Best Vaporizer Temperatures Explained

Before watching, keep in mind that the best temperature to vaporize at is mostly personal preference. It’s about experimenting on your own to find what temp setting you like the most.

In this video I give my personal opinion on the best temperature settings for three of the top rated vaporizers: the Extreme-Q, the Volcano and the NO2. I also talk a little bit about the Launch Box.

You’ll also see some cool pics I took with a USB microscope to really give you a good visualization of what’s happening when you vaporize.

Video transcription:

Hey, what’s up? In this video I want to talk about what the best vaporizer temperature is, or more appropriately, what the best range to be in is.

To keep it interesting and to add some science behind what I’m saying, I went out and I bought one of these USB microscopes and this let me take close-up magnified pictures of the herbs after they’re vaped with four of the top-rated vaporizers. Those pics are coming up shortly in this video. There are just a few things I wanted to mention first.

I get asked a lot what the best temperature is. If you take a look around the Internet, you’ll notice there are a lot of opinions on that. I first made a post about the best vaporizer temperature over two years ago and that post has received over 150 comments from people that both agreed and disagreed with what I thought. This is my opinion. To get right down to it, I think that the ideal temperature is just about 365 degrees Fahrenheit, but it’s better if you think of it as range of somewhere between 350 and about 385. If you need to know what that is in Celsius, I’m pretty sure it’s roughly 180 to 195.

The reason I say to think of it as a range is because there are a lot of factors that determine what the best temperature for you is. Mainly, it’s which vaporizer you’re using because each vaporizer is made differently. They all heat up the herbs differently and they all require their own specific temperature to get the optimal vapor.

I’m going to tell you what I think the best temperature is for the Volcano Vaporizer, the Extreme Q vaporizer and NO2 vaporizer. I’m also going to show you some pictures I took from herbs used in the launch box but I can’t tell you the temperature for the launch box because there is no setting for that. The launch box is more just you develop a feel for how long to hold the battery in and how quickly to draw.

After taking all the pictures with the different vapes, I found the Extreme Q pics really give a good visualization of what’s going on. I’m going to show you those first. Even though I think the Volcano is the number one vape, I’m just going to show the Extreme Q pics first and then you can compare them to the rest.

What I did with the Extreme Q was I keep it set at 392, and for this experiment I was packing the herbs inside the elbow. If you’re not sure what that means, check out my other video because I have a clip about that. These next pictures you’re going to see are from the Extreme Q at 392 degrees with the herbs packed in the elbow. The reason I set it so high with the Extreme Q is because the way that one is designed, up where the herbs actually get vaped the temperature is slightly lower than what the core temperature is that is displayed on the screen. 392 works well for me. 383, the next lowest setting, also works pretty well. So either one of those, 383 or 392. Now I’ll shut up and we’ll get into the pics.

First, what you’re seeing here is the control specimen. This is what it looked like before any vaping was done. This first picture is after one 20- second draw. This next picture is after the second draw. This is after the third draw. After the forth draw. And this is after the fifth and final draw. Make a mental note of this picture because I want you to compare it to the other ones later on.

It’s pretty crazy right? That stuff looks pretty weird up close. The Extreme Q is a good vape in my opinion. It’s pretty efficient at vaping the herbs. Just keep in mind with the Extreme Q that if you used it the way that it’s supposed to be used, or the way they tell you in the manual where you put your herbs inside the main glass chamber, not in the elbow, I think the vaping is a little less intense so you’ll probably get more draws then five.

Next we’ll talk about the Volcano. I have the Volcano Classic, the one that has the dial on it. Up until very recently, I would tell people to keep it set on number 6 or roughly 374 degrees Fahrenheit, and that’s what I did, too. But over the years I’ve received a lot of comments from people saying that that temperature was too low and that if you vape at that temp, you’re leaving a lot leftover at the end, there’s a lot that goes unvaped. I personally enjoyed it a lot set at 6 so I didn’t think too much into it, but after I got this scope and I took pictures of what the herb looked like after it was vaped on number 6, I came to the conclusion that these people were right.

