The Cloud Vaporizer by VapeXhale

VapeXhale Cloud Update April 2014: There have been some new developments with this vaporizer and this company since I posted my original review.

You can watch my review of the new Cloud EVO here. Overall I’m impressed because I’m enjoying this vape a lot more now, and I explain why in that video.

My original Cloud unfortunately became defective after just under a year of use, and because of a very unfortunate situation with the manufacturer (as explained here by the owner of VapeXhale) some users like myself were not able to get theirs repaired or replaced.

After learning about the details of the situation, and knowing the new EVO model was an improvement over the original, I ultimately decided to upgrade.

The heating element in the new unit is designed to be faster and more reliable, but I also spoke with them about extending the warranty beyond 1-year for extra peace of mind and they agreed it was the right thing to do, so the new model has a 3-year guarantee on the switches and internal components which I feel is very reasonable.

Video transcription:

What’s going on, guys? In this video, I’m going to show you the Cloud Vaporizer by VapeXhale. This vape is available in a few different variations when you go to order it. The type that I have here is called the Evolver HydraCirc package, and it’s currently being sold for $575. What’s unique about this vape is that it’s basically a half water pipe and half vaporizer.

You have this part here; this is the base of the unit, this is the part that heats up. Then this part is what they call the HydraTube; this is part that you put your water in and that take your draw from. To use this vape it’s a pretty straightforward process. You turn it on and let it heat up for at least 10 minutes, I’ve found that’s a minimum, if you can let it go for 15 or 20 minutes, that’s even better. You’ll heat it up, and in the meantime while it’s heating up, what you’ll do is take out the EZ Load Bowl which is basically the chamber you’re going to put your material in; that’s this thing right here. You’re going to take this, it has a little cap on it, you’re going to to take off the cap, like that, and you put your material in here. They recommend to fill it anywhere from 20% to 80% up, in here, you don’t want to pack it too tight because you don’t want to impede the airflow. You put the cap back on when it’s packed. It should fit pretty snugly right back inside the top piece. Then you would take your HydraTube piece and fill it up with some water, I have mine filled not too far above where the slits are in here, or where the air comes out of. Then you’re pretty much ready to go. What I’m going to do is get right into the demo clip of me using this thing while I continue talking about it.

While you’re watching this, the first thing I just want to mention is that my lighting setup here is setup to emphasize, or enhance, the visible vapor. When you’re using your vapes at home, you might not see as much vapor as you see in this video, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not there. I’m using mine here with the herb chamber packed almost full, I’d say roughly 80%. I also have the unit set on the recommended 12:00-position on the dial. The dial is where you control the heat intensity of the unit. You’ll notice that just like with a lot of other vapes, the first draw you see me take, you don’t get too much vapor out of it, that’s where a lot of the flavor comes through. But then after the first one, is when it really starts to rip pretty good.

The idea behind vaporizing through water is that it’s supposed to help cool and condition the vapor a little. Some people find it a little irritating. I don’t know, I have mixed thoughts about it, personally. I don’t vape through water often; I find that it creates some extra resistance that can in itself cause discomfort, just the resistance itself. I also find that the water kind of takes some of the flavor out of your material. With the Cloud, for instance, I even tested using it a few times dry, or without any water in the HydraTube, and I personally thought that the taste was better. I tasted more of my material that way. It’s kind of silly to get this to use it like that because the whole point of this device is to use it with water in it. Anyway, I know a lot of people vape through water, they like it, so that’s just a personal preference of mine. It does work pretty good. Like I said, I feel a little resistance when I use it, but I’m just comparing that to some of the other vapes that I like, that have virtually no resistance at all. It’s not that it’s really hard to pull this one, but it’s not super-easy. The only other thing to consider with that is that you kind of do need to take a pretty hard pull from this to get a big draw of vapor. You can’t pull very lightly, it’s not going to work that well. Sure enough, if you do take a nice, strong pull for 10 seconds, maybe a little longer, you will get a lot of vapor. It definitely works really well. It produces big clouds, as you can see.

One of the other key features about this vape is that it has an all-glass construction inside, like the heating element and the vapor pathway is all glass, with exception of course, of the actual EZ Load Bowl where your material is, because that thing is metal or stainless steel. I know it’s a little nitpicky to say something like this, but it’s more realistically a 95% glass pathway, not 100% all glass.

After I take a few draws from this, you’ll see that I do take the cap off the chamber inside, and I do stir the material around a little bit. I found that you do have to do this once or twice during a session, if you’ve fully packed the chamber like I did. The way it’s designed, it’s kind of skinny and deep, or long, so when the heat comes up through the unit, the heat itself isn’t heating all of the material evenly at the same time, so you have to get in there after a few and stir it around to just make sure everything is getting vaporized evenly.

The vape itself is silent; it doesn’t make any noise so you don’t have to worry about that. It’s also fairly easy to use, as you can see; it’s only two main pieces aside from the chamber piece. On that note, it is a fairly fragile unit so you do need to be careful, especially in the beginning. You definitely need to be careful if you’re going to let friends use it, or anything like that, you’re going to want to coach them. You’re going to want to stay close by while they’re using it, to watch, because most of the parts are glass. You just have to be careful with this one; it’s not one that you can really knock around that much.

