brained” friends with no explanation and they’ll get giant clouds. It’s not the tastiest, smoothest, or most efficient, but it’s a work horse that’s stupid easy to use.

    3. Zephyr Ion – This one I picked up unexpectedly. It’s a great inexpensive bag vape. It’s not quite as efficient as I’d like, but it’s an excellent Volcano alternative. Simple to use and clean, it’s very versatile and provides smooth, tasty vapor.

    In 2019 I’m looking forward to an EVO and of course the G43!

  • It changed through out the year, but has been a combination of:

    1) Ghost MV1 (after changing to the Stealth Version… heat sink put it over the top)
    2) Dynavap M (2018) – Just too easy to have a quick hit (…and to think I started out the year against butane powered vaping)
    3) Pax3 – easy to travel with (especially if tossed in a bag with portable battery chargers) and also easy to use under cover (not sure sitting at a bar in Jamaica even needs to qualify as under cover).

    So 2 on demand (battery and butane powered) and a small session conduction vape.

    • Under/on or above a bar in Jamaica does not require anything stealthy, especially when the two Rastas you’re playing Dominoes with are smoking spliefs.

  • Dynavap all models,
    Plenty by Storz and Bickel
    Enano by Epic Vape

    Dynavap for fat hits and batteriless flexibility
    Plenty for huge knockout hits and dank power
    Enano for conservation and beautiful flavor

  • My first vape was the MFLB and I thought that was pretty cool. Had a couple replaced on warranty. Lifetime warranty the best! Then I got a few Summit Vapes from Vapium. I really liked them, but returned a couple on warranty for store credit and one stopped working after a year when warranty was only one year.. They were a bit hard to get a pipe cleaner through due to the sharp angle of the vapor path under the oven. I do not have any more Summit vapes. Bought Pax 2 and was quite taken by the Pax so had to get a couple more as back up. I have already returned two of them on warranty with switches that became faulty. I believe I did read somewhere there is or was an issue with the switches. At first I thought I was pushing the button at the wrong angle but eventually the switches just did not respond properly and had to be pushed extra hard and even then would skip petals or shut off. With the store credit I got a couple of Pax 3. YES . Much better with quicker heat up, and quicker recharge. I use the oven insert for my reclaim that I collect with a long shank 1/8th inch drill bit. I did get a Dynavap Shadow when they came on special . Used a couple times with a torch lighter but was not satisfied with the results I got. I NEED and WANT a portable induction heater before I start using it again. My next one will be the G43. Looking forward to that. My favorites PAX 2 and PAX 3. Very solid compact discreet robust units, easy to clean, and can take rough handling. That’s the rave of my fave . :)

  • I smoke like you..
    1.Greenline DynaVap
    2.Ghost Stealth
    3.The plenty ( which is great !! Will buy it..
    I want that induction box Now !! I emailed DynaVap to make me a custom androgized color haven’t heard bac from good old George yetk yet..

  • OmniVap XL, Mighty, EVO… my exact same top 3 of 2017 and maybe 2016, I can’t remember when the OmniVap XL came out

  • In terms of how much I use (with category in parentheses)
    1) Arizer Extreme Q (Desktop)
    2) RBT Splinter Z (cordless)
    3) Fire Wood 5 (true portable/pocketable)

    This list is just adding to the reasons why I will probably buy a Flowerpot in 2019.

    Runners up for this list are:
    4) enano (Desktop)
    5) RBT Milaana 2 (cordless, almost pocketable)
    6) Ghost MV1 (cordless)

  • Hydro Brick Maxx…Once you get your technique down you can get massive tasty clouds with this beast, and heating it reminds me of my bowl smoking days, without the nasty smoke.

    Mighty…. Super easy to use, with great vapor, this is my go to no fuss vape… The fact that a black plastic brick continually gets as much praise as the Mighty does, should tell you something about the vapor quality… People don’t keep buying these for there looks, thats for sure.

    Stealth MV1 This vape is nuts. Tastiest Vapor of all my vapes with huge, potent hits. There is a bit of a learning curve, but the homework is a lot of fun.

  • Only tried and own 2 vapes so..

    1. SSV…(Ground glass joint). Love this. Very easy to use. Good temperature range. Downside…whip and wand look like something you might use to clean your _____ or maybe your _______.

    2. Dynavap M…Good with flower and hash. Downside…I find the draw not airy enough.

  • 1) Dynavap omnivap. Gets daily use multiple times a day. I love the build quality, style, and most of all the thick vapor produced (with very little herb).

    2) Arizer Solo. I haven’t used the Solo II, but the original I use is still kicking, and is a very good counterpoint to the Dynavap. It produces great flavor and clouds consistently, but the vapor is thinner and less intense than Dynavap vapor, making it great for more casual users.

    3). Underdog. I was on the fence between this and the Tubo, but considering what Underdog has gone through in 2018 with the fires that devastated Paradise California, I feel they deserve credit. Prior to the Dynavap the underdog got the most use from me, due to it’s ability to get dense clouds from small quantities.

  • My top 3 are the only 3 that I currently own ( I only started to vape this past March) are my XMAX Starry that Bud recommended as a great first Tier 3 vape (it is) and the (2) MV1’s I purchased (best by far) from Bud directly. This past week I was lucky enough to have won the Dynavap M in Bud & Hazels giveaway contest and I am eagerly awaiting its arrival. But I am most excited to get a G43 in my hands as soon as it’s available to see if I can manage the BEAST!

  • Top vapes in order
    1. Herborizer Ti. Reliable. Dependable. Strong.clean. Easy to use.
    2. Tubo Evic. Versatile. Power full. Heavy hitter
    3. Dynacrap. Portable. Bullet proof. Rain proof.

  • Just got into vaping 4 months ago thanks to you and Pete. I only have the Dynavap M, and while sessions can sometimes be tedious due to the small load aize, I LOVE it and have’nt smoked a bowl or bong in months. I’ve smoked a few joints while out walking the doggos only because I don;t have a battery powered vape. Been agonizing over my next purchase for months and dinally decided to get the Ditanium. Really stoked for that purchase next month.

  • 1. Omni XL – can’t beat the simplicity and easy to refill, use, clean and store. Great flavour and big on demand clouds…also looks and feels quality.

    2. Flowerpot – got to be the best way to vape through a rig for both flower and concentrate (double deckers optional). Again looks and feels great, all quality components. Big tasty hits.

    3. Crafty – S & B…..enough said.

  • Much like yourself:

    VapCap Ti tip on DDave Mods cooling wand and FC-188 Mobius knockoff

    Desktops, here we differ slightly:

    But I do love and will not sell my Enano and G43 is increasingly taking up space in the rotation.

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