You’ll see that even after the last picture, or last balloon, that was vaped with the Volcano set at 6, the herbs don’t look completely spent yet. So I’ve changed my opinion recently about the optimal temperature for the Volcano to starting off at 6 for the first balloon, and then for each balloon after that, bumping it up a little bit, and the last balloon I sometimes end somewhere between 7 1/2 and 8. The first balloon I’ll start at 6. I’ll bump it up a little for each one after that, and by time I’m done, the dial might be at 7 1/2 or 8.

You don’t have to do it like this. A lot of it is really personal preference. For a really long time, I just kept it at 6 for all the balloons and I was perfectly happy. But I know a lot of people do increase it, like I just mentioned, so you might want to try that, you might like it better.

We’ll get into the pictures now. This first picture is the control or the herbs before being vaped. This is after the first balloon. And remember, each balloon filling is about 30 seconds being vaped. This is after the second balloon. This is after the third balloon. After the fourth. You’ll notice it’s not changing too much like the Extreme Q pics. This is after the fifth. After the sixth balloon. And this was after the seventh balloon set at number 6. You’ll see that is looks like they could still be vaped more.

If you think back to the last Extreme Q picture that I told you to make a mental note of, that one looked a lot different than the last Volcano picture, didn’t it? It’s really interesting to learn how each vape does what it does differently. Just as a side note, in case you’re confused why I rate the Volcano number one even though it seems like it didn’t fully vape the herbs, regardless of what these pictures show, the quality of the vapor from the Volcano and just the whole experience that you have while you’re vaping is really superior to the other vaporizers that I’ve tried. That’s why I continue to rate it number one, and that’s why it’s still my favorite vape. Regardless of what the spent herbs looked like afterwards in the pictures, it’s still what I would recommend if you’re looking for the best of the best.

Moving on, we’ll go to the NO2 vape. The NO2 is a handheld portable vape that, from my experiment, seem to run a little hot so it’s the opposite of the Extreme Que. I actually set the NO2, when I use it, at 350, maybe 355. Even though that sounds low, I found that if I set it much higher than that, my herbs were being heated too much and I started to get a little bit of a funky taste. I dropped it down to about 350, taking 15 to 20-second draws, and here are the pics.

This is the before pic. This is after one draw. This is after two draws. After three draws. After four. After five draws. And this was after the sixth and final draw.

The next vape that I’m going to show you pictures from is the Magic Flight Launch Box, which like I mentioned earlier, doesn’t have a temperature setting. It uses rechargeable batteries to heat the heating element so it’s all about developing a feel for it. What I did for these pictures was roughly 10 to 20-second draws, or that’s how long I held the battery down for, and I used the quick draw technique.

This is the before picture. This is after the first draw. After the second draw. After the third draw. After the fourth draw. And this was after the fifth and final draw. You’ll notice this picture looks like the final picture from the Extreme Q because the herbs look extremely vaped.

What I want you to do now is leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite vaporizer temperature is, because it really is personal preference and what people like is all across the board. I’ve had people tell me they like 250 and I’ve had people tell me they like in the 400s. It’s really about what you like. My advice, if you’re first starting out, is to start off a little bit on the low side, somewhere around 350, and then adjust up or down from there to suit your taste.

If you want to see some extra pics that I didn’t show you, some bonus material, go to my website,, click on the link at the top that says “Free Updates”, sign up for the email list and it’s going to automatically email you a link to the page.

That’s going to wrap it up. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you soon.

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  1. hi yes im confuse so i dont smoke cigarretts i only smoke medical herb and my question to you is can i use a vaporizer to smoke my medical herb and what herbs are you talking about??Also if i can use a vaporizer i was thinking on buying a glow herbale vaporizer by vaperite its 35 dollars i would like to now your opinon im on a tight buget

  2. Great video man, thanks for putting in the effort. Interesting to see the triches magnified after each draw. I use a box vape and an NO2. I will drop the temp on the NO2 next time, because I know exactly what you mean about the funky taste. 355 is lower than I even considered, but seeing the video sort of makes it obvious. I run my digital box vape at 365f to great results (on cured herb).