Something else to keep in mind is that the outside of the unit will heat up a little bit during use. You’ll notice when I’m using it, that I’m generally holding the bottom half of the unit every time I pick it up. That’s because, after a while when you’re into your session, the top half is where most of the heat gets generated. Even though it does have this heat shield around the outside it still gets kind of warm. If you keep the vape on the 12:00 position, or lower than that, you shouldn’t have too much of an issue with it getting too hot to handle. A few times during my testing, I did try to use the vape with the temperature set higher than 12:00, up to 1:00, 2:00, or 3:00 positions, and what I found is that once you get up to that point, the top half of the vape will actually start to get so hot that it’s uncomfortable to hold. All I’m trying to say is that once you start using it, it becomes pretty apparent that you’re really only supposed to grab the bottom half.

As far as cleaning or maintenance with this unit, there’s two things I found that will be the main issues with it. One is the EZ Load Bowl pieces or the chambers, they’re not going to last forever, so eventually, you’ll have to buy some replacements of those. They’re not very expensive, but the unit does only come with two of those when you first get it. The other thing is the HydraTube. Because you’re using water in this vape, I found after every couple of sessions or so, the HydraTube develops a funky odor. Me personally, I would clean it at least after every couple of uses, probably after every use. It’s just something to keep in mind.

As far as the price, I did mention in the beginning of the video that the package I have here, that you see, is $575. When I was doing my research, I saw that this vape came out in the middle of 2012, and originally, was supposed to be $450 for a package. I checked back every so often and I saw that they did keep bumping up the price. As of the time I’m making this video, I see that it is up to $575. That would make this the most expensive vape that I’ve reviewed so far.

It’s pretty cool. I’ll run over the pros again, or the things that think are good about it. That is, that it produces very strong vapor. You can get big, huge rips, big clouds off of this thing. That’s the main purpose, so it does its job, it works well. It’s also fairly easy to use. It’s not too complicated, even though you have to be careful with it, it’s pretty simple. It also doesn’t make any noise; it’s a silent vape which is always good.

On the flip side, unfortunately my con’s list is a little longer for this one than I thought it was going to be. I think that a 10-minute minimum warm up time is a little high. To push the vape industry forward, I feel like we should be cutting down warm up times, not making them longer. I think that it might be a little too fragile. I know using glass is cool and everything, but I think there’s a little too much glass going on here. I also think that although you are filtering through water when you use it, and that’s supposed to help cool and condition the vapor, I find that what it actually does for me, personally, when I use it, is it just creates too much drag; there’s too much resistance when I’m using this vape. I also think that using the water in it takes out flavor; it makes your material taste more bland than if you were to use it with no water in it. The extra cleaning and stuff that using the water is going to make this require, I also don’t particularly like that much myself. Like I mentioned before, this is the most expensive vape that I’ve reviewed, as of now. It’s the most fragile vape I’ve reviewed as of now, and it has one of the shortest warranties out of any of the vapes I’ve reviewed. Mine that I got, they’re giving me a 1-year warranty with this.

Overall, do I think this is a cool unit? Yes, I think it’s cool. I think there are a couple of things that could probably be improved upon for a next version. Will I be shelving all my other vapes to use this one every day? No. If you want to see the overall rating I gave to it, or where it falls among the other vapes I’ve reviewed, you can check out my home page on my website I do appreciate you taking the time to watch. Stay up!

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  1. Kyle says:

    WTF? that looks like a piece of crap i was so exited for this one! Hey Bud is there a way I can send you a pic of the [water-pipe] atachment for the extreme Q? cuz it works way better than that…

    • Kyle says:

      And that’s the last time I preach the Q seriously lol Iv’e really been loving the PLENTY and MFLB your reviews helped a lot when deciding what to get next.

      • Bud Bud says:

        Really glad to hear you’re enjoying the vapes man

        • Kyle says:

          Hey I just realized what a waste of time that custom piece was.. it works awesome but I realized you could just buy a water pipe for dabs lol and the scientific water pipes as their called are simply amazing and perfect for using with the eq (thx to Bobbie for showing me these things! Mobius is the top end apparently)

    • Pappy says:

      You’re being silly. The Cloud has a 99.5% glass airpath and provides incredible flavor while having unreal heat retention. It is a vape enthusiast’s vaporizer. It deserves higher ranking than the Volcano, much higher.

      • Bud Bud says:

        It’s on the same level as the Volcano in terms of vapor quality but I don’t feel that it’s better in most other areas – my rating takes into account all aspects of ownership.

        • r1chard says:

          Not even close. :D
          And truth to be told your Volcano and Cloud reviews are total crap. Both Volcano and Plenty one feel like paid promotional videos. And Cloud cons are just hilarious; 5-10min is long heat up time? (Cloud+ is 3min), … too much glass? (died at that one :DD), drag and resistance? what, you have lungs like 3yr old kid? frikin [roll] has more drag than HydraTube.
          And it’s not written in stone that you can’t use it without water. Also with wide selection of HT’s you have option to throw down some ice in them, without water. So you get cooled/moisturized vapour and full flavour but without any drag.
          Packing that EZ bowl almost full and than complain that you have to stir. :D Why not pack two bowls to 40% each so vortex that is created by narrow sections in glass air-path can stir it for you, but than you would had to commend them for ingenious design.

          Basically it’s just over exaggerating subjective “flaws”, which you didn’t do in case of Volcano and Plenty. Everything is excellent with those two 99/100.
          I had Volcano for almost full year before I sold it four days after acquiring Cloud.
          *Noisy like mini hair dryer
          *Noises from bag handling
          *NO glass air-path whatsoever (lots of plastic, metal and air-pump(fan) “inside” air-flow
          *Bags acquire slight odour after 4-5 uses and few days have passed
          *7-10min heat up time (ooh look, but its not a negative point on this one) ++++
          *Stir or two required for full extraction.
          *NO glass air-path!

          You simply cannot achieve this kind of vapour to air ratio with Volcano.
          (maybe you could with Plenty but haven’t seen it yet)

          TRUE cons of VXC Cloud are:
          *Expensive (Cloud starts at 300£, and Volcano at 320£)
          *Exterior shield heats up a lot after few hours continuous use
          /* Fragile (which is also kind of subjective because you wouldn’t toss your 400£ [pipes] around and complain on glass forums that they are fragile)

          AND NOTHING ELSE – no other Cons
          You can attach whip to it and even improvise bag blowing if you wanted. But that is just blasphemy for any glass enthusiast out there.

          Aside all the manufacturer crap that was going on, as I’m sure that no sane business person would ever sabotage their own product while it is getting praised for it’s performance.

  2. Josh says:

    What would happen if you took too big of a rip and coughed back into the mouthpiece? Would the water go into the herb chamber and heating element and damage the vaporizer?

  3. Mike says:

    The company who makes this vape sells a 30$ dry mouthpiece for it. You’d probably enjoy using that more since it’ll free up the draw a lot and looks pretty classy.

  4. Kyle says:

    I think it might be worth mentioning you mostly pay for the glass you can get the unit and just use it what with you have and it cuts the price in half….

    • Bud Bud says:

      They do offer the base unit by itself if you want to use it with your own glass, but it’s still $450 for that part, so it’s only $125 extra for the HydraTube.

  5. Pedro says:

    having a really hard time with my decision. I felt like i would like the cloud because of its ability to vape bigger smoother hits and the option to use through glass. I would likely just get the dry stem piece to begin with. The thing is I already own the silver surfer, which is a good performer for me most of the time. Do you think i’ll see a significant difference with the cloud with the vapor quality, comparing them both as dry vapes? I was also considering the plenty but i guess i was getting sold on the idea of sometimes using it with nice glass.

    • Bud Bud says:

      Sup Pedro,

      If you already own a Silver Surfer I don’t think you’ll notice a significant difference in vapor quality, it’s subtle.

      All the vapes you mentioned differ mainly in how they work, the experience while using them, the maintenance required, and the build quality.

      • Pedro says:

        I ended up buying the cloud with the dry stem. I think the vapor quality of a nice big hit is better than the silver surfer. The cloud is almost like ripping a bowl but of vape. I thought i’d get a piece but don’t know if its nexcessary. I’ve been using it a t 12 and you get basically too great tasting huge rips and then its pretty browned. I could probably turn it down to conserve. I like the cloud more than the ssv i think because i am inhaling less air. Pretty nice. Pretty expensive too. Bud do you know anything about the materials used in this vape? Is it completely non-toxic?

        • Bud Bud says:

          Hey thanks for the update,

          I can’t really get into the toxicity of the materials but from what I understand it’s almost all glass inside, with the exception of the ELB, so I don’t think there’s too much to worry about.

      • Justin says:


        I came here looking for information on Vapor Brothers. There seems to not be any here. So I am wondering if you will ever review and share your thoughts on the Vapor Brothers?

        I recently let a Cloud go to get a Vapor Brothers.

        Thank you!

        • Bud Bud says:

          Sup J,

          I haven’t reviewed that one yet but I do have it on my list of future possibilities, I appreciate your request.

          • G says:

            I would also be very interested in a Vapor Brothers review! Your reviews are the best!

            Thx for your efforts!

  6. Paul says:

    Love your reviews man. Waiting to hear what you have to say about the Cera.

  7. Matt says:

    Hey Bud,

    Can’t thank you enough for all the reviews you’ve made and simply the way you do it. You’re clear, concise and cover all the important details. I do have a bit of situation and was hoping for your input. I saved up forever and bought a Volcano last year, it was awesome, easy to use and got me ridiculously [relaxed] every single time I used it. The only true problem was it smelled, well more like it reeked. Something I didn’t think would happen when buying it. My parents caught wind of it and the volcano was thrown out while I was out of the house.

    After tasting the volcano, I unfortunately have very ‘high’ standards in vaping. I’m trying to get off smoking desperately and want something with that thick vapor. I’ve been seriously looking into the Cloud. The obvious cons: its expensive and getting it thrown out on me would be terrible, looks like it’s rather delicate, and not portable. The pros: exactly the vaping experience I want (the dryness of vaping does bother my throat and the volcano was no exception), highly advanced and in my opinion it was made to highlight the healthiest way to vape.