    • Hey thanks, glad you liked it. Dialing in the right temp with each vape can be tricky sometimes, cus they all seem to have a different sweet spot. But once you find it, all is good!

    • Hey Don,

      You may want to experiment with filtering your vapor through water to see if it lessens the irritation. This could be difficult to do with some vaporizers, but if you could figure out a way to try it you’ll know for sure if it helps. Sometimes the vapor can be too dry and irritating, and adding back some moisture can make it more comfortable for some people.

    • Most of the temp reccomendations are listed in deg f. You seem to be using c, most reccomendations are around 350f or below, so about 180c or below.

    • I use other smoother herbs like coldsfoot to soften coughing attacks. It’s meant to be good for lungs. And other shop bought herbal mixes, or natural tobacco ease the pain. Help that’s helpful

  3. Greetings from Ukraine! Thanks for great tutorial :) Maybe you has already talk about it in video but I don’t remember and want to ask about optimal fan speed for Arizer Q at 392 degrees, 1, 2 or 3 ?

    • Hey Nick, what’s up!

      When I use my Extreme-Q with the whip attachment I usually set the fan speed to 1 while taking my draw. When I’m using the balloon attachment I will start the fan speed at 2 and then halfway through the filling I increase the speed to 3.

      • Great stuff man! Bought my Q and my Da Vinci cause of your info and love them both! Just wondered why you kick the fan up to 3 on the Q when using the bag? Just sitting here trying it but it actually seemed harsher. I am not elbow packing though!

        • Hey Dave,

          Cool glad to hear!

          Sometimes I’ll fill the EQ bags on a lower fan speed for slightly denser vapor but usually I turn it up to level 3 cus it takes so long to fill on the lower settings. How quickly you fill the balloon shouldn’t affect the harshness much but the temperature you have the vape set at will.

  4. I have a whip vaporizer. We heated it to 365 degrees farenheight waited until it was heated, connected the whip then took a hit, it was huge and the “product” was combusting. We were able to hit it like a bowl. Am I doing something wrong? If so what?

  5. Thanks for the great site and videos. I always consult your materials before making a purchase.

    QUESTION: I have the Arizer V-Tower. I like to use it with the Whip Hit/Elbow Pack technique. I normally start on 190 C until the vapor becomes thin and then increase the temp to 205 C, repeat, and then finally at 220 C (depending on the quality of the material, I have taken it up to 240 C). Is this similar to how you have found it most effective? Thanks.

    • Hey Liberty,

      I’m glad to hear you find the content helpful!

      I have heard from many people that use their vaporizer in the same manner you described – starting at a low temperature and gradually raising it throughout the session.

      Sometimes I follow that procedure, but what I’ve found myself doing more often is leaving the vape on one temperature for the entire session – either 195C or 200C with the Arizer. For me personally anything over 200C makes the vapor too uncomfortable (hot/irritating).

      Not everyone feels the same way, but I usually prefer a lower temp range when I vape, somewhere between 355F and 390F depending on which unit I’m using.

      Be well!

      • Thanks. I’ll give that a try.

        Regarding your method of choice: is it your opinion that a person vaping at 190-200 C for an entire session is extracting the same amount of psychoactive components as someone vaping up to 240 C? I.e., the only difference of vaping at 240 C is probably faster to extract than maintaining a constant temperature of 190-200 C? Thanks.

        • My stance is that vaping under 200C provides the best overall experience, but it’s possible that some compounds are left un-vaped.

          However, for me personally, the difference in effects between vaping at 200C and vaping at 240C is negligible and barely noticeable. The only thing that vaping at higher temps brings is more irritation and harsher vapor IMO.

          So what I think is that if you vape at a temp under 200C the vapor will be more comfortable and enjoyable, and the effects will be virtually the same as vaping at a higher temp.

    • Hey thanks glad to hear,

      Damn I don’t remember the exact heat setting I used when I had the One (years ago) but I’m pretty sure it was right around 365F.