    Do you recall if the Cloud has that lingering smell that other vapes have or is it toned down due to the hyrdatube/water aspect? And have you seen the Vapor Blunt 2.0 Deluxe or was planning on doing a video on it sometime soon? Or do you have an opinion on Vapor Blunt products? I’m really interested how it stacks up in comparison to the Vapexhale Cloud because of similar designs and the ability to connect a waterpipe to it. The blunt looks more portable and easier to hide if need be.

    Thanks again, man. Got mad respect for you.

    • Bud Bud says:

      Sup Matt,

      Thanks for posting – major bummer about your Volcano!

      What I’ve found through my testing of all these vapes is that the odor they produce pretty much coincides with the volume of vapor they produce.

      Smaller portable vapes that are light in the vapor department tend to smell a little less, but any good desktop vape that produces thick, dense vapor with have some associated odor involved, including the Cloud.

      I’ve seen the Vaporblunt 2.0 and I do have it on my list of future possibilities, I appreciate your request.

      So far the only vape I’ve reviewed from that company is the Palm, which you can say I was less-than-thrilled with, so I currently have a few other models higher on my priority list.

      The one thing I can tell you is that since it runs on a rechargeable battery it’s most likely not going to have the same vaporizing power as a desktop unit like the Cloud, so even though you can get it with a hydratube I would imagine it to be a different experience.

      Let me know how you like whichever one you go with. If you end up looking at less expensive models check out the Plenty – very strong vapor and the cooling tube keeps it pretty smooth.

      Stay up!

  8. Venomous says:

    Well the biggest issue surrounds the clouds reliability… It flat out sucks. Yet they come back with a bullshit excuse that only 2% fail which we know is a complete lie. If you ever visit [FC], their forum protects any and all bad press about the Cloud’s reliability and how VapeXhale expects their customers to purchase an extended warranty. Here are some highlights potential customers NEED to know before making the purchase since the FC forum will delete any truths.

    1) VapeXhale Cloud has reliability issues. Some failing within the first week of purchase. Many fail within the first 90 days.

    2) Replacement clouds fail just as often as brand new clouds.

    3) [FC] forums is in bed with vapexhale and protects them against negative feedback from customers.

    4) VapeXhale will try to up sell you on a warranty upgrade for $150. Your unit will take damn near a month to get this upgrade and come back looking like it was opened by a can opener. Btw, the upgrade will either further degrade performance or completely fail.

    5) VapeXhales quality control has taken a serious nosedive. At this point, they are only interested in selling units, knowing they are going to fail. They also know these units are being slapped together with obvious quality issues but continue to sell them.

    Buyer beware…

  9. Gary F. says:

    I have a thirty year old [water pipe] that was apparently purposefully made so that a Makita heat gun nozzle fits flush and tight over the glass(?) material chamber. Of course the heat level is then adjustable and ready in just a few seconds.

    So how would the Cloud be any better? I’m not trying to be an arse. It is just that using such an item, I fail to see the value in a Cloud.

    • Bud Bud says:

      Hey Gary,

      I guess the advantage of a vape like this one is that it’s a cleaner, smaller, tighter package – basically meaning it will look better and be easier to use.

      It’s probably also arguable that the heating element of this vape produces a ‘cleaner’ heat than a heat gun.

      If this sort of stuff is not very important to you, I suppose the setup you have now may suffice.

      I gave this vape a pretty high rating but I don’t personally find myself using it very often.

  10. sunsett70 says:

    have to support what venomous said – at the moment, the Cloud has reliability issues what with the electronics system they used. the cloud will never be as durable as a da buddha or an underdog log vape.

    also, the FC forum is full of anal mods who protect the VXL cloud team from too much bad news because the VXL CEO is an old time fc member.

  11. Peter says:

    Another update: my gf disloded the bamboo ever so slightly and it stopped producing heat. I packed it up to return for repairs but now they are out of operation while they search for a new manufuctuer. While I think the device itself works great customers should be aware that this sort of stop and go manufacturing and service has a history at vapexhale cloud. They want we to wait at minimum 3 months before they will even be able to take my product in for repair. Seems unreasonable that they cannot service it.

    • Bud Bud says:

      Wow I was not aware of this, thanks for letting me know man, and sorry to hear about your unit not working :(

    • Anonymous says:

      That doesn’t surprise me. They know these things have major issues and continue to sell them. The sad part is, now they want you to pay out of pocket $150 for an extended warranty on a product that has an extreme high failure rate. But according to them, only 2% are defective, which we know is bullshit.

      I wish they would just be honest but FC makes one hell of an effort to shut you up. If VXL put this much effort fourth to get their reliability issues worked out like FC censors owners, we wouldn’t be talking right now.

  12. vape4life says:

    I second what venomous, sunset, peter, and anonymous say and venomous definitely summed it up the best. When the product works, it is definitely the best vaporizer i’ve ever used, but i’ve had 6 of them fail on me including a Cloud Plus (lasted a week before it wouldn’t heat). The worst part of all this for me are the lies and deceit and probably worst customer service experience i’ve ever had. This company has tried to become too big too fast and the greed has backfired and now they are on the verge of collapse.

    I also agree that the FC forum is a censored biased joke with dickhead mods.

  13. r1chard says:

    You guys do realize that all the mess that VapeXhale crew is in at the moment was direct consequence of their manufacturer backstabbing and generally slacking with production.
    Manufacturer also stole their plans for next generation of this vape and tried to sell them to competitors.

    So now they have no production going and their inventory is almost cleared out. They are now in the process of bringing all the production in house, and they said it will take them 2-3 months to accomplish that.

  14. Vape4life says:

    Do you really believe everything you read on FC? VXL has never taken responsibility for their horrible service and many other shortcomings. You would have to be nuts to believe everything they have been spewing. It’s been one excuse after another for over 2 years of hype, false starts, and many many false promises. They have said things that they haven’t stood behind, and pissed off tonnes of customers. Sure it’s a great vaporizer when it works, but they are soon about to be leap frogged with the likes of the Sublimator and many other up and coming models. It’s too bad that a real company didn’t buy them out and produced a solid product with AAA customer service. Fortunately by threatening a dispute I was able to get a full refund for a broken Cloud, that replaced a broken Coud. This wasn’t easy as Phil tried to throw me just about every excuse in the book, and when I started to feel bullied, I drew the line. Maybe if VXL didn’t try to get too big too fast, they wouldn’t be in this position.

  15. Marty says:

    Looks like the Cloud can RIP, as Vapexhale is re-emerging with a newer version. As bitter as I am from my past negative experiences with this company’s customer service, I have found out that a certain individual was responsible for this and the company CEO was unaware and eased my mind with the way they are planning to do business in the future. The thing is, this IS the best vaporizer on the market IMO which is why I somehow keep gravitating back toward it.

    With that said, i’d like to help spread the word and hope this doesn’t turn into the boy who cried wolf in the future. VXL – please get it and do it right this time!

    • Pedro says:

      I really like the Vapexhale. My GF broke mine, it is fragile (or v. 1 was at least), the new design looks less fragile. The only con is the expense and lack of long warranty other than that this is the best flavor machine around.

  16. Waterlogged says:

    I guess I was one of the lucky ones. I pre-ordered and got one of the earlier production units and mine is still running strong. Btw, I never turn the dial past the 10:30am o’clock position, and it still get’s super hot. Anyhow, I’m bummed to hear about vapexhale’s misfortunes….they gave good customer service when I made inquiries, and even sent me extra ez-bowls due to them running out of the glass piece I had originally ordered. (I didn’t feel like waiting for the next batch to be made, so I settled for a less desired glass piece, however it works great, so whatever!)

  17. Venomous says:

    Well I’m not buying into their bullshit. I don’t like to be lied too. I own my own company and if I treated my customers like this, I’d be homeless. They lie and FC as a forum, protects them.

  18. Darth Vapour says:

    If you are lucky enough to have a Silver Surfer for your desk model and a Pax for your portable, your covered. Thanks to you and your most helpful vape reviews Bud…I am covered here, there, and now everywhere! Darth Vapour

  19. DrVapors says:

    I hope this company gets their crap together.
    I have had a terrible time with them.
    My first cloud broke, then I paid extra for an extended warranty and their claim of a better cloud being shipped to me.
    Well..It has stopped heating now too. Both within about 6 months.
    Now they are coming out with the cloud evo.
    Time will tell, but terrible customer service in my experience

    • Bud Bud says:

      Sorry to hear it, I’m not too pleased with my experience either, still waiting for mine to be fixed too.

      They offered to give me an EVO for $250 if I sent in my broken one, but then wtf did I spend the original $500 on?

      • DrVapors says:

        You think that’s bad?!

        Here’s my VapeXhale experience in full and completely honest:
        I got lucky with a $100 off promotion when I purchased the original cloud~that came to be known as the ticker model.
        It broke within 6 months or less and I contacted the company for a warranty trade out/fix; whatever.

        I was ignored for over a week(11 days IIRC)
        so I posted on a forum they frequent that I was having a terrible time trying to get my repair and the company’s customer service was lacking.
        Somehow they knew who I was on the forum because I received a phone call less than 5 minutes after my opinion on things was posted.

        I was promised a cloud that had not been released to the public and was a prototype in exchange for deleting/editing the post I made that reflected badly on matter how true it all was.
        I was promised it was better than anything they could ever offer anyone else.
        I foolishly obeyed and agreed by editing the post.

        About a month went by and I received a cloud finally after mailing my broken one in.

        I was disappointed with what I received, at best.

        It was used, dirty, had crooked Phillips screws holding it together, the case was misaligned, and to top it all off, it was unusable.

        On the lowest setting it would burn your would actually turn the glass tube glowing red hot.
        At first I thought it was just the red light coming on saying it was heating, but never turned green, so I shut it off and it was still red.
        I figured maybe the power switch wasn’t working, so I unplugged it..still red; turned the room light off and it turns out I’m looking at lava on the lowest setting.