      Vapir’s other popular model the NO2 works really well at around 355-360, so you can even try that low first and slowly go up to find the best temp.

  6. Yo man I just bought a vapir no2 box cause it was only $50 but I cant really seem to get much vapor out of it & it’s been set at 380° the whole time,. Should i be like slow easy inhale or ripping it like a whip vape? Tried both, can’t figure out what i’m doin wrong, any ideas?

    • Sup Zach, the NO2 isn’t known as a big vapor producer but you should be able to get decent results – try drying out your material more and grinding it up finer. You can also try packing it down inside the chamber a bit, sometimes that helps too. Definitely a long, slow draw with that one.

  7. I have been burning at 165c for my balloon with the extreme q. This is to low of a temp? I usually dont use my vap cus it doesnt get me high like the bong does.

    • Set at 6 on the dial I get about 6-7 balloons, they obviously start out the densest and gradually get lighter. All the ingredients are not vaped out on the first pass.

  8. I have a question, i am used to using volcanoes and mroe expensive vaporizers where you can adjust the temperature on them. But i recently purchased a small cheap $35 vape that has a metal heating unit ( not ceramic) and dome glass top to collect the vapors. It has no heat adjustment on it and basically it turn my herbs black after a couple minutes (not ash though). With the valcanos i have found the right heat makes the herb just turn a brown-light brown color and you get ONLY the wanted vapors from it. But since my new cheap vaporizer is turning it black isn’t it just burning it still rather than vaporizing it? Basically my question is, was this vaporizer a waste of money? If i wanted to burn it i would of just put the herb in a bong and saved the $40.

    • Hey yea I would say that the $40 vape was a waste, it is most likely combusting your material. The cheapest vape I’ve tried that actually works well is the Magic-Flight Launch Box at $119, anything less is not going to perform very well, if at all.

      • yea it’s definitely combusting instead of vaporizing, i found if i turn the heat off a good while earlier than i was before it doesn’t combust the herb like it was. I just have to stir it around and fiddle with the heat. too much of a hastle for me. One more question, which portable (pen size) vape do you prefer to use? im looking to find the best ones. thankyou!

        • No doubt, as of now the only pen style vape I’ve reviewed is the AtmosRAW, and came to the conclusion that it’s not a good flower vape at all but it does work well as an electronic pipe and it does work with most concentrates.

          Most, if not all, pen vapes are made for oils or concentrates, so if you’re looking to vaporize herbs they might not be your best option.

  9. Greets from DC. Great video. Thanks so much for helping everyone how best to use their vaporizer. I can’t tell you how many of my friends continually hit it wrong! It’s a crying shame. Nevertheless, what Fahrenheit temp would you suggest for a digital Volcano for the first bag and for each thereafter? Also, how fat do you pack the loading piece?

    Thanks bro!

    • Sup Josh,

      Thanks for your comments.

      With the Volcano I usually start around 374F and depending how I feel I’ll either raise it to 385F or sometimes as high as 395F throughout the session.

      I normally don’t put too much material in the chamber, most of the time it’s just enough to cover the bottom screen with a thin layer.

      If you want thicker vapor you can try packing a little more or grinding your material a little finer.

      Stay up!

  10. Hi
    Thanks for the great video. Very cool how you did that experiment so we could see the micro levels. Just got into vape myself I bought an easy vape v2 got it cheep without the box and remote for about 75 bucks. Normally they go for around 150. I was told to set the temp at 180 but right away I knew that was not right. So I set it upwards to 350f and then move up as each draw is done or until it smells like popcorn. My question, is using oils good way to vape in your opinion? Also what do you think of the easy vape 2v ever use it?

    • Hey Dan,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences.

      I actually don’t vape anything other than dried botanicals, at least as of now. Lots of people try vaping oils but it’s not something I’ve gotten into.

      I haven’t tried the Easy Vape V2 yet but it’s probably decent, the original model I really don’t like but I’m sure they’ve made some improvements since then.

      Vape it up!