        I contacted the company and they acted surprised I was pissed and then they told me $150 for the new model they are coming out with and an extended warranty.
        I bit and it lasted less than 6 months.
        I tried to keep the prototype because I figured I could make a couple bucks as long as I was honest to the buyer that it was more of a collectors item than a usable vape because it belonged to stonemonkey.

        Anyways, that got me banned from the forum and they never saw my side that I felt I was lied to about getting a better than ever cloud for silencing my opinion; so I mailed the prototype back.

        Now I just got screwed and paid $300 for a trade in on my broken cloud for the Evo.
        So I’m at around $900 total for this cloud.

        Try a supreme vaporizer for best bang for your buck if you haven’t yet.
        Once you get over the torch and the thermometer telling you 300 farenhiet is the perfect temp, it is amazing.
        Has a water attachment also, which is the only way to vape IMO.

        Hindsight, I think I would have been happy with a Volcano vs all the cash I dropped on this.
        I still would of had money left over.

        • Bud Bud says:

          Damn man that is one hell of a story, I feel bad you had to go through all that, but thanks for sharing it because you’re not alone in your disappointment.

        • Vape4life says:

          As Bud stated, you are not alone. I posted my experience already, but like you went through the ban (lifetime to boot haha) on Fuck Combustion, and that company and forum are like 2 peas in a pod. FC is basically free advertising for VXL, so they don’t want anything negative on there. It’s 100% BIASED and membership is crumbling due to the nazi nature of the mods.

          The new EVO combusts. Apparently due to the new heater, it is able to vape concentrates and thus you are able to combust your flowers. VXL claims that since their product is soooooo good, and vapes “thoroughly” that you are in danger of combusting even at lower than combustion temps. Might not be a big deal for some, and probably better than all the reports of “cool running clouds” that could barely darken your flowers.

          Overall, IMHO (and looks like many others) this company doesn’t deserve a single dollar based on their business practices. They lie over and over and are known for their false promises. Looks like the majority of their inventory failed (Clouds barely lasting 6 months) and now for the most critical point of all – their WARRANTY – or should I say lack thereof?

          They have left all their “customers” with broken Clouds promising to fix them “when they can” while they jump to a “newer shinier better version”? Then they have the nerve to say they could have just folded up and went bankrupt? This company and vape have so much sketch associated with them that I would steer clear.

          • Jeremy says:

            My EVO doesn’t combust. It turns my herbs a nice even dark brown. I haven’t yet felt with the costumer service, from what i can see it doesn’t sound great. HOWEVER, the products fine for ALOT of people its just the only people that care enough to post on the forums or this page are the people with the problems. Theres ATON of people on youtube still posting vids of them vaping there original tickers. Im just saying there service may be bad but if you aren’t one of the people who got a burnt out ticker this vaporizer is like nothing else I’ve ever used.

  20. IGor says:

    This review really, really plays up the negatives and even invents a few out of the ether.. This is THE vape. It’s fantastic. Incredibly pure vapor which touches nothing but glass; saying that the Volcano is equally pure is INSANE. Volcano uses an ALUMINUM heating element, pushes air through PLASTIC HOSING, through a PLASTIC AND STAINLESS STEEL valve system up into a PLASTIC vapor bag.

    Give me a break. Just because S&B pay you to be a shill doesn’t mean you should lie.

  21. heretohelp says:

    The owner of VXL had been posting on the [FC] forum directing people to post over here in order to “set the record straight”. I concur. A few tidbits that were overlooked so far:

    *When VXL had to crowdfund to stay in business they raised 90 thousand over their stated goal, yet put none towards honoring their existing warranty claims.

    *VXL has volunteered information about the warranty situation zero times in the FC forum. When people asked they were sharply rebuffed and accused of causing delays in production. They claimed they would take in broken units starting in November, no word at all since then. The VXL staff participates that forum daily, by the way.

    *FC staff isn’t simply biased towards this company, they are effectively employees or volunteers. They work VXL’s booth at trade shows. [some text redacted]

    *Their improved model (third attempt a stable version) was breaking left and right upon launch. Firmware tweaks, glass internals cracking. The unit is now being made of plastic, so the outside gets even hotter. The unit emits a high-pitched whistle. I’ve seen youtube videos where they are stuffing cotton balls in the bottom end (the vaporizer’s, that is).

    • Seibo Shen says:

      I am the founder of the company and I was made aware of this thread by someone on FC. We do not employ anyone from that forum but one of the mods did live in the SoCal area and he volunteered to help us out. I understand why many would feel slighted based on their experience but at the end of the day, we did everything (and are continuing to do) we can do to remain afloat. We owe a lot of vendors, wholesalers, and partners a lot of money from all that transpired last year and no one on our team has celebrated a holiday for the last 12 months.

      We are reasonable people here and the reason we have a rabid following is that we have done everything in our power to try and make a bad situation as livable as possible. We essentially had issues with our vendors and we were left having to pay them as well as replace as many Clouds as we could financially afford. I had to work a second job in order to do this as well as take out loans against my home. I’m not asking for sympathy here, just giving some insight into why we couldn’t quickly replace all the units that were faulty. One thing to keep in mind is that the units that WE manufactured are the ones that are still ticking and the ones that we outsourced are the ones that are faulty and available for $100 on ebay.