  11. I just recieved a Da Vinci as a gift. I have never onwned a vaporizer so this is completely new to me. The Da Vinci has an adjustable temperature………..what is the best temperature? How do I know if the herb is “combusting” as I see many people above have reference? What does it mean whent he herb combusts?

    • Hey Ran,

      The best temperature for vaping is usually personal preference, but a good starting point with this vape is around 365F.

      If the material turns black after use it is probably combusting, but you should have that issue unless you turn the temp way up over 400.

  12. Any tips on cleaning a Davinci Vape? I just goto mine about three weeks ago but I am using it ALL THE TIME! it is easy to change the screen in the top chamber but what can be done to clean out the bottom screen?

    • Hey glad to hear you’re enjoying it.

      The only tip I suppose I have is that the brush they include is hard to work with, so I used a brush from one of my other vapes any time I really wanted to clear it out. I’m not sure how else I would get in there to really clean it though…

  13. hi bud. I’m brand new with everything herb. I’ve only smoked twice in life (I don’t count the other 2 times cause I didn’t get any… “effects”) and I took my first [water-pipe] hit the other day! :-D I think I’ve only coughed up one of my lungs so far so I wanna try and save the other for you know breathing and things so I would like to buy my first vaporizer. I really don’t think I want an at home unit. I’ve never had a session at home… come to think of it I’ve never had a session alone. I think I need something more portable. I’m torn between the pax and the mflb :-/ in terms of “effects” of the herb (removing the potency of the herb out of the equation) which do you feel is the better vape for a beginner like myself? And also take under consideration that I bum herb most of the time right now so do both of these units have to be packed? I don’t know if this matters but I’ll just say I enjoyed the [water-pipe] the best so far. It didn’t make me cough as much as them damn blunts they can have that I wanna live and so do my lungs… well my one lung.

    • Hey what’s up,

      The Pax and MFLB are both great vapes and both are easy to carry around with you, but I think they’re good for slightly different uses.

      The MFLB is simple but is very quick and you have more control over the heat, so it’s great for taking a draw or two here or there, and not having to worry about finishing the whole packing fast.

      The Pax is better for just packing more material in the oven at once and vaping an entire session (~20 draws). I also think it’s the easiest vape to use on-the-go, and the most practical for carrying in your pocket.

  14. Hi, thanks for all the great info. I am a medical user and have an extreme at home. I’m looking for a good personnel for portable use. I’ve heard there is a good one in the U.S., that has a ion battery, and a fan. I wondered if you’ve heard of it, or have any input,

    • Hey B,

      I’m not sure which model you may be referring to, I don’t believe there are any portable vapes that have a built-in fan.

      Arizer, the same company that makes the Extreme-Q you have, also makes a portable model called the Solo, maybe that’s the one?

  15. Hey Bud – your reviews are really helpful, however, so far I have spent a bundle on vapes and I’m still not satisfied. I love to smoke a joint but realize that I can’t do this any longer for health reasons. So first I bought the “Volumizer” (with a whip) but never could get any significant vapor, and my lungs felt worse than when I would smoke joints. So then I tried the AtmosRaw but after reading your reviews realized that the best hits I got from it was combustion hits. I tried using the extra screen that came with it, but it seems like my herb would just clog it up and I wasn’t getting any hit off it. Very frustrating after dropping a couple of hundred dollars. So after reading your reviews I am almost ready to plunk down $600 for the Volcano. But one thing I am wondering is about the herb itself…… how dry/fine does it have to be? Maybe this has been my problem all along – I was just using some cleaned herb – about the same consistency that I would use to roll a joint. Should it be finer? Please help! Thanks.

    • Hey Frankie,

      If you feel like you’re not getting the best results from your vape the first thing to try is grind your material finer and drying it out more.

      Typically you’ll get the thickest, strongest vapor when you grind your material super fine, almost to a powder.

      What you can also try is after you grind it up lay it out on a sheet of paper for 15-30 mins, this will quickly dry out any remaining moisture which can prohibit vapor production.

  16. First of all! Great videos’s man! Articulate and informative.

    About the temp settings. I have the digital volcano and run mine between 350 F. and 390 F. Mostly, mine is set at 360 F.