      The part required to replace the older units is one that we are having trouble procuring since we severed our relationship with our ex manufacturer. Our new unit (which BTW is almost unanimously agreed significantly better and more durable) costs us 40% more to make but we stuck with the same retail price. Due to the price of our unit, we are a low volume manufacturer and as much as I’d like to be able to replace every unit that was not built to our spec, our company is not financially stable enough to do so at this point. It is really as simple as this, replace all the units and not have a company or think of a workaround that hopefully the majority can be happy with.

      I always try and make lemonade out of lemons and the best thing we could is to offer people an upgrade and do it at cost of components. This doesn’t include overhead, paying the workers, just the components. Like if you could trade your Xbox360 for a XboxOne for a nominal fee. I know it isn’t the most ideal scenario right now, but it is the only one that we can do given the circumstances and our cash flow. If I could wave a magic wand and have everything required to replace units I would. But if you guys see the car I drive, the place I live, you will see that I live very humbly and we are like any small business, just struggling to maintain right now.

      We have recently been on national publications due to the innovative product that we produced. We hope that this will give us some more visibility and get the company more cash flow positive. I know that many people feel burned and that there is no changing their minds about us but I am a genuine and honest person trying to do the best that we can. At the end of the day, if you search the internet, you will find way more people that we have bent over backwards for to try and do what we could to fix and replace their unit than people that are complaining about us. At this time, offering the upgrade is the best we can do and I know that answer will not please everyone but I can tell you that we are not purposely trying to ruin people’s experiences.

      Like I said, I know this isn’t an ideal scenario but we are doing our best to keep up the pieces. Essentially we had three years of hard work flushed down the drain last year and to be honest, we are still drowning and hoping to be able to come up for air. As I previously stated, I’m not here looking for sympathy, just wanted to give some additional data points for people that might not understand the full back story and what we are continuing to deal with.

      • Bud Bud says:

        Thanks for posting Seibo, it provides some clarity hearing the full story straight from the horse’s mouth.

      • Clouded says:

        Seibo, thanks for coming here and providing the information that you have. I’m just a little confused…you say you are a geniune and honest guy and that no one on your team has celebrated a holiday for the last 12 months, yet on the FC forum this is copied and pasted your exact words “We had a few elves go on vacation”, and in another post refer to Troi (Phil) getting back from vacation. This is not only within the past 12 months, but rather very early this year. That’s quite a contradiction.

        Further to that, you indicate that the units that you yourselves manufactured are still ticking, yet 4 of my original ticking clouds that you manufactured have all died. The FC Cloud thread can attest to many more, even if a few are still running smooth. I suspect that how much use the unit receives has a large part to do with this as we all have different usage patterns. Even more disturbing is that fact that you and Troi said that the Cloud+’s were getting “hand assembled” by you and were giving me the warm fuzzies that it will be “better”, yet they came assembled looking like they were put together by a little child with blemishes, crooked casing, etc.

        You neglected to mention your “extra” funds from the indigo go campaign? Your goal was $50k, with a 2nd colour promise with $100k, and $150k for phase 1 of project HP. At $143k, you’re telling all of us that you can’t replace broken old Clouds that are in warranty with a Cloud EVO? It sounds like you really are leaving your roots and those that built you up. I’m pretty surprised you chose that route from a business perspective given nearly $100k more than your original goal.

        The most disturbing thing is all your start up issues for the EVO which is your 3rd version of the Cloud, which you and your team said has been perfected. Well then, if you are manufacturing in house then why have there been all sorts of issues with the Glass cracking/breaking, firmwares out of calibration, and cold running units that are supposed to vape concentrates effectively? Further to that there are pics on FC now that show gaps at the bottom of the casing. It’s almost like you guys are not even testing/QC them? And then the customer has to pay shipping (again) to get it back to you even though it’s your fault that the product was QC?

        I think i’ve kept this mature and professional, as you have. But it would be extremely appreciated to hear your rebutals about these few, very major points, and (your) contradictions.

        Thanks again, I do look forward to your post.

      • heretohelp says:

        Seibo, the reason you will get no sympathy from me is that your company has exhibited a pattern of dishonesty in an attempt to shore up sales for what has been a shoddy product.

        *Blaming power surges.
        Summer/fall 2012 this was the reason du jour for cloud failure according to VXL staff. It was said that a surge protector provided a “cleaner” electricity and the cloud would break if you didn’t use one. Pure bullshit.

        *Lying about the failure rates.
        As the [FC] forum started to buzz with people reporting broken clouds, VXL staff maintained that the product had a 2% failure rate overall. It was ridiculous to make failure rate claims about a product that hadn’t been in production for a year. That didn’t stop VXL and FC staff for blaming people for breaking their own units. In hindsight, it isn’t even necessary to go any deeper than: If it worked so well why did they even need to release the “cloud plus” in spring 2013?

        *The cloud plus is an upgrade?
        They described it as some sort of upgrade in attempt to hide the fact they were scrambling simply to manufacture a reliable device. Not one single improvement, in fact many people consider it a downgrade since it runs colder.

        *What is “better” about the new model?
        Yep, it’s made of plastic, otherwise… Just the third attempt to build something that won’t fail wildly. So far, not too impressive.