    I disagree slightly on the volcano pics not being as ‘vaped’. I think they look less burnt rather than less vaped. I think they show how well the volcano regulates the temperature of the vapor. It’s very consistent and the degradation you illustrate just shows the efficiency of the Volcano. I’d rather pull 10 bags than 5 before my stash is spent. The magic flight photos to me show how hot it was on the first pull.

    I like to keep my temperature lower. I can hold the vapor in longer and feel that I get better efficiency that way. I also prefer the taste.

    Most would agree I think that our lungs can’t capture all the [active ingredients] in the vapor from every draw. 5-10-30% whatever that number may be. We breathe out and ‘waste’ a large amount of the vapor. The way I look at it, is I’d rather give myself longer exposure (hold in longer), and give myself more [bags to pull].

    Though clearly regardless of the temperature setting it’s light years better than smoking so Vape away!!!

    • Hey thanks for posting

      I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and I respect how you like to use your vape.

      There are definitely a few ways to go about vaping and I think it’s cool how you basically have control of the process.

      Some people prefer lighter vapor that lasts longer and some people want their experience to be as close to smoking as possible, so clouds of dense vapor is what they’re after.

      The cool part about some vapes, and the Volcano specifically, is that you can accomplish both styles of vaping with one device, just by slightly tweaking how you use it.

      Stay up!

  17. Bud,

    I’ve been using my Vapir No2 for a few months at this point. After playing around with several different temperature settings I’ve been vaping in three stages. I’ll start at about 365-370, take 4 or 5 draws, stir the [material] and then boost it up to 380. At this point I’ll probably get another 4 or 5 draws with a renewed flavor before I stir the contents once more and boost to 390-395. At the highest temperature I usually get another 3 or 4 hits before it starts to taste like its done. This method has [worked better for me] than any other method I’ve tried so far. My friend has the Extreme Q and we’ve been using it similarly with a temperature range between 390 and 460.

    To me there is a definite layering to the [effects] and vaping only at 365 eliminates some of the intensity. In fact, there are times where I will vape at 365 alone and save the [material] to be revaped at a higher temperature later on.

    I’m curious to know if you have tried this method and what your opinion on your experience is. Cool video! Its interesting to compare notes.

    • Hey Dominick,

      Thanks for sharing your methods and findings!

      There are definitely many ways to go about vaping and it all really comes down to personal preference.

      I see nothing wrong with your method of stepping up the temps, I just personally prefer to stay on the lower end for maximum comfort.

      Sometimes I feel that if I raise the temp too high the vapor gets too harsh and irritating, and this negative sometimes outweighs any positives I might get from the higher temps.

      Stay up!

  18. I’ve only used three vapes: BC Vape, Extreme-Q and V-Tower. BC Vape you just turn on, the heating element dies after a while though.

    EQ and VT are both the same chassis and digital meter components. I’ve tried many variety of settings over the years in order to achieve best balance between getting the most out of the herb and not completely combusting it (Which is what happens at 260C).

    I tried constant temps, 175-240 range, but I concluded varying the temp works better.

    I now start between 180 and 190, depending on the dryness of the herb. I stay there until the vape becomes thin, the jump to the second stage of +50C, which is usually 230-240 and stay there until the vapor+smoke becomes thin. That’s it. The best combo power/economy.

    I’ve tried doing a third stage at 260, but the herb near combusts at that temp and the smoke is so thick it chokes me without too much actual effect. I found 260 good for extracts and hard concentrates though.

  19. Hey Dude,

    Really appreciate all your reviews, Thanks to you i now have the Vapir NO2 and im loving it!

    Vape on! love from the UK

  20. hi there i have never vaped or smoked before . i am 56 years old and am trying vaping to get some pain relief. may i please ask a question . i am using a TOP VAPER which has a built in fan and digital temp gauge. my problem is i am struggling to get good vapour ,i look at some of the videos and go wow at the amount of vap.i live in south africa so the herd is fairly good i believe. i am packing into the glass bulb and vaping at 180 to 210 deg C but am getting terrible vapor is there any way you could help me out with a suggestion or two.please excuse the grammar as i type laying flat on my back . ronnie.