        *Where we are now.
        You said last year that you would be honoring warranties as soon as your cash flow resumed. Now you are saying that you have to win a lawsuit first… As customer I’m not too excited that you now plan on using parts supplied by a malicious contractor that you fired for trying to sabotage your business.

  22. Dr. Vapors says:

    Update time!

    I canceled my $300 “upgrade” and told the company to just mail me another of the same.
    They said they couldn’t and my only choice was to wait until litigation is over between them and the previous manufacturer or pay $300 for a new unit.

    If I was in their shoes I would give a free upgrade if they can’t honor their warranty, but they’re either dumb or broke.

    I now have filed in small claims.
    No BS.

    Lesson learned, NEVER go with a new company.
    This experience was an expensive lesson.
    [some text redacted]

  23. DrVapors says:

    Oh, pretty sure Jermey and IGor are the same guy based on CAPITILIZING certain LETTERS when HE is TYPING.
    Just saying..Vapexhale are fools.

  24. Venomous says:

    Bud isn’t getting paid. I was the first one to say fuck FC, their mods, owners and VXL altogether because I was sick of their shills.

    He has left my comment intact and that says a lot about a blog owner

  25. Bud Bud says:

    VXL you are welcome to share your side of the story if you would like to

    • Anonymous says:

      Bud, I love how you tell it like it is. So many are slamming you on the FC and grasscity forums because they are pissed off that you can’t support and promote a product that doesn’t work.

      All I have to say is that “heretohelp” summed it up very well. With $90k over their campaign goal, and promises of another colour with more money raised, and even a PORTABLE, they are completely abandoning their warranty. How can someone support an unethical business plan like that? Maybe you guys are all just super rich, and losing $500 means nothing to you.

      Dr Vapors: Good on you for small claims. The company wouldn’t do anything for me until I filed for a charge back with my credit card. Even threatening to do it didn’t matter, and lots and lots of unanswered emails. But then when I had enough, the CEO finally reached out and I got the refund promptly. I can only imagine the number of chargebacks they received, and knew they were going under.

      From now on CUSTOMER SERVICE means more to me and standing behind their product and CUSTOMER, than the best vaporizer. There are so many start up issues with this 3rd version as was said, it’s hard to believe it has been “perfected”.

      EVO buyers….you are simply beta testers for a big price. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

      • Bud Bud says:

        Wait you mean there’s people out there who don’t like me?!?! ;)

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes, but only because they feel threatened that you are not supporting the Cloud, and feel that S&B products are superior. You can email me if you want some more info.

          My question to you is, are you going to pay the $300 now to get the Cloud EVO based on what Seibo has said?

  26. Pedro says:

    I love my Vapexhale EVO, It works flawlessly and I get the tastiest smoothest hits. That being said, I do the company had a lot of start-up issues and if my first cloud had broken on warranty and they were unable to replace it or fix it I’d be upset. I was upset they weren’t able to fix my original cloud because my girlfriend pulled the bamboo out of the socket. But in the end I’m really happy with my EVO although I have a second original cloud just sitting around that I’d like to get fixed and sell to recoup some costs but it doesn’t seem like that is going to happen unless I figure out how to fix it myself.

  27. heretohelp says:

    By the time I had made my last comment, it seems that VXL had already announced that they will not honor warranties on the cloud, period. It is possible that what the CEO wrote here on Febuary 21 is even sort of trying to express that? You can’t exactly tell from his vague and meandering post.

    What is clear and easy to understand is that on Feb 16, the owner of the [FC] forum edited the first post in the VXL thread. That thread is over 700 pages long, and the post he edited was 2 years old. As buried as something can be on a internet forum.

    VapeXhale continues to have difficulty obtaining replacement parts for the original Cloud due to circumstances that are beyond our control and unlikely to change.

    Yeah Seibo, you are a liar and you sell a shoddy product. I’ll do my best to make sure as many consumers as possible are duly warned.

  28. Bud Bud says:

    Last month I upgraded to the EVO and I posted my review of it here:

    I didn’t forget about what happened with my original model but I did speak to the owner of VapeXhale about it at length and ultimately decided it didn’t make sense for me to hold what had happened against them for eternity.

    I figured I’d let their new vape do the talking and I honestly had a better experience this time.

    Parts, repairs and replacements should no longer be an issue going forward, and for added peace-of-mind I discussed with them extending the warranty on the heater longer than a year, and they agreed to make it 3 years now.

    As always I still encourage everyone to share their experiences so that I know what’s going on, but I did look into this company and speak with them on numerous occasions and to me everything is fully legit.

    If you’re someone who’s in the position I was in with a defective Cloud please email me and tell me about it, and if you’re interested in upgrading I’ll do everything I can to get you the best deal on a new one.

  29. PHL says:

    Suddenly sounding a lot less critical. If I didn’t take you for an honest guy (which I do), I would seriously wonder what they offered you to change your mind in such a drastic way. It seems to me that a lot of people paid top dollar for a product that was inferior in quality, with an equally bad customer service and questionable marketing tactics. Even if their intentions are not bad, it is still a problem, especially for a premium product.

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