    • I would start around 350°F and slowly work your way up until you’re satisfied with the results, but I do recommend staying under 400°F

  21. The difference between the Volcano and Extreme Q is interesting. It’s hard for me to make judgments based on the pictures. The Volcano seems to expend less of the herb in its vaping but nonetheless people seem to prefer its vapor. The Extreme Q looks like it’s sucking the herb dry but this allegedly produces lower-quality vapor. The difference in coloration makes me think the Extreme Q is vaporizing at a much higher temperature despite what its thermostat says. But it’s hard to make assertions based on some pics. I wonder what the relative potency is for the already vaped material; my hunch is that the Volcano’s has more life left in it.

    • I somehow get the best extraction from the Volcano but end up with material that has the least “vaped” look. I think it just has to do with the engineering and quality of the heater mostly.

  22. I use a Arizer Extreme. I find the bonnet screens in the wip gets very dirty and is difficult to clean. You recommended putting the herbs IN the screen. Is there something I am missing or is this bonnet screen very difficult to clean. Also, to combat this, I have glued together two bonnet screens to make a barrel screen and it is much easier to clean. Although the glue is high-temperature, it still is difficult to keep them together for the long term. It would be great if they could make one. How can I get this?

    • Hey yea the screens do start to get dirty after a few sessions but since they’re easily removable I would just put them in a ziplock with some rubbing alcohol and shake it for a few minutes.

      Also some kind of metal poker will definitely help to get out any stuck-on residue.

  23. I love how you brought this down to i science and actually took pics proving your conclusions on temperatures. I don’t see why people complain about how they say “you’re wrong” this way is better blah blah. If they think you’re wrong why do they just sit there and wine about how there better in YOUR vids comment section. Anyways i love your reviews and respect your opinions and i hope you keep making them.

  24. My range is from 180c to about 205c. I have my extreme q for about a week n i am slowly closing my range to pen point the perfect temp. Ive also notice that the lower the temp. the lower the high and tbe longer it takes to feel it. But the higher the temp. the qiucker and more higher i get. So to me you have to have a range depending on what you want a small good time or if you want something to hit u quicker n hard go high but not pass 215c. I like 205c cuz if you go higher u burn thur your stuff qiucker. But i think in about two more weeks ill fine the perfect temp. But i like to bounce around. Also i only use the ballon with fan 1 no need to use the other speeds of the fan. Overall i give this unit a 9 out of 10. If any body has any tips and tricks please let me know!! Im trying to find something to plug my ballon with instead of using my finger.

  25. I have been experimenting on vape temps for a whole bunch of herbs from Rosemary to using dried chopped Orange peels and I found for me anyway that the temp settings seem to vary for what group or class of herbs you are using and it effects the thickness of the vape. I fell in love with vaporizers a short while ago I have the VapirRise and Easy Vape Digital version and the Da Vinci Ascent that I just bought and the temp also seems to vary per vaporizer as you mentioned. I think with portable vaporizers people tend to expect a lot more from them than what they can give especially if your use to a desktop model. I love all the vaporizers I have and I learned to use each one for a different effect with different temp settings.

    If you want a more energetic type of vape then go for a lower setting under 300, if your goal is to help you sleep at night then use a higher setting above 360 but below 390F

  26. Hey man. Love the site. You are my go to for vape reviews
    Regarding the Extreme – Q. Have you attempted to use concentrates with a cotton insert? If so what temp would you recommend?

  27. Why start out at lower temps first ? What is gained by stepping up the temp as you go ? If you’re going for max effect, why not just start a the max temp you like?

  28. my final choice for a home vaporizer is the extreme q
    i set my extreme q at a setting of 381 degrees … the vape is smooth and the burn is complete, the effects are satifying … i use the lower chamber for my herbs due to past attempts when i experimented with packing the elbow … the elbow technique seems to quickly clog the screen and cause draw issues …
    just my 2 scents .. ;-)

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